Canadian Tirestocking error resulting in pricing error

I am a lifelong customer of Canadian Tire, including using the service station over the years for a number of cars that I have had. In fact my current automobile has a Canadian TIre Battery in it. In any case, I was in Canadian Tire in Westbank, B.C. this am picking up a few Kitchen items and doing some blackfriday shopping. At checkout a Paderno Soup Ladel that I had picked up on the shelf that had at least three other identical ladels behind it came up as being $24.99, however the tag on the shelf said $14.99. The cashier informed me that the stock number on my item did not match the stock item on the shelf label (and the shelf label code was actually for a paderno spoon) yet the label (as you will see in the picture attached, by descriptor, said it was a Pad Ladel). One manager consulted said "I would give it to him for the advertised shelf price", however, it was decided to consult another manager who said no. I explained that the mislabeling was not my fault, and it was clearly a stocking and labeling error, it was not a customer moving one item to another area as their were a number of Ladels their that fit the written description. The manager insisted they are two different items and he would not sell it to me for the price advertised. I explained that it has long been the practice of retail sales to stand by the product as advertised by description and price on the shelf note by a "code number" that is meaningless to the consumer. All to no avail. As a result I left the store without any of my blackfriday purchases. This is the first and only time I have been handled in this manner at a Canadian Tire. I am an ardent fan of the store, but for the life of me cannot understand why they would not honor their error. Can you please assist me in resolving this so I can continue to be a good customer of Canadian Tire. It is obviously about principle over money (it is only $10). But it was quite embarrassing to be handled this way in front of other customers for an error that was made by the store. And I am afraid I lost out on my other blackfriday items.

Canadian Tire

Nov 23, 2018

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