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won't refund money

Typing in severe frustration after trying to get a payment back from my old cable company: Comcast. I had a cable/internet account with Comcast of New Jersey over two years ago. The service was decent enough, but we moved to California and had to change companies. I have been using Cox Cable with no problems.

One day while paying my cable bill online (to my new cable company: Cox) I accidentally sent the payment to Comcast. It was my mistake, I accidentally clicked the wrong cable company while not paying attention. This was March 25, 2008. The amount was $117.50. I have been since trying to get that money back and running into hassle the entire time.

I first called April 15, 2008 and spoke with someone. They said they would call back. They did not. I then spoke to Andre May 1, 2008 and he said it would take five business days to get the check back, and that he would make a note to expedite the process. Still nothing and I then talked with Erin on May 11, 2008 who said it would actually be six to eight weeks before I got my check, which was issued April 15, 2008. I spoke with a supervisor, Caroline who said the same thing. I next spoke with Doris June 5th, 2008 and was told she or someone would call me back. No call, and I called again, today June 6, 2008 to Manuel and was told that none of the previous conversations actually created a credit due to a glitch on my account about a cable box. I am now told it will be an ADDITIONAL six to eight weeks to get the refund, as it is only TODAY actually going through as a refund request.

After numerous other calls today trying to get to some kind of supervisor, I was disconnected twice, got transferred to the wrong department four times, my call went to voicemail twice, and then finally got through to someone who said there is no complaint department, and she would try and resolve the problem. She (like everyone else I had spoken to) said I needed to talk with accounting, and when she went to transfer me, I was disconnected. I called again to someone with screaming and laughing (most definitely NOT work related) in the background, and when I said I could barely hear her, she said in an irritated voice, "Sir this is a call centre, it's loud." Last straw.

  • Sp
    SpadeDevil Sep 18, 2009

    I have the same problem. Luckily mine is only $15, but still it's my $15. I paid my final bill with Comcast only to find out somewhere along the line I had paid $15 too much. I received my final bill showing the $15 credit. You figure I should be able to call and get them to issue a check right? They show the credit on their system. I no longer have service with them. Nope you have to wait 6 weeks. What? Why do they get to keep money that is obviously not theirs for 6 weeks? Oh well. I wait past the 6 weeks. I place a call again asking for the credit, I am told that after 10 weeks the credit should automatically go out. It's past 10 weeks so it should be on it's way. About 4 months later still not check in the mail. I called today only to be told they have to issue a request for the credit. After over 30 min on the phone I am getting a conformation number of the request. Really at this point I think they should have to pay me interest on the money they have been using. I'll accept the 6 -10 weeks, but come on after that they are playing games.

    It is problems like this as well as the attitude of the local customer service office that I switched and went to Verizon.

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  • Se
    Sevcairo2k Sep 05, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have cancelled my service within 30 days to get a full refund. Twice I have called and they promised they were going to refund the money approximately about $100.00. Comcast said to wait from 6 to 8 weeks the refund check will arrive in the mail. This ordeal started in May 2018. In June I was supposed to get the refund. It never came. I called a second time about one hour talking and finally they agreed they owe me a refund waited 8 more weeks nothing arrived in August. I called back today. I got the same run around. I just wonder how many people just give up. I know it is going to be an uphill battle, but I will insist and persist until I get what is due to me hard earned money. I also wonder when a company like Comcast gets so big and powerful is there any rules of conduct on how they do business. We are in America, not a third world country you would expect for things of this nature not to happen. It is now a matter of principle not to let corporations steal from the common folks. I will continue insisting with my last drop of breath.

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horrible service

Comcast bought out the local cable company, Insight a few months ago. The first thing they did was raise everybody's rates. The return for increased prices was less cable channels and music stations. Broadband internet service quality went down, too. None of our equipment at home was changed, but the quality of picture on our channels was depreciated and our broadband internet drops out daily, sometimes for hours. We have also experienced MUCH slower upload/download speeds along with websites with streaming video flat out timing out. We've called them to send technicians to figure it out. The result was us missing time at work in order to accomodate their 4 hour service window appointments and no better quality of either cable or internet. The technicians that come out on each appointment claim that it is the wiring in our house. However, nothing has changed since we had Insight Cable previously and we had more channels with perfect picture along with faster download/upload speeds and VERY rare times when the internet dropped. Insight charged nearly 20% less, too. On top of that, they try to charge us service call charges for coming out to tell us the same thing everytime. As if it's our fault the internet and cable connections/equipment are faulty? VERY poor business practice.

Bottomline: It's a monopoly. There are no other choices in the area for broadband internet and digital cable.

Plenty of other customers in the Champaign, IL area have complained of ALL of the exact same problems.

There seems to be no solution other than cancelling the subscription.

  • Vi
    VICTORI JACKSON Jun 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer



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they're overcharging me

I cancelled my cable TV with Comcast on 4/24/08. They are still charging me for it, and when I contacted them to find out why, they said this is standard procedure. I'll be paying until June for cable TV that was turned off almost 2 weeks ago! That's if they aren't lying, again...

Why did I cancel it? I was told by customer service when I wanted to cancel the first time that they would extend the package pricing of TV and internet, then was later told after I got my bill at full price for each service that the representative had lied to me. They didn't even attempt to deny it!

Don't get an account with them unless you like throwing your money away and being constantly lied to!

  • Do
    doyle Jul 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Comcast tricked me into signing up for Comcast HSI at a cost of $19.99/mo + $3 modem/mo. It was installed 7/2/08. My 1st bill came this week (July 21) and guess what... the charges for July were at regular price (although prorated for less-than-month use). After talking to 3 different Comcast Reps. and 1 supervisor, all I got was "Your bill is correct. July was a partial month and it is Comcast's policy to charge the full rate (prorated) for any partial month."
    So, think about it... A FULL month (with discount & modem fee) would have cost me $22.99, but Comcast's policy (conveniently absent from internet offer or contract signed during installation) states that because it is a PARTIAL month, the cost will be $38.67!!! If this is indeed Comcast's policy, then they will trick people to signup for partial month just to 'fleece' them with the normal rate, thereby reducing their promotion cost.
    As I said to them: "I am considering legal and regulatory options to prevent others from being taken advantage of in this method."

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never received my amazon 150.00 gift card

I have been waiting to receive my 150.00 dollar rebate from Amazon since September 2007 and have gotten to the point where I have complained to Comcast that the ball had been dropped and if they don't correct the problem at their end I will refuse to pay my comcast bill and will cut my service with them. I found that at your end your service people will quote anything to get the contract with comcast even if they lie to the customers-I have been waiting patiently to close the deal I was promised It has come down to the principle and I expect results ! Thank-you Kathy Norton

comcast erroneous returned check fee:

Erroneous returned check fee: I paid my bills I had been last two years via Comcast’s online service...

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did not receive my rebate check

Signed up for the Triple Play & never received my rebate check. I follow their instructions when sending the paper work for the rebate, however everytime I call them & get the run around. I had to pay for installations & got recycled boxes & don't always word as they shold. I placed a complaint with the better business burau today. I want to make sure that everyone having the same problem knows how easy is to place a complint with the Better Business Bureau. You can place the complaint @ I am going back to my old provided who I never had a problem with. I hope everyone who did not get their rebates complains so Comcast can learn a lesson.

  • Do
    donna Aug 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i did not get my triple play rebate from comcast it is not right !!! we should get are rebate!!

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  • Mc
    MC Aug 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing happened to me. Sent it in almost 4 months ago. Sounds as though it will be pulling nails to get this rebate check -- UGH.

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  • St
    stacy h schuman Aug 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Is
    Ishmael Johnson Jul 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I mailed a rebate form along with first bill after installing Cox Bundle to El Paso TX on March 11 2010 and I have not heard from Rebate Center

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  • Is
    Ishmael Johnson Jul 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I mailed a rebste form and copy of bill to El Paso TX on march 11 2020 and have not heard

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  • Br
    Brendab4110 Nov 11, 2010

    BBB complaint FILED!!! I should have done this 5 months ago. Everyone please take 10 minutes to file an online complaint! Something needs to be done!

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  • Se
    Seegs Feb 25, 2011

    I was offered a $200 "gift check" rebate when I signed up for the triple play in August of 2011. My first bill was over $300, so in my opinion the rebate is nothing more than a refund of that initial overcharge, but regardless, it is now the end of February 2011, and I still have not received the rebate. I had made probably over 25 calls to customer service in total; emailed their customer care center, and just today was told that they have applied that rebate toward my bill; so that I will skip one month's billing. I have not seen that in writing yet; though; so I am hesitant to believe it until I receive my statement. If they did do that; I will be satisfied; although it is NOT what I was promised; a $200 visa gift card. Only when I made a point of both calling every day and emailing every day for a week did I get this far, and it has been 7 months. I am very disgusted that this rebate is held out as a promotion and it takes incredible amounts of time and frustration on the phone to get any follow through. I am sure the vast majority of people either forget all about it or give up after such a length of time, which I am sure is the whole idea on their end. Very poor customer relations.

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  • Ra
    Randolph McWilliams Jul 21, 2011

    I was to get a rebate for signing up for a 2 year contract with comcast ans i'am still waiting for it. I have called quit a few times only for them to give me the run-a-round where's my $150.00 visa!
    Randolph McWilliams (303)831.9759

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  • Ra
    Randolph McWilliams Jul 21, 2011

    I want my $150.00 visa

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paying $3.00 rent on their phone modem!

We called Comcast to find out where we could buy the phone modem so we could stop paying 3.00 a month to rent...

scam and abuse!

I'm a travel rn with a home in pennsylvania and traveled to fresno, california. I subscribed to comcast and...

demanding me to pay $ 49.34 to comcast for services never provided!

I have been harassed by numerous letters from Credit Protection Association, demanding that I pay Comcast $ 49.34, and threatening to report me to the credit bureaus in case I fail to pay. First of all I have no dues payable to Comcast. Secondly, Comcast needs to refund me the installation charges that I paid to them in June 2007 for the Digital Starter Package, which was never provided to me following which I closed my account. They apologized to me over the phone and had promised to refund me the money, but now I am getting letters from Credit Protection Association, on behalf of Comcast, demanding that I pay them $ 49.34. Credit Protection Association is also threatening to report me to the credit bureaus and jeopardize my credit rating, if I fail to pay.

Please advise smb how I can proceed in this matter.

  • Si
    Sir Dave Oct 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Small Claims Court is your friend here. I am not an attorney, but a local attorney probably can advise you. Ask if you should pay the bill, follow the attorney's advise. In some jurisdictions paying the bill is admitting the debt.

    Often calling and asking who is the proper contact for receipt of service tends to get their attention.

    Send a certified demand letter that the charges be reversed, this shows that you have tried to resolve the problem, then go to the local court and file a small claims action. Claim all expenses, plus the bill and file against the local receiver of service.

    The courts will take months, but Comcast will often try to placate you when they receive the notices from the court, be sure you get everything they offer in writing (it is useful in court.) Settle for no less than the full amount including court fees, they will try to avoid court, ask for a default judgment every time. Once you prevail, publish how to do this and your experience, others will thank you, but Comcast won't.

    Oh, yes, if you inform them that their conversation will be recorded for "any and all legal purposes", they will be more likely to hang up, which looks bad in court.

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bad, bad customer service!

I called Comcast at around 9:30 am EST on 1-26-08, they had me do a bunch of things (of which I had already done), but did them again: reboot cable modem, reboot router, reboot server. So then they said I needed to hook up a computer directly to the cable modem, and then I should have internet access (they were saying I had an internal network problem) so I hook up the 1st laptop, no go, of course the tech says my laptop has a problem with its internal card, sooo, I hook up the 2 nd laptop, guess what , same problem, no internet, says low connectivity, so I continue and hook up the modem directly to a desk top, same , same, no internet. Of course by this time it is 1pm. So the tech says that I will have to pay for service if someone comes out and its not the modem, I said not a problem because I was told if I hooked up a computer directly to this modem I would have internet and I don't. They told me to call back in 30 minutes if a local service person has not called you. I wait an hour, no phone call, so I call them back. They will expedite the call to top priority, several hours go by, no call, and so I call them back. The person on the phone guaranties that someone named Tonya will call me back within the hour to let me know when someone will be out, its 5pm, and no it won't be today, but I will guarantee that someone will be out tomorrow. I never hear back from them that night. I begin calling again on 1-27-08, Dayton answers the phone (he's always very polite) no sure we have expedited the call, someone will call you back. I get a call at 2:30pm (not a local service person) out of state person. They didn't troubleshoot enough with you yesterday, he asked a few questions, I tell him what we did yesterday, and he says we should let a local repair person look at it, they will call you. No calls its 5 pm, so I call, well your call was expedited, but we haven't been able to get a hold of any local person for your area, so no one will be out today, they will come out tomorrow. I loose it, I don't yell, but tell him what I think of their customer service, that I don't like being pacified, that I want a solution. I called back to place a formal complaint, yeah, that really got me somewhere, couldn't get past the person who answers the phone. We pay for a business class internet service. We have 2 other hospitals that log into our server, which has been inaccessible for almost 48 hours. I'm not sure what they mean by expedite, but this is the poorest customer service I have experienced.

overcharged twice!

I had satellite t.v. called comcast to get a quote for a package deal. I said I want HD, dvr, cable, phone...

comcast should be investigated

I reside in Nashville, Tennessee and Comcast cable service here is absolutely HORRIBLE! Many of my complaint...

boy was that false economics!

Comcast Triple Play (Cable/Phone/Internet Bundle) is named correctly, its out (of service) more than its on (base).

So far we have been a customer for two months and the phone and internet service have been out of service more than 50% of the time.

We have had six separate service calls in the two months and the technicians get it running and it breaks down soon after the technician leaves.

Comcast phone service was so bad we had our Embarq phone service reinstalled at a significant cost to us. I can't wait until Embarq also has high speed internet on our street.

We bought Comcast Triple Play for the current deal! Boy was that false economics!

  • Ca
    Carolyn Fulbright Dec 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sirs,

    I received the GalaxyMemberBenefits pkg in the mail and looked over everything and I have decided I do not need this service. However, I have been unable to get into the program to cancel. The 1-800 number disconnects me everytime I call. Please see to it that I am not charged for your service.



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problems with comcast billing department

In October I switched to Comcast business high speed internet, and also changed my telephone from QWest to Comcast, bundled with cable television service. I had paid three months ahead so as not to have to bother with details during my busy retail season. Nevertheless, I got two letters (to my residential address rather than my billing address - I still haven't received any physical bills re the new service!)claiming I owed Comcast money. On both occasions I telephoned Comcast to clear up the misunderstanding, and was told not to worry about it as I had a credit balance. They said they had issued me a new account number with the change in service, but had forgotten to switch over the money that I had on credit, which they would now do. I also verified on the Internet that there was a credit on my account. This morning I woke up with no Internet. It took three hours of my time and three hours of my technical adviser's time on the phone with several departments of Comcast to try to get the matter resolved. Basically, they have allocated my telephone and cable television services to their residential section, and the high speed internet to their business section, but have been continuing to bill me for residential internet on the old account number. None of their departments cooperates with the other departments. They refuse to consolidate my services on to one bill, which was one of the reasons for dealing with one provider for all three services. Even though Comcast had notified QWest of the change in phone numbers, Comcast still had my old QWest phone number listed in its records; its website refused to change it. If I phone Comcast to check what is owing, I now have to give the new telephone number for the old residential account and the old (defunct) residential telephone number for the new business account. I have to log into Comcast under two different user names to check my bills, and have to erase old cookies every time to make this work. Comcast claimed it would credit me for the two months of residential internet it should not have charged me for; according to their math a pre-existing $62 credit from my payment ahead plus a $60 or so credit for two months of residential internet that I had cancelled equals $2. Go figure. And I'm supposed to "trust" them??? The "customer service" people claim I didn't tell them to disconnect the residential internet service, even though they charged me for connecting the new service. I do not have the energy to tackle getting my online bill payment service to handle two different customer numbers from the same provider. That'll likely take another four hours. Overall, the two bills together will be higher than I was told the "bundle" of three services would be. I haven't even had the heart to tackle Comcast on the question of the phones not working when it rains, which is pretty often here in Eugene. I wonder if the confusion in billing in deliberate. They give a 30-day guarantee, but you can't even find out what you owe within the thirty days. Perhaps there's a special part of Hatlo's Inferno reserved for Comcast executives.

  • Le
    Lesson Learned AIC Aug 26, 2010

    I hate Comcast! They screwed my bill up 3 times in the last 12 mo. Most recently I changed my service. My new bill was supposed to be $90. Instead I get one for $165!!! I was never told when I called to change my service that I would be charged any fee for changing my service, yet my new bill has a $75 "Early Termination Fee"

    What a bunch of BS!! Thank God I do not have my payments set to be automatically withdrawn from my account.

    I paid my bill (minus the $75) but it will be a cold day in hell before they get that $75 from me. I can't wait for my contract to expire with them.

    I have not not had cable since I was a kid, but honestly I am thinking of going without for the first time in almost 20 years. That is how frustrated I am with them.

    Comcast=Rip off

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For over 7 years I have been trying to get TV service and Internet to my address, When Adelphia was around I...

telemarketing harassment

Here is a link to track this John McCormick down. The John and Shirley McCormick from Texas Telemarketing Inc aka: TTI aka: COMCAST aka: Time Warner.

The harassing telemarketing turd that uses computer generated calls even to one's cell phone on a daily basis that WORKS FOR COMCAST.

He was born in 1958 and is 49 years old.

The tables can easily be turned on this telemarketing ### and he can be the victim of his own harassment!

3222 SPENCER HWY Recorded: 10/14/2003

6838 CEDAR POINT DR Map It Recorded: 10/14/2003

Evidently the Spencer Highway address is either their current (or was) spamming/telemarketing office location.
And the Cedar Point address is their residential.

Turn-a-bout is fair play!

Info on their house:

Caller ID: [protected]
Caller: Comcast
Caller Type: Telemarketer

removal of hallmark channel

I am registering a complaint regarding the removal of the Hallmark Channel for basic cable in Concord...

bad business practices

I called to order the triple play package it was to include cable with 2 premium channels, internet, and the new phone service I was told it would run about 139.95 a month I was fine with that.. and then they said it would take about 1 week to come install everything and I was alright with that I waited they showed when the tech. showed he installe everything and was very nice I said alright so all 3 are working then don't you do a test call or anything.. he looked at me truely baffled and said what do you mean all 3?

I explained what I ordered... and he laughed he truly laughed.. I was told that the phone service is not yet available in this area because they are waiting on the Gov. approval that was supposed to come through Oct. 1 but has not as of Nov 1 when they came to install everything.

I said wow why did they tell me I could have it and sign me up why did they even mention it to me if it was not available he said they are selling it but it can not be installed in this area till the okay comes from the Gov. I said oh well how much is my bill gonna run then?

My answer Ohhh I don't know they should adjust it accordingly it does say on my slip you are being billed for all 3 services... WTF???

How can you sell me something tell me it's coming then not give it then tell me I am still being charged for it?

I like comcast for the most part I just want to make it clear that there people signing everyone up for service need to take a closer look at what is and is not available to the calling customer and don't have someone sitting around waiting on a service that can not nor will not be provided.

I could have had a phone hooked up by now and working if I had not have been waiting for this triple play.

Now I am not saying they are charging me for this service because I am now waiting on my bill to see what it looks like and what is happening there... I am simply saying this was bad biz.


  • At
    At3 Jun 03, 2016

    Worst experience with comcast service. On our scheduled date not only did the technician showed up, but every time we called the service center the reps keep on lying to us. We waited around more than 8 hrs and the 5th person we called said the appt had been cancelled. And that he was going to send a technician Sunday at 2. Again the same scenario repeated, called rep and she was terrible handling things. Very rude and very unprofessional. They rescheduled our appt third time to a week later. I am really getting very frustrated with them. Pls help me if anyone could, were we should go next.

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no rebate received

When I signed up for high speed internet via internet, I was told I would be directed to a $79.95 modem rebate site after giving my information to have modem professionally installed. While I was giving my address to the "chat" I asked about the rebate and the Comcast rep said he didn't have any info about that and then the screen closed. When I phoned Comcast I was told the installer would have the form. He didn't and did not know anything about it. He contacted Comcast without results. I have contacted Comcast via phone, via internet, the installer called them and no one can give us any information. I have printed out a modem rebate OFFER from the Comcast/broadband/ website. This cost me $99 and no rebate in sight.

triple play scam!

If Comcast was to be rated 1-10 with 10 being the highest, they have earned a 0. That's right, Comcast gets a Big... zero. Comcast was scheduled originally to set up my Triple Play July 17, 2007. On the third attempt (August 23, 2007) all thiree services (cable TV, Internet and digital voice) were set up - with the exception of digital voice. Digital voice was connected but the service was waiting to transfer from AT&T.

After speaking to an AT&T representative (September 20, 2007) I was informed that our phone service with AT&T was disconnected on August 21,2007. This is only important to point out the deception by Comcast.

In short, the $99 per month triple play service jumped to $312.98 due to some very mysterious charges. After speaking to Comcast, the charges were lowered to $104.75.

Comcast's billing is very confusing, their customer service is still a BIG 0.

  • Wa
    Wanda Jensen Sep 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your complaint doesn't say why you got rescheduled and they did correct your billing account so not sure why you are complaining

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  • Ca
    carly Jan 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In order to transfer your service from one company to another you have to go through what's called third party verification. Reason for this is companies used to do what is called slamming .. where they would switch your service w/o notifying you to another company. Now if you do not complete the tpv in time the company that is trying to get your number can't .. and your order will continue to be resch. until you do it. For your billing complaint if you were a new customer getting all three service your first billing statement will have 1 to 2months worth of service charges on it.. depending on your billing cycle and it will have your installtion fees on it.. that is why you got a bill for over $300... b/c the package price of 99 plus equipment and tax plus your installation and activation fees.. it is all itemized on your bill.. it will show you the charges for each service and the dates you were billed.

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  • Ol
    older Jun 14, 2011

    Unfortunately I cannot agree enough with the op. I was promised promotions from Comcast for signing up for the infinity package, 2 year agreement and autopay. They have now called me twice on past due payments that they did not take from my bank. To add insult to injury they informed me that I don't qualify for the promotions since my account was past due. Ironic since the auto pay was a condition of the promotion. Hey they did tell me after the fact that it might take a couple of months for autopay to start up. This company has no service, ethics or shortly my money.

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