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Reviews and Complaints

Chryslervehicle sales, service and unethical business practices

• Friday, 6/21/19 10:30am - Walked into the dealership after researching vehicles for 6 weeks with vehicle research and preapproved financing. Met with your salesman Jeff Froom and asked to see a 2019 Ram 1500 Stock# B19714.
• 10:45-11:15am - Test drove vehicle and went over features.
• 11:20am-12:45am - Negotiating price, final price agreed upon around 12:45 and I asked to have the truck aligned before taking ownership.
• 12:45-1:00- Waiting on sales manager (Greg Lecamus) for paperwork
• 1:00-1:15pm- Signed paperwork and was told finance was backed up and I would be in as soon as possible...
• 1:15-1:25pm- Went over truck features online with salesman while waiting.
• 1:25-5:00pm- Still waiting on finance.
• 5:00-5:30pm - Taken to the used car side and waited again for an available finance person, signed paperwork and asked about the additional 299.00 added for VIN etching, I was told it was more than likely taken off in discounts. Did not add up the numbers as I was more than ready to leave.
• 5:30-6:00pm- Waiting for truck to be brought around, left dealership around 6:15. Dealership did not clean the truck and told me to just bring it back later.
• 6:15-7:15pm- During the drive home I experienced transmission hunting for gears during stop and go traffic and rear window sticking (binding while rolling up), turned around and took back to dealership for repair along with truck cleaning and auto step alignment.
• 7:20-8:00- Spoke with Omar and Victor about the issues as well as vin etching that I was charged for and NOT on the truck, both agreed they could find no etching . I asked to be refunded the 299.99 plus tax=$317.69. I was told the vehicle would be sent to service and possibly ready on Saturday or Monday at the latest (would call either way)….no response on refund.
• Saturday, 6/22/19 - No Call.. Looked at paperwork and ran numbers, revealed that the $299.00 was in fact added to the taxable value of the truck.
• Monday, 6/24/19- No call or voice mail received, I called and no status was available.
• Tuesday, 6/25/19 - Around 1pm- Sales associate (Victor?) called to report transmission tested fine, steps were adjusted and working on window now...will call when finished.
• Wednesday, 6/26/19 - No call or voice mail received
• Thursday, 6/27/19- No call or voice mail received
• Friday, 6/28/19 - Called service several times, no answer or return calls from voice messages. Called and asked to speak with Service Manager (David), was told trans issue is normal, step rails adjusted, window needs a part and is ordered, maybe ready Saturday, Will call me on Saturday.
• Saturday, 6/29/19- No call or voice mail received
• Monday, 7/1/19 - Called Service Manager(David) and asked for status, tech working on window now, will call when ready...called at 2:30 and said it was ready. I called back at 3 asking if truck was cleaned, they had no notes or instruction to clean truck (this truck still had paper tags on seats, window sticker adhesive on windows and white marker lines on seats...said it would be tomorrow before they could clean it. Was going to get David to call call
Tuesday, 7/2/19 - 4:12pm, had to call for status, left message. Received a call back around 5pm, truck is ready. Went to pick up and although I was told the steps were adjusted, paperwork said "could not confirm issue". David told me they were aligned however looking at them he agreed they were not and said he could have them done tomorrow. I told him they had my truck for 12 days, I would take it elsewhere for repair since they told me twice it was done but wasn't. I asked to speak with a sales manager (Glen Lecamus) and requested a check for the amount of the VIN etching (299.00 plus 6.25%=317.69) which was added on and taxed without my approval and knowledge and he said they can't do that. I spent almost two hours at the dealership discussing the fact that that I was charged for etching (that I did not approve and DID NOT EXIST on the vehicle), we walked the truck once more when Glen said "Sometimes they etch the metal, maybe door jams" but he found no etching…this was also previously confirmed by two sales managers( Omar was one, I didn't get the name of the other) and a sales associate (Victor)...Glenn said "It is a finance issue", "Was taken off in discounts", He asked which number did I sign on when we agreed on a price (which was the second one and don't see how that applied), anything but "we will take care of the issue". I requested some sort of compensation for the way I was treated (12 days at 25.00 a day which is what I am paying for insurance and truck note on a vehicle I never took possession of).. His response was to "Take a Breath", Calm Down", We will do what we can… the end, it was clear he wasn't going to admit or do anything other than a promise of a check being mailed to me for the $317.69 because no one was there to cut one…..of which I have yet to receive. Everything else seemed to be a sorry for the inconvenience; it is what it is... type of mentality. Another note - During my 4.5 hours on the day of purchase, I witnessed numerous potential customers being treated just like the complaints online regarding low price advertising with actual salesman comments of "Not everyone qualifies and we are not responsible for online advertising on our website". I asked Glenn about these practices and the adding on of charges after the agreed price and if they were aware of the "Texas Deceptive Trade Consumer Protection Act" and received no comment in return. What I experienced was a complete lack of respect for potential and current customers and an unwillingness to resolve issues.

• Monday, 7/8/19 - Received a text from the Salesman that he was fired due to my Survey... No communication from BayWay since this date.

• Monday, 7/15/19 - As of this letter, I have yet to receive my plates or a check for the etching that was not agreed to and does not exist on my vehicle! I also have not heard from anyone at BayWay asking about the surveys in an attempt to correct the issues I experienced.
To Summarize:
• In my experience with BayWay, there is no service after the sale. There is a blatant lack of communications, concern and follow up with your customers, a complete lack of ownership regarding any and all problems and a common practice of passing blame on other areas instead of taking care of the issue at hand. The adding of additional service charges onto the price of the vehicle (after an agreed price was negotiated) is not only unethical, dishonest and deceptive, but when those charges are added and the serviceitem is NOT actually on a vehicle, it is nothing short of theft by deception! This also appears to be a common practice since I have spoken with several BayWay Sales Managers and it has fallen on deaf ears.