Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] Customer Care Service

Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Building, Shk Zayed street, PO Box: 939
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Customer Support Phone Numbers

800 763 800(Business Banking) 5 2
+971 26 962 222(Customer Service) 7 4
+971 600 502 030(Contact Centre) 3 1
+971 26 210 090(Contact Centre) 2 0
+971 26 962 084(Investor Contact) 2 0
+971 44 273 951(Business Banking) 4 0
+971 26 962 499(NRI Center, Abu Dhabi) 2 0
+971 45 094 712(NRI Center, Dubai) 2 0
+91 223 953 4100(India, Mumbai, Retail Banking) 2 0
+91 226 176 3752(India, Mumbai, Corporate Banking) 2 0
+91 806 117 7700(India, Bengaluru) 2 0
+971 555 576 191(NRI Center, Abu Dhabi) 3 0
India, Mumbai
75 Rehmat Manzil, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400020 - India
India, Bengaluru
№ 25, Ground Floor, West Wing, Corniche Al Latheef, Cunningham Road, Bengaluru - 560001, India

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] Complaints & Reviews

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / car loan department

Oct 07, 2019

I opted ADCB because of their good service for my car loan in the past. I applied for a car loan agian in August and its October. Still there is no approval even though the company I am working in is registered in ADCB. I submitted all the relevant documents one month ago and it took one...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / my account

Aug 31, 2019

I have account with ADCB since 2016, I no longer live there, and wanted to transfer my funds to my USA account, there are serious problems.. I have several emails to customer contact center, the answer is we will get back to you. its been a month, I called and talked to customer service...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / holded our money

Jul 07, 2019

Dear Sir, Good day, ADCB Riqqa Branch our account [protected], AED:13000/- cash deposited in bank account & bank instantly deducted AED:2220/- & we can understand may be maintenance charges & we get sms on mobile available balance AED:10778/- but next day we visited bank to encash AED:700/- ...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / unauthorized deduction

Jun 19, 2019

unauthorized deductions of AED 150 per month was made from my account. I was not notified (of deduction) by email, You may please share a copy of the email you have send to me to prove this. I am requesting you to kindly reverse the above said deductions . Also i would like to transfer the...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / I am complaining about my current account

Jun 12, 2019

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB]With due respect I would like to state that i am Sufsal zubair account holder of current account adcb bank,  account number [protected]) since 3 years. Now I want to close my account due to non maintaining my account with minimum balance.. And my...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / improper funds appropriation

May 06, 2019

• last december I was notified by my employer the completion of my assignment • last january I requested to cancel the credit cards then approved by adcb • a few days after confirmation of adcb I went to the brand to close the account • all done correctly, but when I checked at internet...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / c00032231

Dec 01, 2018

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB]Dear All, Greeting of the Day.. With reference to the Subject Complaint Number - C00032231 I made a complaint against Collection Department who made me false commitment for the same register a complaint with customer care . For the same received a call form ADCB Ms. Reshma had discussed...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / emi amount deducting not as per the loan terms

Oct 31, 2018

As per the term of my personal loan for the loan Account No. : 11232195P001001 (find attached), the monthly EMI suppose to be AED 1338, but last 2 months ie September 2018 & October 2018 the EMI amount deducted was AED 1350.There is no consent from my side to change the EMI amount. In the...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / credit card cancellation

Oct 27, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam Oct 22nd I visited Al Qusais branch and submitted my request to cancel my Credit card by taking money from my FD and hence to close it.Since today 27th Oct, no body contacted me and nothing has happend with my request.My credit card charges are piling up .I didnt ever ADCB...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / opened investment account-biggest mistake of my life!

Oct 07, 2018

In 2013, two of the ADCB employee, and an emirati and an Indian, approached me in University, proposing an investment called Venenzula bonds five years back (2013). the conversation started where he tried to prove that ADCB investment account was better than National Bonds of Dubai. He...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / customer service at bawabat al sharq branch and customer care

Oct 03, 2018

Staff of ADCB, specifically those employed at Bawabat al Sharq branch, are under-educated on their products, policies, and procedures. You will never get a straight answer, information will be confusing and not given in writing or in a professional manner, and information will differ...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / full and final settlement of a/c no: 864csl1133650001

Sep 26, 2018

My name is Muhammad Rafique Shaban, Above mentioned a/c belongs to Sabrina Tailoring Materials Trading LLC, Owner Ghulam Raza Karani. Ghulam Raza Karani left UAE without paying his loan and Credit card outstanding. I have paid AED 40, 000 against loan on 27/3/2018 and AED 11, 500 against...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / salary account

Sep 19, 2018

Want to give the attention about opening salary account. The bank officer (he even didn't introduce himself) by mail sivadaskolake.[protected] trying to open my salary account 1 month and in the end he RECOMMENDED joing another bank because ADCB is VERY SLOW in approved opening...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / credit card

Sep 06, 2018

I would like to grab your attaention, Actually I m very much disappointed from ADCB collection agents. Let me give you a short review about the story Around five months ago I contacted Adcb for settlement then I got approval from NR. Surojit from AZZITE with authentic account...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / money transfer

Aug 28, 2018

On the 2nd of August 2018, my bank société général in Algeria sent me an amount of money to my ADCB account, I approached the Dubai Mall branch with the Swift. The officer said that the IBAN was missing only the AE and the money might not reach the my account. The 6th August I approached...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / Unethical Behaviour From Credit Card Sales Executive Mr. Govinda (Cell:[protected])

Aug 07, 2018

Date: 07/08/2018 My self an Indian citizen named as Sathish Kumar T.S residing in Sharjah got a call from Mr. Govinda (Cell:[protected]), Credit card sales executive from one of my references. As per tele conversation, he has agreed to come to my apartment and he asked location map through...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / complaint against personal loan agent

Jun 18, 2018

Dear team, This is to inform you that I am getting very customer service for personal loan.. The agent which is hired for my personal loan application is very unprofessional and careless person.. He did not give me any update untill I call or message, if so I call or message he never...

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB] / i'm complaining about my relationship manager

May 07, 2018

I was sick in the hospital and due to severe medical conditions I haven't been working. I asked my relationship manager (binu thomas) to apply for deferment of personal loan, holding metlife payment, apply for critical illness claim with Zurich and apply new sponsorship documents. Deferment wa...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / unauthorized debiting from my accounting

Apr 23, 2018

ADCB has debited amount from accounts twice without any justification or authorization; First time, they have debited my car loan amount which is due on 20th of ever month ON 12th with no notice or authorization from my side. When asked for clarification, their response was that it i...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / worst customer service and collection department ever

Feb 14, 2018

Keeping calling everyday and 10 times a day in a very rude altitude Even I found one of them sending me on whatsapp despite paying amount but only 210 was pending as machine gave less amount that I paid Feeling that truly they do not have work to do and do not know how to deal with...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / current account

Jan 18, 2018

Never open an account with this bank, because you will not be able to close it. This is my second day at Dubai Mall branch and I already went through 2 customer service agents, 3 tellers and 1 relationship manager and my account is still not closed. Not to forget 100 AED they charged me so...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / credit card limit value fooled by syed

Jan 07, 2018

I had a very bad experience with one of your agents his name is Syed (Syed.[protected] his phone number +971 52 904 3097, this agent litterally fooled me and make me regret to have credit card with adcb. He is such a dishonest and liar person. He promised me of a certain amount...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / very rude customer service in dubai outsource zone branch

Nov 13, 2017

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial BankI am regular customer to caribou in Dubai outsource zone as i am working there One time i ordered water instead of coffee as i had stomachache Staff there named zahed he spoke to me in a very bad way telling me not allowed to take password for wifi in a very impolite way As long as you do...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / very bad customer service agent (sudkha)

Oct 20, 2017

I had a very bad experience with one of your agents his name is sudkha his phone number is [protected], this agent litterally fooled me and make me regret to have an account with adcb. He s such a dishonest and liar person. He promised me of a certain amount for a loan and then after he had...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / ms. surabhi tripathi/auto loan agent

Oct 08, 2017

I am complaining regarding Ms. Surabhi Tripathi who is very disrespectful and uneducated to delay our customers request for a car loan, NO REPLY with email, NO answer with your number [protected].luckily she answered once! by the time I spoke to her she was VERY VERY DISRESPECTFUL! its very...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / harassment by adcb employee

Oct 04, 2017

Dear ADCB, I would like to bring into your notice about threatening email, harassment calls and unethical and unprofessional behavior of your employee Jitesh. As far as I know, It is right of customer to verify the person to call on behalf of ADCB, to do so I ask question to the wrong hire...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / credit card issue from 2104

Sep 14, 2017

My name is Paul Goss, when i closed my account down back in 2014 i made sure ALL credit cards were paid up in full before my departure and all accounts settled. In doing so i always make sure this is done. When i returned back to the UAE i went back to the bank and reopened my account a...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / sales executive

Sep 13, 2017

Hie my name is vijay I would like to complant about adcb sales executive name sridhar who is working in rigga branch he has taken sign on credit card application and said you can send documents on watsapp and after that he said you will get 20000 credit limit for the card as per ur...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / uncalled behaviour

Aug 28, 2017

I have been using ADCB credit card since 2010 & since i was paying all my dues on time during the renewal of my card ADCB offered me a titanium card and also increased limit. In March 2017 i received a message that there was an outstanding of Dhs 4.42/- on the card. Since the amount wa...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / mohammed cherqui

Jul 24, 2017

Dear all. Just I would like to see that costa is the best of the best in the quality and service. But what I see this morning in costa enoc 1096 jafza in dubai jabal ali was totally different the staff how assist as was reated badly and disrespectful. Her name is (silvia) this morning. Email...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / blocking access to my funds

Jun 22, 2017

Hello my telephone banking access to wire funds has been blocked. I was told to activate my account but have not been able to . If you would please restore my access and register/activate my account for me. For some reason I'm having problems with regretting my mobile phone . Maybe because...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / non-release of loan hold amount

Jun 06, 2017

I applied loan three months before and after 1.5 months, I received a portion of loan to cancel loan with ENBD and credit card with RAK bank. On [protected], submitted clearance letter to ADCB. Also submitted salary transfer letter 3 weeks before. Still I didn't receive hold amount. When...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / liability letter (urgently required)

Jun 04, 2017

Dear Sir, I have requested for a liability letter for my credit card second time on 27th of May 2017 through ADCB Electra Branch (Ref. [protected]). Customer care representative confirmed it will be ready within 5 working days because its only renewal of date. As per the request it can be...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / credit card cancellation without my request/consent

May 27, 2017

Hi, In Dec-2016, I paid all my dues for credit card and requested to cancel my overdraft facility which I thought created confusion for me sometimes. However, In Mar-17 my credit card got cancelled along with overdraft facility without my consent which I did not know till late April-17. I...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / credit card charges and bad customer service

May 23, 2017

I had mistakenly withdrawn 500 from my account with my credit card for which I'm being charged with interest for my purchases of almost 10k. Can u believe that?! Although I had enough balance in my debit account but due to similar looking cards I used the credit card which was an honest...

ADCB / customer service, operator

Apr 30, 2017

I had such a big issue with ADCB operator 25.04.2017 at 2.07 pm. Operator in ADCB was calling me and informed that i need to register my salary card with original passport and emirates id, i said ok i will do that but on the next week, after that that she said ok. 26.04.2017 at 2 pm i got...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / credit card

Apr 16, 2017

Dear Sir, I am account holder in ADCB before one month ago I make complaint # C450204 against Your Staff Jarish Sebastian and Ameen because they both misguided me for Credit card and Salary account in ADCB. When I open my salary account as per advise after three month they was told me I am...

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank / taking end of service amount and putting negative balance in account

Apr 14, 2017

ADCB / Abu Dhabi Commercial BankLast 10 years I am dealing with ADCB with good relation with both side, I never made default in EMI in this period. But recently I am facing very bad experience from ADCB. I had change my job recently, and on 16/3/17 I submitted all documents like new salary certificate, new visa page...

ADCB / holding end of service amount

Apr 12, 2017

ADCBLast 10 years I am dealing with adcb with good relation with both side, I never made default in emi in period. But recently I am facing very bad experience from adcb. I had change my job recently, and on 16/3/17 I submitted all documents like new salary certificate, new visa page, passport...

ADCB / noc letter

Jan 30, 2017

I am trying to get an NOC letter from ADCB for the last two weeks and after speaking to multiple people in this organisation, I can't figure out what the process is. Every person seems to have its own ideas. I kept on asking what I need to do, and still not sure when will I get. I only...