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Chrysler — dealer advertising/promotion

Louie Herron Chrysler, 1860 Eatonton Rd., Madison, GA ran a Promotion on May 9 through May 14, 2018. Picture...

Chrysler Canadawrong tires size and wheels

I purchased a used 2014 dodge ram 1500 ecodiesel from your local Chrysler dealer. I notice that the rims and tire on the truck are the wrong size LT 265/70R/17 . After verification for the serial number and the labels information on the front door it should have P275/60r/20. The dealer do not want to replaced them with the proper size. Would this affect my extended warranty ? I known that this those affect the speed meter by 5 to 6 km. per hr. when I check with my gps. Could some body help me out on this issue .

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    Chryslerseatbelts on town and country minivan

    I have a 2013 Town and Country Mini Van. The later part of last year the passenger seatbelt would not connect and I had to take it to a Chrysler dealer to get repaired which cost me $385.00+. Now in April 2018 the drivers side seatbelt is doing the same thing. I have to keep pushing the orange button to get it to connect and even then it doesn't always work.
    This should not be happening. I bought this vehicle brand new so it is not quite five years old to me yet. I have been a Chrysler customer for over thirty years.

    I should not have had to put out money to get the seatbelt repaired in the first place on a 2013 vehicle. And now this other seatbelt has to be repaired because it is not safe.

    I would appreciate all that you can do to take care of this problem for me.
    Your loyal Customer
    Mildred Vanterpool

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      Maple Ridge Chrysler2014 dodge ram

      Terrible dealership!!! I bought a new 2014 dodge ram and the engine is not functioning properly and will need to be replaced. I had the diagnosis done and they stated that the cam shift needs to be replaced and the timing chain. The solenoids also need to be replaced due to metallic contamination. Cylinder #2 is misfiring. My truck is not accelorating properly and is shaking and rumbling when idle. There is also a fluid issue as I can hear water swooshing around which is probably the water pump which has been a problem with some of these vehicles catching on fire. There is also water collecting under the right back seat. Other repair shops have stated that the engine needs to be replaced due to all the issues involved. There is only 125000 km on my vehicle and it should definately not be having these issues after 4 years. A 5000 dollar or more repair is ridiculous for a new vehicle. The dealership should be responsible for all costs associated with fixing this!

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        Chrysler2018 jeep wrangler unlimited jk altitude

        This has been my first Jeep purchased in my life and I will never buy another vehicle from Chrysler in my life. This has been the worst overall experience I have ever had. I purchased a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK Altitude on January 31st of this year fully loaded for $44, 000 roughly. Within the first week it started having issues. When I would drive it for more than 15 minutes and turned it off, it would not turn on until the engine cooled down. I have taken it in 5+ times now since January 31st. It's been in the shop for 37 days now since January 31st trying to get the same issue fixed. Nobody knows what is wrong with it. I have opened a case with the attorney general office, I have an open case with Chrysler - case number [protected]. So out of the roughly 75 days I have owned it, it's been in the shop half of the time and broken down the other 32 out of 37 days. I have been trying to just get a new Jeep but NOBODY will help me out. Everyone just keeps giving me the run around. The Customer service has been the worst I have ever had in my life. I had been talking to a lady named Megan - [protected] ext 81146 and she just went MIA - I have left 10 Voicemails for her in the past 2 weeks with no responses. I have been trying to get a hold of a supervisor. About 2 weeks ago she said her supervisor would be reaching out to me in 1-2 days and I never heard from anyone. I cannot get anything accomplished with this place whatsoever. I have already contacted an attorney and filled out the complaint form for NCDS. This is absolutely ridiculous and customers should not be treated this way. I want a new Jeep or just terminate my lease at this point and give the Jeep back. This Jeep is 100% a Lemon and Chrysler should have done something about it a long time ago for me.

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          • Km
            kmmodat Jul 12, 2018

            My brother has been going through the same thing with his new Jeep Wrangler JK. He got it in March, had it for three weeks and it's been at the dealer since then. Same thing won't start after its been driven for awhile. The dealer is no help. They pretty much said it's not their problem. Chrysler has been no help. They can't fix it and don't know what to do. They should take it back and replace the vehicle. I will never buy a Jeep.

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          Chrysler2011 dodge durango power liftgate

          The power liftgate on my 2011 Dodge Durango will not open all the way after installing the power lift strut and support strut. It will open half way and close immediately. I have read and done some research concerning this matter and it looks like a software update should fix the problem. There was a TSB issued Number: [protected] concerning this matter. I have called dealership and have been told nothing can be done and technician would have to look at it with a minimum charge of $100 / hr to just diagnose the problem and then additional cost to fix it.
          All I would like it the software updated so that the power liftgate will work properly.

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            Chryslerpower wagon

            I bought a 2017 power wagon and the dealer told me it would be a perfect truck to put a snow plow on. After buying the truck I took it to three different snow plow dealers and they refused to install plow.
            Before all of this my wife and I went to the dealer to find out if I put a plow on, would it void my warranty. Went to 3 different people and wound up with the guy in charge of warranties. He said I can put a plow on as long as I have vehicle aligned once a year. Then I went to snow plow dealers. After that went back to the dealer ship to tell them what they said. No one in there including management could believe what they said. One of the managers said they would find out from Chrysler why not. No one got back with an answer . They want me to buy a bighorn truck which is half the truck I have and add $15 per month for it. After paying $60, 000 for it on 09/03/17 I feel like this was unfair & deceptive treatment.

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              Chryslerrepairs & poor customer service from chrysler customer assistance center

              After becoming exasperated with my local Chrysler dealership in repairing my Town and Country van, I contacted the Michigan Customer Assistance Center only to get even poorer Customer Service. After three full days of repeated calls I can not get anyone to even discuss my van issues, let alone act on anything. Today's excuse is "the person handling your case is out sick today" she will call you when she gets back. No, they won't assign it to anyone else; no, there isn't anyone who will step in; no, there isn't any other things that can happen, I just wait until day 4 with no contact.

              This is my third Chrysler, and my last. My son has a Jeep, and we won't go that direction again either.

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                Chrysler — car service

                I have never written any reviews before and this is my first one ever because I can't describe or tell how...

                Chrysler — gps with my 2013 town and country

                On 12/20/17 I called Chrysler at [protected] about my GPS not working at all. They replaced my radio and...

                Iron Mountain

                U Connect Chrysler Navigationnavigation ready system

                Bought a 2017 Jeep Cherokee Latitude with the Navigation ready radio and had the software installed. Was told it was the same as the factory installed navigation. It's not. It has a 5 step address input system that takes up to 3 minutes instead of a one step, longer routes, missing roads, no traffic alert, not accurate with destination time, so zoomed in you cannot see the next turn, is black and white with poor graphics, landmarks not updated, cost $600 for software that cannot be removed. It does not WORK. To make matters worse, unless you disconnect your phone from the car blue tooth, you can't use your phone navigation either. Chrysler customer service will not listen or return calls to me or the Dealer. The navigation system in my 2007 Infiniti functioned better.

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                  Chryslercustomer service [protected]

                  We bought a 2015 Chrysler 200 today and had some technical trouble while driving the car home. All at once, the automation technology (lane assist, cruise assist etc) went offline and the vehicle displayed about a half dozen maintainence warnings.

                  We called [protected], the Chrysler customer service line, to determine if these warnings necessitated stopping the vehicle but we were told by Jamie that "They are not mechanics and that we would have to call the dealership."

                  I'm not really sure what function a Chrysler customer service line serves, if not to field technical questions about the newest whiz bang technology in a newly purchased Chrysler.

                  The dealer is closed now, and we have several hundred more miles to drive. This is less than ideal.

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                    Larry H Miller Chrysler Jeepunethical behavior

                    I purchased a vehicle or so i thought on Sept 28th 2017 and signed all the papers and after taking the car home and driving it for 5 weeks i get a message saying the contract got returned due to missing paperwork to which i had been in contact with the dealership and also Chrysler Capital who was funding my deal ...so needless to say i went in to try and get my deposit back and was told by Iron Gastelum that per Jody Sedillo the car needed to be returned by 6 pm or they were reporting it stolen .I gave the dealership a check for and additional 700 dollars and they said they can hold it for 3 weeks well after a week and a half they put that check through and made me almost 850 dollars negative due to all the 35 dollar fees for overdraft ...So then today 11/7/17 i got a text from one of the managers named Brian Pashia and it said I talked to Jody she said because they didnt charge me restocking fees or mileage which they could have that they refunded my full 1000 dollar deposit that they would not refund the additional fees ..oh also the Finance guy named Pedro had the nerve to say to me its not my fault your credit is screwed up ...

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                      • Po
                        pobarjenkins Nov 08, 2017
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Per your complaint, they told you that they could hold the check for up to three weeks. Did you ask them specifically not to cash it until then? Did you post-date the check? They may have meant that it could take up to three weeks, not necessarily that it would. Either way, most businesses would not credit you for any bank fees assessed as they themselves do not charge them. It doesn't hurt to try and talk to your bank about the situation to see if they can help you a little bit.

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                      Chryslerproblem with air antuater door in dash loud clanking noise

                      I bought a 2013 Chrysler in 2015 and I had to take it in which it was still covered under warranty about the leather coming off the door. I paid cash for this car and bought an extended warranty through Honda of Decatur, Alabama. I have never used the extended warranty. This car has only 43, 000 miles on it. Now that constant complaint from other owning the same car the air antuater door makes a loud clanking noise in the dash. This is a mess of a car. I'm a senior and not happy at all and I am going to let everybody know about this. You have numerous complaints about this same matter. The noise is awful. The car won't even be on and it still does it. I feel I should be compensated because I called the warranty people and I paid a lot extra and this part isn't covered. Plus this car has a recall on it to that has got to be fixed. I am retired and on a limited income and I thought I was getting a good car but it is crap!!!It is a crying shame that this is not covered by Chrysler when bunches of your cars are doing the same thing because I have read all the complaints. I want a response because I am going to make this known on Social Media!!!It just started doing it just right after the factory warranty was out. I feel I need compensation so I can get this fixed since the extended warranty doesn't cover that part. Our Chrysler dealership is Champion Chrysler of Decatur, Alabama. My sister from Birmingham said it was awful and something should be done about it. A car with just a very few miles doing this mess!!!The description of what I want done is it to be fixed by Chrysler of Decatur, Alabama because that is what Honda refers repairs to. So I expect a response on this problem now and not later.

                      Debbie Crowell
                      1114 11th Avenue S E
                      Decatur, Alabama 35601 phone number [protected] email [protected]@yahoo.com

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                        • Updated by Debbie Crowell · Oct 04, 2017

                          I expect Chrysler to make this right on this car!!!I want an answer and it done. I have posted on facebook and I will keep posting until something is done.

                        Ed Voyles Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Marietta GA — service department

                        On the 23rd of August 2017, I took my truck in for a recall on the left rear axle at the scheduled time for...


                        I took my 2013 dodge ram in to mac haik dodge in temple, tx. On July 29TH 2017 for a Safety Recall T25. Shortly after getting it back my screen with ac, radio, phone etc went dark. Took it in on August 21 2017 and was informed it would have to be ordered. Have been talking to Rick Powers. He advised that it would be a refurbished unit ordered from a third party. This part is covered under warranty I am wandering why Chrysler cant provide an OEM part. The part has been on bickered. Talked to Rick today, he was going to check on the part and get back with me still haven't heard anything. Tried calling but went to voicemail. Any help would be appreciated.

                        Lenord Troxel
                        Belton, Tx.

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                          Chrysler — 2017 jeep cherokee

                          Greetings! Below is a letter that I sent to Jeep Manufacturer. Please read and respond. June 28...

                          Chryslerdealership customer service

                          Really pissed. At the end of July I took my Dodge 350 to FOrt Walton Beach, Fl Lee Dodge dealership because transmission was stuck in 3rd gear. They installed new sensors, solenoids and a new power control module (computer). Cost $2300. Two weeks ago and less than 1000 miles the truck became stuck in 3rd gear again. I took it back and same dealership service Dept said I needed a new transmission because oil pan had metal in it indicating torque converter had come apart. Estimated cost $6000+. They accepted no responsibility for previous work for exact same issue. I declined their offer (have to admit I am not proud of my choice of words). 😡😡😡

                          Took the truck to Tony Bigot's Transmission (FWB) and after running diagnostics they identified a bad ground cable. Oil pan was pulled and no metal was found. Changed fluids to synthetic. Truck fixed $250.

                          Lee Chrysler Dodge dealership in Fort Walton Beach, Fl is a complete SCAM. They sold me parts I did not need and never fixed the truck. 😡😡😡

                          dealership customer service
                          dealership customer service
                          dealership customer service
                          dealership customer service
                          dealership customer service
                          dealership customer service
                          dealership customer service
                          dealership customer service
                          dealership customer service

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                            Chrysler Dodge RT, 46 LITTLE FALLS NJservice

                            had two consecutive horrible experiences with this dealership. After the first one I said to myself the car was fixed no harm done, but after the second horrible experience I decided to write this review. I brought my Dodge Dart in because the transmission was malfunction while driving and the car could not go anywhere . I had to turn the car off then on to work again. That happened to me once at the George Washington bridge. To make the story short. I drove the car to service 7 am on a Monday. The associate (Dani) took care of the papers and told me that the diagnosis will take the whole day and by the end of the day he will let me know. I called at the end of the day and (Dani) mentioned that they need another day of diagnosis. I sad fine. The second day I called and (Dani) mentioned that they have put an order on a part and should be IN the next day. I said OK. I called the third day to see if the part came in, Dani mentioned . yes the part is here but will start working on the car and should be done by noon the next day. I called at 2 pm and dani said that they put the part in but they have not put the car together yet. should be done tomorrow. I called the next day (Dani ) was on vacation and the service people told that the car is not ready because they have not got the part yet.. I start raised my voice for the lies they been telling me and after demanding talking to someone the assistance manager says they can provide me with a car. They should have done that from the first day but they did not tell me. At that point it took two more day to complete the work. I took my car back.A week later the same problem returned to the car with one addition problem. I took the car back. and asked immediately for a car because it it the same problem ( Dani refused and sad that happened after two days after diagnostics of the car) I said it is the same xxxx problem. They I wanted to talk to the manager. they mentioned that the manager comes at 8:30 pm (I was there at 7) I will wait. . When the manage came i told him the story but he asked me if i purchased the car form his dealer ship. I said no he was reluctant but told them to put me in a car. They gave a 200 Chrysler. The second day of having the car, the dealer ship called and asked me if i can return the car because they have a recall on it. I knew it xxxxxxxxx and need their intent. they down graded the card for me. That was insulting because there are no recall son that car. Do not get fooled by this dealership.
                            There president and vice president have commercial with an 800 # to call them if there a complain abd guess what no answer or a replies to the messages you leave

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                              Chrysler Jeep and Dodgea vehicle I purchased 6 weeks ago

                              I Purchased a 2011 ford edge on April 8th 2016.The first day I picked up the vehicle the sunroof would not close they told me this may be cause it was cold outside. On the way home there were more issues there was a warning regarding the back door saying that it was open and when I reversed the back up sensors did not work. I called the dealership and they fixed those problems ASAP. About 2 weeks later the front door safety switch began to malfunction just like the rear door did when I called them they asked me if I had purchased the extended warranty. I responded by saying this should be there problem as it was a safety related issue after some back and forth they agreed to fix it. There was also some burning smell coming from the vehicle in which they said they could not find anything wrong. Now on Friday May 27 2016 I was driving home from work when my breaks began to cut in and out some times the break peddle was so hard I couldn't even push it. Thankfully I was close to a auto mechanic shop and asked the guy to look at it for me. At this time he told me the master cylinder was done after further inspection he found that the break fluid reservoir had power steering fluid or engine oil in it rather than break fluid. I have asked the manager at the dealership how they certify and safety this vehicle and he can not and will not answer this question. Now the vehicle will have to undergo a serious repair and I am not even sure these mechanics are qualified to do the work. AT this point I don't even know if I want the truck back as it is so unsafe, I do not want to risk my family safety. At this point it would even be nice if they were return my call in which I have left messages. I would like if they could offer me another vehicle in which I have paid for, that is safe preferably the same make and model. Or in worst case scenario a full refund.

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                                • El
                                  elizabethnol May 30, 2016

                                  I would like some kind of resolution and most of all answers as to how they let a vehicle leave there lot like this.

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