Canadian Tireincompetent staff and accused of stealing.

Don't normally vent or complain but after the horrible service received felt I needed to. I went to put a payment on my canadian tire Mastercard Which I have done hundreds of times. I usually save up my cash and put a large amount on it all at once. Just makes me feel like I'm making a bigger difference. Amy way I was putting a $3300 payment on card and they had to have the staff count it 4 times. No one obviously ever counts that much cash. I don't mind I understand it's alot of cash so fine by all means I have counted it myself twice so I know it's right. Well after no one can get a correct count of $3300 they take it to he office and run it through machine. Manager or someone supposedly in charge comes back and says no there is only $3140. And starts listing of what's there in bills. So I said where r the $100's? Oh didn't see those. Well the stupid tests had been counting the 100's as 20's. Which I still had to be the one to find them. No apology nothing. OK fine so he take its back to office again to count. Didn't even bother to come back in person to tell me that was right he sent the other cashier. In the mean time of all this I had a few thing I wanted to look for so I went and found them all and purchased them at the counter while I was waiting. So after all this the "manager" and I use that term lose lyrics comes out and accuses me of stealing the $16 knee.pads. maybe ask one of the 10 useless cashiers standing around doing nothing if I paid for them. I understand they r trying to do their job and prevent theft but do u really thing if I have $3300 to put on credit card I'm going to steal a $16 pair of knee pads. Get a grip or look at Ur dam cameras u have everywhere twits. And still no apology after I show him the receipt. Had it with these ###s they deserve to go out of business! Will be cancelling my card. Good riddance!

Jan 28, 2015

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