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Reviews and Complaints

Citizens BankDisrespectful, abrupt, rude, poor treatment by Manager, Lisa West at Citizens Bank

Re: Invoice #: 918931

Citizens Bank
One Citizens Drive
ROP 210
Riverside, RI 02915

I called Citizens Bank at [protected] and spoke with Lisa West, a Manager in the subpoena unit regarding a $25 fee I was charged for a information subpoena request which was issued by Buffalo City Court. I called to dispute the charge for the following reason: 1) the subpoena was served on 11/15/19 (I have an affidavit of service); 2) it was received by Citizens on per its stamped date on the returned subpoena form; and 3) Citizens response was not mailed until 8 days after its receipt of said subpoena. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE SUBPOENA AND ALL OF ITS TERMS IS PUNISHABLE AS A CONTEMPT OF COURT. Per the Court Ordered subpoena, the response was to be mailed NO LATER THAN 7 days after receipt of the subpoena, not 8. Not to mention, Citizens charged me $25 - stating that it took a full hour to determine the defendant did not have an account with its bank. I do not know how one could justify an hour of time typing in a name and SSN and getting zero results.
In any event, Lisa West did waive the charge to invoice number 918931 (or so she said she would); however, in the one minute I was on the phone with her, she hardly gave me two seconds to speak. She spoke over me abruptly in a demeaning tone and said something alone the lines of "you are not getting any special treatment . . . everyone gets charged". While I tried to say "I understand that, but Citizens did not comply with the time restraints of the request, Ms. West responded, "you tell yourself whatever you need to believe - BYE!!" and hung up on me.
I then called back and asked for her last name. I am blown away by her lack of professionalism and disrespect. Is this the type of customer service Citizens has and wants for its bank?
If you would like supportive documentation, please contact me and I will provide it to you. Thank you for your attention. I hope this gets addressed with Ms. West.