Canadian Tire / 3 year battery replacement warranty

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Paid a reputable garage who diagnosed that after 2 years my $169 car battery was no good.
I took it to the location I bought it from in Niagara Falls and the only person working in the parts department told me that although the entire transaction had been printed on the warranty receipt he couldn't help me.
The transaction showed the store number, date of purchase, price, etc.
I hate to call people names but the only way to describe this man in his 40's is buffoon.
If a company is leaving someone in charge, they should know what they are doing.
I spent $26 to have the battery tested.
Now I have been inconvenienced more than I should have been by what should have been a very simple transaction.
I now have a dead battery and will need to purchase a new battery.

Jun 14, 2017

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