Anas Parrots, Pocono Anabird broker, not breeders sells ill birds

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Mill Broker!! [protected] PA Pennsylvania
Parrots USA Pavel Tinku Wanted me to put funds into his bank of America account, but would not provide proof of ID...SCAM alert Catonsville Maryland John Ferris Robin Schulder Michelle Fasio Danille Tiffany Rips people off selling sick African Greys parrots Shirley New York
Ems logistics Wanted to sell McCaw Parrots. Out of Maryland Maryland Internet
Priceline is a SCAM! No discounts! Deceptive advertising. Parrots who work there and just read the fine print to avoid providing customer service. Internet
Rooms To Go - Willowbrook, Anas Alex Alqabani and Store Manager Phu Absolutely do not care about customer Houston Texas
petair relocater Stacie dragg, melissa kamani i sent them money twice, for parrots brooklyn New York
Rian Hicks Puppy Mill Broker This man is constantly advertising the selling of many different breeds of dogs and cats online.Even sugar gliders, various types of parrots, even a pig and a horse at one point. He claims to have health checks and papers for these purebred animals.Sometimes he claims to be selling them for friends.Other times he claims to be breeding them.If questioned about his practices regarding these animals he becomes vulgar and threatening. NO reputable registered breeder would breed these many different animals. I counted up to 26 varieties of dogs plus the other animals.Quebec is known as the puppy mill capital of Canada due to their less than favorable legislation.This man has ALL the red flags of a mill broker. Montreal Quebec Canada
Parrots Sales / Robin Schulder Robin schulder, michelle fazio, parrots sales, dawn mckenna, lisa risi, john ferris, mike ferrara liar, theif, con, exconvict, animal abuser queens, New York
Parrots Sale MICHELLE FAZIO, Parrots Sales, [protected], LIAR, CON ARTIST, IDENITY/CREDIT CARD THEFT, SLANDER, CRAZY!! Shirley, New York

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Submitted: Mon, February 02, 2015
Updated: Mon, February 02, 2015

Reported By: Charlene Lewis — hershy Pennsylvania

Anas parrots

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Phone: [protected]
Category: Animal Abuse

Anas parrots Anas parots, pocano ana, Ana's Parrots East Stroudsburg, PA, US 646-496-5005Bird Broker, sells diseased infested birds that die, do not buy birds from thiss Bird Mill Broker!! Ana's Parrots East Stroudsburg, PA, US Anas parots, pocano ana, Ana's Parrots East Stroudsburg, PA, US [protected] Bird Broker, sells diseased infested birds that die, do not buy birds from thiss Bird Mill Broker!! [protected] PA Pennsylvania

Feb 02, 2015
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  • Th
      Apr 06, 2015

    Charlene Lewis is not her real name. This is a nutcase that goes around bashing her competition; if you can call her competition to any breeder. She is a small breeder that has had no luck with her handful of greys. She complains about every breeder within 100 miles of her own aviary under different names. She did sell a bunch of her breeder birds to a breeder in Ohio and they all had psittacosis which is basically Chlamydia. This is why her own birds are not breeding. Rather than treat them with dicloxacillin, she, "Charlene Lewis", would rather have her own birds feel as if they have the flu and bashes other breeders. I don't understand why someone would do what "Charlene" is doing, but I guess finding a good hobby is a hard thing to do.

    -1 Votes
  • Ah
      May 13, 2015

    Please understand that competition will make false accusations like this daily. Ana's parrots is nothing but friendly, birds are amazing and very heathy! People who have negative things to say are just jealous of the way Ana has her birds well taken care of. Shame on you competitors who are just jealous!

    +1 Votes
  • Co
      May 07, 2019

    Ana's Parrots, Ana Temple sold us bird with PDD and heart diseases (he died), and she changed the bird we paid for, she is not taking responsibility. How can we contact you? Can you please help us? BBB closed the case, and the complaint we filed with Attorney General in PA & TX we have no update and next we will write a letter requesting help to Authorities: Senators, Governor in PA and TX. Can you help? Can you contact you?

    0 Votes

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