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My husband went to hammond walmart to cash his payroll check, walmart refused to cash it stating certergy check services would not approve the check being cashed. Certergy gave a reason # 2, a small print out off walmart register, stating

"we cannot cash this check. Our decision was based on information provided by certegy check services, inc. The fair credit reporting act gives you the right to know what is in your check transactions file at certegy. You have the right to a free copy of yor file from certegy if you request it within 60 days. If you find the information in the file is inaccurate, you have the write to dispute it with certergy. You can contact certegy check services at [protected], or p. O. Box 30046, tampa, fl [protected]

Upon calling certegy from the walmart money center (Where you cash payroll checks, etc.) (We called via our cell phones) we had to go through an automated system and then got a human. The guy said he would check certegy's system to see why the check had been declined. Upon doing that we held for a few moments, he returned to the phone to "inform" us that certergy will only cash one payroll check every 7 days, for my husband and it must be cashed the same day at the same time ! My husband was furious with walmart and certegy check services.

In heaven's name i want to know who does this company, certegy, think they are? Who and what government body gives the the right to say when my husband can cash his own payroll check? I have read complaint after complaint on this company. Our united states government needs to step in and do something about this company and make them pay damages for the hurt they are doing to people / the public.

I asked the guy on the phone from certegy, "what if my husband gets paid a day early which his company sometimes does. . . ? " he replied, "well he cannot cash his check at any walmart anywhere until the seventh day, at the same time, because certegy only allows him one payroll check per week. . . This is our company policy. "

I have read complaint after complaint here, on this site and others, about certegy check services, walmart, etc. We need a class action lawsuit against certegy check services. Also, a nationwide news network should report on this stupidity with this company, walmart stores, and whatever other stores and vendors us this certegy crap. There are thousands of good american people each week getting embarassed and harassed (And yes, it is harassment, as they have declined my husbands, check 3 times in 6 weeks) by this scam of a check service company.

Our email is [protected]

If there are any attorneys that read this site they should be putting together a class action lawsuit as this is iron clad case just waiting for a good lawyer to take it !


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 29, 2022 2:28 pm

I received 5 separate Western Union money orders, each one with the value of $1,000.00, for payment on the vehicle i sold. These 5 money orders were all purchased at Fred Meyer, (Kroger), during one turn at the customer service desk. I brought them in 2 days later to cash them and yes they were filled out correctly, without a flaw. The first one cleared and I received it's value of money, save the cost of the transaction. The second one was declined by these derelict, posing as protectors of our monetary well-being. They stated on the receipt that I must wait 48 hours for each i wanted to cash. I went back to Fred Meyer 24 hours and was declined again. Declined, I guess, because I wasn't a good lady who followed the rules of this ridiculous outfit. They started the 48 hours fresh after this "early" attempt to cash A MONEY ORDER PURCHASED AT THE EXACT SAME STORE, BY THE EXACT SAME EMPLOYEE THAT SOLD THEM. (She remembered selling them). They've done this kind of thing to me before with checks. Walmart declined 4,500$ United Finance check and Fred Meyer for a payroll check. I have never had anything to do with fraudulent checks, nor been accused. I'd like each person reading this to ask yourself this question: How did this company, Certegy, become the dictator of more than 200 franchise store check cashing system decisions master ? If I was approached by these dweebs I would say no, on account of pissing off most or all of the customers trying to legally complete a transaction which is provided, loudly and known to be, by my store. So what's up with this alleged company ?

I'm livid pissed and want to file a class action law suit against these rude mongs.

Mar 29, 2022 6:40 am

I went to Walmart to cash my government refund check only to be denied. I'm thinking, for what! I want to know why but the clerk didn't know and gave me a printed receipt to contact this so call company (certegy). So I go to another walmart, same thing. So I called and get an automated attendant and gave me a handful of possible reasons ( no specific ). It gave an option to have a copy of their reason to my by mail so I opted in. I receive the letter and it basically gave me the same handful of possible reasons from check #, dollar amount, check cashing history, or other transaction history "quote for quote". Nothing specific to me.

Next section is "outstanding items"

Says "no information on file"

So they are basically telling me the reason they declined me for "NO REASON AT ALL".

I guess this is their way of doing business.

The can deny cashing anyone's check just because they can, for the heck of it. I never had a problem cashing my check with walmart in the be past.

It's crazy to receive a denial letter that states the reason that says "Quote for Quote"

Outstanding Items

* No information on file

Maybe that's their reason that they don't have any information on me.

How does a company like this exist.

Certegy needs to restructure and get rid of any executives, director V.P.'S or all of upper management and replace with competent people or whoever designed their software, network. Some one needs to be fired. I really blame walmart for not screening their third party partners very well.

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such a relief reading that im not the only one took my son to cash his first ever paycheck today they declined the check from his federal employer and then refused to say im chasing my tail so the kid can cash his check because u lazy [censored] cant hire a decent contractor i hope u arent paying them good cuz theyre taking your [censored] for a ride then again im sure it doesnt matter youll just pass all the wasted contractor fees u pay them down to your consumers to pay for you right...trash [censored] store

Jan 10, 2022 5:43 pm
Replying to comment of Imperiousa

This happened to me today… where would I go to cash my check with no bank account? This has never happened to me before… thank you in advance

Dec 29, 2018 8:20 am

I had a similar problem, except it was at California Check Cashing after I finally received two long over due checks due to me by my former landlord for the return of a security deposit. I do not know who California Check Cashing thought was committing the fraud but I was out $1, 200, and I have to wait the week end to either go to my landlord's bank, or I have to wait for the approval of my online bank to submit more than the $500 daily limit (I only just learned I am limited from the daily amount I can deposit into my own account) or I have to send it to the bank from California to Connecticuit manually. Is it damaging to know that "someone else" gets to make the decisions about how much money you can deposit, when and/or where you can cash or deposit it and you just have to live by "faith" that it's all gonna be fine...sure, you can pay your bills at the end of the bet it is damaging, and stressful! But for those of you who don't know, Certegy was fined 3.5 million, if that is any consolation. No doubt they highly deserved it.

Sep 02, 2018 7:29 pm

To all of you who are having issues with Certegy, I know how you feel. Certegy is a garbage company who likes to bully people. So, I recommend you do what CertegyMan4 suggested and stop using their services. Instead, apply for It works just like a bank and you can do it all on your cell phone. You can get the app called InGo. You can find it in your Google Play Store. You don't have to worry about late fees and the fees for cashing it is 1% of the amount or $5, whichever is greater. And you can cash it anytime day or night. Or you can deposit it and wait 10 days to get your money for free. It's much better than a bank. The only drawback is that you can't pay at the pump. But it's hassle-free and that makes it worth the inconvenience. It also has a Stash section that you can transfer most of your money into to prevent unauthorized withdraws. I think you'll all love it and bypass all the hassle that Certegy and Wal-Mart causes. Let me know if you have any questions. You can contact me at [email protected]

Mar 07, 2018 8:15 pm

Boycott the companies that provide this "service". Provide bad reviews anywhere you can leave them for companies that care so little about taking your money. Give it instead to companies providing ease of service. But go for a law suitclass action if you wanna. The guy saying don't sue is probably a certegy rep. You can ALWAYS sue for discrimination #

Nov 29, 2017 9:47 am

Certegy refused to cash my legitimate paychex 401k disbursement for no reason. Now I'm forced to go to a check cashing place and pay 12x the price of Walmart to get my money. It's criminal.

Nov 11, 2017 6:37 pm

[censor] Walmart and Certegy I have only recently cashed checks with Wal-Mart since I moved and haven’t got bank account and was declined a payroll check what a joke offer a service then decline [censor] and give lame [censor] reasons I will not shop at Walmart anymore [censor]ing white trash [censor] store

Aug 14, 2017 11:12 am

I just went through this today... Lets file a class action law suit against then for this foolishness... I spent 2hrs. in line trying to cash a money order for $120.00 that I purchased on August 10, 2017 while cashing my payroll check. I discovered that I didn't need the money order the evening of August 10, 2017. I then caked Wal-Mart on the morning of August 11, 2017. I was placed on hold three different times for about 6-7 minutes the first 2 times and then a manager answered the 3rd time and stated I could bring the money order back... I arrived at Wal-Mart about 20-30minutes later. The cashier in the customer service department told me there would be a $3.00 fee to cash the money order because they don't do returns on money orders; so I had to cash it like a check... I gave her the money order, the receipt, and my drivers license... She told me to sign the money order and enter my social... She then scanned it and it was declined... She stated it didn't recognize the serial numbers and I had to wait at least 48hrs. to cash it... That now brings us to today August 14, 2017. I spent 12yrs. in Wal-Mart this morning from about 9:35 a.m. to about 10:50 a.m. I spoke to five different people about cashing this morning order... I told the Assistant Store Manager that they had embarrassed and humiliated me in front if other customers by stating my check cashing privileges were taken away or suspended do to bad checks... I explained to them I'm not writing a check nor is this a personal check therefore no privileges are suspended when it comes to cashing a money order or a payroll check... The customer service agent ran the money order through twice and it was declined but when she called to verify it the money order was a valid money order... She gave me the 2 little pieces of paper from Certigy... I then called them and went through the dreadful automated system it stated that the check couldn't be cashed due to the numbers on the bottom or I could return the check to the location where I purchased it or I could check my file... This is redundant, humiliating, embarrassing and down right unethical... The store has No Signs or Polices about Money Orders... I'm disgusted as human being, consumer and patron of Wal-Mart... I've dealt with Wal-Mart for over 20 years from buying groceries, having oil changes and even getting prescriptions filled... At this point I don't think I will ever shop there again...

Nov 04, 2016 10:29 pm

I hate walmart and their check cashing BS. I've had this happen several times in the last 4 yrs. One was a paycheck from a very large construction co. At a steam plant... Told me the check was forgery by adding check no and amount... Then I had a check from Blu Cross Blu shield it was counterfeit, "they said". I got so mad I called them communist! And just tonight "they declined a government check... To hell with Walmart and the Sam Walton family... I am not planning on ever going into a Walmart again... They do nothing for the working people... Continually raise prices, move products, don't have enough employees to cover customers, some of them shouldn't be there and the ones that care aren't treated fairly, and lastly total BS on check cashing... They get a fee out of your check, so you should not have to put up with crap.. . And for ALL you people with a smartallick comment on banks... Some times a bank isn't convenient... And I really don't like my money being used by a bank. It's not like it really sits in your account waiting on you to use it. The bank utilizes your money for their good not yours. I hate walmart and their bogus check cashing, alot of good businesses have suffered because of walmart.

Aug 31, 2016 7:22 pm

My daughter is currently working her first job, and also still in high school. I took her to cash her check at Walmart the other day it was declined for reason number 2, like so many of you . I call the number it was automated system and I could not even get an option for a real representative. She does have a bank account but between going to school and work in another town then were we live or bank makes it impossible to get her check cashed. In case you are wondering what I mean by small town, like population 300 people, their are no gas stations or stores, and only one private grade school, so by the time she gets off her bus the banks are closed. We are putting in now to set up direct deposit, so that we won't have this issue again. As far as Walmart goes they deny any responsibility and try to make it seem that no one else has this problem, but my daughter . It was the first time she tried cashing a check at that a payroll check. I explained to them they should learn more about who they private contract with, and are just as guilty cause this will turn more people away from even wanting to shop their, let alone use any service they might offer. Angry does not begin to express my feelings of this matter. I do think we need to put a petition together, to put them out of business or make them review and/or rewrite their policy, its' very apparent it is absolutely 100 percent flawed.

Jul 06, 2016 2:15 am

I completely agree concerning getting a class action lawsuit together. I finally after 2 very long years actually received my IRS Tax Refund that they held due to a identity theft. Not only was that a nightmare in itself I mailed faxed and personally took all the requested copies and paperwork to the IRS to process my refund. 2 years later still nothing and I finally resorted to getting a IRS Advocate. After my medical condition had gotten worse I was in a desperate state to get my fairly large refund so I would not be evicted. But noooo Certegy has a different idea. So I finally get my extremely urgent refund and Walmart denies it. A check from the UNITED STATES TREASURY. Do they know something we the people don't know. Is our government's finances not good for 1 person to cash a refund check. Now thanks to them and their intrusive nosiness. To late for rent. I have a brain injury and don't have much left anymore. But my children will sure get to cash in after I die in the Phoenix Arizona 119 heat when I am thrown out. I am very serious about starting a class action.

Jun 25, 2016 5:32 am

I totally agree. Actually yesterday I experienced a similar incident.
First off my mail man was late delivering the mail, so by time i got my check the banks i would have normally gone to were closed. So i ended up walking to the train (which was almost a mile from my house). Because there was r no check cashing places around me. I give off at the Colmar train station. And walk 1.9 mil to Wal-Mart. Keep in mind it's like 83 degrees outside.
So i get to Wal-Mart and first thing i do is go to the check cashing station because i wanted to get in and back before my train came.
Anyway i get up to the register and pull out my check. My check has been on my pants pocket the whole time so it's a little damp. Honestly if i had known before i got up there i would have tried to dry it out. Cause really who wants to touch a damp check? But I'm already at the register and there is a line behind me. So i don't. Anyway I hand her the check, already she has an attitude but i brush it off because that was truly my bad.
Anyway she puta the check in the machine and then I gest it geta jammed. When she pulls it out, it rips.
Now like i said earlier i normally got to a bank to cash my check and they don't use machines they type it into the computer, so it's my first time dealing with a machine like this.
Anyway after she rips it she tapes it back together then tells me i have to go and dry it off. At this point i ask myself why she didn't tell me this before. I mean she doesn't look like she's knew. And it poked like she knew what would happen when she did it. She had this look on her face.
Anyway i dried it and came back up. Now at this point there's a new problem.
It seems the check can't be read because the interferance from the tape... REALLY! Are you for real.
I end up.not being able to cash my check. The whole time this goes not the woman looks bored and like she's ready to leave. I mean lady i know it's Friday afternoon and toy want to get gone, but so do i. I'm still your customer and the least yippy could do is look as if you give a sour about the fact you just wasted my time.
By the time i leave it's already 6:30 and i mussed my train. As I'm walking back towards the train station i look around for any check cashing places. I fine 1 but lone and be hold they close at 6:00. I was so mad that i ended up walking all the way home. All 5.3 mil home.
Wal-Mart YOU SUCK!

May 20, 2016 6:08 pm
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Now certegy is denying social security retirment checks and saying walmart has a 1000 dollar limit. The shift manager was the one who called them on walmarts own phone and told them the was 5000 but the said have a nice day. At first walmart acted like they were going to correct the issue and supposedly the head the check cashing operation wanted to fix it but... Two days later after they said we'll call you tommorow not a peep. If walmart pays certegy how does certegy decided walmart policy. This is flat out FRAUD on both of their parts. They have web pages and in store signage posting the limits but wont abide by them. Dont want to have to file la state atty gen fraud complaint but may have to. These certegy demons have to be shutdown nationwide. Tweet about it #shutdowncertegy.

Apr 11, 2016 3:33 pm

Report certigy. Everyone has to report them. Also contact the corporate offices of the stores you shop at. I won't shop at any store that uses certigy and I have let their corporate offices know this! They are trying to convince me to come back to their store by offering me free things. I told them there's only one way. Get rid of certigy!

Apr 11, 2016 3:29 pm

Let me tell you something. It's not anyone's business whether someone has a bank account or not. It is their choice how they choose to handle their finances so all you people making judgement are complete idiots and fools!This certigy company is a fkning joke! The ftc has fined them for denying checks for no reason and for not making it easy to get a copy of your file. My hours at work prevent me from getting to the bank ontime. I have had to go into work earlier and leave earlier just so I can get to the bank to get my check deposited. I tried to cash my payroll check at a grocery store where I write checks all the time. Guess what? Denied by certigy. I was given a card and told to call because of denial number 2. When I spoke with certigy she couldn't give me a reason. She said the denial was based on computer generated models, check number and amount. It was a computer printed check from the dam payroll department at, my work.! This certify company is controlling a lot more than you think. I am reporting them to the ftc, the attorney general, better business Bureau etc..I could see if there was adverse information on me or the company I work for. But there isnt. I specifically asked the person that who works for certigy. I advise people to start reporting this company. Many voices will get heard. I'm going to keep reporting them over and over and over!

Jun 03, 2015 6:14 am
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i have never wrote or refused to honor a personal check, have no criminal background, shop at Walmart on a monthly basis, and decided to cash my ford motor payroll check, can you believe i was denied. unable to continue shopping.i left the store totally in shock.wondering who the hell is this certegy and there right to give damaging information that take away my right to cash a check. they make me feel criminal and now Walmart has lost a good customer certegy needs to to be investigated and stopped.


you people denied a money order (money gram) that i bought on the 12/09/2010 I tried to cash it on 12/13/2010 and your scan said it was fraud i want my money back . in the amount of $29.28 in a prompt manor and i will be seeing a lawyer about this matter .

Feb 08, 2015 7:29 pm

Walmart declined my check and gave me the same bull but my check has bank of america on it...cant I just go to bank of america?

Jan 11, 2015 7:26 pm

Same thing happened to me last week, I alway cashed my checks at Walmart. First time it happened got a slip with the reason #2. I called talked to a automated service then a representative. No reason was given, she told me to tried it again. I went back to try to cash it and it worked. I don't know why. Sometimes the cashier put the wrong amount in the computer. Always make sure that they put the right amount of your check.

Nov 24, 2014 5:51 am

F**k this stupid company. Rejecting my check for nonsense reasons. WHO THE FK ARE THEY?


I also had the same problem tonight..I left my walmart money network card at my family's so decided to write a walmart money network check after work tonight (I work at walmart) after going through the procedure of getting all of my transaction numbers and the money literally taken off my debit card and placed on this check..The little machine spit out a piece of paper stating my check was declined listing reason number 2..I am furious..This is a walmart check and my hard ### earned money and they decline there own check after removing the funds from my debit card...I am patiently waiting for meta bani to open in the morning and say wtf..

Jul 21, 2014 6:14 pm

This Company is a total scam and has been fined for Fair Credit Reporting Act violations in the millions of dollars. I had the same thing happen to me today as many of these people. I'm going to sue this company and Walmart. I suggest you all do the same. Sue them in Federal court.

Oct 07, 2013 9:50 am

This happen to my husband as well, and of course it was reason 2.All I got after talking to at lease 5 people is the run around.. They could not give me any straight answers, it was their guidelines and how they take your check cashing history into effect. Also how they are a protection service for the company. Funny how we have bought cars, houses and have credit cards, but they can't cash one payroll check? Walmart should be embarrassed to do business with a company from manila!

Aug 30, 2013 9:05 pm

It happens to me too just this afternoon when I got off from work...the same thing that says they declined and I need to call the same number above I was so embarrassed..its my own money why I cant cash it out and its my first time to go to walmart to cash my pay check. ...

Jul 19, 2013 9:40 pm

I too am so confused & honestly angry with Certegy & Walmart, but more so Certegy! We live off of our disability & our daughters disability that is automatically put on our direct express cards, but we had applied for a new service through the social security office that approved us for another payment monthly. We each got a check for backpay, I went to Walmart to cash them, as I usually do with any government or company check, the cashier had to send someone to get a loan to cover one of my checks I was cashing but not enough for both, so I held on to one of them for a few days and went to another Walmart we live by that I was shopping at & at the register I was rudely informed by the cashier that he was not going to be able to cash my check. Handed me he slip from Certegy with a stupid explanation, reason #2, & their number. Luckily I had just enough money to get the things I had & called them in my car. All they could tell me was they monitored all my check cashing & for some unexplainable reason this check would not be cashed by them or any merchant that uses them! I have cashed checks at walmarts in my area for ten years or so & I have never, NEVER heard of this company or had any problem like this one! To too it off I get no explanation that has any true understanding or reasoning behind it as to why this check was declined! Who do they think they are? I understand fraud is rampant but all I'm trying to do is pay my bills, support my family, & survive! It's been two days & I am trying to find a place to cash it without having to open an account at a bank! We have had bank accounts & I prefer to use our ss cards & be in control of my money & who gets my money! I do not understand this company's policy or their process of deciding who gets to be humiliated with a line of people behind them watching or who gets to have their deserved cash! It's bull crap!

Dec 29, 2012 5:08 pm

I just tried to cash my check today, i have never used Walmart before, my check was a fairly large check over $1000 and i got denied as well...and i got the reason 2 as well...i hate Walmart and always will now

Jun 04, 2012 5:11 pm

I couldn't take back a money order I has bought the day before. Reason 2 was given. They claimed I had to wait 7 days. What a load of rubbish! I guess I'll have to go somewhere else.

Mar 10, 2012 3:04 am
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I am not surprised that the nitwit known as 'CertegyMan4' has severe misspellings and grammar of a 4 year old. It is more apparent than ever that Certegy is run be criminals who randomly deny perfectly legitimate checks to make it look as if their system is doing something. They claim that only 2-5% percent of checks get denied out of millions that are reviewed. The fact of the matter is, Certegy needs to look like it is doing something by denying checks; Now that less people are using checks and hence Certegy is basically worthless, they go out of their way to meet that 2 to 5 % quota. So, folks who have a beef with Certegy, You heard it here first: you are filling in a QUOTA in order legitimize Certegy's antiquated system: Less people are using checks. The fraudsters are finding different ways to steal from businesses. Certegy is not needed anymore. Now, your transaction will be on their reports to give to customers in order to prove that their services are needed. Pathetic. I guess Certegy just does not care and are willing to lie to you. The FTC needs to stop them!

Feb 12, 2011 4:50 am
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Certegy man4 your no man you hide behind a company that can use anyones info and not tell who they are sharing it with ... your a weasel just like the company called certegy ... We work hard for our paycheck and what gives your employers the right to decline ... some of us that have a job dont work 9-5 and sit behind a desk on the phone hiding... we WORK for a living, we cant take our lunch breaks away from our jobs nor get off work before the bank closes so shut the heck up because you have no clue what a REAL job is !

Feb 01, 2011 1:00 am

ohhh booo fkn whooo 1 check a week go to the bank that the check is written on or open a bank account lol sue us for what? Our company policy lol? you are the reason people make frivaless lawsuits possiable..Or better yet if you dont like our policy stop useing our service's...Come on people lets get real

Mar 05, 2020 1:07 pm

your policies are not being let known so the best judgment can be made by the consumer like cashing more than 1 check in a day or 7 days. If the public knew that before getting them selves screwed because they were not properly informed there would be a lot less complaints and heart break on the consumers end because they can’t pay their rent due to a policy they weren’t informed on.


I had the exact same thing happen to me this weekend. I tried to write a Fidelity Bank check at Homegoods/TJ Maxx and I Party and both declined due to a code 2. I spent 2 hours with representatives at Certegy and Fidelity trying to figure out why these are being declined while I have plenty of money in my account. Today I am writing the Connecticut State's Attorney General's office and filing a formal complaint.


I am FURIOUS! This is the 5th time they have refused to cash my checks! I will NEVER ever under any circumstances shop at wal-mart again! The only excuse they could give me is my "transaction fell to close to the fraud model". This absolutely OBSURD! The ONLY reason i cash my checks there is because i get my checks on Saturday evening in the mail. I choose to cash them on sunday and deposit the cash in MY (real bank, not a wanna-be bank harrassing innocent people) account. I am not the only person with my company and friends that i know are going through this with Certegy. When asked why i am not allowed to cash my checks and i have no fraudulent background, their response was "This is an "elective service and we are not required to cash anyones check with everryone being subject to approval". My resonse to the represenative on the phone was " Doing ANY business with Certegy or Walmart is ALSO elective and subject to MY approval. I dont have to spend my money there or with any other company in which you are affiliated."

Apr 19, 2010 9:12 am

They are billing the employers too!

I am a CPA.

I just received a notice from Certegy that a a payroll check had been returned unpaid.

The bank has no record of this.

There were enough funds available to pay this check hundreds of times over.

Mar 10, 2010 11:36 am

Opening your own bank account is fine and dandy, unless you don't trust banks, because everytime I open an account, those pukes end up stealing money (if we go in the negative by a few dollars, they charge us 25 bucks), so I do not wish to open a bank account. I am so enfuriated with this certegy ### than i am on the verge of pulling the wal-mart store manager aside and ### him out face to face. I thought we lived in America, where when we work, we get paid, not when we work, we get paid, as long as someone else says we can get paid. what the ### is that all about?

I just tried to cash my Tax Return check but ran into the same ### as chellek. Certegy is very lucky that i don't live in the same area as they do, because I would march my happy ### right in there and ### the ### out of their CEO, or president, or whoever the rat ### is that runs that joint. Ooooh! since i can't cash my tax return check, ya'll get used to paying higher prices for stuff because I am no longer a happy friendly citizen. I am going to start stealing my merchandise. I no longer care.

Feb 23, 2010 2:30 am

i had the same experience except for me they wouldn't cash my us treasury check..i was very very mad.. this just happened last week.. i work two jobs... i could barely get enough time to cash it and when i tried.. i get decline... its not fair..i called certegy as well.. and they told me they don't know and to try again.. so far i tried 5 walmarts in the atlanta area.. and ALL of them said the same thing...until this day i havent cashed my just going to go ahead and open my own bank account..

Sep 03, 2009 10:21 pm

I understand how hard it must be living paycheck to paycheck. A lawsuit against Certegy Check Services or Walmart because they refused to provide service that no law requires them too would be a waste of time. It's not like they took your check kept it and did not give you your money. No lawyer in their right mind would take on such a frivolous lawsuit. MOST banks will not cash a check if you don't have an account there or the check is not form that bank.


Perhaps you are correct, but the point is not that they are "keeping" your check -- it is the fact that they advertise that they cash checks and, assuming that the checks presented are valid and authentic, then they should be held to their OWN POLICIES to cash the damn check! It's utterly ridiculous that this company plays games with people who obviously need their money and don't always have other options. And we're not talking about BANKS, so your point about that is completely absurd -- we're talking about Cetergy, the Walmart check cashing service! And I wouldn't speak too soon about what lawyers would or would not take, honey. Seriously, you're talking out of your head!

Aug 13, 2009 9:46 pm

I had the same problem today. I got out of work late and could not make it to the bank in time before they closed, so I went to Walmart to cash my check and they said it was declined (reason 2). My hours at work make it hard for me to get to the bank, so I resort on using Walmart. I think it is a load of CRAP!

Aug 13, 2009 4:33 pm

it would be simpler if u set up a bank account. then u can cash your check anytime

Mar 25, 2020 10:45 pm
Replying to comment of andbran

I have 2 and that's not the issue they declined my check today and it is from state treasury, office for $500 dollars and it was my money to began with overpayment to child support they took all my taxes realized later my son turned 19 in Feb. and had to cut me a check, yep declined what bs !


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