Chase Auto Financevehicle repossession after payment arrangement was made

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I truely want to warn anyone that wants to get a chase loan. I received a call last night that scared the hell out of me. This person called my parents home looking for me and he stated his name was investigator Hawkins and he needed them to get a hold of me and reference to case number 10410. I went online and tried looking up his business...which he stated was general investigations unit...when i looked that up it said homicide, assaults, etc...detectives. Nothing about reposession. I even tried looking up his 800number nothing turned up. Also looked up by his name and found a lot of people with the same story.This man has a lot of complaints and he is only a repo guy trying to pose as a officer. He is breaking two laws that we know of so far. Do not give out your info if you receive a call like this. What is Chase doing?? Who are they hiring to do repo's? I have had it with Chase I hope with the economy plumitting Chase will go down as well!!


  • Ka
    Katie Sep 04, 2008

    They just did the same thing to me! I even satisfied the past due balance, and they told me that they terminated my loan, and I have to pay the full $11, 000 to get my car back. NEVER EVER EVER do business with Chase Bank again!!!

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  • Md
    M.D. Feb 24, 2009

    Don't ever try to refinance an auto loan with Chase. No one will talk to you and the only way to refinance is online. You fill out the information and in 2 seconds you are denied.

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  • Or
    orangee Apr 08, 2009

    I've financed with them and heaven forbid you're late once, they're harassing you day and night!!! Is this really what you want. Do they really need to do that. They are the hell hole of banking and I'd rather walk!!! You can't have a civil discussion with them because they attend pro-harassment classes to torture people. They have no idea what it is to speak and listen to people. I'll never bank or do any business with CHASE EVER!!!

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  • Fr
    Frank May 20, 2009

    Chase has been calling my cell phone over 5 times a day. I am only 100.00 late on auto loan. Only 10 days late. Chase repeatly calls over and over again. also calling my relatives phones. How does Chase get there cell phone numbers? There should be some law that prohibits them from calling more than once a day. Or is there a law in Florida

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  • Bw
    BW's Woman Jun 20, 2009

    I too am receiving harrassing phone calls from Chase. I am less that 20 days behind and they have called my house, just this morning, 5 times! They call my work, my cell, and my parents at home! I have even spoken to them and explained my husband lost his job almost a year ago and right now we are behind on all of our bills but that we will not be more than 25 days late. They won't hear of changing my due date to later in the month so that I will be caught up and on time and refuse to defer a payment. Instead they call time and time again even after I told them I reported them. They do not care. They want their money and will do whatever they have to to get it. My husband has his truck almost paid off and always paid $100 more than the payment until he lost his job. He was a few months ahead and started only sending in the minimum payment and they started calling him because he wasn't sending in the extra. He told them he didn't have to and until he threatened a lawsuit they didn't stop with that either! They must be stopped!

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  • De
    derekkm Jul 14, 2009

    same thing just happened to me that happen to katie. i was told by a rep that if i paid off the past due amount that i would receive my truck back in a few hours ( they just needed to do the paper work reinstating my loan)... i went to a chase bank made the payment and called to follow up... at this point i was told that no such arrangements were made... although i was now current i still defaulted the loan and to get my truck i had to pay $18000 within the next 10 days... although i was able to give names i was told my previous conversation never occured ; and everything was for null... my attorney is on the phone with them now... hopefully everything will be rectified... i just want my truck back...

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  • Me
    Meka Jul 25, 2009

    I just had my truck repossessed after I made a payment arrangement with them. My arrangement was to have the acct current by the end of July. They came to pick my truck up on 7/20. My car note is due on the 15th of each month so I was only 1 payment behind because I had just mailed them a payment on 7/18. They told me that I was all set when all along they were not going to comply with the payment arrangement. However, they were not going to let me know that was there intention. No I am without my vehicle and I am having a hard time trying to come up with the money to get it back and on top of that I have to pay $30/day for storage.

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  • Ta
    TakenOver Sep 06, 2009

    We have the same problem with Chase! My husband lost his job and was told to wait 60 days and go into the hardship program. After 60 days they wanted more then the monthly payment..and started the repo of our $7500 loan..the Jeep was worth the same "blue book". We were getting calls from a decttive agency. The woman call most of my family including a family memeber who is a cop! The woman told me to just give the Jeep back and we can walk away free and clear! Well the Jeep valued at $7500 was sold for $900 and now we are getting a bill for over $6000 and have no auto. I wanted to sell it and repay the loan but Chase would not accept was already written off. BTW if you dispute with a collection agency they just ignore it and continue to harass you! Anyone know if there is anything we can do at this point?

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  • Ac
    acsmith1972 Jan 06, 2018

    @TakenOver Chapter 7.

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  • De
    Devon thinks Chase Sucks Jan 09, 2010

    We tried calling Chase to make payment arrangements for the following week and the rep. refused and demanded the payment at that moment. Our passed due amount was $430 on our '07 Dodge Charger. That night the car was repossed. we tried for 2 weeks to work with chase. We did everything they asked of us - proved insurance and more or less that we could afford the car. After two weeks thay wanted $1, 400 we didn't have. we decided to let the car go. A few weeks later we recieved a letter from the MVD about the plates- it had been sold at auction. We have been calling Chase for a month now trying to figure out if we owe them money or if they owe us. Every time we call we are on hold for 45 mins., transferred at least 5 times, and told they know nothing and that we should recieve a letter. We are starting to think they owe us money if the car sold for more then what we owed. If we owed them money they would have been up our ### already.

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  • Be
    becky without a truck May 14, 2010

    Less than 6 hours ago, i sent chase over 2000.00 for my truck that was taken from my driveway last Sat. night. i have been trying to get my truck since Mon. i never dealt with the same rep. in trying to fulfill chase's request/demands mon turned into tues. now it'sfri, they have my money and my truck is somewhere in Nashville. which was put on a truck after i told the last rep that i wasn't paying it off, i would pay for "past due, as well as this may payment (due on 5/24). one rep said all of my paper work was fine, another said they have yet to receive (sent 4 times in same day). spoke to a number of "off shore" reps. one told me all i needed to pay was 215.00 then it went to 3330.00and so on. i requested info in writing...we don't do that.The last rep i spoke to told me this wouldn't have happened if i had taken care of this "on the 10th, or11th. i asked him if he had seen that i was trying to get this said yes, not our problem.
    In Dec. i went on a different payment plan. all reps said they saw the info.. had my check and payment info .
    at this point in time, i really don't know what to do. they knew i was working to get this taken care of. i even took yesterday and today off. don't know if i still have a job, can't make extra money cutting grass, can't haul hay to my horses.

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  • Pa
    Patty33688 May 16, 2010

    Contact the AG in your state and NY about Chase..maybe a class action would wake them up!

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  • Te
    TeeLH Oct 04, 2011

    Chase is the worst bank to ever, ever, ever do business with...I would never do business with them again. No one ever can answer any question you have...they call you the day the car not is can you give thee mail time to get there. They also called my job and was harrassing a co-worker telling her to give them my cell phone number bc its urgent all the while they had my payment and never posted it to my account. No one ever gives you the same answer ever. My vehicle was repo'd by them in dec 2010 I had to pay close to a 1, 000.00 plus a storage fee and they didnt even have the car for 5 hours. They are the rudest people to ever work in customer service and they now have progressive financial doing collections for them. I can not wait until this car is paid off next yr and i no longer have to deal with such a horrible bank like chase ever again in life. Ive had the car for 4yrs and although i have been late with my payments ive always paid; and im sure the interest is paid off at this point. one rep tried to act as if they would repo my car bc i had a $5 late fee due. when im doing paying the car off they will receive some choice words from me

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  • Qu
    quintec2001 Oct 12, 2011

    Every time i log onto Facebook i get a call from chase at the same time on many occasions. They also contacted my land lord and said it was for credit reference, which i moved into his rental house 1 year after i had already bought my car.

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  • Ja
    Jacksie May 21, 2012

    They all do that.It sucks get use to it, but harassing your 80 year old mother to find out were you can be contacted is wrong.

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  • Sp
    sp71292 Oct 25, 2012

    Chase bank repod my car on oct 18, 2011, A man named George had Called my sisters husband (in a completely different state) I proceeded to call him back and made arrangements to submit my full past due balance on october 19, 2011. All set. George calls me on October 16, 2011 to check up with me. I tell him everything is all set and my payment will be made on schedule for friday (the 19th) 2 days later I go to my apt parking lot, i was leaving early for work so I could just submit the payment early. My car was gone. I called George asking if there was anything he needed to tell me. He says no and asks why. I say well my car is gone. He then pulls up my acct and says its been repossessed. (no sh** Sherlock!) George was then blocked out of my acct. I then spend 5 hours on the phone with chase, i explain to them the agreement I tell them I had the money and was going to submit it that day. They REFUSED to accept it. They said I was going to have to pay off the loan to get my car back. I lawyered up the next day. (Friday, October 19, 2011) It is Now Thursday, October 25 2011 i am supposedly going to get a decision from their legal dept whether they will beable to honor origional agreement. I more than likely lost my job because of this, fortunately im moving in with my sister soon anyway so the job was going either way. lets just hope they rule in my favor and honor my agreement or I will not only be suing for the car, but for loss in wages. I will end up with free car and money to spare. C'mon chase wouldn't it be easier to just resume the loan and honor YOUR agreement???

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  • Sp
    sp71292 Apr 16, 2017

    @sp71292 I feel a strong need to recind my post about Chase Auto Finance. During this time I was going through a lot of financial hardships as I was young, on my own and stupid. I made mistakes. Now that I'm dealing with another finance company I can clearly see chase was a better option for me. In all the late/missed payments, my payments were still at least contributing to my principle balance. With this company I'm with now, they are almost 100% interest. I've barely touched my balance. While I wasn't happy with how chase handled things, I recognize they were just doing business.

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  • Mj
    MJL80 Jun 21, 2013

    I made a payment arrangement with chase for both mine and my wife's cars. Prior to this recent and temporary financial hiccup we are experiencing, we had financed numerous cars with chase and other car companies and never had a problem. Now don't get me wrong I understand that chase runs a business and that a defaulted loan gives them the right to repossess a vehicle. However, I contacted them and made payments on both vehicles and as result they said that they apply my acct s for an extension. This means that my past due would be put on the end of my loan which would extend my original maturity date. They made it clear that the extension was in the application phase and could be denied but stated that it wouldn't be. Furthermore, if it was denied they would just adjust the terms, at any rate she, Angel, assured me that my wife's car was no longer up for repo. I naturally asked for this in writing and they stated that they cannot do that but that I could record them. Imagine my surprise when two days later these two ###s show up at my house and tell my wife that she needed to give them her car. She stated that we made our payment and the bank told us that the repo order had been lifted. He informed her that he had no such paperwork, and then informed her that he was going to get the sheriff. At this point she got me and I ran outside at which time they were already leaving. FYI I spent 9 years as an MP and I will be taking the post test in a few months, so I really wanted to confront these cowards because I knew that the police have NO SAY in a repo other than to keep the peace, which actually disadvantages the repo agent. It is a scare tactic and blatant lie. I, again, fully understand that a default on a loan constitutes the right to repossess period. However, I have a HUGE problem with being lied to, if you cant or even wont help me with a payment arrangement just tell me that; but don't lie and say that a repo order has been lifted when clearly it hasn't. I would have paid what I paid, which was one months payment on each car regardless of any extension, in an attempt to bring the acct's current. There was no reason to lie to me that is reprehensible and they are wrong for that. My cars will stay in a garage until I satisfy the past due in a month because these guys are not trustworthy. It is important to note that I have a prime loan with 3.2 percent interest rates on both cars so obviously, I am in the practice of paying my bills.

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  • Rs
    rsmokeless Aug 23, 2013

    I have a Suzuki XL7 at which point I was working with the Chase Bank where I live, and they stated that as long as I make my payments on time they wouldn't take my car. I have 3000 dollars left to pay on it. I have a bank statement that they would not take my car if I made monthly payments on time, they came and took my car this morning. Now I have to pay $1000.00 to the bank and $1000 to the towing company, because I have to wait for a month to be able to pay that amount. They lied about the contract.

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  • La
    laxxer78 Jul 23, 2014

    i have a 2010 Mazda 3 and this is my second loan from CHase Finace in which the 1st was completly paid off and the with my second car i has some work issues and was late here and there but almost 5 months into the loan my car was repoed. Yes it was 92 days late when it repoed and i had sent in a payment of 1 month til i could catch up and still repoed anyways. i recieved no repo notice or call from the repo people in which Chase stated they should of called me. I syill owed 10, 200 on the loan and of coarse couldnt pay that but i was able to get the 3 months plus late fees and repo charges..basically i came up with a little over 2 gand and they said 1500 would cover and they still wouldnt work out i had my father speak w them who is retired w great pension from governemnt and also owns a company and he was will ng to pay the 3000 now and he would make the remander of the payment on the loan and they said still they wont work w me and you have to pay 10, 200 or nothing, im out of a vehichle, cant get to work and have to find another vehichle quick., considering being with them for al most 2 years and 2 cars they really screwed me and especially when i could come up with 3 grand and still said blew my mind..any suggestions. yes i did speak to a supervisor and so did my father and he just vouched for the other lady and really didnt even give a crap. Chase u Suck!

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  • Sc
    Scott Meaux Mar 20, 2015

    I need a lawyer for Chase Auto Finance any suggestions

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  • Da
    darkness908 Dec 20, 2015

    The trick is to beat them by their own rules. Change your address to CA- you'll get the reinstatement option and Chase will pay for your storage fees owed to the repo agent. If you have multiple repossessions, then go with NY- you'll get the reinstatement option. Just remember to go back and update your address back to what it should and you beat them at their own game!

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  • Mj
    MJ J Mills May 01, 2016

    April 15, 2016 - My car was taken from my jobs hereby the tow truck driver sped off with my car during dismissal time leaving tire marks on the cement. It scared the young students as they were loading the buses. I was shocked by this incident due to the fact I had made a payment arrangement to make a payment on the fifteenth of April. I thought they would give me at least until the close of their day on the 15th of April as agreed upon. When I called to tell Chase of my agreement Chase made with me. And to not allow me the opportunity to make the payment wasn't fair. I was told by the first Chase Redemption Dept. that to get my car was 1600. After my call was conveniently dropped after holding I was put on hold for 35 minutes. When U called right back I was told I had to pay the full amount of the loan to get my car. Which was 12, 000.00! It was as if once they knew I could come up with the 1600.00. They put me on hold and came back with me to pay more. When I asked to call pickup my personal items because I had items in the car that belongs to my job and I had a project due at work. I was told I couldn't get my personals. I began to freak out because I had medication in the car and my company's laptop. Then after speaking to a supervisor I was told I just had to wait over the weekend. I finally was able to for personal storage fees which is a joke! Because the storage or locker they claim they use to store your personals is your car. So that's a bogus fee! Their raking up fees against people who are already struggling financially. My car was taken intentionally on a Friday to collect at least two additional days of car storage fees on the tow lot cause the lot is closed on the weekends. This is another tactic to financially stress the down and trodden again and again. After finding exhausting all my options to get my car refinanced. I was told once I had a bank to refinance the payoff balance. I was told it didn't matter if Chase didn't receive payoff by deadline no matter what. The loan officer was even willing to speak to the redemption dept. The people in the redemption dept. were rude and didn't want to talk me or the loan officer. The loan officers suggested I talk to a Chase Supervisor. I spoke with a supervisor then I was told if I had a bank to refinance my auto. I was told to fax over a copy of the check and then call back to confirm the Chase Redemption receive the fax and then my car would be released to me on April 28. Then yet another hurdle! Once I thought I was getting my car after proving payment of the payoff balance. My car was held up three more days which they force me to pay for storage fees of those three additional days for my car. It isn't fair! Who has to make sure a cashiers check from a reputable bank has to wait to clear. I met all their requirements to get my car. They chose to keep my car an additional three days. I shouldn't have to pay more storage fee. I was ready to get my car on April 28. When my bank faced over a copy of the check meeting deadline and payoff requirements. The car at that point belonged to me! They would not release it until three days! My car was held against my wishes. This is yet another tactic run up the towing storage fees. This can't be done to individuals already financially hurting. I'm writing this complaint to get someone's attention to file a class action suit against Chase Bank. They are no more than a loan shark who loans money to people and make it difficult to repay or to get their property back! Please if there's an attorney or federal agency reading this that help the poor treatment of disadvantaged consumers. Someone please STOP CHASE AUTO FINANCE!

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  • Sh
    sharpei7 Feb 28, 2018

    The customer service reps are always rude and then have the nerve to ask you what's going on in your personal life that caused you to be late on your payment.

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