Chrysler2012 chrysler 200

T Dec 01, 2019

Chrysler vehicles with serious issues with heat/heater core and cooling system. They require continue repairs and replacement. Cost falling on me the consumer. Heat blows hot and cold on different sides. This is a serious safety issue resulting in the inability to maintain a clear window during inclement weather. I had my car (2012 Chrysler 200) serviced on this issue last year and it has occurred again. This time they are trying to say it is my fault and it cost me almost 300 for a diagnostic . Now they say I have to replace the new radiator i put in last year and also a new thermostat and housing unit...they wont replace the faulty heatercore unless I dish out another 1700 to replace the other gunked up parts.

This is a issue in the manufacturing of the motor resulting in slug being dumped into the heater core/cooling system plugging the system up.

Chrysler and their service team/management are well aware of this issue. Now I have the issue again and must pay for the same repairs due to the faulty manufacturing on Chrysler part.

It is time for Chrysler to step up and stand behind their product and it is right for the consumer or a class action should be initiated...My grandson is having the same issues and I have dished out so much money to get this problem corrected. Seems Chrysler does not care nor do their crappy dealerships. I am at my end and there is no help in site. Fix the problems with this heater core issue and stand behind your cars.

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