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The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Mt Ephraim Chrysler Dodge — horrible service

I got approved for a charger on the 18th drove off the lot the 19th with temp tags (old tags in trunk until...

Mount Ephraim

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
East Hills Jeep Chryslershysters & liers

We contracted for a car at #East Hills Jeep Chrysler @Chrysler and made a deposit and signed financing documents on a Friday night. We were waiting for our insurance money to come and called on Monday to update the dealer. On Tuesday our salesman Tony K. was out. On Wednesday we called numerous times to see what was happening with our financing and did not receive a call back. Same thing on Thursday, many calls later finally got Tony and told him once again to put in for the financing. He was sheepish on the phone. On Friday I stopped in on my way home and ambushed him. He presumably went to check on the financing and then came back and said that unfortunately when our car was being checked for sale, it had frame damage and it was going back to the auction company. We knew this was not true because we had checked the car fax and knew the car had been originally sold at EH and was returned to EH by the buyer on a trade-in. Turns out, when we called the manager, we found out that the car had been contracted by others besides us. They said the contract was not valid because they had not signed it. The salesman shook on the deal, we signed the contract and they took our deposit. That is a contract. They did not return my deposit until I called them and told them I was suing them. DO NOT go to East Hills Jeep Chrysler!!!

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    • Ph
      Phil Wolhar, East Hills Chrysler Jeep May 26, 2014
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Dear Ms. Thespy,

      I just read your review and I wanted to
      personally follow up with you. East Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
      bears a lot of the responsibility for this transaction. We, in no
      way, wanted to cause you harm in this transaction, but there were
      circumstances that led to our decision to sell the vehicle you wanted
      to another buyer.

      We may or may not have communicated
      that there was a buyer for the exact vehicle you wanted prior to your
      arrival in our dealership. This buyer wanted this vehicle, but was
      credit challenged, and he was difficult to contact after we met with
      him. We were unsure of his interest level.

      A few days after buyer #1 came to us,
      you arrived and signed a Buyers Order for this same vehicle. On your
      Buyers Order signed by you, we wrote that you must take delivery of
      this vehicle within 48 hours. I am told by Emil Keri, used vehicle
      manager, that you did not honor this 48 hour commitment. At that
      point, East Hills had to question the level of intent to purchase
      from you.

      Buyer #1 reappeared, with a co-buyer,
      and was ready to move forward and take delivery of this vehicle. We
      honored our original customer.

      In retrospect, if you had not known
      there was a first buyer, then we should have informed you of this.
      The 48 hour delivery clause on your signed Buyers Order leads me to
      believe, we were setting an expectation with you that was not

      What occurred next is pure
      embarrassment on East Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram's part. In no
      way should a salesperson purposely mislead a customer. Your
      salesperson gave you an excuse that he believed would convince you
      that you did not want this vehicle. When you spoke to our used
      vehicle manager, Emil Keri, he told you the truth. I apologize for
      your salesperson's lack of professionalism. This is not how East
      Hills has built its reputation and we do not tolerate lying.

      None of these words can make you feel
      any better. We are sorry for this unfortunate incident and we wish
      you and your family only the best. If there is any possible way to
      rebuild your trust, I would invite you to deal directly with Emil
      Keri and we will do our absolute best to show you our everyday level
      of professionalism.


      Phil Wolhar

      Chief Marketing Officer

      East Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

      [email protected]

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Chrysler, Pacificaframe rot

    I leased my 2005 Pacifica in Nov. 2004. After the lease, I outright purchased it, because it was the best car I ever owned. Now, with 95, 678 miles on it, I wanted to get my 3nd set of brakes on it. My local mechanic put it on the lift, and phoned me to say he would not put on the brakes. He said it had numerous holes in the frame, and it would not be worth spending any money on it until it was fixed. He went on line and found that the problem was widespread for, 2004 & 2005 Pacifica's. He had pictures that were from the internet, and a copy of the letter that stated that Chrysler would extend the warrent on the frame to 150, 000 miles or 10 years from the first purchase. I thought it would be fixed and called Chrysler to get the OK. I was told that I was covered and to take it to a dealer. I went to Pellagrino Chrysler in Woodbury Hts, NJ, where I was refused, and told that their Chrysler rep would not approve it. I guess the rep gets a commission on the money he saves the company.
    I have bought Chryslers since 1980, and my 3 kids have followed with Chrysler.
    Now I has a worthless piece of junk, and knew that it was only a matter if time before the drivetrane fell out of the car. I took the car to a Subaru Dealer and bought a new AWD wagon. They gave me a token amount for the worthless car. With my children and I, Chrysler has lost 4 customers! By the way this frame damage is caused by road salt, and anybody in the states that see snow will have this problem. You know why you never see a Plymouth Prowler on the road anymore, because all those cars also rotted, but Chrysler blamed Reynolds AL, and they got stuck with the bill. My car should have been worth over $9, 000, because of the low milage, but got nothing.
    I want everybody to know that you will also have problems with your Chrysler, so from now on, buy something from Japan.

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      Chrysler/Jeep2004 jeep wrangler sport purchased new

      My wife purchased me a new 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport. I had previously owned a 1985 Dodge Power Wagon and I needed a vehicle that would give me better gas mileage. I had the choice of a new Ford Mustang GT or Jeep and I went with the Jeep. No regrets on my choice. The Jeep has a hard top and soft top. The soft top lasted (7) years and I can't afford to replace it - the zippers on the removable windows torn up. So, I ride with the hard top. The Jeep has power and air - or did have air! I've got heat which is good but the air conditioner doesn't work anymore. However, it did work great until 2 years ago. I noticed that I wasn't getting any cold air and I took it in to be serviced and the mechanic called me and told me that I never had any air conditioner. I told him that he was crazy and he then told me that I had no clutch on the compressor. The clutch came off the compressor and he said I was extremely lucky that no serious damage was sustained to the motor and body of the Jeep.

      I've never had to replace anything but tires, a battery and u-joints on the driveshaft! Can Jeep please fix this problem for me? Right now my Jeep has about 157, 000 miles on it and I drive it everyday to work.


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        • St
          standby54 Feb 20, 2014
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          My 2005 Chrysler Pacifica sub frame is rotted out. I called Chrysler they ask for my vin # and told me sorry their is no recall. This just happen on February 15 2014

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Chrysler Jeep Libertypoor power window design

        I have a 2006 Liberty Limited which I factory ordered fully loaded and have had continual problems with the power windows. In the first 2 months my drivers door window would not go up straight.

        I went to the dealership and had it repaired within a month it happened again. I had it repaired again. The entire mechanism was replaced and again it did the same thing. In the first 13 months I only put on 4700 km's so as you can see I never drove it much.

        At this time we moved from Ontario to Alberta and a wonderful dealership in Alberta repaired it but I found out at this time that Chrysler came up with some new mechanism system to run the window. The old systems never quit or had these problems but Chrysler had to reinvent the wheel. Over time I have had to get the driver side window repaired 5 times. Then all of a sudden one day the passenger side window just fell down.

        Had to have it repaired. Then I received a letter from Chrysler that they were extending the warranty on all window repairs to 7 years. Should tell you that there is a real problem if they have to extend the warranty. I also paid for extended warranty and that was a waste of money.

        Then all of a sudden one New Years Eve the passenger side rear window fell down. Again went to a dealership and they did get warranty on it. Now the extended warranty was up on June 15, 2013. On July 1st 2013 the driver side rear window fell down and would not operate. This was the only window that hadn't been repaired yet.

        I went to a Chrysler dealership that I had never been to and they were refused warranty by Chrysler Canada. Now this dealership (Southtown Chrysler - Edmonton ) who I never bought the vehicle from or ever been there before was so nice to me that they offered to not charge me labor if I paid for the part. This was fantastic service from the dealership and Chrysler doesn't deserve to have this quality of dealership. The dealership cared but Chrysler didn't.

        Now why should the dealership be out for Chrysler's poor design. I have since at least done other repair business with them but I will never give Chrysler business again. I contacted Chrysler 2 times about this issue. The first time they responded by telling me tough luck as the warranty was up.

        I could see if it was a year after but this happened 2 weeks after the warranty was up. I hardly use this vehicle and if had of happened 15 days earlier they would have repaired it. I sent them another email in response to their answer and in 4 months they haven't even had the courtesy to respond. I have decided to file this complaint so other people will know about their poor customer care.

        I hope other people listen and don't waste your money on their products or any of their extended warranty products as they also have a pile of loop holes and aren't worth the money.

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          Chrysler Jeep Dodge Inc — required oil pan change cause by unskilled technician

          On October 25th, 2013 I went for oil and filter service which should be quick and simple, aprox $35.00 Tax...


          Chrysler Town and Countrymany issues

          I purchased a New 2013 Town and Country and have had issues after issues with the vehicle. I traded in a 2010 Dodge grand Caravan and had no problems at all with it the entire time I had owned it. I am sorry I ever traded it in on the Town and Country. The town and country had the water pump go out at 2000 miles and there have been electrical issues, seat issues with the stow and go, steering wheel material coming apart, dvd issues, etc... Dealt with 2 different dealers, one said there were no issues with it, then after contacting Chrysler about the vehicle they had us bring it to another dealer that stated they had to install software updates into the vehicle that should take care of the electrical issues in the windows and dvd. The seats were not locking together properly for the stow n go but still don't set in the floor properly, Chrysler wont warranty the steering wheel even tho the vehicle only has 6000 miles on it now. They are saying that the material damage was caused by a ring. Which is a joke because we don't wear rings and haven't for 15 years. We got the vehicle back on Friday and found out the hard way that the low fuel indicator light is not working now, and we were heading north on the highway but the digital compass in the vehicle was reading we were heading south. I am very disgusted with the quality of this van, and even tho Chrysler has assigned a case manager and case number to our vehicle nothing is still going to be done. O and Chrysler case manager told my husband this morning that to replace the steering wheel material we would have to pay for it and they would see if they could reimburse us for it as a one time courtesy. What a joke! Pay 35000 for a vehicle you think it would get better product, service, and customer service. We are going to check into trading in the van on a different product and company. Wouldn't recommend this vehicle to anyone. My parents have already changed their minds on buying one. Buyer Beware.

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            • Ca
              CaffertyClobes Oct 22, 2013

              My law firm is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Chrylser concerning a defective part (total integrated power module) that can cause electrical components to fail and the vehicle to stall. It sounds like you may have encountered this issue. If you had to pay out of pocket to have this issue resolved I would very much like to speak with you. Please contact the firm of Cafferty Clobes Meriwether & Sprengel for more information.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Maple Ridge Chrysler Dodge — lying & changing sales contract

            bought a new truck, did not haggle on price and even put down a 11000.00 down payment.. They totally have...

            Maple Ridge

            Tom O'Brien Chrysler Jeep — abhorant customer service

            Tom O'Brien Chrysler's motto is "Our family works for you." Let me share how they did not work for...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Superstition Springs Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge — blindsided

            Purchased a 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 from this dealer. Paid 26k for the truck. asked to see the carfax report and...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            2005 Chrysler Pacificaframe failure/excessive rust

            My 2005 Chrysler Pacifica was deemed unsafe to drive due to excessive rust on the subframe / engine cradle. The engine is in danger of falling off car. Chrysler is aware of issue and has offered extended warranties ONLY to cars manufactured in Feb and Mar of 2004. Mine was manufactured in August so is not covered. The issue is identical to one known to exist, in the same model, made months earlier. Chrysler did not offer any means to identify the defective parts (to verify mine was not a defective unit that somehow was not properly tracked) As an entire 2 months of production "slipped through the cracks" i cannot see how they can with any certainty say all issues were resolved by my production date. i was told by Chrysler that assistance was available in some cases outside those production dates based on customer loyalty, but that my file showed i was not in that category. When asked if Chrysler values loyalty over customer safety i was simply told "based on my VIN there was no assistance available" I am working with a local dealer to see if there is ANYTHING they can do. i am not hopeful.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Chrysler and Doug Bettsbait & switch. failure to follow-up on comments after receiving customer satisfaction survey

              Bait & Switch tactics. Horrible customer service after purchasing an almost new car, i.e., Audi 2012 Pop 500 with less than 50 miles. On or about February 8, 2013, I received an e-mail from [protected]@cdjcustomersat.com The body of the e-mail stated, "Congratulations and thank you for buying your 2012 Fiat 500 from FIAT Of Burlingame. Fiat and FIAT Of Burlingame appreciate your purchase. It is important that we provide you with the best possible ownership experience. To help us do so, we invite you to complete our brief survey regarding your recent purchase experience. Your feedback is a valuable tool to help improve the experiences of our customers as well as guide future product development efforts. Your participation in the survey process is completely voluntary. Please complete the survey at https://survey.fiatcustomersat.com/ If you are prompted for a password, please enter the following: XXXXXX

              Outside of purchasing a house, buying a car is one of the most expensive expenditures a person will make in his or her lifetime. While this is not true for everyone, I believe that to be the case for a majority of people. Put simply, I am over age 50 and this was the second new car I purchased in my lifetime. Having said that I firmly believe that the sale does not end once the customer pays and/or accepts the terms of the contract. Alternatively it does not end once the salesperson has his or her commission. In addition to entering into a six year contract with Audi/Chrysler, I also purchased their premium warranty coverage. In doing so my monthly payments increased nearly by nearly $100.

              Prior to purchasing the car I visited the showroom five times. As I was firming up the terms and conditions to the purchase, I contacted my auto insurance company to drop coverage on my 2001 VW (liability only policy) to purchase full coverage on the Audi. Before doing so my adjuster asked for four photos of the car: front, back and right and left sides. My salesman said he would get the photos to my adjuster. It was not until I purchased the car and driven off the lot with it that my adjuster advised me she never received the photos. I was concerned that coverage on the car may not be in effect. The only reason I did not take the photos myself is because I do not have a camera. Besides the salesman told me he had taken the photos. Over the next four days I left repeated e-mail and voicemail messages, none of which was responded to.
              Therefore, upon receipt of Mr. Betts' and Chrysler's customer satisfaction survey, I noted that I was displeased with the transaction and wanted to discuss the matter with someone ASAP. I can understand why my salesman never responded to my communications. Senior VP Doug Betts has refused to acknowledge my communications. Why bother sending a survey if you have no intention of acting upon it. Last, I provided Chrysler with the original e-mail from my adjuster in which she asked for the photos. I wanted them to know my comments are true.

              Never again will I purchase from Chrysler and/or its affiliates.

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                Chrysler/Jeepunavailable parts

                3 weeks ago my 2007 Jeep Commander went in the shop for a starter. During the replacement of the starter, it was determined my front driveshaft was broken. Which is odd because it drove fine till it wouldn't start. I have been in a rental for 3 weeks because I am told there is a national backorder on my part. There is no ETA. Chrysler is refusing to help pay for my rental car saying I should have purchased their warranty, which was not an option at time of purchase. My warranty company said they may cover a portion of the rental after the car is fixed. I have paid $100 for rental so far, still owe $500 and counting! This is ridiculous. My payment is only $376, which I am also still paying. I guess the moral of the story is never buy a jeep. They do not appreciate their customers and cannot provide parts. I am beyond disgusted with Chrysler at this point. It's sad because I really like my car. How can I get hbem to be accountable for their inability to rectify this situation? ??

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                  • Ay
                    Ayastarr Feb 15, 2013
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Ok...so either you missed my point or I failed to make it clear...
                    Why should I be paying for this rental when they can't even produce parts for their own vehicles??? I think as a company their customer service is really crappy in this instance.

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                  • Pm
                    PM in NJ Jul 26, 2012

                    I filed lemon law paperwork in 2008, Chrysler filed Chapter 11 soon after and I assume theat my case is sitting somewhere in thee system. I continue to get stuck withe theis car, for no reason thee dashboard lights up, warnings appear, and I lose A/C, speedometer, odometer, lights, wipers, etc. On June 6the, hottest day of thee year, it happened on thee Tappen Zee bridge. The car spent a week at thee dealer. They were unable to locate thee problem (same withe all otheer dealers for past 4 years), so I picked up thee car, paid $390.00 and came home.
                    I was on my way to Massachusetts for my grandsons state little league championship weekend which I missed. The problem also occurred on my daughter's wedding day, vacations, and otheer important family days.
                    I have exhausted all options withe Jeep and spent hundreds of dollars, days on thee telephone, and have been given every excuse theere is. I have had several "ignition switches" replaced, some at my expense and otheer parts theat were probably not even thee problem. Dealers have admitted theat thee problem is in thee computer, but theey are not able to isolate or fix it. The car is a "lemon" and I have satisfied all requirements under thee NJ Lemon Law, but notheing has been done for me.
                    I only use thee car during thee day, and go no more thean 1/2 hour from home. You are my last hope for me. Chrysler needs to accept thee fact theat my safety is being compromised every time I drive theis unsafe vehicle.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  2004 Chrysler Pacifica — subframe rusted out

                  I just bought a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica as well. I bought it 2 weeks ago and heard noises the day after i...

                  Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep — harassment

                  Between the mental anguish, the lies, the lost tags which are in my name, the alcohol consumption, the...

                  Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram — sales

                  Last week of December, 2012 dealership of Jeep & Chrysler In Huntington Beach Ca Internet manager Michael...

                  Chrysler2005 chrysler town and country 3.8 engine failure

                  I have a 2006 chrysler town and country 3.8 engine, that has experienced a connecting rod bearing failure due to debris inside the engine block. Chrysler has not issued a recall of any sort for this problem. The engine has less than 90, 000 miles. However, chrysler is recalling certain model year 2012 chrysler vehicles, including 200 and town and country models, dodge vehicles, including charger, durango, grand caravan and journey models and jeep grand cherokee vehicles manufactured from august 31, 2011, through september 13, 2011, that are equipped with 3.6l engines. These engines may experience connecting rod bearing failure due to debris inside the engine block.

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                    GM Chryslerdo not buy from these companies!

                    Unless you are an employee of GM or Chrysler do not buy their products! Ever notice that asterisk nect to the prices in those dealer ads in the newspapers? That means you (a non-employee), it turns out, will pay $3000 to $7000 MORE than their employees pay for the same product in the mid price lines - even more if you get into bigger vehicles. Do you realize that these TARP'd union employees (and their companies) took YOUR tax money to get bailed out? Do you remember Ron Gettelfinger begging like a poodle for that TARP money for the UAW? And so now, they have the gall to jack up your price so YOU can pay for what turns out to be a good chunk of that employee's purchase. You;d have to be a complete fool to do that.

                    Just stick to the two "F's" : Ford or Foreign. (no employee pricing on fords that I can see). As we say around here "eff 'em"

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                      • Ra
                        RarelyComplain Jul 28, 2012
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Update! Dealer advertised "Everyone Qualifies Pricing, Employee, Leaseback, Friends and Family" No asterrisks on the prices for the vehicles. I went over to see..NO you dont qualify for the employee, or the leaseback or friends and family. Actual price for me: $3500 over advertised price. So screw it..I went to the bathhouse that weekend and lured some dowdy looking desperate fella took him out for dinner (Red Lobster) and BOOM! He was a Chrysler employee, I told him my story, we diddled a little bit (meccch) and I got his employee number as a "domestic partner" and got 2500 off the price. Case closed. Bought the vehicle at an employee price, nice vehicle and I'm not answering the phone calls from Adam. Eff these car companies.

                        -1 Votes
                      • Ra
                        RarelyComplain Jul 23, 2012
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        Employee prices have traditionally been $1000 to $2500 or so lower than the publics' price in vehicles in the mid price range - not an outrageous $4000 to $7000! The former was a courtesy price break, generally subtracted from the invoice price, as an employee bennie (reimbursed to the dealer), the latter amounts to a subsidy paid by the gullible public - I'd assume about 50% of that markup. You should notice that suddenly and mysteriously, a few years ago, the invoice price became unavailable (after years of being easily obtained) and in the dealership is almost never revealed to a customer. That in itself tells ya a lot.

                        -1 Votes

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      chrysler 300 touring — lug nuts

                      I was working on changing a tire and could not take off the lug nuts. I went to use the standard issued lug...

                      Willowbrook Chrysler, Langley — car purchase

                      We purchased a vehicle from this company a month ago. As part of the financing they were to pay off the old...

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