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e-maill access

Comcast changed their e-mail system to Smart Zone. It took over a week before I was able to access my e-mail at home and it has been over 2 weeks that I can't access it from work. they keep telling me it is my error but I have talked with several other people at work who are having the exact same problem. then they tell me to go through Mozilla, which has not been approved by my workplace and I am unable to download it. Not unless I want to get into trouble with the IT Staf[censored] Even though I am paying for it, I have no access to my e-mail at work and had no choice to as they they, "continually improve thier services by upgrading". Gee, it's really a downgrade for me and my monthly bill is the only thing being "upgraded".

fraud and scam

As a privately owned business, we must be able to count on taking and downloading our credit card sales at the end of the day to cover checks. With four service interruptions in two months as longs as 1.5 days, our business is suffering. When we call, no one will ever let us talk to a manager. It is so frustrating. When the service come out, they do not even come in the store and say that it is fixed. I guess it is up to us to keep trying all day. It seems that many other businesses have experienced the same problems. Even though we are under contract, we had to switch to Verizon, which will take another 3 weeks to obtain the telephone number.

price fraud

In Dec.08 i was quoted a price for cable and internet service's. One month later i recieve a bill for twice the quoted price although i told it would'nt change for 6 month's. When i called i was ignored when i pointed out that i had already started paying at the previous quoted price. Basically saying that i have to pay for service's that changed after my quoted price ! When is the
FCC going to start doing there job and enforce the law !!!

  • Pa
    Pappamike Mar 26, 2009

    I went to Direct Tv because of Comcast's ever rising rates.Watiing to get DSL, then I will be free of Comcast for good!

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  • Re
    ReporttotheFCC Sep 13, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You must continue to force the FCC to do their job. You should also file a complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs in your state and contact your state and local representatives. You voted for them and they must work for you. Please get it together people, stop being bullied by comcast.

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  • On
    Onsmart Sep 21, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Were there any changes in services or service levels after your initial quote? You should have received a copy of the original quote with all the services that were discussed well before the installation. Company's usually do not want to expense an installation only to have a dissatisfied customer cancel because of misunderstood terms. A given customer has to actually stay with the service for several months before a cable company begins recouping the expense of getting your business and before the stockholders begin to realize a profit.

    Often times, cable company's will quote based on the lowest service levels possible, one tv, assuming you purchase the modem, and without fees and taxes figured in.

    I would need to know more about your particular situation.

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  • Re
    ReporttotheFCC Oct 07, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There were no service changes! I am not legally obligated to read an email they send after the fact. That is why they have the recording. It was the old Bait and Switch so that the employee could receive a wage in commission. They pay their employees poorly while Brian Roberts – one of their presidents, vacation to Switzerland twice a year. Brian should be homeless. I was called and offered a specific rate. A two-year commitment was the price of that rate - it is plain and simple! I don't need cable to watch television. If I did, I'd rattle my congressman until he 'manned-up' or rally to remove him from office. Why on earth do Americans NEED cable television?

    Funnily enough, after six useless calls to their office, never receiving a call back from a manager, and submitting my complaint to the FCC (and was in the process of submitting one to my elected officials), the fraudulent Comcast corrected their fraud without calling me back to inform me or even granting an apology. Thus, I am continuing my fight! How many other people did they scam that day? How many that week? How many scams that month? The recording the use to legalize your agreement doesn’t state the actual price that was promised. Thus, I had to SAY IT ON THE RECORDING AND STATE THAT I AM AGREEING TO THAT PRICE FOR TWO YEARS ONLY! So far, I have told and informed 542 people. They must beware of Comcast! People please unplug!

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fraudulent free offers for triple play customers

In june 2008, comcast cable offered a free hdtv for new customers who sign up for their triple play service. We switched over to cable (From satellite) to take advantage of the offer. We were told we would receive our tv in three months. We have been calling since september, and we have been given one run around after another. One rep told us that we have to wait 6 months, another told us they could not find us in the system we chose to wait until december (6 months) and have called comcast, in the past week, we have spend several hours on the phone and in person (Avenel offices) and keep getting run arounds. They either tell us we are in the system or they are not aware of such offer. On 12/30, I called for the last time, in which I was put on hold for over one hour!!! We spoke to a rep in sales, called stacy in which she tells us that she reviewed the terms of our service and says the reason why we did not get the tv is because the offer is for new customers who sign up for a one year contract, and we were signed up for a two year contract. We asked to speak to a supervisor in which we spoke to herbert. Herbert then states that the real reason we did not get the tv was because they have records of a couple of late payments on our account. We have just signed up for new service with comcast's comptetitor, verizon and our comcast 'service' will be cancelled shortly. We feel we have been swindled into this and dont want any other customer falling for their bogus offers.In addition to their questionable sales and advertising tactics, their customer service was deplorable and their rep, especially herbert, was insulting to us. Comcast would rather lose us as customers than to own up to their end of the bargain.

  • Ja
    jarvis347 Feb 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel your pain. Similar story: same offer, slightly different nightmarish scenario...

    As mentioned, over the last several months, Comcast has been running an offer: "Free Basic Cable for 12 months if you sign up as a new customer with internet OR phone." Since I signed up for internet in DECEMBER (at $30.95 for 12 months), with the promise from the saleswoman of Free basic cable deal mentioned, it would seem natural to receive a bill of roughly $40, after fees and taxes (and not including the installation/start up fees). Ok, I have been billed over $100 EACH month and January was $160 because I had received 2 bills for a period of less than 15 days. Neither bill had the same total, the same fees, anything.

    I called many times and no one seems to even KNOW about this offer. I have copies of it, have read the fine print, seen the tv spots, the billboards, the whole she-bang... and no one in either billing, retentions, promotions... yes, even the supervisors... no one at Comcast is aware of this particular offer. ??? To be honest, so far, only two of the 15 or 20 (lost count by now) people at Comcast are aware of this: 1. the woman who kindly signed me up for the service in December (of course she knew...); and 2. the woman who refused to admit the offer was applicable even as I read to her from their own ad, constantly hushed me as if she were searching for relevant information, and eventually put me on hold for 15 minutes then disconnected me... tonight (which is why I'm posting now and will be posting elsewhere). The later experience (aside from actually KNOWING about this offer) is familiar. I have been "disconnected" 6 or 7 times... usually after over an hour of explaining the siutuation and listening to them breath and and not speak, give answers that make no sense (during a billing explanation that wouldn't add up, one rep told me that I was being charged $15, then later $10, then $12, then $9 for the cable... in a matter of about 25 minutes!!), they lie and evade. Hell, I feel like I've told this story a billion times!
    Anyway, the point is I have reached the point where I am so completely fed up that I want to know if anyone else is getting this runaround. HOW CAN COMCAST CUSTOMER SERVICE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS MAJOR NATIONAL OFFER BASED ON MAJOR FCC AND GOVERNMENT REGULATED MANDATES?!?!? For crap's sake, Obama was talking about digital transition a few weeks ago, and we all know that he's got his hands full. This is either false advertising or gross misconduct, but either way, 2 months and several hundred lost (and NOT cheap either) cell phone minutes later, I still have NO ANSWERS. Are there other people out there who have dealt with this? Are you tired of being pushed around by the brazen dishonesty of these over zealous organizations? Reply. Comment. Whatever. Our voices need to be heard.

    As another man on the edge of reason once said, "I feel like I'm takin' crazy pills!"

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technical support

The high speed internet wasn't working one night so I decided to call Comcast. At one point it asked me to type in my 10 digit phone number so I did and It repeated each number I typed in and asked me to verify so I pressed 1 to verify like it said but it says my number is invalid(later on I would use the online chat support with comcast and the person checked and confirmed the number I typed in was the number tied to my account, which I already knew.

The 1800 line was impossible to navigate because no matter what I did it took me back to a previous stage though I eventually got through to a person.
I told them about my problem and they didn't know what to do so they redirected me to technical support. This guy gets on the phone and examines everything from his end and he notices a problem. As he's checking out the problem he's saying everything he's doing over the phone(including directions) so basically I keep asking him if he's talking to me or not, which he wasn't. After being on the phone for about 30 minutes he says he's going to take it up to the next level. He asks if I'm going to be asleep by 11pm EST and I say I'll be up late and he says that they will call me back sometime before 11PM EST. I say okay and thank him even though he couldn't do anything.

I'm up late and it's already 12AM and I don't receive a call back from Comcast and I decide to call them back(had to navigate through the phone services again) and I was able to get ahold of another person except this time they solved the problem in about 5 minutes.

Their service is inconsistent and their customer service is terrible. It's as if you're flipping a coin and heads would mean getting a technician who actually knows what they're doing and tails would mean you get someone who takes a long time to get absolutely nothing done

  • Fr
    FRANHALENOU812 Jan 21, 2009

    Ther is no technical service I worked for sevral ISP providers and one in Particular here in Ireland where they
    have a many layered filter system of blame that is in no way designed to be efficiant they are dragons from the early
    internet scam days where you keep the custumer on the line for as long as you possibly can for obvious reasons
    and anyone that needs to be told about Generating a call should just give up now, I was at the meeting where someone
    mentioned there would be thousands of calls generated from a problem that had arose with Set Top Boxes, and their
    faces lit up like Santy clause had just walked into the room they then changed the free call help line to a premium or local
    call rate and in my estimates made more money from the calls generated by the problem with the Set Top Boxes than they did from the actual use of the fu__ing things.

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credit card fraud


I am writing to report credit card fraud commited by a company called Bridgevine, acting as an authorized seller for Comcast cable services. They sold me a package of TV, phone and internet services, then at the end of the call told me they could not service my area (despite telling me they did at the beginning of the call when I directly asked this question). They said that they were going to cancel the order, and I went ahead and ordered services through other companies instead. I subsequently discovered that Bridgevine had gone ahead and processed the credit card charge anyway and mailed a piece of hardware to my house. When I called to complain and demand a refund, they told me to send the hardware back, and provided me with a UPS packing slip to do this. I went ahead and did this, and I have confirmed that they received the package. They refunded me $50, but continue to keep $14.95 of my money to cover their costs of shipping the item--even though they admit that they never should have sent the item in the first place. Still they claim that it was somehow my responsibility to prevent them from sending the order, and that I now have to eat the cost. I don't know what else I could have done. At the end of the phone call I asked the customer service rep if I needed to do anything else to prevent the charge from going through and said no--that the order had been completely cancelled. And when I received the erroeously shipping item in the mail, I reported the error and sent it back to them, after they agreed to refund my money. What more could I possibly have done?

It is ridiculous that I am being treated this way. I have done nothing wrong. All I did was try to set up a new Comcast account in the new town I was moving to. I had already been a long-standing Comcast customer at my previous address. To make matters even worse, I now find out that Comcast does in fact service my area, and I could have had a Comcast account if I had called someone other than Bridgevine to process my order! Comcast lost a loyal, life-long cusomter because of this. BTW, funnily, Bridgevine also tried to blame Comcast for this problem, saying that it is their fault that the installation could not have been completed, and therefore their fault that I got shipped equipment I didn't want that was useless to me.

So Comcast blames Bridgevine, Bridgevine blames Comcast and me. I did everything right, they did everything wrong, and I'm the one getting screwed.

  • veromark Jun 18, 2009

    Hello Tracy,

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with Bridgevine. I work at Bridgevine and don't like to see unhappy customers. Please email me your confirmation code if you still have it and I'll personally look into this matter and report directly back to you.

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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We usually pay are bill online. This last month when we went to pay our bill we entered the bank information and the website cam back with an error and told us to try later. The next day we went back onlin and made a "successful" payment. A few days later we should two charges from Comcast on our bank statement. We contacted Comcast and they told us they were unable to reverse the direct deposit payment. Finding this unexceptable we got online and "chatted" with an analyst. He told us he could make a credit or bank card. After a week with no credit to out card I got online and "chatted" with another analyst. She informed me that it would take 10-15 days for this credit to show because the finance department had to confirm that they received the money. So now it has been two weeks since this error occurred and we probably won't receive a credit for another two weeks. By this time are next bill will be due.

damage to alarm system

To Whom It May Concern: I had comcast come to my home to install their digital voice system. I already had...

scam and cheating

Hurricane IKE, Comcast is valuing their Electronic Boxes that are required and provided by Comcast at over 400.00 each. These used boxes can not have a fair market value of what they are claiming. They are instructing their customers to claim these units at an inflated price on their Homeowners Insurance and paying the inflated claim to Comcast. This is insurance fraud. Every single person that has been told to do this should file a claim with the FCC. I hope someone flies a Class Action lawsuit against Comcast and puts these rip-off artist in Jail.

  • Valerie Nov 05, 2008

    I was a loyal customer of the company that was in charge before Comcast bought them out. The prices that Patriot Media charged were more then reasonable and I was more then happy with the service. I was paying a good price for the 4 star package. When Comcast took over it seemed to be going well at first. Then within a few months my cable bill was jacked up to over 300.00 dollars. Granted I was past due at the time, but I had just made a payment when I received this bill.

    When i called then to complain about the amount of my bill, they told me that I had agreed to that increase after a few months on a promotion price that was only temporary. I had never agreed to anything, nor would i have agreed to that increase. Not only that but Comcast customer service is beyond awful. Most of the reps I have talked to there have been rude and not very helpful.

    At the present time I am still with Comcast because I don't have a choice at the present time. I also thought I could get some sort of deal on internet service with them due to the fact that I was paying so much for cable service, but no when i called they wanted to charge me a fortune, so I went with someone else.

    If you can go with someone else I would try and do so, before this company empties your pockets.

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  • Valerie Nov 26, 2008

    I am a person with a severe disability. My disability leaves me without family and friends to speak of (or with). I sometimes don't hear my own voice for days. So, my TV is an absolute necessity to help maintain my sanity. Comcast has no regard for their low-income customers. And these customers probably make up a good portion of their customer base. I have Comcast's basic analog service at $56.95/month. I live on $650/month, and this cost of cable is a hardship, but again, a necessary one. Of course, I've had to consider limited basic and even antenna TV, but I could not live with the limited choice of channels. As it is, the number of channels worth watching on my basic cable service is shamefully few.

    Cable TV should not be a 'luxury' when the alternatives are often not satisfactory. I did begin the process of switching to DirecTV, but canceled the installation when I was charged $149 for equipment before the installers were even due to arrive at my apartment. They should not charge for equipment when it isn't yet determined if I could receive a good signal at my location. I've since read way too many horror stories online about the poor business practices of the two satellite dish companies to risk monetary loss, poor installation, or poor service.

    No other options such as FiOS or XOHM seem to be available in my area, not that I could afford those services either. So, as a monopoly would happily have it, I am stuck with Comcast, and their inconceivable prices which they plan to increase yet again. Notice that if you take away the letters, 'c', 'o', and 't' from the word Comcast, what remains are the letters that make up the word 'scam'... Keep in mind that the definitions of 'scam' are: A fraudulent business scheme; a stratagem for gain; a swindle.

    Comcast's business practices often fit that definition. Their 'scam' would seem to be cleverly disguised by adding three letters to their name.

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  • Valerie Dec 01, 2008

    Hurricane IKE, Comcast is valuing their Electronic Boxes that are required and provided by Comcast at over 400.00 each. These used boxes can not have a fair market value of what they are claiming. They are instructing their customers to claim these units at an inflated price on their Homeowners Insurance and paying the inflated claim to Comcast. This is insurance fraud. Every single person that has been told to do this should file a claim with the FCC. I hope someone flies a Class Action lawsuit against Comcast and puts these rip-off artist in Jail.

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You would think that in these tough economic times that Comcast Cable would be sensative to their customers, this is not the case. First of all, I was billed an outlandage rate for basic cable. I did not receive my bill, I paid a portion of the bill and was disconnected without a phone call or statement. I called customer service and was told that Comcast does not work out any payment arrangements. I went into the office for a copy of the ost bill and noticed that I was charged 2.00 for speaking with a representative. I was also told that if I paid using a credit card or check over the telephone I would be charged an additional $4.00. I was told by the customer service clerk to use their website. Which is a complete joke!.

After 15 years as a loyal Comcast customer I will be paying the balance due and returning all of their equipment! furthermore, I am telling everyone DO NOT deal with this company! i will be using another cable provider. I am certainly glad that I do not have internet or phone service with Comcast!

  • Ra
    raheem May 07, 2009

    we had called the cable company after having the service for one month. We asked that they turn the service off because we wasnt getting what they said that we would get in the package. They told us that we would have to return the cable box before they turn off the services. We told them that we had a disability that we couldnt bring the box in to them. We get a bill for a little over four hundred dollars. Called the cable company after they turned off the home phone and found out that they never turned off the services of the cable and that they cant find when we called in to cancle the services. They can only see when we called in on the 04/03/2009 about the billing and how they sent someone out the next day to get the box. After they turned off the phone we called them and told them how we was lied to about the services we would get and how if anything go wrong, cause we had to cancel the service before because we never got the 200 dollars rebate plus none of the channels, so we knew that this company can make mistake and thats when we asked the guy if the service dont be right with the cable we will cancle the cable but keep the phone cause we had the phone for almost a year.

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  • Ir
    IrresponsibilityIsNoExcuse Aug 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While I understand the need for a little help now and then (afterall I did just get off the phone with comcast where they were happy to make a payment arrangement with me) I do not agree that the company should go out of their way to keep you informed of your own failure to contact them or keep track of your billing. You should know when your bills are due already and if you don't get a bill you should call customer service right away, not just sit and wait like an idiot till they turn off your services. A myriad of things could have caused your bill to not reach your doorstep, but just because the bill didn't arrive doesn't mean you didn't continue to utilize the service knowing there would be a bill due. Companies like Comcast and other large service providers charge a fee to take payment over the phone because they want you to use the self service options they provide. Keeping thousands of agents on the phone just to take payments is expensive, whereas an automated phone system or a website takes a fraction of people as technicians and IT support personnel. Why would a company make a payment arrangement for someone who didn't call Before their service was disconnected, it makes no sense. Next time try calling when you know you are going to be late, don't wait till they've cut you off.

    I work for a major wireless telephone company and we hear the same complaints everyday, but the bottom line is that YOU are the only one responsible for tracking your billing and payments. If you don't proactively help yourself, why do you expect someone you owe money too to fix the problem for you? Take responsibility for your own debts and deadlines.

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  • Mw
    MWilliams630 Aug 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Incident = The nightmare started in March of this year 2010. I couldn't watch cable tv and here I am paying for it. I wasn't getting any picture except colored lines. In April a technician came out and we were told that there was no reception coming into the lines. Before the technician came out I had called comcast several times in March and they had me resetting my cable box, they reset it from their end. When they set an appointment they told me that there would be NO charge for the service and they were going to adjust my bill. This is actually when the nightmare started I recieved my bill and I was being charged with the technician service and my service had never been adjusted. I called comcast
    and they quickly apologized and said that they would fix the bill and I would see it on the next statement. The next statement came and yes, the technicians service was credited but the service had not been adjusted, I called comcast again and again they apologized and said I would see the adjustments on the next bill NEVER HAPPENED. I went down to the Comcast payment center with my statement and I was told after about 1/2 hour that this is what they will do for me. The CSR put the dollar amount on the bottom which was I think 37. and I went to pay it that Friday. Never looking at the reciept because I thought this lady was really trying to help me and be honest. That night when I got home my wife was looking at the reciept and she blew her lid. This reciept reflected the bill that we had recieved when the technician came out. So, according to this bill we owed 329. Called comcast and the told oh, don't worry about it. If the statement is printed out before you make
    a payment it won't show up on the statement. We have resorted to going directly to the payment center but sad to say not all the information is making it into the system. What they tell me in person doesn't even get noted in the computer. Last month I was told if I paid 63. on Friday I would be all caught up and would not owe anything until Sept. I get the bill and it states I owe over 200.
    Damage Resulting = I believe that comcast never intended on adjusting my rate or not charging me for a technician coming out. I believe that they are adding on the fees as I pay my bill. If that makes any sense.

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  • Re
    ReporttotheFCC Sep 13, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you file a complaint with the FCC or the Department of Consumer Affairs in your state. If not, why allow the company to get away with their fraud and tactics. Please remember you do have the option of writing to your state and local representatives. You voted them in office for a reason; have them do their job! As for the economy, the CEO of Comcast - Brian L. Roberts, is making a ton of money off of the crappy service he's selling the lower class people. Wise up and take action! Do you really need cable? Spend better time with your family and stop allowing Comcast (Brian L. Roberts) tell you the type of entertainment you need. Take the company down and make Brian homeless.

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  • Gr
    Grannie02 Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have not been a Comcast customer for several years, however, some of my neighbors are. There is a Comcast cable box attached to the side of my townhouse. On Tuesday, 2/1/11, strong winds blew the lid off the box and the lid is dangling from the cable box with a cable wire holding it up, posing a danger to anyone passing by. It is also banging loudly against the side of the building. I have pictures.

    On Saturday, 2/5/11, a Comcast technician was in the area. I asked him if he could put the lid back on and he just got in his truck and drove off. On Monday, 2/7/11, I called Comcast, explained the problem and requested they send someone out ASAP because of the possible danger. I was told a tech would be out on Wednesday. Late Wednesday afternoon I called Comcast to get a status of the technician. I was told a technician would not be out until 2/16/11. I asked to speak to a manager. After waiting on the phone for more than 20 minutes, I was told a manager would call me back. Today is Thursday, 2/10/11m 6:40 p.m. I have not received a call back.

    This is a dangerous situation and someone from Comcast needs to take responsibility for their equipment asap.

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fraud and cheating

I signed up for the triple play from CommunistCast last year because I can't get Directv HD in my area because of some trees I can't cut down. So it's been a good 8 months with the service and I do a lot on the internet because I work as an IT guy so I'm pretty aware of my speeds on a constant basis.

About two weeks ago I notice a noticeable speed difference in the way I connected to my work and decided to do a speed test and noticed I'm about 5-7mbs which is great since I was on the 8mb plan, however, I ran the same test when I first got my setup and it was about 2-3mbs. Which even that was great because I know you usually never see the speeds they advertise. The strange part came about a week ago I get a letter in the mail from comcast. Here is the contents:

'Dear Valued Comcast Customer' (Mind you my name/address/acct is no where on this letter it is a standard bulk letter)

A recent review of our records indicates that you are receiving Blast!® High-Speed Internet Service, but are not being charged for the incremental speed. Effective with your next billing statement, this error will be corrected and your monthly price will increase $10.00 to reflect the incremental price of the Blast!® service. Your account WILL NOT be charged for the time that you had this service and were not being charged.

We value you as a customer and we look forward to providing you with the best entertainment and communication services. If you have any questions about this billing correction or any of our services or prices, please call 1-800-COMCAST.

Thank you for being a loyal customer.

  • Pe
    pedro33 Sep 16, 2009

    somebody name Nestor Cabrisas with phone number 786 287 3138 is seling illegal cable instalations and maybe works for you

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horrible customer service

Never ever with comcast again. I have a comcast internet and cable connection and since I am moving out of my current apartment, I wanted to cancel the connection. I called Customer care at 6:55 and the women on the other line was the most rude person I have ever encountered. I am an immigrant and do have an accent. The moment the customer care agent realised this she was rude. When I told her that I needed to cancel the connection, she asked me for the amount for the last two payment cycles. I promptly answered and then she asked me for the last two dates of the payment. When I told her, why she wants that when I am calling from the comcast registered number, she was very rude. I asked her to speak to her manager to which she said that the Manager is not around. I had been having good customer service with comcast until this instance. My new apartment would no longer have comcast as I dont want to deal with such customer care agents who think we are free loader. Sadly I could not get her name, else I would have posted it here...

I hope COMCAST GOES BANKRUPT...Their loss is Verizon's gain

  • Lo
    LOUISE GENTILE Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have had bad experiences with Comcast customer service. A rep named Mary was very rude to me also told me there was no supervisor there and then left me on hold for 10 minutes and ultimately hug up on me. Forget about reaching a supervisor or someone is power who can help resolve a problem. My service has been poor since I have gotten triple play a few months ago and getting progressively worse and no one there seems to be able to resolve it nor do they seem to care once they have your monies. Their 24 hour service claims are more like 4 to 5 days earliest and usually lead to no resolution anyway.
    I will probaly cancel service and go back to Verizon. I guess they will lose all their customers and they at least will know why. if they care to check..

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  • So
    sotiredsocomplaints Dec 15, 2008

    i think that people don't give the reps any kind of credit at all. you have also got to remember that if there is not sup at the time there will be one have them promise a call back or call back not all reps are rude. we just have to find the one that are and get rid of them. You will get a sup its not impossible. every company has there bad reps. go look at verizon complaints and you will see the same thing.

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  • Je
    Jenn Jenn Feb 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Comcast is horrible...!!! I asked to transfer my service at the end of january... They told me that it would be Feb the 8th 2011 from 8-11am they would be here at the apartment. They never came. I called them to see what happened and they (customer service) told me that they called and we didnt answer. Well come to find out they called the phone number that they were coming to install. ANGRY! But Im still chillen. So they gave me an appointment for the 10th. And that day came. The lazy man came and said that the box needed to be rewired and to call the apartment complex we needed a letter of permission to rewire the box. If they cant do anything then call Comcast back and he left. We talk to the manager and she said that the box belong to Comcast and they had to rewire it. I called them back and told them what they manager said and the rudest of rudest lady said that we needed a letter again. I repeated my self and told her what the manager. I told her that I wanted to speak with a supervisor and she told me they were only going to tell me the same thing that she said and I told her I still wanted to speak to one. She put me on hold for real time 10 minutes. I called back and spoke to a man. He then explained that we needed a letter from the apartment complex given permission to come into the apartment. It was now after 5pm and I still have no cable. He then told me that the earliest appointment would be Monday the 14th of Feb 8-11am. I said ok. Well, we waited and waited. I called them yesterday and they told me that my appointment was for the 21th. Now I still dont have cable. I called they 5 times yesterday and I was hung up on twice and lied to five times. I finaly spoke with someone who claimed to be a Supervisor and he did nothing also. His name was James. All he did was the same thing that everyone else said. Then he said that all he could do was give me an earlier appointment whick will be on the 18th on Feb. Still no cable and all those horrible coustomer service reps are still employed...

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where to begin? everything!

Where to begin? We've had comcast for 3 years. The first year we had minimal problems. Then we moved and all hell broke loose. From that point on, it's been a cable nightmare. Had I known it would be such an ongoing problem, I would've kept exact record of dates, times, names. But I didn't do this, I can only say that for 2 years, on an almost monthly basis, I am on the phone dealing with these idiots. They simply do not care. They have done everything from try to charge me for things/services we do not have, to leaving me on hold multiple times, to being blatantly rude telling my husband "to wrap the phone call up", to telling us they would fix the problem only to find our next bill is even worse, on and on and on. And don't get me started on their "service". We pay every month, on time. We pay for a service that we don't always get. Our cable goes out, our internet goes out, and if they have to send a tech, they want to charge us for THEIR problem! the list goes on and on...we are calling to cancel their service tomorrow, it's just not worth it anymore. They are too big a company, they just don't care about their customers or the quality of people they hire to represent their company. It's been a nightmare. I've wasted hours and hours dealing with 9 times out of 10, rude ###s. I would rather have a root canal than to deal with Comcast any further.

bad service

I have been a steady customer for seven years and due to the logistics of Tucson's infrastructure, I will continue to be a customer until alternatives present themselves. Based on your customer service representative's recommendation, I rented a Motorola 6412 Dual Tuner Digital Video Recorder (DVR), at $13.95 a month in addition to my service rates of $115.35 a month. I have since experienced that it rarely records or functions as described by your representative.

I was told and promised by Rob, the customer service representative, that I would"love" my DVR because it would save my time and record my programs when I wanted. Unfortunately, my Motorola device has never fulfilled that expectation. More often than not, I spend my time on the phone waiting for a customer service representative to clear the memory that I can record TV or watch TV without interruption.

Most recently, I entertained a family dinner, hoping that we could watch the Presidential Debates. As fate intervened, my DVR failed to record the debates and due to heavy pixilation, I was unable to watch TV at all. I am quite embarrassed and saddened that I have spent my money on this device and service.

I think you will agree that we have a problem. I was able to schedule service call for a technician to come to my house and "swap" the device out for a "new" one. The term new evidently means "new to this address" because it is apparent that Comcast refurbishes their DVRs. I was subsequently charged $19.99 for the service call because I do not have the service protection plan; even though Rob assured me that I would not be held financially responsible for the service call. Subsequently, I have replaced the DVR five times since originally agreeing to rent the device. The Area Technical Supervisor has been to my house twice as well.

I would like you to either fix this ongoing issue or refer it to your supervisor as soon as possible. I know my problems are not singular or an individual case. My recommendation is to stop using Motorola for cable equipment. I will be following up on this issues next week, and hope to encounter the appropriate action plan.

unreturned modem

We switched from just Comcast Broadband to Broadband/tv/landline in Sept 2006.
In April 2008 the computer decided that we hadn't returned the first modem (like we collect old modems). Our *August 2008* bill lists "Unreturned Modem: $45".

When I went online to pay my bill, the 45. was included in the total, which I paid. I next saw a credit balance of 45. I called, and after an hour of haggling was told that their records showed an unreturned modem (which I had initially missed as a line item), and (since I called) that they would put out a search for the "missing" modem.

Two weeks later I called and was told that they "found" the modem & I was no longer liable. But the 45. was a "ghost charge" (honest) that I didn't owe yet. So why was it on my bill? My suspicion is that they sent out a lot of Unreturned Modem billings, hoping that no one would notice. Am I being too cynical?

  • Ac
    ACM Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    COMCAST should be named CON-CAST they're doing the same to me. They're charging me $40 for the modem that was returned. If you are new customer trying to get cable/internet service, DO NOT GET COMCAST! Or CON-CAST rather!

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  • Co
    comcast sucks Nov 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Comcast was charging us for two missing DVR's that their tech's swapped out and even signed the work order. They told me they were not returned and they do not accept anything their techs write on the paperwork and we have to prove we dont have them. waht BS.. Thsi went on for almost two years and they kept wanting to charge us, so we went to Dish TV.

    now they are saying we owe them for two cable modems. We never purchased, borrowed or even rented internet modems from them and now i owe them for two? I asked them to provide proof that we reveived this and they cant, but refuse to remove these from my account. The tech mentioned that if you do not specify when you call in to activate your modem that you bought it, they just assume you picked it up at comcast. What a bunch of crooks!!!

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terrible experience

007, you must work for Comcast. I am practically a computer illiterate and I know you either (a) don't know what You're talking about; or (b) don't understand what We're talking about! I never had problems with Microsoft Outlook 2003 when I was with or MSN.

I've had problems similar to those reported here since Sept. 26. Each day a different problem, or a new problem one day, and then back to the old problem the next day. I've received different answers about what the problem/solution is, from the 7-10 Customer Service Rep Techs I've spoken to over that time span.

By talking to so many I've learned (a) eventually you'll get a more knowledgeable and patient Rep; and (b) that Comcast is having big problems with its "upgrade" to Smart Zone and they're tap-dancing like crazy to fix them.

Reps' answers range from "It's Microsoft's problem" "You need to upgrade to Outlook 2007" to "...technical issues with Smart Zone"; Or " just send your emails through the Comcast internet site, that works, so we’ve resolved your problem" to "hmmm... Let's try this." Guess they don't want to have to be compatible with older software like Outlook 2003. (More than one rep didn't disagree with me when I said that.)

My first problem was that messages just stayed in the Outbox. All day/night long. I (think) I fixed that by doing a System Restore to two weeks earlier, deleting my E-mail Account and setting it up all over again.

The weird thing is that when I send test email messages from the View and Change E-mail Accounts tabs, one day it works, the next not. And, the automatic test responses vary from day to day. One day my password was incorrect (Comcast accidentally changed it, Rep said "we apologize" and helped me fix that).

Most times the message when testing email is" "unable to connect with the server... please verify that the port and SSL information is correct." No matter what port and SSL the Reps suggest, none seems to work. Today, the Rep suggested I just send a test email directly from Outlook. That actually worked. (I'm sticking with Outlook because I freelance for several companies from different locations, so I wanted to toggle between all my email accounts.

I was trying to stay with Comcast because I got the $99 bundle - if I drop the internet the price of phone/cable go up, but my patience is running out as of tomorrow.) Tomorrow, if anything else is not working, I'm finding an ISP who doesn't mind working with Outlook 2003.

I hope this post helps someone else!

  • Valerie Sep 15, 2008

    I don't understand why a customer should have to pay to have a service person out to upgrade their service. The customer is going to pay more for the upgrade so comcast is going to increase their profit. I don't have a box so I will have to wait around during their "window" of 5 hours and pay them for doing so. There has been many times in the past when I had to wait over five hours for the service person to arrive. Oh well, guess I'll have to watch comedy central on-line. I feel better now.

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unauthorized charges

If you have Comcast you know you pay one month ahead of time. I moved and kept my same package for $100.00 a month. My first bill in my new place was nearly $500.00 with all the transfer fees and additional fees for moving. This is a rip off. I was not behind in my payments. All I did was move. I was told by a Comcast representative, I should have terminated my service and started over. This is not only a waste of my time, but also a waste of their company's time. These are some of the most incompetent people to try and get things done. Prior to this, it took seven months to get their billing errors corrected, but billing me $500.00 for moving according to Comcast is not a billing error. Comcast is right. It is not a billing error. It is a rip-off.

comcast business support business

Our business was suffering 20Kb download speed from a T1 dedicated cable. Called Tuesday of last week to get...

unauthorized billing

I switched to the comcast bundle last year, ever since I did, every month my bill has been incorrect and every month I have to call and spend an hour or more on the phone trying to get it straightened out. I even had to take time off from work and spent 2 hours at their office to get it straightened out and what do you think happened the next month. 'The same thing. Now that a year has gone by my phone was termed from the bundle first... how could that be, shouldn't all of the services term at the same time? So after spending 2 hours on the phone trying to straighten out my bill again, I upgraded to the next bundle which I've had for 2 months. Since then AGAIN my bill is all screwed up where I'm being double charged and charged for a bundle I never asked for. NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW WHAT THE *** THEY ARE DOING THERE. I need someone who is in charge to help me and no one I have talked to will give me a name of a manager or someone else who has the authority to do anything to fix this mess. My bundle is suppose to be $114.98 per month, I just got a bill for $414.00... This is the worst company for customer service I have ever dealt with... DOES ANYONE HAVE A NAME OR NUMBER TO SHARE???

  • Valerie Jul 26, 2008

    Order date 5/13/2008 for service to be installed at our new house on day of move-in 5/24/2008. We were quoted over the phone when we called Comcast that activation would be one time fee of $29.95; one dvr unit is $8.95 per month; each additional tv would be $5.00 per month. The phone modem would be $3.00 per month. This is what we were quoted with the advertised 'triple play' that also advertised 'no hidden fees'.

    We ordered for the living room tv to have DVR, and the two additional tvs to have standard service boxes. We also filled out rebate forms for all three services cash back totaling $200.00. These rebate forms were instructed to be sent within 60 days of installation and were to include paper copies of the first bill. We attempted on numerous occasions via telephone and internet 'live' chat to obtain the first bill so we could send for the rebate. The 'live chat' service said the system was down.

    I called on the phone and was told that the bill would be 'coming soon'. 35 days after installation, on June 27th 2008, we received a bill in the amount of $539.20! They added additional fees of over $142 for 'new connect fee' ($45.95), 'HSD Install' ($99.99). I called them and disputed the bill. I was told that they would 'submit' to a supervisor, but that we owe 'about $184' and as long as we sent that everything should be adjusted accordingly.

    I sent them $200.00 and I requested that I be called before the end of the week because we are on a tight budget in these economic times and I needed to know exactly how much we owe. In the meantime we filed for the rebates. No response from that yet... we sent that last week and according to the website there is as of yet no record. Then, yesterday 7/25/08..we receive a bill for $482.79!

    This was AFTER we paid the $200.00. I got back on the phone with Comcast, and after being directed through three people, including getting directed to a voice mail that did not even identify whose voice mail it was, I finally spoke to a supervisor. After negotiating, I was able to have the bill reduced by $145.94. So now, we have a balance of $346.85. This will take us to August 23, 2008. Now, doing the math... the advertised 'triple play bundle with no hidden fees' has so far cost us... 1) $546.85 for the time period of May 24th to August 24, 2008. 2) Time on the phone and getting cut-off... one representative indicated that I could take the equipment to the Comcast outlet and still owe the money.

    My calculations is that we are not paying the $99 a month, but even after getting credited it appears that if we average it out we are paying $182.28 a month... including the DVR ($8.95) and the additional receivers (five bucks each = $10.00). The phone modem ($3.00 monthly). So, I guess we resolved most of this this morning on the phone unless I was deceived again... live and learn buyer beware. I will find out on the next billing cycle I guess if what they say and what they print on the bill is the same.

    Sad thing is that we live in a very limited area where there are few options. The other shame is that we get half the channels that we used to get for less money (through ATT uverse which is not available in this area), and the channel line-up reception is poor. I hope the elderly couple down the street where I saw the Comcast installer the other day isn't getting ripped off by this company. I have a good history with Direct TV and ATT Uverse.

    I have never had this problem before with either of those companies. I see there have been a number of complaints against COMCAST. Anyone actually doing anything about this? They told me that it is general practice for them to send a bill for two months for new customers and they apologized verbally over the phone for not letting me know how much they were ready to bill us. One rep said they have a policy that lets customers know EXACTLY in advance how much their first bill will be. If we had known that amount, we sure would not have signed up for this service. What a rip-off.

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  • Valerie Oct 07, 2008

    Unrelated to the storm- my cable (internet & tv) went out in August - it took them 5 days to get someone out to fix it. Funny thing was I could get the guide on tv but no pictures. The technician told me it was some sort of problem only on my line. I was promised a credit for the days I was without service over 2 months since the incident I am still trying to get the credit.

    Related to the storm - I called when I got power because my internet was out and my TV was doing the same thing as in August - guide but no picture. I suspect that whatever the tech did in August is broken again as my neighbors all had their services (comcast/at&t etc) running including one who told me his cable never went out even in the storm. I called comcast & they wouldn't come fix my service because there was an "outage in the area". Not sure what area they mean since it was just my house.

    Called a couple of days later & convinced the CS dept it was just my house - no other reports were coming in from my neighborhood. So service was scheduled - NO ONE SHOWED UP & NO ONE CALLED TO CANCEL. Service was rescheduled and ONCE AGAIN today no one showed up & no one canceled.

    Comcast is able to run their business like this because there is no other cable internet provider. Get this - I tried to cancel my service today but if I do they will only give me credit for the outage up until the 24th and they will bill me for service from the 24th til today - no matter that I still do not have service.

    I am trying to find out who I report this to - there has to be a federal or state agency that handles a business saying that they will charge you for services NOT received.

    I am posting this everywhere I can - we all need to report this to the state.

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  • Di
    Disgusted Comcast Customer Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having problems with unauthorized ppv x-rated movie charges to my bill which has been going on for months. Round and round we go. They tell me I am charging them 4, 5, 6 at a time. I can guarantee you that there is no one in my house charging them. I am the only one with the pin code. They insist it is me and that there is no possible way anyone can get into the box and use it without my permission (hacking in) and they tell me that I am the only one with the code number but yet they and every employee at Comcast can access my account see the code and change things and turn the box on and off remotely.

    I have gotten my best results from the office of the President at Comcast. Their information is:

    Comcast Communications
    1500 Market Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19102-2100

    Good Luck!

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  • Jo
    Joseph Rossi Sep 26, 2009

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    When I get all the products, and the network goes up Oct. 1st, 2009, I will be able to set up a time and date to personally demonstrate to you, and prove how well these clear products really are. I will still be able to explain any questions and pricing information immediately. So don’t hesitate to ask.

    Read and check out all of the information I provided and listed below

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    4. Wi-Max is Wi-Fi on steroids, so to speak. Wi-Fi is slow, and you need to be within, yards and feet of you wireless router to get service. Wi-Max has blanket coverage for miles, and miles. No drops, blazing fast 4G broadband downloading, and streaming speeds.
    5. Major advertising and marketing campaigns start Nov. 1st, Billboards, Septa buses, Tv commercials, Radio etc


    Sales Representative
    Philadelphia, Pa
    [email protected]

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  • Ba
    BARMAN Nov 09, 2009

    I am having absolutely same problem!!! From the day I switched to triple play bundle, all of a sudden, I have started getting hundreds of dollars bill for Pay per view. I have been calling and calling them, but the stupid customer cares just keep on talking like a bird and say that the order can be placed only through the box and they never had this issue!!! So basically saying I am lying. I asked them to put code, then asked them to replace the box, nothing stopped, and the worst thing is now, I closed the cable and they took the box out, but I am still getting Bill of PPV and they still don't realize something is going terribly wrong!!! I am fade up with them and want to switch and cannot even do that because they won't close my account unless I pay the due, which is in two months almost $700.
    Which door should I Knock!!!

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lies and fraud

The last 2-3 days Outlook started to misbehave and ask for my id and password during a session. I changed the security settings several times and managed to get and send emails, but they bounced several times. Today I got in touch with the comcast support line (phone support) and spent about 1/2 hour getting the point across that I had tried all the things that she was recommending.

The last thing I was told before I hung up in disgust was that Microsoft had acknowledged a problem with Outlook and was working on it for Comcast. I was supposed to use the internet joke mail provided by them until Microsoft got things sorted out. I don't know for sure, but its my guess that there is absolutely no people at Microsoft working on a Outlook problem for Comcast one way or the other. I believe that they (Comcast) are just upgrading or changing something and dont want to support or deal with the issue.

I could put up with something like " you will have email back by tomorrow or this week" but to BS me with the stuff about Microsoft working on security bugs just for comcast is just tooo much.