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account closure notification former wamu customers

Long post but worth reading!!!

********* "wamu closure1" look at your chase account closing notification letter in the bottom left corner.*********
If your notice says this or your a former wamu holder you are not alone- if anything you have a ton of people who have your back and lets all hope that there are enough people who will not just say "oh-well" and walk away. I'm not going anywhere til they are exposed! After reading my story you will see why. I originaly had a cc with providian in 04' with a limit of $3, 000 and 18% interest, then wamu took over and with out my request increased my limit to 1/2 my yearly income (Full time student/ part time nanny) to $7, 000 with 18% interest. Wow right? It gets crazier...

The sad thing is that they knew i'd pay it, even if i got it up that high i always paid it in full or more than the monthly payment. I have never missed a payment and have looked back to 04' to see that i have always paid 2x's the amount due each month. I was their number one customer! Like other college students my cc became my other income. I used my card for groceries, textbooks, car repairs and larger purchases that i did not have the cash for. I lived on borrowed money (A big no no from suze!) i am 28 years old. I graduate in 2010 with an associates degree in criminal justice and a masters forensic psychology. I will be getting married n 2010 as well. I have no other debt!! I was very lucky to have scholarships, grants and a grandpa who in 1976 started a college fund for his future grand kids. There's just me and my older brother- no cousins. My bro is very talented with music, he plays the turntables at events and is a bartender for his income (Which in wisconsin is better than what many graduates receive for the first few years). He is so happy where he is at in life, he doesn't have much to worry about. But me i am in a big scary mess! My parents have good jobs, are close to retirement and recently paid off their mortgage. Now here's the jaw dropper-

Wamu increased my limit to $10, 053 and interest went up to 21%- crazy huh? Just wait there's more. So i kept spending and even purchased more. I was a college student with little income, no debt, and a job that paid $15, 000. But i was a perfect target because i always paid them, had large balances, paid the large balances off, kept living on the card and put up with the hikes despite not asking for the limit increase. Then chase comes along leaves my limit at $10, 053 but the interest shot up to 32%! Now i'm confused? I only make $15, 000! And have maybe $6, 000 in savings. But it didn't matter much to me at the time because i only saw this as an advanced-income assistance opportunity. I received a letter 2 weeks ago from chase stating they were closing my acct as of 8/25 and listed 3 principal reasons as to why they would close a customers acct (Balances are too high compared to credit limits, available credit to low, past due history or current past due). So which one am i? I have taken the card balance close to the limit about 4 times but have paid it off (2x's in-full) til it went to zero each time. I am a good customer, in good standing and have been there puppet since 2004. I received a suze orman book from my 90 year-old grandma for christmas. The lady has been through the economic depression once and now it's a threat to her again. So i read the book and took some control over my spending, made some smart choices and my credit score went from 686 to 718! Thanks grandma and suze! But i can't thank myself i have now found myself in the worst place-

My account was closed with a balance of $9, 600! Don't feel sorry for me though, i have learned my lesson the hard way. I had to tell my family what has been going on (I was busted!) and then i had to see disappointment come from my grandma's eyes. The women will sew old socks into her underwear when the lining gets too thin. She freezes all of her food and eats it even if it's been frozen for years. She rarely buys clothing and christmas gifts are simple things that i treasure. She has a very nice house and drives a lexus- she says that she earned those with her "farming" hands. She pinches pennies every where she goes. She has saved enough money to support the average person for 10 years. But even when she needs to pay for major house repairs, medications, surgery or her new forestry project- she cuts corners like no other. Some call her cheap. I call her smart- i just wished i would have picked up on her reasons sooner.

Now like you i have had my acct closed for no clear justifiable reason, my credit score will drop, and i still owe. I will pay the card off tomorrow. My credit union advised me to try and bs my way through the cc company so that they don't close the account. I am supposed to say words like "i would hate to lose you as my cc company, i have been so satisfied with your services, " "i have had the opportunity to get another cc with the same limit but with 1/2 the interest and i turned them down because i am a loyal customer, " and the final part is to tell them that i will pay the full balance and that i had no idea that it was a problem for them that i had this outstanding balance and apologize. Next with my fingers crossed i would ask to speak with their supervisor- someone who is in the united states- not a customer service rep in a different country- repeat my words and ask that they not close the acct. If they agree then i will get that in writing and when i do i will pay the card off- photocopy the card for file purpose-take it to my credit union and have them shred and dispose of it! I have read about 9 other blogs where people had to bs the company and it worked for them. Unfortunately anyone who is a former wamu customer going through this is still left feeling burned by wamu and chase.

To those of you who work hard everyday to pay bills and are good people- i must say to you that i am sorry for what you are going through right now, i do not have kids or own a house, i am a student and my responsibilities are not up to your level yet so i can only imagine how hard this is. But i was advised by my credit union to file a report to the state of wisconsin consumer agriculture and trade office and also write members of congress. I will do that because the "squeaky wheel gets the oil" and the more noise former wamu customers make the better. Chase obviously does not want to keep the burden of having former wamu cardholders as customers but we will be an even more burden to them when this is brought into light by the media and hopefully the government- i will even settle for a little class-action law suit. People work hard for their money to live not to suffer!!! Good luck to anyone who is reading this.

  • Tp
    tpalmer Aug 28, 2009

    i to have just had my card taken right after they raised interest. my sons card was also taken away right after interest was raise and of course there was 3 reasons his credit score is over 750 never been late always paid over minimum.also trying to figure out what to do

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  • Cl
    Clynn12 Oct 30, 2009

    Similar problems here. They just closed my inactive acct that only had a $500 limit! What the heck? Even IF I charged $499 they won't go broke from that. I too am a former Providian / WAMU customer. I'm waiting for them to decide to close my other one that is $1500. Chase needs to chill out!

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arbrutrary caprious closing of accounts

My two accounts with Washington Mutual were acquired by Chase Bank. I have never made late payments, overdrawn or deferred any payments. Since Chase took over the account, they have increased my rates and closed both my accounts. Trying to talk with someone regarding the matter is all but impossable. Since my accounts were closed I recieved a notice that one account @ 10.24 would be increased to @16.5. All this activity by Chase is obviously a means to an end which is to increase rates overall to the 18-22% as dictated by their CEO and do so prior to the full iumplemetation of the new regulations passed by Congress. I'll take aminute to thank the Congress for giving the banks, including Chase "our" money at !-1.5% in order to keep credit flowing. What they've done is take the money, close accounts in good standing and turn aroiund and impose higher interest rates all around while making credit even more difficult to obtain. The question is, who is sleeping with who? I invite anyone that has expereinced a similiar situation to e-mal me and perhaps as a group we can join in a class action to halt these unethical and predatory lending prractices once and for all. One other thing, I also invite you to notify Chase you no longer accept the terms of their one-sided "contracts", skip a paymnet, do not ppay or accept any late fees, or rates imposed by them.. If they borrowed your money via the Treasury Dept. to give it to you at over a 1000% subject to the availabity of your credit limit, once the availablity ceases, it seems to me, so does the rates. [protected]

false information

My name is James L. Hammonds, here is the thing I never use or sign up for your company not saying that thi...

stole my money

I had a loan through Chase Home Finance that I had set up automatic payments through their online access. I recently sold this home and paid off the mortgage in full (7/29/09). That evening, I looked at my Chase online access, and I was not able to access the account anymore to check and make sure everything was stopped. Unfortunately, I assumed that that meant all had been taken care of. On 8/4/09, I received an automatic email from my bank that another mortgage payment had been drafted from my account. I immediately called Chase and they assured me that they could put the payment directly back into my bank account within 3 days. On the third day, I called and the story had changed to "we're very sorry for the inconvenience, but we can no longer access this account since it is'll receive the money within 21 days of your closing date." Oh, and after being hung up on a few times (I was on a land line) and being transferred back and forth between departments for a total of 5+ hrs, they offered to overnight the check when it was released in order to expedite it. I also told them that the address they had on file was wrong and gave them the new one, but they still Fed-ex'd the check to my old address. I received the check today, and it was still short that mortgage payment (it was only the amount that they had confirmed was an escrow refund). I called to get information, spoke with a "Mary" who was unable to connect me with a supervisor because s/he was busy on the phone with other clients (however, she was able to seek advice from this supervisor when she placed me on hold). I told her that I would wait for her supervisor, and she put me on hold, but then I was abruptly disconnected after she confirmed that I would like to wait longer (again, from a land line). I called back and the department was closed for the day.

  • Ag
    AggieLady Sep 11, 2010

    Yep, sounds familiar. I don't understand why they make it so hard when dealing with the problem would be simpler for them, also. Oh, wait, it's about the money.

    Hopefully, they will refund the rest of your money. It took them about 30 days to refund my overpayment (and they told me it would take 60, so I guess I should be grateful!)

    Does anyone here think perhaps they keep it through as many interest-payment cycles as possible, so they can earn interest on money that isn't rightfully theirs?

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awful, awful, awful

Recently I received an email from Chase Bank. It content the url stating that they have good offers for investing in companies were we could earn more in the form of interest. Ok, it reminds me that the email was commonly send. so it must be true only. Later, I fill all the information needed in the form that url provided and submitted it. Some days later I started receiving calls from unknown person saying himself manager of the Chase Bank asking me to subscribe for their various schemes. After saying no for several time I talk to someone from Chase Bank directly to get information regarding te email, but no help I got from there call center. I would only say that if Chase Bank wants to save its bank from being bankrupt should stop such activities or either look into the matter to help out their customers to gain their trust.

  • Ni
    nietschke Nov 20, 2009

    good luck getting an attorney - I have one - they won't return his call - and good luck answering his letter - this is the WORST company/bank/corporation - I have called the attorney general's office in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri they won't answer my phone calls either.

    Talk about Government ### - a bunch of robots - I am willing to file a class action suit against them - write to be at [email protected] - gov't robots run these banks

    time to dig a hole in your backyard and hide your goods - even the fdic won't answer me

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  • Ni
    nietschke Nov 20, 2009

    read this and start thinking

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odp scam

CHASE online payment requires 24-48hrs to process a payment to a vendor, but when the payment is made to the...

late fee

In june 2009 I paid off my chase visa. I only keep it for the marriott rewards points, and pay it off each month. I didn't receive a statement in july, but I didn't think that was strange since I had paid off the balance. Two days ago I received a bill saying $8.71 was past due, and I also owed the $39 late fee! I had never been late with a payment, so I figured one call would get the $39 credited back to my account. I dealt with an imbecile named (Supposedly) porsche, who took the information and told me to hold on. Then she just laid the phone down and I listened to the entire conversation. She joked with others about how I claimed i'd never received the bill, etc., and everyone laughed. Then someone asked, "well, have you checked her record? Has she ever been late before?" porsche said yes, she'd checked it and I hadn't ever been late. The other voice suggested she credit me the money and she said "no way!" and kept laughing. When she picked the phone back up, I told her what I had heard and said i'd like to speak to a supervisor. She refused and told me to write to kelly manick in ohio. I googled him and that's how I got to this board. I called back and spoke to yet another idiot who I finally hung up on. I am paying this total bill and then calling to cancel the card. I wonder if they'll be begging then? I urge everyone to get rid of everything with chase in the name!

  • Ro
    roslyn Aug 18, 2009

    I have the same experience just today. Paid my credit card a few hours late online. And the representative said that it had to be paid on or before 4pm of the due date for it to be posted for the same day. Had never been late before in paying credit cards and they will not give me the courtesy of waiving the $39 fee. And had always paid my balances in full. Very poor customer service. I closed the account and will not be dealing with chase ever again for anything!

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  • Ma
    marti314 Oct 23, 2009

    Same thing happened to me, i was out of the country last week, flew home on the due date, went to pay it today. Yes it was 1 day late, asked for a curtesy adjustment, no can do. Been a customer for 6 yrs, with the amount I have spent, and the 1.5% they get out of everything I spend they are going to lose a WHOLE lot more than the 39.00 in the long run, as I have cancelled the card as well. Will never get a card underwritten by chase again.

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  • Ce
    Celeste Barrett Feb 27, 2011

    I did a search on ER Solutions and this was the first thing that came up. I joined Ballys 15 years ago and two days later took advantage of the 72 right of refusal to cancel the membership. I sent this by certified mail and have the receipt. Over the past 15 years at least 5 collection agencies have tried to collect my "debt" and I have sent them the proof of my membership cancellation over and over again but they still claim I owe them the money. ERS is the latest of these maggots. They call me at home and on my cell phone and I simply hang up, but I have reported them to the FTC so hopefully something will be done. I would rather clean toilets than have to be a representative for a company like this.

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fraud and scam

After paying all payments on time and paying 4-5X the minimum required, I just received notice that my Chase Credit Card accounts have been closed for some pretty flimsy reasons:

1. Number of bankcards opened has grown too fast.

This is an ambigious statement. What is grown to fast ??????

I have 2 credit cards, one opened in Feb 08 and one opened in Nov 08. Obviously my credit was good enough to open the accounts?????!!!

2. Average length of time since bankcard opening is to short.

Another ambigious statement. One card has been

open for 18 months and one card has been open for 9 months. What does the length of time the card is opened have to do with anything????? If this is how you evaluate a person s credit worthiness then you would have to close

every account that was opened...because when the card is opened the length of time will ALWAYS BEGIN SHORT...Duhhhh

3. Total available credit on bankcards is to low.

This is a LIE! Total Fabrication!!

I have one card with a $2, 000 credit limit and a balance of $290.

The second card has a $2, 000 credit limit and a balance of $1, 165. The second card has a higher balance because I was offered a 0% rate for 12-months and I used the offer to pay for my deck. I have 6 months left at 0% and planned to have it paid off by the end of these terms. I have never added anything additional to this card.

If this is how Chase treats a GOOD customer I have no use for this bank. I should mention that all of my other credit accounts are in good standing and all I have no negatives on my credit reports. This bank is a Rip-Off!!

  • Gc
    gckxxx Aug 18, 2009

    Chase Bank
    Posted: 2009-08-17 by GCK

    Chase is: Liers, Crooks & SCAMMED Wash.Mutal customers

    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    Chase Bank
    United States

    I paid ALL payment on time and I paid the minium and most the time 2 times the minimium due.

    Then I decided to go ahead and pay my card down from $4, 000 to about $900.00 so I began paying $4-$500.00 per month. After paying 5 payments of $300.00 and two $500.00 payments CHASE CLOSED my account after I had the accoun for over 8 years and was getting reading to use the card to make payments for my son's ruition and books.

    Q:1. I have 2 banks cards. so CHASE said my credit has grown too rapidly?

    MY ANSWER: One card was opened in 2003 and one in 2004, so go fiturer this one out.

    Q2. Average length of time since bankcard opening is to short.

    MY ANSWER: This is stupid, I've had the card 6 years and 5 years. This is again stupid and ambigious on the banks's part...wouldn't you say???

    Q2: Total available credit on bankcards is to low.

    MY ANSWER: This was true maybe back last year when I paid the balance of my son's housing. which was only $2500.00 of my $5, 000 credit limit. As soon as I began paying 500.00 TWICE (1, 000.00 PLUS paid another 600.00 leaving balance of less than a $1, 000.00 they CANCELLED MY CARD.

    *I have one card with a $998.00 balance with credit limit of $5, 000 and
    *1 card with 899.00 balance with credit limit of $3, 000.

    I will have these cards paid off in the next 6 to 8 months and I better not get any offers from CHASE of I will get a lawyer and sue them for harassment. Also, my medical bill of about $1500. from an accident from an assault will be paid by the Attorney General (via crime victim department, and then my credit will be full cleared up again) and I better NOT hear from CHASE.

    CHASE is a stupid crook, rip off, and ###...
    Not to mention they have money from me and the public that BAILED their ### out of trouble, and now this is HOW THEY REPAY "WASHINGTON MUTUAL" CUSTOMERS by closing all of our accounts for STUPID ###, LAIME reasons like these above.

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fraudulent charges

Chase failed to conduct an adequate investigation after I disputed a fraudulent charge. They reinstated the charge before they had received the Affirmation of Fraud they required me to complete. Their denial letter offered no explanation as to how/why they had determined the charge was legitimate. There is no question the charge was fraudulent. Chase will not respond to my repeated requests to have this reviewed. I am being regularly contacted by Chase's collections department, who are uninterested in my dispute and unwilling to help get the issue addressed.

  • Ph
    philip peterson Oct 14, 2009

    On October 10 as I was doing my online banking with Chase I noticed that a $0.00 amount was due. Again on the evening of October 12 I was verifying my account information and noticed a $39 late fee on still $0.00 minimun payment due. When I called to inquire how Chase could charge a $39 fee on $0.00 minimun payment due according to my most recent online statement they insisted it was duty and responsibility to keep up my payments to avoid late fees. Again, I explained to them and also asked them to explain to me how Chase could charge $39 late fee on $0.00 minimun payment due? They gave me the continuous scripted explanation and their inability to waive the $39 late fee. When I asked to speak to a Supervisor the representative insisted no supervisor was available to take my call, and that I would recieve the same answer. As I then asked if the department was left to run amuk without Supervision she put me on hold and when returned said no supervisor was available. So, does anyone else know a good mathmatician to explain our government run banks the simple addition and subtraction tables to explain this one? Isnt this considered fraudulent activity?

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  • Ra
    Rattan Patel Jan 07, 2011

    Chase charges me an annual fee every february. I had just called Chase on January 5th, 2011 attempting to close my account and the representative requested that I should call back when I really paid up my account. The payment for january was on th 17th. So I thought I should call on January 17th. But then on January 6th, I get a fraudulent transaction red flag on my email. I called back to Chase and told them that I have not used the Chase credit card since December 17th. I requested the Chase personell to cancel my account as some one has authorized an illegal charge on my account. So Chase representative states that if I cancel my acocunt now, they will report to the credit bureau that the account was cancelled due to dispute over unauthorized charges, which decreases my credit score. There is something very fishy...Chase representative may be selling my account info so that I would not cancel my account and that they may charge me $65 annual fee in february. Chase is forcing me to stay on their account until the fraudulent charge is resolved...and by their pace, they will charge me another annual fee of $65 on February. Chase is very malicious..if you do not want to do business with them, they will attempt to destroy your credit score. Beware

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fraud and cheating

Chase Mortgage Co. has completely botched up my refinance. This company will not get back to you, will treat you like a #, will take for ever to complete any transactions and still will not get the job done. After 5 months of trying to put a refi together I have finally had to give up. My credit is great, i'm employed and have a huge amount of equity in my home. For five months there was problem after problem with Chase trying to get this refi done. Anyone looking to refi should not use Chase; just another big bank that doesn't care about you.

  • We have been with Chase for a little over 2 years now and I must say they are terrrible! My husband was laid off last winter and after receiving multiple letters of "We want you to stay in your home" we call and were gladly put into their homeowners assistance program. Well that was the first mistake! We believed they truly wanted to help us but for the past YEAR, we have been trying to have our loan motified and have sent a thousand copies of all the "required income paystubs, bank statements...blah blah blah, and Chase has either lost them, or they have gone into the bazillion differenent departments they have and all the 95 people we have talked to over the year...NO ONE HAS A CLUE AND ALL THE STORIES ARE DIFFERENT oh and how many "lost drafts departments are there? One day we are approved for our new loan, the next time we are in forclosure, the next time we need to send them more paperwork, that mind you, we have already sent twice before... and as of today, our paperwork is more than 3 months old, so guess guessed it, we have to resend everything again!!! We have asked to talk to the underwriter and were told "no that it is illegal". We have been transferred to multiple people in multiple departments and oh ya, the best thing about that is trying to talk to and explain to someone that DORS NOT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH!!! Thats awesome!!! (just today talked with 9 different people, dropped transferred calls 4 different times and was on the phone for 1 1/2 hours and the last person was so rude and treated us like crap). So, needless to say this has been a very frustrating process and oh did I mention they sent one of our mortgage checks back to someone in W. Virginia with a letter saying they cannot accept a personal check on a forclosure.???? It was not even the right people nor the correct loan number!! OMG!! Unbelievable!! Good luck to the rest of you that have Chase, it's a FRICKIN NIGHTMARE!!!

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refinancing dept

I Started a refinance on April 10, 2009 was told I pre qualified, and was then told I needed to pay 750.00...

late fee and interest on late fee. not honoring 6 months no payment plus 0 percent financing

I made purchases on May 17 for 543 dollars at toyrus. I opened this account because they would give me 10% off, plus 0 percent interest and no payment for 6 months. I mailed a check for 543 dollars on July 1st. They are saying that they recieved it on 4th of July, dont know how and since payments were due on July 2nd, they charged me a late fee of 39 dollars on July 3rd. I assumed my account was paid in full. I got a statement today, 08/12 saying that I am late again so they charged me a late fee. Late fee and interest on their Late fee. When I called them, and asked about te promotion, they said that only purchases over 199 qualifies. Well, mine was for 543 dollars but they say that toyrus charged 2 seperate times, one for 399 and one for 145. I don't know why they did this but I had no idea or info about it. Anyhow, they refuse to waive the late fees and they talk to you in a disrespectful manner. I spoke with a lady named Crystal. Extremly rude. It took her 30 min to agree to transfer me to the supervisor. All she would say is that I am your account manager and I am handling this. Finally another lady got on the phone, same attitude. Probably was not even the manager. They refused to give me any info about any dept or agency where I can file a complaint. You can complain at I am closing my account and paying the late fees. This is why the banking industry is in trouble. Its best to do business with small banks in your hometown.

  • St
    stanley ziemba Aug 28, 2009

    I also opened a credit card with Chase under the promo offer. I have never missed or been late on payments and have paid over the amount that was due each month. in my statement this month i was informed that my promo offer was canceled and i was now being charged an interest rate of 220% because of a late payment. I KNOW my payments were made on time, I BELIEVE the payment was held by Chase in order to justify their rate assault on me.

    I plan on paying off this bill this month, along with the fraudulent interest, but if they do this to thousands of customers, just think of the profit they make.

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  • Ja
    Jac Thorp Mar 04, 2011

    I dont' get it. I own my own company and if I tried this with my clients, I would lose them all. I had Chase on auto pay so that every month I would be sure to pay them and not get any of there late fees. I got charged a $25 late fee because my auto pay was under $1! Now with that being said, I have good credit, over 700. They jacked up my interested rate to 29.9% because of the $1. So, I have it down to $7K and I am patiently waiting for a small windfall so I can pay them off and never do business with Chase again, when suddenly my $255 is not enough. With no purchases on my card they said my payment was $280 with a lesser balance than previously. I called the poor excuse for customer service line and was told I would have to wait 10 minutes. OK, 10 minutes is not that long, but I was already annoyed. So, I tried to email their CS contact me and it would not go! Chase, if you are listening, there are enough of us who are pretty sick of you. I feel better now.

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wrongful credit card cancellation

Lynda m ruiz and tony r ruiz
Pob 1399
Wildomar ca 92595


Chase bank aka jp morgan chase & co. aka chase bank usa, n. a.
Pob 17199
Wilmington de [protected]

Shame on you for canceling our cards without prior notice, but we expected no more from an impersonal, despicable big bank’s takeover of our nice, small town type bank we found in washington mutual. we’ve been expecting and waiting for something like this low-life action. and as to the lack of notice, what if we’d been in a position to need the card yesterday?! I found out by trying to set up a computer software trial when the card wouldn’t go through. and as if you cared, what if we were traveling, depending on this card for food, hotel and other services? what’s next, our checking accounts? in spite of our good management, it wouldn’t surprise us at all. I doubt any of you bank monsters have any concerns for individuals, so we’ll manage without your stinking credit cards. we were loyal customers of wamu but not you high rollers. you are part of what’s wrong with this country. you are bums, a disservice to this country and we’d like you out of our state.

What part of “don’t use any more credit than you have to” don’t you understand? and, what part of paying off your credit card each month instead of letting your abysmal interest pile up money for you don’t you understand. it’s chase vs their customers except for the high rollers.

And as far as sticking your nose into our credit reports, that is a tactic more recently being used by you impersonal machines to use against and inconvenience us. the one item on our credit report is a human condition, are disputing this and believe it to be the unjust charge we are going to prevail on, but again your impersonal nazi-style actions prevail.

And what happened to the nice mc who does your commercials? more crap of course from a company whose record is already exactly that…crap. it’s your record that is found lacking. have you bothered to see the long list of complaints on the internet? like a bank of america founder’s granddaughter is disgusted with what her bank has become, so it goes with you, but doubt you’ve ever been anything but another self-serving financial institution who doesn’t deserve decent people’s business.

And you think this is over? we’re going to put the word out about how you too are one of the bad guys. i’m thinking we should be able to make an indelible impression of what most americans today suspect is the case. your and your lot should be run out of business. an economy like this where so many are suffering trying to keep their heads above water and here come the evil landlords. that would be your ilk.

Tony and lynda ruiz

Cc: president obama
ca attorney general jerry brown
bill o’reilly, fox news
los angeles times
ombudsmen at large

loan modification

I have applied to Obama's loan modification plan for my owner-occupied and my primary residence in May...

closing of cd

My CD is up today and I happen to be on vacation out of the country... I have many CD's and never a problem closing them even while on vacation. Well today after 2 hours of calls and lots of people (not toll-free) I am told they could close my account and send me MY money only if I answer questions from a list of questions from the public record. Well during the call I was cut of and had to call yet again. This time I was told I was blocked from closing my account because I failed to answer the questions...even though they cut the call. I could send (not fax, like all other banks I have had in the past)a letter explaining what I wanted to do with my CD...but I had to get it notarized. I told them I was in the Netherlands on vacation and could not get it notarized. This was after going up three levels of people. Once your blocked for ANY reason you could not try again until after 7 days...and low and behold you only have a 7 day grace period after your CD matured. (most banks are 10 days) So that was not an option. In any country that is called STEALING. Isn't it strange that for the 5 year period of my CD at 4.5% the rollover is now 1%. Who in the hell are watching these crocked bankers????? I got to have it rolled over for a month and the questions they say will be unblocked by then and I can try it all again. I even want the money transferred to the bank they have sent a monthly interest check for 5 years. This was just done today, but I have a feeling this will not be done (they truly are idiots on the phone) and I will have a 5 year CD paying 1% interest. Its like your not talking to a live person...I have never seen a bank so deceitful...When this is all over I will never step foot in a WaMu/chase bank...EVER!

  • Ch
    ChloeLiu Sep 28, 2009

    I have come aross a similar problem. I am only 1 day pass my grace period since I was out on vacation and forget to inform them to take out the $$. Now, I've called them several times, and I went through all those re-calling same as you did. They still wouldn't wave me on the penalty. I have to bear with them for 1.25% intrest rate for another 1 year. They are so bad! and their phone ppl are just dumb! I am going to close all of my account with chase now.

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never get a loan with them

Omg! Chase is the most awful company to ever do business with. I have had a loan with them since 2006 always paid on time. Fell behind 2 weeks they started calling me. I spoke to the agent who was so rude and nasty - he was condescending suggested I borrow the money, post date a check etc... I had to hang up to try to get someone else! I called back to inform them that I would make a payment within the next two weeks before my car note became 30 days late. My car note is due on the 10th of every month. I received a letter from them on 8-3 reminding me of my payment and a late fee. I mailed my payment in on 8-4.
On 8-8 I heard a heavy handed knock on my door.. It was one of their "investigators" to verify if I lived at the address provided and if the auto was on my property! I almost lost it! I told them to leave or I was calling the police to make them! The payment was not even 30 days late! Hateful awful people run this comapny is ungrateful.. Never do business with them.
They are the worst company ever!
I have owned at least 5 cars and never gone through this!!! Do not do business with them ever!
They should be on an expose for how awful they treat their customers!

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    chase sucks yes they do Jan 20, 2010


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August 7, 2009 Chase is my current lender on my home. In March of this year, I contacted Chase, regarding...

chase sucks

We're customers of WaMu and loved the bank; never had any problems with them.
Now we were moved to Chase but we're looking for another bank because the service we're getting from Chase is terrible.
Credit Cards: I've had a credit card with Chase for several years. Recently, when checking over my online accounts, I was stunned to see they'd lowered my credit limit by $5000.00!! Needless to say, this made the balance I was carrying reflect a much higher percentage of debt/credit ratio. (There go some points off my credit score.) And they didn't even have the courtesy to send me written notification of the reduction!!
Accounting Practices: Since Chase has now merged the WaMu checking/savings accounts (TX), our online statement has had so many mistakes that I have to check it daily. There are debits which reflect incorrect amounts and there are some debits that post properly but then disappear from my statement for several days. When I tried to call Customer Service, I was routed to an overseas Rep who was obviously reading from a script. Not only could he not understand my questions, but his accent forced me to ask him to repeat everything numerous times. When I went to our local branch, the Rep said "sorry", but "all the discrepancies are occurring because of the computer switchover. And, they're working to get them straightened out." Meanwhile, she also told me if I noticed any more debits that post and then disappear, I'm supposed to be sure to keep enough money in the account to cover them. (Yes, I'm supposed to keep track of my account balance during THEIR screwed up computer switch!! And, let me tell you, it's getting old to have to check every transaction; look for postings which have temporarily dropped off; and maintain an accurate balance.
So, if anyone out there is a former WaMu customer in TX whose checking/savings information has just merged with Chase, you may want to monitor your account for discrepancies. Good luck.

  • Be
    beth Mar 24, 2009

    WAMU - Washington Mutual offered the benefit of accessing our FICO score along with credit card management services at no charge when you were accepted for their credit card. Well, now that Chase has taken over WAMU Chase is not honoring that benefit and has taken away that access and services. It was a great way to manage finances and keep track of our FICO score.

    I am really upset and when I called the main office of Chase, they only said they would pass the message on of my concern. It is really bad that a bank would take this service away when they could actually make more money by offering extra services.

    Everyone who banks with this company should make a complaint to the bank and say they want this service back.

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  • Za
    zack C Mar 28, 2009

    If you go to, you`ll be able to get your Transunion score for FREE. I hope you check back and seen this.

    Zack C, Boston, MA

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  • Bo
    bobo85301 Jul 26, 2009

    First off I do understand why chase is shutting down the wamu cards but what I dont understand is the stupid remarks by chase employees, like all the credit card companies are doing it. Wrong, not like chase. They can have my wamu card. Stupid remarks like my wife got when they canceled her card was short history. The dumb jackasses. Of course it will be a short history with chase but not with wamu. Another reason they said it was canceled is low limit. She had a 5k limit. Also when they got wamu, they also got the contracts with it on balance transfers. They can not in no way shape or form based on the truth and lending raise, change or alter the interest rate, or min due or even the due date. What chase did in late 2017 and 2017 by adding a 10.00 charge to the payment on balance transfers was really stupid on their part. As for the employee that made a remark about being stupid. You and people like you are the reason I dont bank there.

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  • Cs
    csch Aug 07, 2009

    I've noticed some disappearing charges from my checking account, also. Admittedly I was hoping the mistake would be permanent! Chase has been so frustrating that I'll let them figure it out-- I'm not volunteering any information to them. I live in OR, by the way.

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  • Co
    cookie2009 Nov 19, 2009

    Since the switch from Wamu to chase I have had I believe 19 overdraw fees...that is because the transactions do not go in order, regardless of keying in your pin number which with wamu if you use your pin the money or transaction automatically debits your account. Now, Chase according to many of my emails from them transacts business in the order of the largest debit/credit to the smallest. I am so fed up. Also, there's no benefit to having direct deposit. At least with Wells Fargo they give you some options and w/other banks they give you some incentive but with Chase-NOTHING! I hate CHASE and cannot wait until I leave.

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  • Rc
    r cooke Apr 03, 2012

    Chase resp are miss- leading trying to repo your home, by miss leading you with the wrong info. now they are foreclosing on my home..after months of miss-leading me with wrong info.

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lowered available credit and damaged credit score

I have been a loyal Washington Mutual customer for over 15 years. When they were bought out by JP Morgan Chase, I knew that there would be changes to their policies and procedures, but was resolved to not change banks because of the overall hassle involved. However, due to the policies Chase has enacted with both my bank accounts and my credit card, I am more than willing to deal with the inconvenience of moving my money and my credit to another bank, if only to make a statement about how horrible this company is to work with.

My boyfriend and I have 6 bank accounts with Wamu/Chase and have always kept them in good standing. Once Chase took over, they want to charge fees for us to download our transactions into Quicken. I find this ridiculous -- Chase already takes our money, loans it out to other customers and makes quite a bit of interest off of it and now they want to charge us $10 an account to simply download our transactions? It requires very little of the bank's involvement for this to be possible -- the greed here is astounding. So we're now pulling our fairly sizable accounts from Chase and moving those to a local credit union.

Now to my credit card. I use my credit card quite liberally and again, I have had my credit card with WaMu for years. I've never missed a payment, have never been more than one or two days late with a payment and have had my credit limit continually raised because I've been such a good customer. I used to pay my credit card off completely every month, but this last year I have needed to have more cash on hand for a remodeling project, so have been making a payment (well above the minimum payment due) every month.

I was making my payment online in July and noticed that my credit limit was about $1200 lower than what it used to be. I was concerned, but not overly so, and as I was leaving on vacation the next day, decided to deal with it upon my return. I received a letter detailing the lowering of my limit two weeks AFTER the decision had been made without any input from me whatsoever.

They claim that due to various credit factors, they unilaterally lowered my credit limit without discussion. I have no idea what they're talking about with regards to credit factors as I own my own house, two cars and have a very good credit score, but by lowering my available credit, they are actually DAMAGING my overall credit rating. Understandably, I am very upset. I called Chase and the incredibly unhelpful, unintelligent robot that answered my call insisted that neither he or his supervisor would be able to reinstate my credit limit to what it was before.

I am now in the process of transferring the balance of my Chase card to another bank so that Chase will not have any of my business, nor my boyfriend's business. They can say goodbye to the interest they would have received from our various accounts as well as the interest they would have made from my credit card. In addition, I have told numerous friends and family members about Chase's business tactics and to date, four people that I know have removed their accounts and credit cards from Chase. I will continue to tell people I come into contact with to leave Chase and will cross post my complaints on every web medium I can find to encourage other Chase customers to leave as well. In researching the possible repercussions to this event, I came across literally hundreds of complaints from people just like me in the same situation. What is being done to resolve these issues?

If this is Chase's way of increasing or maintaining their client base, it's an incredibly poor business model; one can only hope this will result in their eventual downfall. It's time that banks that are poorly managed and run on corporate greed realize the consequences of their policies: loss of customers and company failure, one that the American public will NOT bail them out from.

  • Jf
    jfhinhtx Aug 06, 2009

    I totally agree with your feelings about Chase. They lowered the credit limit on my card by $5000.00!!! Guess what my debt/credit ratio looks like now! It would've been nice if they'd notified me, but I had to find out when I was checking my account online. No notification - no letter - no message online - nothing, zilch, nada...

    And if you're in TX and recently had your WaMu checking/savings merged, WATCH YOUR ACCOUNT! I've been having debit postings that are incorrect and it takes their computerized system 4-5 days to correct the amounts. I've also had two debit posting which were correct and timely, but then disappeared from my account for another 4-5 days.

    Amazing! A bank with billions of dollars and they can't get their friggin computer system to work accurately.

    Don't bother calling Customer Service or going into your local branch. They're pathetic and no help at all.

    I'm looking for another bank, too.

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chase cancels wamu credit cards

It took me about 1 minute online to come across countless others whose credit cards Chase had decided, without cause, to close. I received the very same generic letter from Chase on July 29, 2009. It stated the same 3 bogus alleged reasons for their action: Total available credit on bankcards is too low; Too few open accounts with time on file greater than 24 months; Current or history of severe past due or Public Record item. None of these apply to me. I have never been late in payment to them, always paid almost double the minimum payments, and my account was closed in good standing. Isn't that an oxymoron? Yes I think so. I too was instructed by Chase non-customer service to obtain my Experian report which I did. There is nothing on it. In fact it is the very same report as the one upon which the credit card was issued in the first place. How can they legally issue then cancel a card based on the very same report? I too was a WAMU card holder that Chase took over which seems like it may be a contributing factor to many of us receiving this letter, another questionable legal action that warrants further investigation. If you look on the back of the letter you received, at the very bottom of the page you will see the following notation. “WamuClosure1”. This seems rather overwhelming evidence to me that they are targeting Wamu cards. When I asked the customer non-service rep with whom I could speak in management regarding this decision, I was told that the credit dept management did not take customer calls. Really? Well isn't that just a perfect solution to assuming any culpability for your questionable action and oh so very typical. I also inquired as to whether they were certain the action they had taken was legal based upon the recent credit card legislation in Congress. I received a rambling incoherent response to this and was then promptly dismissed. I think it bears mentioning that CHASE RECEIVED $20 BILLION IN GOVERNMENT BAILOUT MONEY. That is our money! We the taxpayers bailed them out and this is how they treat their customers. This is simply not right. Something needs to be done. Their actions should have consequences. We did not bail them out only to have our accounts in good standing cancelled. In the midst of a recession, people wonder why the banks are recording record profits while the economy remains stagnate. Well, the despicable business practice of Chase provides clarity to that answer. Corporate profits above all else and the little guy be damned. Until such time as these mega corporations are prevented from cancelling customers in good standing to better their bottom line the economy will suffer. This was not how the bailout was supposed to work. They know it but unfortunately they also know they can get away with it. If anyone knows of any potential recourse we have against this by all means count me in. Enough is enough.

  • Su
    Susan F Aug 10, 2009

    I, too, received a cancellation letter with the same generic reasons you mentioned. I have NEVER been late on a payment and always paid well above the minimum payment due if not paid off in its entire. I am also a previous WaMu cardholder. I am furious that they would treat a good "customer" this way. I am curious as to those that they allowed to remain open and how those cardholders pay their accounts. Do they get hit with over-the-limit charges every month?, late payments?, in other words...are the ones they chose to retain those from whom they can milk extra money?
    I am absolutely livid because I know that when a credit card is closed, it negatively impacts your credit score and I am in the process of purchasing a new home. I have written them a letter and informed them I would be filing a formal complaint with my Congressional representatives, both House and Senate (not that I really expect them to do anything about it), as well as the Consumer Protection Agency, Fair Credit Reporting agency, Better Business Bureau, and US Attorney general. I believe there must be some kind of recourse for the customer who has provided no default that would warrant account closure. It is time for the people of this country to take it back from the overwhelming corporate moguls that care nothing about what is right and just in America. There is much more to life than the ever-loving dollar!!! Integrity is one that I can think of right off the bat. I would also encourage you and everyone else who has been subjected to this warrantless account closure to notify the same. I have also advised them that I would email everyone I know (and I know many as I am a member of several professional organizations) and blog everywhere I can to put the word out that this company is NOT one with whom you want to do business.

    At least I know I am not the only one that this has happened to...unfortunately.

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  • Ca
    captainBill Aug 20, 2009

    Count me in with the same treatment. Heres a new twist. I tried to close my acount because of "the letter" and they put on a high pressure sales presentation to buy credit protection. I refused and the rep changed from very professional and well versed, to down right hateful. Advised me that my credit would be ruined.

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  • Ja
    janet gabbard Aug 21, 2009

    My husband and I just received the same letters stating that our chase cards were cancelled-we also were Wamu customers for a lot of years. We always paid way ahead of time, and always more than what was required-never late. Calling customer service was a nightmare-they go so far overboard to be unfriendly.unhelpful and negative-asking for a supervisor got me heavy sighs on the part of the person on line-the supervisor gave me the same general non information. he suggested I mail them a copy of my Experian report for review-what? they are a bank-they can pull my Experian report themselves-as they say that they have and got their information from in the first place. this is an obvious way for Chase to try to lower their debt portfolio by screwing their good customers. They do not care if it means we will have an unfair adverse "ding" on our overall credit rating-one that we all know we work hard to avoid. I hear a whole new meaning when I hear the chase commercials on tv now-Chase what matters-yeah right-I see that they are!
    I intend to get to the bottom of this issue-there will have to be a disclosure by the reporting on Chase-something like-account was closed by issueing agency-they obviously took on way more that they could handle by bailing out Wamu- consumer credit rating not to be penalised for Chase greed and stupidity factor

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  • Db
    D.B. McLaughlin Aug 21, 2009

    I received a letter from Chase closing one of my two WAMU cards based on "non-use". At the time I had two WAMU cards, one at 8% interest and one at 21%. I use the 8% and pay it a week ahead of time online. I had not charged on the 21% for a year. When they did this on their own it changed my credit usage from 22% to 70%, as the 21% card had a credit limit of $5000 and the 8% had a limit of $2500. As soon as that hit my credit file Chase then reviewed my credit report again (24 days after closing my high interest card) and sent me a letter to say that they were lowering my credit limit to my current balance, hell, now I have a 100% credit usage. My credit score went down from 718 to 681 when they closed the card and then to 640 when it showed a 100% usage. I was never late, always paid ahead, under my limit, and making a consumer decision to use the lower interest card, my reward for being a good WAMU customer, almost a 40 point drop. What happens next, all my accounts look at the drop in score and start changing my limits and interest rate. Thanks CHASE, in less than 60 days I have went from a Good to Excellent Credit rating to Fair to Poor, and all I had to do was make my payments on time. My last car loan was 5.99% in January, now the one last weekend due to my barely fair rating, 11.3%. Nice.

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  • Wi
    wiccanwolfess Sep 12, 2009

    Is there any possibility that all of us who got screwed by Chase when they took over our WaMu cards could file a classaction lawsuit?
    My husband and I went through exactly the same thing as all the posters above. I paid before the payments were due and always paid double what the minimum payment was. We got 'the letter' saying they were closing our accounts from lack of use. I hadn't activated them because last fall scared the he!! out of us and didn't want to accrue anymore credit card balance that had to be paid off. I have made no attempt to contact Chase as I figure it probably wouldn't do any good anyway; I'm rebelling against their criminal practices by paying just $1 over the minimum payment. I figure since they closed the cards the damage to my credit has already been done so paying just a dollar over minimum isn't going to cause any further damage, and I like the idea that it will take at least a couple of years for them to get their blood money -- meanwhile, they have to keep me on their books while making no profit off of me.
    I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that crap on their website that says to call and make arrangements if you're having trouble making the payments -- we all know they lie, but this seems particularly cold and calculating to me especially since it was WE taxpayers that bailed THEM out last fall. I guess if you have the kind of money and power that Jamie Dimon has the customer really doesn't matter.

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  • Wr
    writewing Sep 27, 2009

    I just published Chase's sustomer realtionship problems with their customers who had good credit but neverless had their cards cancelled. Im one of those good customers. I sent Chase a link to my blog and Im going to mass email it to everyone I can find with a email adress at chase.

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  • De
    debthelp Oct 19, 2009

    I know of a company that can settle this debt down to about half of what you currently owe. Send me an email to [email protected]

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  • Le
    leeannas2 Nov 03, 2009

    I recieved a letter today my card was cancelled due to non use, also a WaMu customer! Not sure how it's gonna affect my credit score ! I had 7, 000 limit with WaMu made all my payments with them on time. Didn't use the card for a while Chase bought them out. And know I feel like I'm gonna get the short end of the stick for being responsible and paying my bills on time and not living beyond my means. I think the attorney general should look in to this, or somebody!

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