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Complaints & Reviews

play center

We bought a Bayside Play center at Canadian Tire. He had to wait at the store for over half an hour before anyone could locate this product. When the stock boy brought out the product my husband told him it did not look like the right one. The stock boy assured him that it was the right one and he had double checked the item numbers.
My husband proceeded to pay $1, 199 for the product and drove it home.
As we looked at the boxes, we discovered that we were given boxes from two different play centers that did not match, and neither one was the play center we had requested. My husband was very upset because in the store he had insisted it was the wrong play center and the staff brushed him off.
The store would not offer us any solution except to return the product on our time and money. We live over 100 kilometers away and had to borrow a friends truck, so to return it we had to borrow vehicle, spend money on gas, and waste our whole day. And they would not even give us a discount or store credit. They were so rude to us about it, and we will never shop there again.

after changing the oil mechanic forgot to tight the engine oil drain bolt

I recently went to Canadian tire Keel/St. Clair or my Honda Accord 2000, for Oil Change. Job was done and i...

overcharged and very poor service

I took my 2004 civic in to get them to replace the wheel stud a $2.97 part and was quoted 1/2 hour which should come to about $50.00 when i returned to canadian tire an hour later they said it took 2 hours and charged me $200.00. I phoned the manager and he said them are the rates and there is nothing he could do about it and then hung up. I phone about 15 other shops and most of them said $30.00 max highest was $50.00.

This is absolutely ridiculous. I hope everyone stops going to canadian tire.

  • Bi
    Biccus May 19, 2009

    Canadian Tire has the WORST service I've ever seen. Everytime I go there I walk out 5x more pissed off then when I walked in. The car parts department is a JOKE in every way I can think of. Between the looooooooong waits in line, the very slooooooooooooooow inept people working the counter, its almost like the staff hates there job, are they getting min. wage or something? Seriously, AVOID CANADIAN TIRE AT ALL COSTS!

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  • Ch
    Chris Oliver Jul 07, 2009

    Yup, Crappy Tire really does suck for auto service. I took my car in there about a year ago for an oil change and plugs. $25 for the plugs, $30 for the oil change...and over $250 in labour/shop fees. The idiot doing the oil change actually forgot to put the plug back in the oil pan before pouring in the new oil, so they double charged me for oil, *and* charged me labour on said ### cleaning up the mess he'd made. Went straight to the manager after getting this ridiculous bill, and he flat out told me "Too bad. If you have a problem, don't come back." Needless to say, I haven't.

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replacement key!

After purchasing a Yardworks lawn tractor I was unable to have a spare ignition key cut for the product. The tractor was bought at this location yet they were unable to cut me a spare key or tell me how to obtain one.

  • As
    Ashley May 22, 2008

    Canadian Tire does not carry every key in the world. I doubt they had that type of key, if they did I'm sure they would have cut it for you. Think about how many keys they would have to stock in their store just hoping someone buys a rare one eventually so they won't loose their money.

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lied about dead car battery

I made the mistake of purchasing a car battery from Canadian Tire, foolishly believing that they would honour...

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refuse to returen electric bike after 2 days

I bought an electric bike at Canadian tire and was totally unhappy so I went to return the product after two...

terrible customer service!

Just a reminder to everyone... Please try to be civil and respect the employees in customer service at...

horrible customer service!

There are two Canadian Tire locations in Peterborough: Chemong and Lansdowne. Today I bought a bike from the...

bad service and behavior!

I had the worst experience with these bad people (Canadian tire) , I took my car to them two days ago because it was not starting till after several times so I drove it to them (thought they are a big company with good reputation) and I asked them to fix the problem, few hrs later they called me to tell me that the car need a new battery and alternator and that will coast me almost $500 cad, and I asked them if they are sure that it was the problem they told me yes, so I paid the money and picked my car from their crappy store, just 30 minutes later when I took it to my home I tried to start it and the same problem is there again (it does not start till I try several times) , so I took it back to them and I told them and the bad person who is working in the auto. Service went to me car and started it and it started immediately and I told him that was because it still warm and he did not believe (Like I am lying about my own car) then he told me that they will keep it there overnight and they will fix it in the morning. The next morning I called them and they told me they tried to start it in the morning but it did not start, so the mechanic exchanged a set of plugs (which is acceptable) and he exchanged the oil and the filter (I do not know how he thinks that that was the problem) and they charged me another $100 cad I told them why did you make me pay for the battery and the alternator if they were not the problem and the person there told me, even with all the things that they did it will not start tomorrow in the morning (Look how much he trusted his mechanics work) then after I asked him so why should I pay if they did not even fix the problem he said I will stop arguing with you and you are "rude" can you see the quality of costumer service they have.

I went out to take my car and for my surprise that my car was completely dead, silent nothing work in it, not even a click. I talked to the manager and he tried to start my car and as I said it was deadly silent. So he called the mechanics and they all tried for few minutes, and nothing, so the manager told me they will nt be able to work on it tonight and they will work on it tomorrow. I told the manager that I just want my car as I brought it, and it was running and I drove it to their store, and I am not willing to pay any more money, so the "professional" manager told me we can not make it run again if your not willing to pay, and even if it was our fault so the mechanic who will look for the loose wire or the problem should be paid for his work $ 105cad / hr.

Can anybody believe that there is such a bad service in a developed country like canada. To close the story when I left my car there and I told them to fix it they left it in the parking lot overnight unlocked, so any one was welcome to open the door and take whatever he needs (radio, cd player, baby booster seat, or even their new battery). My car still there and I am looking for a real mechanic to be towed to.

Please be sure not to be fooled by the name of this bad company, I thought the large companies have employees who are concerned about its name, not a bunch of thieves.

  • Pe
    peter kirk Aug 17, 2008

    recent visit to canadian tire in port perry last wednesday to purchase items go to check out no staff on cash tills two staff on cutomer service desk dealing with returns one trying to process a customers credt card for 5 minutes by this time 10 people waiting to cash out asked staff member if they could open a cash out lady (catherine snapped back she was coming, no manners no words exchanged like thank you, how are you., sorry for the delay. Why open a millon doller store with no staff. spoken to others in the town who also complain about the lack of service, stopped using canadain tire for auto repairs years ago for bad workmanship and over pricing.looking at other coments on the web its time canadain tire started to wake up. We have a Wal mart opening in the town this year i would think this would motivate candain tire but i doubt it.

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scam and fraud!

Got a rain check at ct for a brad nailer on jan. 13 had to prepay for it was told 4-6 weeks for it to come in it is now march 08 and after yet another trip to ct to get an update we are no closer to receiving our product than we were on jan 13. If you are told 4-6 weeks it should be 4-6 weeks especially for a prepaid item. No one out there could even tell us when it would be coming in.

  • Ca
    camaro92 Dec 27, 2008

    A raincheck does not guarentee a product, it only guarentee the products price WHEN/IF it arrives. I don't understand why you would have to pre-pay for the product with a raincheque. That does not add up.

    A raincheck does not require payment. Why would you pre-pay for a product and need a raincheck. If you are paying to the product at time of the sale, you don't need a raincheck.

    Besides, you are not out the $$. Just get your money back with your receipt.

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poor customer service!

I took my vehicle to Canadian Tire ONCE for service, only to have the estimated price mysteriously increase by almost %80. I asked to have all the old parts returned, and this request was noted on the work order before the service began. The parts managed to disappear before I arrived to pick up the vehicle, so my willingness to cooperate also disappeared. The situation got noisy and ugly, but I won. Canadian Tire has reached new highs in LOW customer service. And it's not just in the Auto Service Department.

Every area of every CanTire I've visited has poorly stocked shelves, messy aisles, improperly (or unlabeled) merchandise, and items in the wrong bins. Perhaps if they stopped hiring teenagers at minimum wage, and actually TRAINED their staff, most of these problems could be rectified.

And I'm getting really tired of dealing with (otherwise unemployable) females that are too busy yapping with each other to help the customers. CanTire head office isn't the least bit interested in dealing with the situation. As long as they keep making money nothing will ever change.

I strongly advice everyone to avoid the auto service department, and be sure to complain long and loud about every shortcoming.

Ian Millard

unfair practice!

I had a very bad experience with Canadian Tire Auto Service (2160 Carling Ave, Ottawa) on Jan 13 (Sunday), 2008. They installed a wrong front driving axle at passenger side in my car. After I asked them to restore my car to its original condition, they left the wrong axle in my car and let me drive home. The wrong axle was found and taken out by another mechanic in Tony Graham (1955 Merivale Road) right next day. I picked up my car at Tony Graham and bought back the wrong axle on Jan 16.

If you are interested in this story, go to my blog http://unfair-practice.blogspot.com/ to get the whole story and proofs of my car's condition before and after this problem.

  • Yu
    Yunfeng Gu Jan 25, 2008

    I had a very bad experience with Canadian Tire Auto Service (2160 Carling Ave, Ottawa) on Jan 13 (Sunday), 2008. They installed a wrong front driving axle at passenger side in my car. After I asked them to restore my car to its original condition, they left the wrong axle in my car and let me drive home.

    The wrong axle was found and taken out by another mechanic in Tony Graham (1955 Merivale Road) right next day. I picked up my car at Tony Graham and bought back the wrong axle on Jan 16.

    If you are interested in this story, go to my blog http://unfair-practice.blogspot.com/ to get the whole story and proofs of my car's condition before and after this problem.

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  • No
    NOT IMPRESSED 2012 Apr 23, 2012

    I was at Canadian Tire, purchasing ball equipment for my children. I purchased 2 pairs of baseball shoes that were ticketed at 19.99 per pair. I went thru the til, and the teller, pulled the tag off that had the price off and proceeded to charge me 22.99 per pair for the shoes. My sister was behind me, purchasing the same thing for her son, and the teller did the same thing. When we got out to the truck, she mentioned this to me. I took mine back to customer service, and they made him pull the tags out of the garbage to find out, they were tagged at 19, 99 and he was just too lazy to ask for a override, so he pulled the tag and charged us 22.99 for the three pairs of shoes. I am NOT impressed. Yes, I got the refund, but the fact that the teller had no conscience and was going to rip us off was unbelievable.

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  • Gravitytheseducer May 03, 2012

    What do you expect from someone making minimum wage lol? They are always lazy

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poor service

My car was diagnosed with a bad slave cylinder for the clutch. After Agreeing to the quote I was told it...

poor service & customer relations!

We recently contacted Canadian Tire as there were problems with changing gears. We called the towing company...

worst customer service ever!

To fix a flat tire, I was told the waiting time was 20-30 minutes. Every time I can back on the service...

terrible service!

I went in to the Auto center on Saturday afternoon to get a seasonal tire change over and oil change. It was completed after about 2.5 hours on this busy Saturday. As per the sign I let them know what aisle in the parking lot me minivan was in. When I received my keys they had no idea where it was parked. The mall was busy but they could have at least let me know my vehicle was in the Loblaws grocery parking lot. It was dark when I picked up the minivan and I did not not note any problems. The next day during the day I noted a great deal of black grease all over the floor mat, steering wheel and dash board. I took the vehicle in on Monday and the dealer got the same mechanic who serviced the car to clean the vehicle. After I got back to my place I noted two locking nuts missing on the passenger side of the vehicle and subsequently returned to the dealer. After no apology by either the duty service manager or manager and another 2 hour wait I received 4 new locking nuts. In fairness the mechanic who placed the 4 new locking nuts did apologize (even though he had no fault at all). The initial mechanic apologized for his inexperience. My issue is with managers who do not apologize or take responsibility or supervision or new employees. No phone call after the fact, no offer of compensation or good will for my many years as a good customer.

  • Ma
    mathieu Feb 16, 2008

    I had brought my car in to have my roaders and barrings looked and and possibly fixed, i had left for an hour then when i came back the mechanic told me it would cost me 950 to repair my car, i was shocked and i didn't understand, he told me i needed 4 new tire and a new rim on the left front side. I then asked him if he had looked at my roaders or barrings and he said no, he then said he could not look at other parts of my vehicle because he had already seen damaged parts that needed to be fixed i then asked to speak with the manager, the maneger was extremely rude and told me i was a danger to everyone on the road and needed new tires, i did not disagree with the man i just wanted my barrings and roaders looked at first, i was very dissatisfied with the service, i was then charged the 30 dollars for the mechanic looking at my car, even though i did not even get a brake expection or my raoders and barrings looked at.

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  • An
    Anthony B Feb 16, 2008

    It's spelled bearings and rotors.

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  • Ju
    Justin Bigras Feb 17, 2008

    I think people are totally selfish. With no regards to what a mangers has to over see no considerration to what one person has to go through the only think this self centered person is thinking is me me me. He did get an apologie (not good enough). The apologie did come from the person who did the wrong and an additional person which is a worker from CT therefor is as much of a representative of CT as the manager himself. Furthermore this person did get the issue rectified with a freebie (not good enough) always adding how much time was waisted. I would really like to see more people be less negative in this beautiful world of our and try just a little to put themselves in other peoples shoes. Don't you think this person would have a better outcoming of this situation, less fustration in life general and have better positive thinks happen when you have a better outlook on life.

    Have a good day :)

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  • Ma
    Marvin Lim Feb 18, 2008

    I've always had issues with the CT at Centrepoint Mall. Their management on its own, is ridiculous.
    My experience was unbelievable.

    After my first day of work, and my first time in an unfamiliar mall after hours, I had just walked out of Zellers at 9pm and saw that i was being followed by a strange man. He looked like he was up to something and tried to converse with me a couple times. Throughout the mall me followed me. I past the food court and went to canadian tire.

    i saw a short chubby white lady (cash manager as per her name tag) and approched her for some help. I told her i needed help because there was in individual following me and i did not have my cell phone at the time. I asked if i can use the phone to call someone to come for me. She told me there were no outside lines and that there was a pay phone just by auto service centre.

    I told her that i felt unsafe and she said it is 9pm our store is closed we cannot not allow people in. I asked if she had a cell phone that i can use for 2 minutes and she said no even though her cell phone was clipped on to her pants and she rudely and uncaringly walked off in to a little office.

    I became frustrated and scared. The man sat 5 or 6 table away from me as i stood by Canadian tire's doors by the mall enterence. Minutes later i saw a man (West indian from the sound of his accent) walking past the doors and called for his help. i explained the situation to him and he said i can wait inside. He gave me the stores phone to use to call my brother to come pick me up and called the police for me.

    i was thankful for this man to come help me, however that lady was the biggest ### ever (sorry for the foul language) and it was very unhelpful of her. If anything would have happened to me, i would have taken the matter more seriously

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  • Da
    David Beck Mar 09, 2008

    So you are complaining that someone pointed out that your car is a danger to yourself and other people on the road? I am not a big fan of Canadian Tire mechanics because a lot of time they hire apprentices and very inexperienced people, but in this case I can honestly say they did the right thing. You need to take care of the basics like tires and rims before any other part of your car is even looked at. This car should not even be on the road, and if you would have been stopped by the cops they would have fined you heavily and pulled the plates off it.

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  • Cr
    Crazyman1212 Dec 21, 2009

    i worked at CTC, worst job in the world, it's actually the one and only job where i have gotten written up for something that doesn't make sense or something that is completly out of my control. our assitant store manager (fat ###) is a power tripping freak, she has forms that she wants filled out everyday for opening shift, forms that were completly pointless because in reality you could simply look out the window and take a 20 sec walk in the store to see if it's all done (if you seen the list you would laugh) anyways during a period of 2 weeks we forgot to fill out these pointless forms then she sends out a memo saying that if we don't fill out the forms we will not be paid for the day. (I had to explain the her fat ### that that would be against the labour law)...but ya ###ed ### like that or best was i got written up for spending to much time helping a customer, i was outside in the freezeing cold disassembling a workout bench to fit in her vechile, we ended up taking the whole thing apart but when i get back inside after 20 mins, i get written up. I was almost fired one time for diabiling the alarm for the snow machines outside because all the manager in the store were in a meeting up stair after asking for help for 20 mins the customer got pissed and wanted to get his money back so i disabiled the alarm for the snow blower (with the oh so clever security code 1234, lol) helped the customer load the snowblower on there truck reattached the cable, turn the alarm back on and thats when fat ### seen me reactivting the alarm and gave me ###. it seems this crap tire feels it more important to uphold it willy wonka rules then it does about making money. commen sense angers them aswell and they like to do everything the hardway or long way. the store is terribly organized aswell

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  • Ba
    barnyarding90210 Jul 21, 2010

    I've noticed a lot of Crappy Tire places have replaced their older, more knowledgable staff with young, dumbass employees. Maybe they're trying to reduce costs. Too many teenagers with braces on. Not much use unless I'm looking to build some train tracks.

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price descrepancy

Went Christmas shopping at Canadian Tire

1st issue - I`m looking for a 6`` wet dry bench grinder, the sales clerk isn`t even sure they carry it (I saw it on website day before). Okay so I`ll settle for an 8`` bench grinder. He says his computer says that they have that in stock and it should be in the isle we are in. It`s not and he can`t tell us where it is walks away (and doesn`t come back).

2nd issue - Try to buy Bauer Supreme 25 Sr. ice skates. There is a row of them all with prices of $69.99 underneath each one (at least 6 different tags saying same thing) we get to the til and the bill comes to over $200. We calmly tell the cashier the problem with the price tags, she sends someone to do a price check, he comes back with a tag of $64.99.
A manager comes (to help a different customer behind us in line with a different problem) while he is there she asks if she can override the price he says no and asks us to wait and goes checks out the price. He comes back 10 min later with an sales girl, tells us WE GRABBED THE WRONG ONES (acted like we were idiots) and that next to the ones we grabbed is a price of $179.99. He tells us the sales girl will show us the ones for $69.99.
We point out to her when we get back to the skates that not only do 6 tags each with boxes of the skate above it show $69.99 but they also have a model on display with 3 prices underneath JR-$59.99 regular-$64.99 and Sr-$69.99, she tries to tell us the price is for the Jr`s (but the display model is a Sr). I ask her to point out where the $179.99 price tag is and she can`t find one, she says she`ll have to check in the computer. We tell her not to bother and leave.

3rd issue - We decide we aren`t satisfied with the service and want to speak to the manager again, the front desk calls him and we wait 15 minutes before giving up and going home.


We get home and check the skates on the website there are 2 pairs one is Bauer supreme for $64.99 SR or Jr and the other is Bauer Supreme 25 SR or JR $129.99. ($50 less than what they tried to charge us less than an hour earlier). I also checked the availability of the 6`` bench grinder that the sales guy didn`t even think they carried and it said Vernon - in stock. WHAT A JOKE

Than you Canadian Tire for your wonderful service BTW your manager was a dick.

  • Mi
    Michael Y Feb 18, 2008

    Computers take about 24 hours to activate and update. meaning that if it shows that there are 8 in stock, it does not necessarly mean that 8 are on the shelf or in the warehouse. 8 can be some where from being in a customers cart or being returned.

    Price tags can always be a hassle by both the customer and the promotions department.

    However your last step to call a manager.. was definetly useless as ive noticed myself that managers dont give a darn about ### customers. You're only gona make their day ###. They are also aware that making you wait will only irritate you and eventually you will leave as you have ur own things to do.
    complaining will not do anything other than frustrate you even more.

    Not worth your time.

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  • Mi
    Michael Y Feb 18, 2008

    Christmas is also a very busy time for retailers. therefore if you are not being served the second that you need help, then relax and take the time to understand that you are not the only customer in the store.

    Another thing in regards to the pricing, you should have printed out the online copy and gotten a price match.

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  • Te
    Terralyn Gray Aug 03, 2008

    If there is a price discrepancy between the tag on the shelf and the the price scanned at the till you will be able to get the lower sale price with an additional $10 off, or if the item is less than $10 you can get it for free. It's the law.

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customer service

I had a winter tire on a rim which had been damaged by a pothole. I took it in to Canadian Tire in April, 2007, where I was told that while the rim could be hammered out, the tire had been damaged and should be replaced. It was a difficult-to-find tire (a Michelin) and the technician told me they would have to order one. I asked him to go ahead and do so as I would not need the tire until the following autumn. He said he would call me when the tire was ready, in 5 weeks or so.

Some 10 weeks later, having not heard from Canadian Tire, I stopped back in at the store. I talked to the same technician, who went in the back, rolled out my wheel and said he hadn't got the tire yet. He said that he expected it in 5 weeks or so. Again, I told him I was in no hurry. Again, he told me he would call when it was ready.

The fall arrived, and I went in to get my wheel. The counterman could not find any record of there having been a wheel. He asked whether the technicial had created a work order. I told him that I didn't know. The man then told me that there was nothing he could do, and that "if there was no work order, there was no tire". He did not check for the tire. I asked "what are my options then?". His response was "your option is to step aside". That ended our conversation.

I took the issue to the service desk. A man there took my contact information and promised to look into it and call me back the next day. Three days later, having not received a call, I visited again. I talked to the same gentleman, who told me that he'd referred the problem back to the counterman to had told me to step aside. That was as much as he would do.

Another 4 or 5 days went by. No call. I should note that within that time, I was able to go to Frisby Tire, order a new rim and tire, and to have the tire delivered, mounted and balanced. I had given up on ever getting the original wheel back, but was quite angry and decided to contact head office. I sent an email to the head office. Within an hour or so I got an autoreply saying that they were experiencing "higher than normal volumes" and that they would get back to me "shortly". Four days later, I received a form letter assuring me that, while their success was based on listening to the voice of the customer, there was nothing they could do for me, but that they had referred the matter back to, you guessed it, the original counterman.

Clearly, no-one, not the auto service counter people, the customer service counter people, or the head office people, have any interest in even looking for the item. The worst part is, it was an old rim and the tire was damaged - the total value of the thing wouldn't have been higher than $25 or so. In light of this, a more stupid series of decisions is hard to imagine.

I have never been a big fan of Canadian Tire, but I won't shop there again.

  • Gl
    G Lindgren May 19, 2008

    I will never shop at Cdn tire again! Oooh, I was never so mad..I bought several things amounting to 35.00 including a cute tea lantern for 4.99 when I got home I noticed a piece of glass was cracked, their defect.So I went back right away, less than an h0ur later, and they wouldnt exchange my lantern unless they had photo id. I just want to exchange it, not be extorted for my personal information to be entered in their data for a 5 buck purchase! My debit card was acceptable for them not an hour earlier, how would they know THAT was not fraud? What this boils down to is, if I was, say, a homeless person that managed enough money to buy say a thermal blanket to keep me warm at night, well my money is not good enough, as I don't have id! For a 4.99 lantern, they won't exchange it, I was furious. Talking to complaint dept they say they can't do anything for me, and I refuse to give up my personal information for such a petty purchase. They treat everyone like they are fraudelent. Customers definitely deserve better treatment! Grrrrr!!!

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  • Ma
    marlene firth Jul 03, 2008

    I just was in the Canadian Tire Store West Side Mall Toronto. It has turn me off canadian tire all together. I wanted to buy some thing .I waited in the line for 20 mins.then the cash doesn't work when it comes to my turn.We have to wait for asst manager to come .She was so rude.Instead of telling us it was going to be awhile .She opens another cash which there was only one open then tells us to go to another cash again I have to wait.
    Get to the cash which what i was buying was under a sign which said 19.99 for 11.99 and clearly not put there by a customer, They call for the same rude asst manager which said i'm on lunch why are you bothering me. then tell me the price was not what it said I asked for the managers name .She said he not going to give it to you for that price and wouldn't give me his name and walked away.I told her I wanted to tell him about the poor custmer sevice . The ladie before had the same service they looked at her and walked away. One very turned off customer. marlene firth

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  • Py
    Pyrogalll123456 Oct 23, 2008

    So its October 22, 2008 around 6pm.
    I'm in the store to look at fondu sets. I see a cordless phone and the price under it is $24.99 its behind closed, but not locked, glass doors. I grab that and my fondu set and head to the cash.

    It rings up at $30-something, not a huge difference but a difference none the same. So I tell her, and she calls housewares and they go and look. The item was in a wrong spot. She calls up the manager and I go with him to show him where it was, stating, it's not my fault that its in a wrong spot especially since it was behind doors. He says that it wasn't locked so anyone could have moved it. Fair enough.

    I go back to cash and tell the girl in a firm tone "Nevermind, I no longer want it." She says to me "Well you don't need to get snippy with me." I look at her and say "I'm not getting snippy with you, this has nothing to do with you." She turns to me, putting her fist up and says, "Look here, I'll f****** deck you b****!" I'm in shock and say, "Excuse me?!" At this point I walk away towards the door and where the manger is saying to him that she has no right and no need to talk to a customer that way and quoting to him what she says. He tells ME that I don't need to be swearing! So real slowly and firmly I tell him that I'm """QUOTING""" what she said to me! "Well, I didn't hear her say it" he says, and asks me to step outside with him. So we step into the enterance way between the outside and inside doors, and he tells me again that he didn't hear it, and that "I" shouldn't be swearing. Again I tell him that I'm merely quoting what she had said to me. He says that he didnt hear it, [yeah I got that for the third time] but "IF she said it then HE is sorry" [I'm thinking why are you sorry, you should be making HER appologize!]

    At this point I'm so frustrated that I walk away and say nevermind!

    I called the police to press charges for her uttering threats to cause bodily harm, they said there most likely wasnt enough evidence, because she most likely will say something different, and so they aren't going to press charges. But he was going to go there and "warn" her... /wristslap. [are you kidding me!]

    So some little chickypop gets to shoot her mouth off and get away with it instead of learning that there are consiquences for her actions. And the manager was no help whatsoever as well. If I the customer had of spoke to her like that, I'm sure that charges would have been pressed against me.

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  • Py
    Pyrogalll123456 Oct 23, 2008

    I called the owner of the store the next day about looking into what the cameras caught of the situation [her making a fist at me] and they informed me that ALL of the cameras on cash on down and that they arent recording... I'm sure thats safe.

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  • Pa
    Patrick FitzGerald Nov 11, 2008

    I purchased a Whirlpool dehumidfier on June, 26, 2008. On August 12, 2008 it started to leak from the bottom. I took it back to Canadian Tire and I was told to call the warrenty number on the manual as they only take it back after 30 days. The company that looked after the warrenty was Trans Global, after several calls and no responses, I got in contact with them. They never had any records from call to call, finally I got mad and they faxed a WO number to a local repair shop. He came over and had a look at the unit, the thermostate was not working. He is now trying to get this part from them, with not much luck. My advise is to check things out before you purchase a product like this from Canadian Tire. I am out $179.00 and no one cares.

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  • Da
    dauphinses Jan 22, 2012

    I bought a food processor from Canadian Tire in which the dough blade was missing, so I had it exchanged. Turns out that the exchanged product was also missing the dough blade, so I brought it back again and asked in store if they would check in a third box before I took it home again. I fetched the product for them and again the dough blade was missing. So they get the manager and she suggested that although it was advertised on the box, perhaps it was an extra accessory that you had to buy and that it wasn't their fault that it was missing. So I asked if I could just return the product as one of the main reasons I bought it was to have the dough blade for making dough. She said Canadian Tire didn't have a return policy like that. To which I asked "Sorry? You don't have a return policy for a product that was bought in the last 30 days (although it was only a week since I bought the product)?". I checked the receipt in my hand to which I was amazed that they indeed DO NOT. The MANAGER then said "Fine...I don't want to deal with this. Just get it out of my face" and stormed off. The employee then gave me attitude for opening up three of their boxes of product - to which I don't really care. It advertised certain things to which they didn't deliver - their manufacturers fault, not mine! Worst customer service experience ever...

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worst customer service!

I came to Canadian Tire located in Pickering, Ontario to purchase a battery for my Honda Accord. I was told...

won't take back faulty brand new exercise machine!

Days ago bought eliptical trainer-exercise machine on sale for $299. Took hours to assemble. Does not work right, theres no resistance when you crank the level up. Simply I put it straight in my truck on my own that day, quite heavy. Took it straight back. I did not disassemble it and try squish it back in the box. In fact I thought I might be doing them a favor and they can set it in the sporting goods dept. as a demo since they didn't have one of that model on demo so far! Well they won't take it back. They tell me to call the 1 888 number in the manual, where it actually tells you to call first. I asked for store manager and she came and backed up the girl in customer service without showing any interest in what I said or how long I owned it and never used it yet!

They tell me the manufacturers warranty will cover it... thats just fine I said, but its brand spanking new and defective, I do not wish to spend weeks waiting for techs to come and order parts and then come to install the wrong part and reorder other parts (you know how it goes). I said I simply want to exchange if I can not even return it for refund. No go. had it been tidily packaged up in the box would they have given me a refund? I could have said I never used it! I was just plainly honest about it.

They sent me to their pay phone to call the 1 888 number. Spent 1/2 hour waiting on hold. I am told by the manufacturer that I can have it repaired, or depending on the store they should refund me. I said and thats for certain, you DO NOT have to fix it. They said no, if the store I use will take it back then thats fine. I go to the customer service and then am asked what Return Authorization # did they give me?! I said that they should have told me to ask for that, since I had no clue and had not expected any numbers.

It was useless. I had to go home at this point and cool down. I phoned the 1 888 again, this time taking 45 minutes to get through. Got another lady, she said the same thing. Depending on store policy they should take it back, or I can have it repaired. I stressed that it was brand new never used and I do not wish to go through any repair ordeal for something I just put together. Anyway, she said theres no such thing as Return Authorization # that they use, they can't give me or Canadian Tire themself any such number. She did give me a case # and her name. She told me hate Canadian Tire people need to call them perhaps, they'll tell them for me, but theres no extension # and they have to use the 1 888 # too.
I had also emailed their online support line too, and they gave me the exact same answer! So I was satisfied theres no such thing and I should be able to return it.

By this time between me, myself and I we figured that the electronic magnet "resistance motor" was not making any adjustment noises like they do on all the other demos I have used. I explained this to everyone to show "willing" and that I just am not simply trying to return something I now decide I don't want for no reason.

I call Canadian Tire back from home to tell them theres no such thing as Return Authorization #s at this manufacturers. Now the girl tells me I need to talk to Sporting Goods manager, why now?!... too many people are getting involved, and I have to reiterate everything all over again. So I did. I gave her the case # because she said she has to call the company herself. So an hour later she calls back to say that the girl she got knew nothing about giving out Return Authorization #s, must be new, and transfered the Canadian Tire lady... got voice mail, so she left a message for someone to call her back with a Return Authorization number. So I tell her theres no such thing. No one obviously called back at all and I am still waiting, all part of the inevitable... that I think I will end up fixing it. Maybe it'll be Christmas before that happens.

We have been so mad about it all, anywhere else would simply even exchange it... not Canadian Tire.

  • Nt
    N Thompson Nov 27, 2007

    I wrote the above complaint.

    So here we are 2 weeks later with a brand new busted Eliptical machine from Canadian Tire still.

    I have been at my wits end. No one from Canadian Tire or Icon, (manufacture of the Eliptical machine) are doing anything yet! I even asked Canadian Tire if they can have a tech look at it, and she was going to find out and never called back.

    My wife called the manufacturer too, got mad, spoke to "The Manager" supposedly and he was going to look in to it and nothing happened. I have emailed them back with all previous emails attached still. I can't believe people are like this. Uncaring after taking a lot of money!

    My wife phone Canadian Tires customer complaints line, spoke to several people trying to get escalated to someone who could try help. They all state that its "policy" to follow the manufacturers instructions. Yet we now say we are plain and simple not satisfied and wish to return it broken or not. No one called her back when they were going to look in to it. Two days ago she repeated the same thing and complained and the same thing and no one has called back again. We call people and seem to have to start over.

    And low and behold, this is exactly what I said to Canadian Tire when they immediately first told me to call the manufacturer and I said I'll now spend weeks trying to get this thing fixed. They always say that it won't and usually within 48 hours, I heard them tell me that several times two weeks ago.

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  • Ma
    max Dec 07, 2007

    Here's what you should do... take the thing apart and put it back in the box. Go to another Canadian Tire location and just say you wish to return it. If they ask if anything is wrong with it, say no you just decided you didn't have the room for it. If it hasn't been over 90 days yet they should refund your money. Good Luck.

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