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Canadian Tire / poor service, arrogant employee

Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada Review updated:
Bought a company brand slow cooker which did not cook meat through and left veggies raw. Did not retain receipt. Upon retutn to store had to listen to two employees squabble over how it was neither of their jobs to be at the service desk...well who the hells job was it, not MINE!!!Then they refused to do an exchange or send faulty equipment back...I left the damn slow cooker there and they can shove it where the sun does not shine...never will another item be purchased in a canadian tire store!!!I am sure Walmart or zellers will appreciate the business


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  24th of Mar, 2009
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An arrogant employee should not prevent anyone from dealing with any large chain store or any store for that matter. It is usually preferable to complain directly to the manager, after all the store or franchise does not belong to that cocky, smart @#@ employee. It happened to me before and I found that the best way to deal with such situations is to circumvent the troublesome salesperson. Usually, it works and if not just go to the head-office and be frank with them, they will listen because they are just people like you.

They will probably have a nice little chat with the culprit and I bet that the employee will usually swallow his overflowing arrogance and change his ways.
  23rd of Feb, 2010
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Should have retained reciept at the very least. Doesn't matter if its the company brand, if the store has a reciept policy chances are it won't matter one iota about if its their product or not. Doesn't matter where you go anymore.

As for the employees who said it wasn't their job, think about it this way: do you want any employee, regardless of their training (as in honestly can not serve you due to no access)? Or do you want somebody who knows their part in their workplace and can potientially help you more than the employee who can not help with the transactions.
  6th of Mar, 2010
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You make it far too dificult to lodge a complaint. Bought a car battery on 2010/3/3. - - 10-3501-6
Two employees and two different instructions
1) battery is no maintenance - don't open cells -don't add water
2) no comment from selling clerk
3) arrived home and opened battery cells - water level down over 50 %.

On spending over $100.00 for a battery i expect clear accurate instructions about maintaining the unit and receiving the product in full compliance for installation so that i won't be accused of not keeping cells full -over the top of cells-and not meeting warrantee requirements.
My next battery purchase -5 cars - 1 motorcycle-2 riding mowers-5 boat won't be at a Canadian Tire store
  27th of Mar, 2010
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Boufford: many of the stores can refil the battery for you if you have the warranty information and reciept. Most items in Canadian Tire have an exchange or return policy, with very noted exceptions.
  10th of Jun, 2011
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Canadian Tire is the most arrogant company I have ever interacted with.

One supervisor in the automotive service almost told me that I am god here; there is nothing above me ...

Even at the corporate level, when you talk to them, you can see that arrogance is part of their culture ...

Stay away ...

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