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Over the last 15 years I have had two auto loans, a home equity, savings and checking account with Citizens Bank.

Sadly do to incompetence, over the past years I have been pulled away from Citizens.

Between the (1) extremely RUDE tellers at the West Grove Branch (apparently because I am white and don't speak Spanish - Yes, I just typed that because it is 100% TRUE!) who apparently are annoyed when asked to provide service.

To (2) the over a year and a half dealing with the Office of the Chairman about inaccurate distribution of "additional" principal payments by West Grove and Kennett Square tellers to finally receiving a letter months ago saying it has taken too long and there will be no adjustment for the extra payments erroneously posted toward "interest"! Seriously, who pays off INTEREST early? - Total INCOMPETENCE.

Next (3) changing my address over five (5) Yes FIVE times from Glen Mills, PA to West Chester, PA.

And today (4) not being able to make a payment without customer service on the line as the program kept bringing me back to the main screen even with opening a new browser and logon and finally Diane telling me I needed to change my address with the Auto Representative since I AM NOT receiving paper statements at my West Chester address!

No customer, especially one with an exceptional credit score, should ever be treated with such incompetence. Having members of the Office of the Chairman ignore correspondence and phone calls for over a year and allowing the issue to be "Too Old" to rectify is SIMPLY CRIMINAL.

Banks have been involved in class action suits and I am looking forward to joining one against Citizens Bank unless all of these issues are handled with the utmost professionalism coupled with complete explanations as to why such service has been permitted to continue especially with prior complaints filed.


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Dec 14, 2020 3:53 am

Citizens Bank has the rudest people working for them, I had money removed from my account without any letters being sent out or a phone call, when I called to find out what happened someone literally to me well your not getting your money back, I explained to the person I was Corona Virus survivor and was out of work and on oxygen and couldn't afford to have that amount of taken out of my account I even asked for a payment plan and was told no it's paid in full and I'm helping with that I'm not trying to pay what's owed it's just I'm having a very hard time due to having this illness and almost losing my life, but Citizens don't care for or have compassion for their customers all they care about is taking advantage of the people who utilize their services.

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