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Dear sir / madame And CEO of Canadian Tire Stores;
I am writing to you because the last few times I have visited your Canadian Tire Stores I was not treated fairly or with respect. As a result I am debating on visiting your stores again in the future, and I also thinking about taking the incidents that happened to me public so others will be aware as well. I would like you review the following two issues that have occurred to me, and I would like to be compensated in some form.

1) In December of 2016 I visited your Canadian Tire store at McCowan and Sheppard. I wanted to get my summer tires off and put my winter tires on. The service advisor told me it was going to be $70 + tax and the wait time would be about 6 hours. I then glanced around the service area and I saw the sign with all the rates on it. The "Seasonal tire Changeover" rate was $44.99. I asked the service advisor how come I can't get the posted rate (which I took a picture of), and the service manager came over (Sri Lankan or Indian man). He said the rate to changeover tires is $70.00, "If you don't like it, get out of here!" I was shocked to hear this, and I called the store manager over and no one could actually assist me.

2) I went to your Canadian Tire store (At McCowan and Sheppard) today Thursday January 19 2017 at 9:00pm. I wanted to purchase and pay for futon bed which was on sale, but unfortunately I could not take home right away because it will not fit in my car, and I need to rent a truck to take it home. I kindly asked a girl (dressed in black and looked like she was Sri Lankan or Indian as well and I assumed that she was the manager). Her response was "we only hold for 24 hours or else too bad". I asked what do you mean, and she said the same thing again. I asked her again politely if she can do this favour for me to hold it till Sunday (Which is my first day off from work and I could arrange a truck), and she said no, and said "if ten people asked me to hold stuff we would have no space in the store". I was sick of her attitude and bad customer service and I just turned and left the store. I said to my self, that's it, never going to Canadian Tire again, and this time I would like to publish and article in the Toronto Star and go public with my problem. I wasn't buying a toy, this is a large item that can't go in my car, so there should be some store policy to hold an item for a couple days so the customer has time to arrange for pickup, instead she treated me like it was a military rule!

I would like you to review the above cases and PLEASE give your staff more intense customer service training. In this case it seems as though your Managers were the one's that were giving bad customer service, and this should actually be the opposite. I can gurantee that if this type of customer service and customer relations is given, this store will be closing soon. Again I would like to be compensated for the above treatment, and I would like someone to get back to me.

Thank you,
Ram Arul

Jan 19, 2017

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