Chryslerunethical behavior on 2007 van lifetime warranty. preferred chrysler grand haven, mi

J Jul 06, 2019

Julie Heiner
108 Emmet
Grand Haven, MI 49417

On Monday, June 10, I took my 2007 Chrysler van in for an oil change. In 2007, my husband and I took a chance on American car companies and purchase the van. It came with a lifetime warranty. At that time we didn't even know if Chrysler would be a viable company come 2008. The van has been serviced at Gage until Preferred took over Gage and then it was always serviced at Preferred. (Except on a vacation, my husband had it serviced at Chrysler dealer in Santa Fe which still sends mail to his cousin's address as he used her local address)

People always asked why I went to the dealer for service. I said I wanted to preserve the life time warranty. I even kept going to Preferred after they charge me two hundred dollars for a gas cap. Preferred doesn't have a good reputation and is expensive but it is the only game in town.

While I was learning I needed an oil pan gasket, I asked it the warranty covered it. Since Gage has been Preferred, I have always had to ask about warranty as Preferred person never checked. In fact when I did ask, every time he would give a deep sigh like I had asked him to clean a dirty barn and not just tap a few keys. He was tapping away and I said it is 2007. A year and a half after the event, he says you don't have a lifetime warranty anymore. I looked at him shock to my very bone marrow and asked what do you mean. He said in 2007 you need to bring it in for 10 year drivetrain inspection. I asked why I hadn't been notified. He said I should have known. He kept telling me it was all my fault. The service manager said this had happened to other customers and he had called Chrysler and they would do nothing. It was all my fault. I was so extremely mad as they had probably cost me thousand of dollars, . I used Presidential language on them. They were insulted that an old lady would call them to task for their omission.

I came home and went through my large pile of invoices. The five year inspection had been done by Gage and I was even aware it had been done until I found a copy in my Chrysler stack of papers. I have two inspection reports done in May and July of 2017. I didn't need to back for an oil change until May 2018 as I have a summer car and was ill that winter. When I took it back, the van had 3, 700 miles on it. (this number comes from their invoices)

Since, according to service manager other customers have the same problem, I wonder if they wanted the warranties to expire. There was no notification in the shop. They have my landline number with answering machine, my cell phone number with voicemail and test, and my email address. My home address has not changed in almost 40 years. The Preferred dealership has my name on an email list as every time I have the van serviced I receive two emails asking about the quality of service. On top of email is written, "This message is from a mailing list."

The door I drive my car through at Preferred has the word SERVICE over the top of it. According to Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, service definition means 3. work performed that service (gives good) b. Help (be to-to them) I thought paying the premium prices to go to Preferred as a Chrysler dealer they would be of service and help me keep my warranty. Gage cared. Preferred doesn't not. They said again and again, it was all my fault. They were so all knowing and so nasty in blaming me with no acknowledgement that they had taken care of my van for years. Their attitude toward an old lady is the reason I used presidential language as that is not something I do. My husband took care of our cars, his dying words to me were not have the drivetrain checked in November at a Chrysler dealership every five years. I expected Chrysler dealership would keep me in the know about anything that needed done to maintain the warranty.

For a year and a half, I have received warranty work. Suddenly after a year and a half from the 10 year month, I told very flippenly I no longer have the warranty that came with the car even though I have all the receipts from Chrysler dealer's service and in summer there were two inspections done in 10th year. I want my warranty reinstated. I want to know why I was not notified I needed an inspection in a certain month (again Gage took care of the 5 year work and I didn't even know they did it until going through invoices.) Is it Chrysler or Preferred working to void the Lifetime Warranty as the service manager said I was not the only one who "lost or had taken away" their Lifetime Warranty. My van has always been taken to a Chrysler dealer. Why wasn't that taken into consideration when they decided not to notify 2007 owners. As my Grandson said, "It is so easy to notify people now days." I am wondering if I need an attorney. Depending on how long I live, that warranty could be worth thousands of dollars as taking a van to Preferred is very expensive. To say I am upset is to totally under state my feelings.

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