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A And E Factory Service And Maytag Recall / maytag hired a and e factory service not licensed to fix dishwashers (recall)

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Class action needed - read all

Maytag told me and many others to call a and e factory service to install part on my dishwasher due to recall and a and e factory service isn't licensed to do this. Shame on whirlpool (Maytag).

Whirlpool owns maytag now and I had a maytag dishwasher that was a recalled model due to fire in the jet dry compartment. Maytag sent me a part. Told me to call a and e factory service to install part. I thought maytag was protecting me. And did what they said.

A and e factory service came installed the part. Machanic got an electric shock and said he should'nt of. Got a tester and said wires he touched shouldn't be live and it is. He said something wrong with my dishwasher. Tested it and said he must of touched wrong wires. He then told me he needs to change the gasket because of the first part he put in. Now he told me to close the door and I couldn't. He showed me and I had to close the door very hard like I was pushing furniture I couldn't lift.

He left and 1 min. Later I noticed the crack on the front of the door and called maytag. My son came home and noticed the door out of line and door bows. Maytag was called many many times. I was finally told to call a and e factory service back. I called and was told well some of the mechanics don't know what they are doing we will send someone better this time. I forgot to tell you dishwasher also doesn't work right and shakes and makes funny noises and doesn't clean good now. Also to install this part he did alot of electric work (Many wires).

Second mechanic came asked me who did the installation of this part and I didn't know. He asked me if it was the jewish guy with the thing on his head and I said no. He adjusted the latch and then told me to close my eyes in my home and I did and I peaked and he was lifting the door and shifting it. He told me to close my eyes and I did and this time I was afraid and he did something. I asked him about the door bowing, he said it's fine after the installation of this part. Maytag was told the door bows and I had asked them if that's ok and they said no. I then asked about the crack in the door and was told well maybe it was there before the first mechanic came. I said it wasn't. And if you saw it you would realize the door bows and you had to push both top ends of the door so hard to close the door it makes sence the plastic would crack in the center. It doesn't mater anyway I still have a dishwasher that doesn't work right anyway. My son told me I should of told him to leave when he told me to close my eyes. I was afraid. I did tell maytag about this.

Maytag was called many times and you can't reach someone higher up in whirlpool they are hiding, you have to write to them only. I did that also. I really spent about 100 hours on the phone due to this problem. I was told I would probably get a new dishwasher and I have to wait and be told this and was informed I have to pick a store I would like the new machine to go to and they would install it not a and e factory service. O-k

I wish they didn't break my dishwasher in the first place. I really liked it. It cleaned pots good and my dishes came out clean. I had no complaints regarding the dishwasher they distroyed. I never wanted a new dishwasher I liked mine.

Got the o-k they will give me a dishwasher and I was told to wait and they will give me 2 choices of machines. I started to look at the new dishwashers and called many times if I didn't understand what they were talking about in the brochure. If I asked a harder question I was put on hold and was given an answer and if I had another question and asked the first question again was put on hold and was given a different answer than the first time. They didn't seem to know the differences. I received different answers to the same question. I was told none of the dishwashers heat up I was told heats only in rince told heats in wash. (Example)

I was finally given a model and asked if that o-k? I said I would have to check it out. First I found it doesn't come in bisque that I need. Finally contacted someone that could help me and was told wait again this time shorter about 2 weeks and we will give you another choice. Finally came to a model. O-k. Now I told them what store I want it to go to and was told o-k. I asked if they needed the address and they said no they have it. I was told I wouldn't hear from maytag and would hear from the store and didn't.

I got a call from whirlpool co-contractor at about 6:00 pm and was told they have my dishwasher and want to install it tomorrow. I said who are you and was not even given a first name.
Called maytag back and asked what going on. Was then told I was never asked to pick a store and I said I was. I have made many calls and the store I picked is on there list but not in my area maybe another state. I finally got a hint of this on one call to maytag. I was told by maytag that how could this store install it you don't live near this store. Maytag never checked it is probably same name in another state even. Well I said send it to my store they said I have to accept this installation they already have your machine. I asked what is the name of the co. Installing it and was finally told environmental field service. I said I would think about it. I called maytag back and this time asked who are they give me the tel. No. I only have a cell phone and was told she doesn't have the no. I called many times to find out about this co. Given run around given a tel. No. Which led me back to maytag. Given a local address in my area 17 inez street in my area and I checked it out not right also. Did research on them called many companies and finally found them.

Called maytag and asked if environmental field service is licensed and was told they are licensed to install my dishwasher. I live in ny and call consumer affairs and they are not licensed to install my dishwasher and are not in ny anyway.

Called maytag and this time the person was very nasty. Called maytag many times, again all day on the phone with them and was finally told that environmental field service doesn't install dishwashers they hire companies or plumbers that are licensed to install maytags dishwashers cheap. They are in one state and are hiring co's in other states. Yes they are licensed but what is the quality of there work. Called consumer affairs and was told not to let them install my dishwasher unless I know the companies name and tel. No and license no.

I called environmental field service and they said if I have a problem I would call maytag and they would call us and it would be straightened out. I could not get the co. Name or tel or license no. Tried getting it from maytag no way. Finally told by maytag I have no choice but to let them install your dishwasher. I finally got another call from the installers and asked who are you and was told
P c renovations. Asked for the license no was given a number. Called consumer affairs and found the number was wrong and given a number they are licensed and was told there is one complaint against them regarding quality of work. They came to install it was I was told the hose is to short. They installed my dishwasher at an angle to the counter to stretch the hose and left. I couldn't but items back in my cabinet because the hose was in the way. They came back and I got charged $20.00 for hose and 10 clamps they needed 1 more to do the job not 10. O-k but I said dishwasher is at an angle and they blamed it on the hose and left. I thought about it. If this was true all dishwashers would be at an angle to the counter the hose in the back goes across to the sink on the left of the dishwasher and that really is normal. Called maytag and called they set up an appointment and never showed up or called. Called maytag and they said they would call the co. No response called maytag again and this time maytag gave the co. The o-k to come again and they did and was told I am right it shouldn't be this way. Four appointments and three installations to get this straightened out.

My dishwasher on heavy wash and high temp doesn't clean like my older dishwasher at all. I did alot of research for that machine. I need to count on a good dishwasher due to raynaud (Medical condition) and ulcerations because if raynaud I can't have my hands in water and detergent. I could loose my fingers. This dishwasher doesn't do a good job at all and takes 2 hours also.

I now have called consumer affairs on a and e factory service to find out if they are licensed and now after it's to late found they are not licensed to do this.

Shame of whirlpool (Maytag) for telling me to call a and e factory service to come to my house and install my recalled part. I was also treated in a way no Should treat a person.

Whirlpool (Maytag) has distroyed many dishwashers by telling us to call in a and e factory service.

There should be a class action against them. [email protected]

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  • Ee
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I've had a terrible time with A and E. They still haven't been able to fix my machine. I've been without for 6 weeks. Maytag is no hlep...never again will I buy another.

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