Canadian Tire Options Mastercardcecile - dispute resolution

I am in shock and people should be forewarned. When Conquest Tours went out of business, I forwarded all of my trip cancellation documents in order to receive the reimbursement that those who book trips with credit cards (the whole point of booking with a credit card) can usually rely on when issues of this nature occur. I received word today that, according to "Cecile", one of their dispute reps, because the actual flight took place, Canadian Tire Financial Services would not refund the payment (although Conquest did NOT pay for our passage and the travel agent provided documentation that made it perfectly clear that our trip would not be honoured.) How shady is that?? As an active member of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce, the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade and the Toronto Board of Trade, I will be informing everyone humanly possible about this underhanded practice. Hopefully Marco Marrone, as the president of Canadian Tire Financial Services, reexamines this policy and realizes how not delivering even the most basic of cardholder benefits can create bad relations and negative opinions. Their customer service with regards to dispute resolution is absolutely reprehensible!!!

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