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Walmart check cashing services are not what they advertise them to be.

Walmart uses Certegy Check Services to verify that checks are valid and boy is that company a joke. They declined a payroll check for me today from a well known national company. When I called to find out why I was declined with reason # 2, I was told it just happens sometimes that the company checks get flagged because similar checks were no good and they would not approve them because then they would have to guarantee payment to Walmart if the check you presented was not good. I researched their website also, wow, you can get a gold certification just by downloading an application and giving them all kinds of personal information on yourself and maybe (just maybe) you won't be declined as much. Yeah right, like I am going to give them all my information, take a look at the form if you want a good laugh. I have never had a bad check in my 60 years and I certainly hope now that I was declined a payroll check cashing that my personal checks do not start being declined, I write so few of them anymore, but I would sure be livid if it starting happening. A class action lawsuit is what is needed against this company.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mar 04, 2019 7:04 pm EST
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Just so I'm clear...

1. My employer is out of state (State of Oregon).
2. Yesterday Bank of America had no issues cashing the check, I just wanted a lower fee, but didn't want to drive all the way to Walmart. People across country complain about traffic in their cities, but when I can read 3 chapters of a text book in traffic going 14 miles away...California has a reason to complain. So all the driving I have done was INSANE.
3. My hypothesis regarding Certegy robbing from the rich ... is just that. Because I live here now. And not everyone in California is even close to rich. But, compared to the south, yes.
4. There is the consumer protection bureau which really is a shell. The BBB. Also a shell. But, then... you might get somewhere with the FDIC.
If you can't afford an attorney or they are stalking you like a Scientologist.

Any class actions... please...I'll testify for no money.
[email protected] jane doe.

Aug 27, 2016 3:13 pm EDT

You guys are certainly not out of line in being upset, at least in many of these stories... however I am having trouble understanding how you think that Certegy is "scamming" you in any way?! They aren't getting paid when they decline your business (in fact at $3 and $6 they're hardly getting paid when they do!) and for that reason it is a bit difficult to bring a suit against them trying to claim that they are somehow colluding and profiting from denying your checks. I do despise Certegy myself, and for more than one reason, but someone needs to explain how they are profiteering offor of NOT cashing your checks and therefore not receivingredients aNY money for their efforts. It sure is frustrating, agreed fully, but unfortunately it's not in any way a scam or ripoff. I wish you luck but feel that you are best off finding a better check cashing business. In my own experience there isn't anyone even close to competitive EXCEPT for the bank who your check has been issued upon, as most will easily verify validity in house - being theiron own accounts - and charge just slightly more than Walmart does.

Mar 04, 2019 6:33 pm EST
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Replying to comment of JK36

Not when they are out of state. Certegy has no right to decline a check based on the information of the person cashing a payroll check when it is the employer who wrote it and if there is something wrong, will be the party who bounces it. It is completely unfair that employees are judged for their companies' payroll policies which they are sure to know causes them a huge issue.

I had to spend my weekend and most of my Monday trying to cash a paid time off check because walmart declined it in their system with no error code. They told me to go to another Walmart, that day I did. The second Walmart told me it was because my employer used a PO Box as their address. This is not my fault.
Then Saturday I spent the day going to grocery stores, already declined. Then, today after being declined by Bank of America, very humiliatingly, even though I'd just been there yesterday and decided to go to Walmart because their fees were 8 bucks versus the 3 if I just drove a bit more out of my way. Yesterday was a go at BofA today I was treated so horribly, I went out to my car and cried.
Then, got mad and started my search for a way to cash my check again.
I am standing at California Check Cashing and it will cost me 15 bucks out of my paycheck to cash it if they do. I'm still waiting. But this check was my 1st month's rent in California.
ACTUALLY I've been here since December 11th and I'm from the south... people are not all "hang loose" and "take a chill pill." They are deplorable and mean. And I find it ironic that most of this thread about Certegy is about the west coast. Because we had them in the south too. But the hefty complaints are coming from Washington, maybe Oregon, I think I read or maybe cos I lived there too and they are an angry bunch too...but then I know I saw specifically a bunch from California.
So the person that posed the question what does Certegy get out of this? They are not getting 3 to 6 bucks per check. That's Walmart's fee. The contract between Certegy and Walmart is something completely different. And we know nothing about.
There could be bonuses for Certegy for declined checks. Their could be other major incentives behind closed doors. Because it seems BOTH Certegy and Walmart knows where the money is... and it isn't a waitress check in some podunk town in Kentucky still making 2.13 an hour plus tips. It is the West Coast waitress 10.25 an hour plus tips...that could be the difference?
Everyone out here on the west coast assumes you have money in excess whether you do or don't. So it could be an issue of Certegy wanting their bonuses or incentives from Walmart from who they perceive as rich.
Then the people at the store level are just too stupid or lazy because they don't want to work. No one out here does. They make too much money to do an actual JOB. So it seems like collusion when it's probably certegy and walmart is too lazy to listen or at CORPORATE level they are too damned cheap bc even with all the extras certegy owns I guarantee they were the lowest bid!

Jul 17, 2016 10:24 pm EDT

Shame on you Wal-Mart! The biggest retailer has obviously forgotten where they came from their humble beginnings. and Certegy you guys can suck it you ain't getting any of my information. declined cold one today when I went to cash a check for 3 grand from a verified and legitimate new york-based company and these effing crooks embarrassed me for what reason?!? So i would call and possibly give them information about myself or the company who wrote the check? Pretty sad that this is how the world is run now, with the lever pulling man behind the curtain, controlling the lives of honest hardworking men and women of integrity. Wal-Mart is just as guilty for standing along side these constitution defamers, down the trail of Marxist tyranny, into the Valley of the morally degenerate Elitists and founders of the NWO, to be psychologically and pubically sodomized. Sign me up for a lawsuit against these frauds

Jul 14, 2016 7:03 pm EDT

Both Walmart and Certegy are FRAUDS!. I was trying to get my money back from a money order I bought last night. They called in the money order to "see" if it was cashed. IDIOTS you are holding the money order and stub in your hand. What part of that would be cashed. Then they give me a piece of paper stating why they can't cash this check (reason: 2). I have returned money orders in the past, without the hassle. However, this is the very last time I am ever going to deal with Walmart. Then you call the number on the paper for an explanation and after 20 minutes of a recorded voice saying he doesn't understand your answers you get to talk to a human being, and they are more waste of you time. She reads you a script that offer you no solution to your problem. Why can't I get a refund for a unused money order. I believe Walmart and Certegy are in cahoots and the public needs to stop spending their money in THAT store. CRIMINALS!

Feb 11, 2015 4:00 pm EST

certegy is a joke! This just happened to me today! I stood in line for over 30 minutes just to be told that I my check won't cash! I am going to the bank from now on to cash my check


certegy almost made me ###ing starve to death cause they couldnt verify that my alaska personal fund dividend was real i have cashed the same check at wal-mart for the past 5 years, now all of a sudden reason number 2. they kept asking what bank is it from, i said its not from a bank the payer is the state of alaska, here is the federal id number. now im stuck in a god forgiven state with no hope of getting back to alaska. i was dependant on this check.

Jan 23, 2014 2:05 pm EST
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Agreed. The Certegy - Walmart partnership is a legal scam. I purchased a MoneyGram money order from Walmart.
They did not use the Certegy system when taking the 800.00 cash for the money order. The money order was later
returned by the company (details not relevant). Called Walmart and was advised that they could refund the money
order with display of money order stub, receipt and Identification. Went to Walmart, and they soon recognized us as
regular customers because we had paid several bills, purchased money orders etc. at this location. We located stub,
and the manager was able to search database (we knew approximate time of transaction) and print the receipt. Now we
had everything and was approved for refund. They processed the refund and was denied due to a Certegy Code 2.
Certegy has nothing to do with Cash transactions for purchasing money orders. However, they have everything to do
with Walmart's ability to deny a refund of a money order purchased at the same location. Do not purchase a money order
at Walmart. If it is returned, you cannot get a refund if flagged by a system that had nothing to do with the original transaction.
In addition, we could not locate a bank or check cashing service that would provide a refund, effectively holding money hostage.
I was advised that direct MoneyGram refunds can take 30 to 60 days to expedite, which (if true) is completely unacceptable.
I plan to contact the local news channel "ripoffs team", as well as popular consumer advocate groups about this legal scam!
It is sad that the laws of modern society will again tolerate such an abuse of the system .. . all in the name of security.
Requiring an ID to vote is profiling, but refusing a refund due to an irrelevant third party is fine. Something to think about ...

Nov 24, 2013 11:25 am EST

I was told they couldn't cash my check because it didn't fit my typical patern of cashing checks. They said there is no negative reason, just that it didn't fit my pattern. PATTERN?!?!?! I don't have a pattern. I never cash checks because I have direct deposit or I deposit them into the bank. It was a holiday and the bank was closed so I thought I would use Walmarts feature of cashing a check. This is RIDICULOUS! This make we want to do all of my shopping at Target (where you don't even need to keep your receipt for refunds)! Walmart REALLY needs to reconsider this company or standard for considering check cashing. BAD BUSINESS MOVE!

Feb 11, 2011 5:46 pm EST

Geese Stealth, seems like you have personal issues. What happened, boyfriend or husband leave you? You have a very nasty disposition. Wouldn't want you as a co-worker. Your probably a housewife who never had credit. Go back to your 3 dollar an hour job and quit putting people down.

Feb 09, 2011 8:56 pm EST

First off Stealth you probably work for walmart or know someone who does and are just pissy, get your facts straight not all people that do not have checking account have bad credit some people dont have enough credit to go to a bank and get an account through no fault of their own and have no other way to cash a check other than going to walmart or a cash advance place. Walmart has gotten way to big and the staff with exceptions of some are RUDE! Just because you think you are better than everyone else does not mean you should catorgorize everyone here as theifs or crooks or one that have crappy credit..geeze some people make me sick!

Jan 24, 2011 7:23 pm EST

I tried to cash a jackson hewit anticipation loan check at walmart, jackson hewit tax service advertises for walmart check cashing, not only did they give me a code 2 decline, after getting my name, date of birth and ss# etc. I tried to cash it somewhere else and was going to but the other check cashing place said that the check was verified already and it was no good because walmart verified it to cash but didnt cash and I had to get the check re-issued which will take who knows how long.

Dec 10, 2010 1:21 pm EST
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I ran into the exact same thing today at our Wal-Mart in Federal Way Washington, after cashing numerous Payroll checks every two weeks suddenly I was refused by certegy because the check was suddenly flagged as a "risky" check. These are payroll checks from a national restaurant chain and all of the sudden they are bad? This is a joke and I am thoroughly ticked.

Sep 24, 2010 10:28 pm EDT

After just dealing with WalMart's Sraighttalk phone service, and being told that they considered me a thief...and apologize for the misunderstanding...I return to have my payroll check cashed. Yeah, I was an idiot. The woman had shut down 6 minutes early, and when I asked for a manager, she asked what I was trying to do...and decided to go ahead and run me. I was relieved. Then...this Certegy crap! What did they a credit cash a PAYROLL CHECK!? When I called the number given, I got an automated system that basically told me that they were protecting WalMart from the likes of me! A man is entitled to an honest day's pay. IF they claim to cash payroll checks...that is what they need to do, and cut the bull. I could have went to HEB, and been done with it. If there IS a class action lawsuit...Jason Carr ([email protected]) Contact me...I AM IN!

Sep 23, 2010 9:56 pm EDT

I went to Walmart in Elk Grove Ca. They told me they dont even cash checks. Ok im African American so hey. I went to Orangevale Ca. and a lady took my check in the back and threatened to call police because she said the routing number didnt match the bank. She didnt know that my bank was bought by another bank. I asked for an incident report because she refused to even run it but then a manager came and said that the cashier said I had threatened her (which I did not). I just left. It wasnt worth it. Walmart and its employees will wind up getting them sued. I cant wait.

Jul 31, 2010 9:41 am EDT

Wal-mart did the same thing to me today. They refused to cash a payroll check that they have been cashing for years. They told me to use their 'Partners' check cashing firm across the street (for $30). This smells like a scam and I am reporting it to the BBB.

Jul 28, 2010 11:24 am EDT

Yes I had the same issues with cashing checks I had previously and never have I had bad checks in my life either.

Apr 29, 2010 5:25 pm EDT
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I too have just been declined for reason 2, when I called I was told that it was for fraud prevention and met their requirement to be flagged. They also stated that I may or may not have this problem again. I have been cashing this same company check every Thursday for the last 2 years and loading my debit card. This was ultimate humiliation
after standing in line around 30 minutes, then being made to feel like a criminal. If Wal-Mart continues to use this company, I wonder what kind of company is Wal-Mart. I also feel that a class action suit should be brought against Certegy Check Services.


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