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Paid off my car loan on 05/31- even recoreded the call so I would have it if needed in court. Customer Service Agent told me numerous times as I made her repeat it what my payoff would be. Sent in that exact amount to the penny and now I get letters in the mail stating I owe morein "Other Fees Due". Chase Auto Finance corporate office number is:[protected]
CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS is listed out of New York.
900 Stewart Avenue
Garden City, New York --11530
VP of the company is Christopher Allen:
Vice President, Chase Auto Finance Corp.

He will be getting a call from me tomorrow and will listen or I am going to the news and the state AG. Beware of this company. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER. Rude agents, horrible to work with. Refuse to answer your questions unless you are sending a payment. I was actually told by someone over the phone that they couldn't asnwer my question as that was a customer service department function. I am 36 and will never do business with them again. I am telling everyone I know as well as will lobby against Chase to my friend who is in politics to look deep into thier practices. I will die before I do business with anyone that works for them, represents them or even has an account with them in ANY capacity.


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    ChaseBlows Oct 14, 2009

    Chase was so horrible that when I lost my job and they offered me one at a high rate of pay I told my wife I would not be able to sleep at night working for a company like that.

    In addition to the many other poor encounters, including the 3 business acounts and two personal accounts we had. I asked for an extension on my auto payments, mind you I had never been late in two years and I asked because I lost my job and was seeking a new one. They denied me said unemployment is not temporary. My wife called back a few days later and asked for the extension on her behalf as the primary and having just started working as a professor at the University. Needless to say it took 5 minutes before the customer rep called her a lier! This was after she provided her work, phone, position etc. When they finished they said they call us back and let us know about the extension, my wife looked at me and said I rather die of hunger then have you work for Chase. Needless to say they didn't ever call us back and then when I called Chase Auto I requested the info they said they didn't have it, I gave them the info along with name and info for my new employment because I now have a job making 10k more then I did previously and their stuborn lazy CHase representatives denied me again and the lady was practically laughing that they would take my car. I have auto loans with a credit union and Ford, both of then granted my request no issue, Chase and Chase Auto are terrible avoid them like the swine flu.

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  • Ej
    E. Jones Mar 02, 2010

    Chase Bank is a horrible company. I am flabergasted how they utilized tax dollars to bail their own ### out but refuse to help the same people who pay taxes and keep them in business!

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    Ing R Mar 29, 2010

    Agreed with all comments on the worthless of Chase: get this -
    I sent "secure" email to them on their website (took 3 tries, kept getting server errors etc) to see if my vehicle went to auction after calling the auction itself and the tow company and calling their 'recovery dept' a month before to get the information which they wouldn't give out.
    Response was the usual robot Message Received, then a few days later it was 'we want to discuss this with you, please call'. I replied, "please answer my question". No response. Called the following week, the people who you call at that different than usual number don't have the info, so they transfer you (after asking twice for your social out loud).
    Guy who they transferred me to is the SAME RUDE GUY I talked to a month prior, basically started arguing with me saying that I had never called the national recovery department. I said well I don't know if it's the national one but I did speak to someone in recovery. Anyway, after 10 minutes of him trying to get me to verify and reverify (where he clearly said that he was unwilling to provide information unless i was going to pay it off today) he finally admitted the truck had been sold and gave me the correct payoff. I told him that I had received a statement in the mail with an incorrect payoff (which is true) and that after they send me an updated statement, we'll go from there" and hung up. This is the same group that sent me, one month after the truck was taken, a paymatics app (fee-free bill pay) which I asked for 3 times from 3 different reps between spring and winter of the previous year. I haven't even told you about the other mistakes they made: like sending me a paper check to the wrong address instead of applying it to the loan (after charging ME a fee for an INCOMING wire transfer to my own CHASE ACCOUNT!). Just a horrible, truly incompetent company.

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  • Li
    lissy685 Nov 06, 2010

    I leased a subaru through chase and have been calling for 2 months because I wanted to pay off my lease early and all they tell me is "multiply the payment by the months left" I have made numerous extra payments so using that formula wouldn't give me an accurate figure. I also have a Toyota financed through their own company and when I sign in online right on the home page it shows my outstanding balance left on the loan. How is it that I can call the financing company and they don't have my lease balance shown on my account?!?! I had to print out the payment history of 3 years and sit there and add up all the payments myself to figure out EXACTLY what I owed on my lease because Chase has a bunch of ignorant dummies working for their company. I had a 300 dollar credit on my account 4 months ago because I paid extra and it disappeared and there was even conversations on file between representatives and I discussing my credit and they still continued to tell me I didn't have a credit on my account. I would make payments to my lease and make separate payments to the tax bill and they would screw it all up and not pay my tax bill. They simply just SUCK I nor my family will ever do business with them ever again!!

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  • In
    Ing R Apr 09, 2011

    I am not defending or defaming anyone here, just adding perspective which is lacking on this board. This is a long post.

    First, 29 has resellers and at least one reseller requires his reps to transfer every call to a compliance rep who asks word for word from a script, before charging the credit card and while recording the call, multiple questions including "Do you understand that 29 is an SEO company and not google" etc. It is probably true that they need to tighten up their procedures & crack the whip on some reps, as most telemarketing places do, but could they afford multiple office rents and reps, especially in the cities they do business in, if they had nothing to offer and no service?

    Second, if you think that you can keep your small business on the front page of Google by yourself, forever, or by paying your kid with a whopper with cheese to do it, go ahead. See what happens when a competitor knocks you off there - then you'll be complaining they're a 'scam' too, right?
    Google is THE search engine to be on, and every business on the earth with sense wants to be found on it. Its code updates every second of every day. You do not understand it: if you did you would have invented it and you'd be the billionaire instead of the dudes at Google. If you are not listed on the front page, you're relying on luck and referrals and 'happy thoughts'. If you're fine with that and don't want extra business, don't blame your own limits on someone else.

    I know for a fact, having researched search result pages on Google maps for businesses, on pages 3-4-5 etc, that there are listings with bad phone numbers, disconnected, "oh they used to be the business but now it's my number" etc. Business people don't even bother to keep their obscure FREE listings current. Who is going to bother with going to another link, then to page 2 to find you, much less the page you happen to be on?

    I know for a fact that the top listing in a major city's category of service provider, specializing in helping people with a certain well known disease who really need the help, is being monopolized by a company that doesn't even have a provider in the city where I was searching.
    If I were the local provider buried on page 3, that would p*ss me off royally.

    Do you really want Pizza Hut (different industry than mentioned above) to keep your pizza shop off the front page because they can afford sponsored links and national campaigns every day and you can't?
    Since you're such a branding expert, why are you wasting time here? Don't you have customers to attend to? Guess not- you must have lots of free time on your hands.

    Third, if you think most SEO companies and designers will work for you for free or for $50 a month, and produce a quality result, you are delusional. Should programmers work for free? One firm (not 29), which is highly ranked for SEO by an 'independent authority' on SEOs, quotes the following price:

    Basic plan $3000-$4000 upfront or $350 month for 10 months
    5 keyphrases on google guaranteed
    They have other plans going up to $10, 000.
    I have personally seen listings for $2500/month for SEO consulting gigs.

    SEO has to be constantly refined. Either a mistake-prone human, who has to sleep eat drink pee and other, is doing it, or software is doing it, or both.
    29 claims their software lets them do it better and that they have good techs still keeping an eye on it. I can't evaluate their programming prowess, but just because you are too broke to afford something doesn't mean it's a 'scam'. Maybe you should get a job, Mr. Missed-Call-Counting-Small-Business-Genius. We've had this thing for about 20 years now called VOICE MAIL, so you can catch calls you missed while you were playing Spider Solitaire over lunch.

    Fourth, auto-dialers (which need constant tweaking) and boiler rooms and phone lists are always slightly out of date, and are always subject to complaints about "you guys have called me the last 2 weeks". Even Google and the phone directories frequently have incorrect business phone listings, as I know from experience. So if you have nothing to do but count your phone calls-- how is your lack of business the fault of a business you don't even know the name of until they tell you?
    Maybe you need to actually brand yourself and get your business mindset out of the 18th century, back when you could afford to be 75th in line. No one but the phone book company cares about the (bleak) future of the phone book. And no one with actual common sense agrees with you that you don't need your business to be listed online where people can find you. If you have given up on your business, sad as that is, man up to it.

    Fifth, someone should tell the psychotics -oops, I mean the small business owners out there who pick up the phone and tell the reps they're going to 'rape your wife' etc- that they should be the last persons representing their businesses. News flash: if I have to ask you to repronounce what you just said, you should get a professional phone answering service, or hire a speech communication graduate instead of your kid for that $8 an hour. Americans expect CLEAR VOICES answering the phone at all times not "who you caw fo?" And guess what, Miss Manager - you speaking for the owners saying 'they wouldn't want it', or refusing to pick up the phone, accomplishes zero.

    Finally, regarding Do Not Call:
    it is NOT ILLEGAL for businesses to call other businesses. There is NO REQUIREMENT to put businesses on the FTC's Do Not Call list.
    From the FTC's website:


    What is an Exempt Organization?

    See DEFINITIONS, for a definition of Exempt Organization.

    In general, your organization is not required to access the National Do Not Call Registry, and thus may access as an Exempt Organization, if one or more of the following is true:

    (slightly truncated in the interest of time)... For example, a non-profit charitable organization may be an Exempt Organization, assuming, of course, that it is truly a non-profit. ...

    ... survey calls and political polling calls are not covered by the definition of "telemarketing" or "telephone solicitations." An organization that places ONLY these types of calls may be an Exempt Organization...

    Your organization qualifies for one or more of the specific exemptions contained in the FTC's and FCC's rules, such as:

    you only call to solicit charitable contributions; or
    you only call consumers with whom you have an established business relationship; or
    you only call consumers from whom you have received written permission to call; or
    ***you only make business-to-business calls.***
    ...Business-to-Business Calls, Unless They Involve the Sale of Nondurable Office or Cleaning Supplies

    Most phone calls between a telemarketer and a business are exempt from the Rule. But business-to-business calls to induce the retail sale of nondurable office or cleaning supplies are covered. Examples of nondurable office or cleaning supplies include paper, pencils, solvents, copying machine toner, and ink — in short, anything that, when used, is depleted, and must be replaced.
    Such goods as software, computer disks, copiers, computers, mops, and buckets are considered durable because they can be used again.

    Although sellers and telemarketers involved in telemarketing sales to businesses of nondurable office or cleaning supplies must comply with the Rule’s requirements and prohibitions,

    *****the Rule specifically exempts them from the recordkeeping requirements and from the National Do Not Call Registry provisions. ***

    These sellers and telemarketers do not have to create or keep any particular records, or purge numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry from their call lists to comply with the Rule.

    Most Calls Responding to General Media Advertising
    The Rule generally does not apply to consumer calls made in response to general media advertising, including: television commercials; infomercials; home shopping programs; print advertisements in magazines, newspapers, the Yellow Pages, or similar general directories; radio ads; banner ads on the Internet; and other forms of mass media advertising and solicitation.

    ...If a consumer tells one division of a company not to call again, a distinct corporate division of the same company may make another telemarketing call to that consumer.

    ...Do Not Call Safe Harbor
    If a seller or telemarketer can establish that as part of its routine business practice, it meets the following requirements, it will not be subject to civil penalties or sanctions for erroneously calling a consumer who has asked not to be called, or for calling a number on the National Registry:

    the seller or telemarketer has established and implemented written procedures to honor consumers’ requests that they not be called.

    the seller or telemarketer has trained its personnel, and any entity assisting in its compliance, in these procedures.

    the seller, telemarketer, or someone else acting on behalf of the seller or charitable organization has maintained and recorded an entity-specific Do Not Call list.

    the seller or telemarketer uses, and maintains records documenting, a process to prevent calls to any telephone number on an entity-specific Do Not Call list or the National Do Not Call Registry. This, provided that the latter process involves using a version of the National Registry from the FTC no more than 31 days before the date any call is made.

    the seller, telemarketer, or someone else acting on behalf of the seller or charitable organization monitors and enforces compliance with the entity’s written Do Not Call procedures.

    the call is a result of error. "

    Keep whining and blogging though: that'll get customers flyin' in!

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  • Cy
    Cyndi0911 Jun 01, 2011

    JP Morgan Chase Auto Finance is the worst company to do business with. My father died in 2009, he had one payment left on his Ford Expedition. I called to pay the final payment and they would not accept the payment from me. It's been 2 years, the car has been parked in my garage. I revisted this after opening succession. I presented all legal documents, they gladly took my payment from my checking account, in exchange for the title... so I could move on and dispostion the vehicle. It's been three months (of course I waited the 30day grace period of processing) proceeded to inquire when they would mail the title. each time I call, they state the title was mailed out yesterday. I have called every 3 days (twice a week) and am systematically given a response that the title has been mailed. At this p0int, I should have at least 10 copies of the title... but I have none. Upon asking to speak to a supervisor (either Anna, Adrian 800-592-9861 ext 3782 or Anthony Chavez)... I receive the same response. And on a good day, they block you from speaking to a supervisor and send you to a voicemail; sometimes a bogus phone number such as 800-336-6774. Upon pointing that out, I was given another number 800-336-6675 . I have a very good smart phone, upon finally speaking to a supervisor on 2 occasions, they stated they've left messages on my voicemailI've even asked can I provide a fed ex envelope, the robots at the Chase Auto Finance National Recovery Group spaz out and systematically respond "it was mailed yesterday". I've even asked for a supervisor, address to address my legal request and they have refused to provide this information. Upon calling the last number, I spoke to lovely lady at customer service who did not disconnect or send me to another person's voicemail in the middle of my conversation. Well, guess what she forwarded me back to the robots at the previous number. Go figure. What is CHASE doing, have they gotten so big that they run their own form of PONZI SCHEMES on their customers. Is there anyone that can assist me with reaching someone in CHASE who can help?

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  • Ch
    Chase sucks big time Nov 24, 2014

    Chase auto did that with me also. I went to the chase bank to Kay off my auto loan in full and the lady gave me an amount. I paid it and a week later they tell me I still owe money Bc interest accrued daily. I went off on them. They made a ton of money off me, I was not about to give them any more. I made the manAger remove the interest Bc ut clearly was chase trying to screw the customer. Took a while but they finally did. Won't ever deal with them again.

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  • Sd
    SD Pride Mar 04, 2015

    Totally agree. Chase prematurely charged off my auto loan and will now not answer my calls or return my voice mails. They run you around in circles. These people have no customer service and total disregard for morals. How can these people live with themselves. Treat people like people, yes we are the ones who stopped making payments due to whatever personal circumstances, but that does not give anybody the right to treat people without respect. The whole company needs to be made over. Whatever happened to good old customer service and treating people like people. They would probably be able to collect more money and recover some of their loses if they listened and made arrangements with people who actually want to pay. They say "we want to keep you in your vehicle", dont back up what they say. Hope everyone of the employees from chase, with the exception of a few nice ones, go through what they put others through.

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  • Aa
    aalleexxiiss May 31, 2017

    I made a payment over the phone to close the account. I was provided with a confirmation number along with the representative reading the account closed script. I allowed the 30 days for the title release and two months later I'm back to square one. I'm now receiving collections calls and a negative credit derogatory mark appeared on my credit bureau. Chase has also failed to practice the proper Fair Credit Act by contacting me by phone past 10pm. I need explanations!

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