Certegy Check Servicesfailure to cash my check!


I too tried to cash my check at Wal-Mart and was declined. When I called Certegy to find out what the problem was, I was informed the decline did not have anything to do with my information, but it had to do with the company that wrote the check. She stated that they just needed to update some information in their system. There was no other reason. Not only was I embarrassed by this, but I am furious that they can decline to cash a check simply because they needed to update information on a vendor. No other reason. The funds were available and there were no negative information against myself nor the company that issued the check. This is ridiculous! Something needs to be done.


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    Jessica May 20, 2008

    I recently got my stimulus check, and decided since I'm a frequent shopper at Wal-Mart, I would do my shopping and cash my check as well. I had over $300 in merchandise and I was cashing a $1200 check. Mind you I had called the store ahead of time to make sure they had enough funds to complete my transaction, well when I got to the register to check out everything was fine until it actually came down to them verifying the check. Apparently they were trying to tell me that the name I was born with was wrong because it did not match my social. I showed them that I alone had my social and assured them that I had never changed my name, I had never even been married. But I left full of embarrassment and only a tiny piece of paper in hand with the number to contact Certegy Check Services. As I walked out of Wal-Mart already outraged of the embarrassing scene, I attempted to call the number. I got through after about what felt like 10 minutes. The lady was very polite, there's no doubt about that, but she didn't have a clue why they could not cash my check, the only answer I could pull out of her was that maybe the company that issued the check typed my name or social wrong. It's probably not Wal-Marts fault but it doesn't matter, I will no longer step foot in another one of their chains due to the inconvenience it strained on my entire family.

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  • Ca
    Casey Hunter Aug 08, 2008

    I recently tried to cash a payroll check at Walmart. I had previously cashed my payroll check at Walmart before with no problem. When the refused to cash it, I called Certegy Check Services for an explaination. I was told that my check matched a idenity theft/fraudulant pattern they were looking for that day. I should have no problems cashing it in the future and sorry for the inconvience. That's the stupidist thing I have ever heard...ridiculous.

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  • Ma
    marlo braha Sep 09, 2008

    -After moving to Arizona I opened a new ckng acct which held deposits for 10 days on new acct. So needing the cash asap from my employers check drawn on a NJ bank I went to Walmart to cash. However, the similar thing happened to me as to others; I was declined not because of me, or the check itself I was informed by the 800 # @ Certegy! The reason was due to some lack of info they had concerning my employer! I cannot believe the nonsense a person has to deal with in prder to cash a valid check that definately had the funds. I am the acctant for the company and active bookkeper as well. What an insult to myself and others!

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  • Li
    Lito Apr 03, 2009

    04/03/09 - I went to Walmart today to cash my UI check and the clerk told my check has been declined so she tried the second time while others in the line were curiously looking to see what is going on and I am beggining to feel embarassed. After trying the second time to cash my check the clerk informed me to call the number on the piece of paper that came out from the processing machine. I was flabbergasted knowing a state or federal check have no reason to be declined specially when it was issued under my name and had never been cash or altered.

    I had called the number and spoke with the clerk asking me the account appearing underneath the check. She said I had cash another check less than a week ago and the system wont allow for me to cash another until the seven days had passed by and she ask me to come back tomorrow. Also in the process she ask me to provide her the social security number and my birthday. I ask her if its warranted to provide all my personnal information and she claimed its necessary. I ask if I could speak with the supervisor and she gave me to her. The supervisor provide me the same type of reasoning when I ask her. I ask her name and she informed me her name was Jill and she cant do nothing about in pushing to cash my check today and instead I have to come back tomorrow. I told her what the difference today and tomorrow when she has the power to help me or to override the system. I told her banks and other places would allow you to cash check everyday as long as you pay the processing fees. She told me the system is dictating her.

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  • Ju
    Jules May 15, 2009

    I tried to cash a check less than $300 and it was declined as well. When I called Certegy they said my married name and SSN didn't match. I'm not sure how that could be because I actually had my SSN card in my wallet at the time and showed it to the clerk when I tried to cash the check a 2nd time. I thought maybe the first clerk had entered something incorrectly so that's why I went back after she went on break. It is so ridiculous. Walmart offers this service but their provider makes it so difficult to cash a check so why even offer the service?

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  • Ki
    Kimberle Feb 20, 2010

    Wal-Mart and other merchants should not have this system in place. It's not business savvy enough to do the job of clearing a completely valid check.

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  • Wm
    wmi Feb 26, 2010

    I went to Belk in Seneca, South Carolina today and was declined and I have plenty in the bank, just got home and checked online to make sure. So I try calling and can't get a live person but on the web this was the disclosure I received:

    We understand and apologize for any concern caused by your check not being authorized. Certegy carefully analyzes patterns of check writing activity designed to protect consumers as well as our merchants from fraud, identity theft and unauthorized usage. While the majority of check authorization requests result in approval, there are occasions when a valid check matches these patterns, resulting in a decline. This decline was not a result of any negative check writing information, but as a preventative measure. These situations are rare and should not affect the authorization of your checks in the future. Please be assured, this has been conveyed to the merchant.

    So what is up with this??? How embarrassing is it to have $100 worth of clothes and I know I have plenty of money in the bank, haven't bounced a check in years, and get the cashier to say, " Oh I'm so sorry but I can't take this check". Not cool, , , is all I can say!! I wish there is something that can be done to this company for these kind of practices!!

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  • Ry
    ryguy211 Mar 09, 2010

    i just tried to cash a federal government tax return check at walmart and was declined.
    when i called to find out why the automated service said that it was due to a return check in my name.
    which is impossible because i do not use banks or have i had a checking account.
    i waited impatiently for a rep to get on the phone and when one finally did he told me that the check matched a pattern of counterfeit checks. which unless someone knew the exact amount of my tax return and decided to make a counterfeit check and mail it to me.

    my fiance has an interesting theory, what if this is a way for them to cover walmarts butt when they dont have enough money to cover the amount of the check and would rather be able to cash several other checks at smaller amounts so that they make more money.

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  • Va
    vacountrygirl May 10, 2010

    I too have tired to cash my payroll check at wal-mart and they said they were not able to do it and to call the 1 800 number and I did. The people at the walmart was nice but they said they could not do it. The 1 800 number wasn't any help either. wasn't able to get any reason why. I like walmart but find this system to be a little dumb.

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  • To
    Tonya Minney May 19, 2010

    The same thing happened to me at Walmart, not only did they not cash my check, but before the girl at the customer service desk ran it through the litttle scanner she wrote my drivers license and date of birth all over my check. Then of course nobody else wanted to cash it thinking that the funds were not there or something. Fortunately I did find somene to cash it, but not without great reluctantcy. It was just my payroll check which I had always cashed for the same amount every two weeks, for the last 2 years. I called certegy and they could not give me a reason for the decline other then it was out of my usual check cashing pattern. After arguing with the woman on the phone who knew nothing, , I hung up on her and I have never went to Walmart to cash another check since, nor do i rarely even shop at Walmart any more. unless I absolutely have to.

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  • A7
    a72y87ys Apr 30, 2011

    Tried to cash my SSI check a few months back, it was the first one I had received, and I didn't have a bank account at the time. Lady wrote on my check, put it through the scanner thing, and it spit out a little piece of paper saying to call Certegy. Called, lady was polite but could offer NO information except that it could be a fraudulent check (?!) which irritated me, considering it was a government check. I almost want to go try again because the bank is closed now, but I'm not counting on anything. Certegy really needs to get their act together.

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  • Ma
    marissa garcia Dec 04, 2016

    @a72y87ys where were you able to cash it at after all?

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  • Jv
    jvil May 07, 2013

    I think Certegy is for the birds. I called to check on why my check was denied & all I spoke to was three different people that were from the Phillipines. How can they deny a check based from a company that is not even affiliated with our banks. This is ridiculous. I had enough money in my acct to cover it 1000x over & even if I did not my line of credit would have covered it. This is garbage. All this company has done is made it that I will never get gas at Stinker station again.

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  • An
    anna 123 Jan 31, 2014

    I had a case like that. I whent ti walmart to cash my payroll for the first time. Everyhing seemed nornal. Showed her my id and she had already said she was able to cash my check. But once i put my ssn in she suddenly said she couldnt something about not having a check lone . And becuse it was passed 12 am . Im thinking if u couldnt cash it why didnt u say it earlyer now in worryed about if my id will be stolen cuse it was very unperfestional...

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  • Ab
    Abigail P. Oct 23, 2016

    Same thing happened to me. I went to Kmart, and Walmart. I went to two different Kmarts, and tried this twice at both locations. Nothing has worked. A reciet was printed stating there were complications and couldn't cash my check. They left me with a number to Certegy. I put in all the information, and it still didn't work. So i asked to talk to a representative, and they had asked me if i had changed my name because my name and social security didn't match. At first, I thought the store clerk mis typed/spelled somethings. But that wasn't the case. So i called my boss, whom issued the check to me and asked her if she had put information wrong into her computer system. That was not the case either. Obviously certegy has something going on within themselves and they need to look into it because it seems that too many people are facing this same bizzare issue.

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