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Check denied!

To whom it matters:

On Friday, March 30, 2007, at approximately 2:40p, my personal check # 14235, in the amount of $150.48, was denied by Sears Store #02311, in Norman, OK.

This denial of processing my check was absolutely ludicrous! The account has been active for 20+ years with absolutely no checks previously denied by Sears, OR, for that matter, any one else. The account name on the check is: DEMUTH FARMS, which has been in existence for over 98 years, which has always dealt in a fair & honest manner.

Apparently, CERTEGY CHECK SERVICES system is faulty and needs an immediate fix to eliminate situations such as described above. You provide no protection for me that I cannot address myself and I will avoid stores in the future which use your check services system. In addition, I will alert my friends and neighbors to CERTEGY CHECK SERVICES and how it could affect them. Put that under your bonnet for what good it does.

check approvals - this is not consumer protection - this is fraudulent!

I had an experience this past weekend, similar to one that I read about on your website. I wrote a check at a Home Depot. The check was denied, with no explanation. I was eventually told to contact Certegy, the company that approves the checks.

Certegy had no information that would suggest that they should deny a check written from this account, other than citing that the amount was a large amount ($600), while I have thousands of dollars sitting in that account.

They offered me an opportunity to fill out a Gold application that would give them additional personal information about me, and would allow me to write checks from this account. I have no plans to do so.

This is not consumer protection... this is fraudulent. I have made a complaint to the FTC. I am also looking for other government agencies to look into this. I have seen other complaints about Certegy on the internet.

  • To
    Tommy Jordan Jul 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar incident with Certegy, both on my own and with a client. I posted it on my blog awhile back, and I'll provide the link if you're interested. I'd like to see these guys get shut-out of the check verifications business completely!
    My post about them is located at:

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  • Te
    Ted Aug 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Besides the FTC, you may want to file a complaint with your local attorney general, and with the attorney general of the state Certegy's home office is in (Florida?). There is no excuse for this kind of blackmail/bait and switch tactic of refusing checks and then asking for a fee to not refuse them. It sounds like a "protection" scam fun by the Mafia!

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  • Te
    Ted Aug 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a link to the Florida Attorney General's office to file a complaint about Certegy. Any readers may also want to google "certegy class action" to get the addresses of law firms considering class action suits against Certegy.

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  • An
    ann-onymous Aug 14, 2007

    Find out what info Certegy has on file about you:

    UNITED STATES - Consumers - Certegy Check Services Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act ("FACT") Disclosure Request Instructions.

    How to Request Your Free Annual File Disclosure from Certegy Check Services:

    The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, usually referred to as the FACT Act, gives consumers the ability to request a free copy of their file from any consumer reporting agency once during any 12-month period. Certegy Check Services is a “specialty consumer reporting agency” under the FACT Act and maintains a toll-free telephone number for consumers to request a copy of their file.

    To request a copy of your file, you can call our special toll-free number 24 hours a day. The toll-free number to request a copy of your file from Certegy Check Services is 866-543-6315. This is an automated system and you will be asked to enter your drivers license or state ID number, date of birth, checking account number, and zip code using the keypad on your touch-tone telephone.

    Please note: Before calling Certegy to request a copy of your file, have your check and drivers license or state ID card in front of you. Since drivers licenses and state ID’s may include letters as well as numbers, the automated telephone instructions will ask you to “convert” any letter to a number. For your convenience, these instructions are also presented here:

    * First press the “#” key on your telephone keypad - this tells the automated system that the next entry will be a letter.
    * Then, press the key on your telephone keypad that contains the letter you want to enter.
    * Since there are several letters on each key, you will then need to tell us which specific letter appears on your license by entering that letter’s position on that key.

    For example, if your license number contains the letter “K”, you would first press “#” , telling the system that you are going to enter a letter, followed by pressing “5” since that is where the letter “K” appears on the keypad. Then, you would press “2” since the letter “K” is the second letter on that key. This is illustrated below:

    If we cannot validate your identity over the telephone from the information you give us, you will be asked to mail your request.

    Also, if you prefer, you may mail your file request to Certegy rather than using the automated telephone system. If you write to Certegy to request your free annual file disclosure, you will need to include a copy of your drivers license, a voided check, and a tax or utility bill to verify that you are entitled to the information that you are requesting. Send the request for your file disclosure to::

    Certegy Check Services
    P.O. Box 30296
    Tampa, Fl. 33630-3296

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  • An
    ann-onymous Aug 14, 2007

    Possible class action against Certegy:

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Resolved I just cant imagine that this is legal!?

I will try to cut right to the chase here.....I wrote 2 checks that had insufficent funds. One was for shaws supermarket and the other was home depot. Before I even noticed that this had happened, my bank account was empty, and my statement showed several checks with the number 9999. Upon further investigation of this issue, (which took FOREVER because not even the back had a clue who this company was), I realized that they had made up their own checks with my account number on them, and taken money from my account. Since I was never informed of this by mail, phone or email, I was very upset! I understand that when you write a bad check, you have to make good on it, and pay fees, but this company didn't even give a chance to make it right, nor did they inform me of their plan to tap into my account.

Because I had no knowlege of these transactions, I didn't have the cash in the account to cover these "made up checks". My records show that they sent a total of 11 of these checks through my account, and finally when there was money in the account, they recieved their payment. But because this was done completly behind my back, I also accrued over 300 dollars worth of bank charges because I didn't have the money (or knowlege) that these check were going through my account. When I finally was able to get a hold of the CPRS or certigy or whatever they call themselves, they told me that it is completly legal for them to take money from my account without my knowledge or permission because I had wrote a check at one point.

They said that I should have read the fine print. Where this fine print is, I have no idea......I responded by saying "so if shaw's supermarket wanted to put in their fine print, that by writing a check with them, they can take my first born child, that that too is legitimate"? Bottom line: I know that when you right a bad check, you have to pay the company back, plus any fees, and I am happy to do that, but I feel that this company stole from me. It is scary that this company was able to gain access to my money without permission. Furthermore, I when I spoke to this company the other day, they told me everything was now payed up to date. I asked them for a letter stated that all accounts were current, and they would not take any more money from my account regarding these two checks. The man that I spoke to said "there is no way that we'd ever send you something like that".......I just cant imagine that this is legal!?

  • Vi
    Vicki Lee Jan 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been some kind of victim of CPRS, too - I'm just now trying to find out what kind of victim I've been. They've been calling my cell phone for a month - at least their robot has asking for my "CONTROL #", which I don't have and then asking for my checking Account # and routing #. And they think I'm going to give that to them?? I have no bad debt that I know of - anywhere. Another very strange set of events - my credit card that I've had for about 6 years at a fixed 6.9% interest rate - all of a sudden - today - went to 31.49%?? And of course, it's a weekend and I can't get in touch with my bank (too late in the day) or CPRS or my credit card.

    Aren't any Federal Agencies watching this store?? C'mon - we've got a company going right into our bank accounts and it's NOT the IRS and it's all okay??? ~~ V

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  • Ro
    rogersmith8 Apr 14, 2011

    They ruined my credit report when i wrote a check that bounced. I have no idea how they got a hold of my social security number. They guarantee checks and work with most big name companies like Walmart, Home Depot, etc. After the check bounced they put a lien on your credit report. It cannot be legal, but they get away with it probably by making large campaign donations lol.

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check authorization denied for no reason

I had my check denied at two big box stores this week. First at Circuit City and then at Best Buy. Thi...

improper check stoppages

Certegy is used by companies such as Sun Glass Hut and Walgren's for check review during purchase. Certegy uses incompetent methods do determine the validity of a check despite the validity of a check, the checking account or the bank. What Certegy denies is approved by another check service vendor on the same day.

Writing checks to pay-as-you-go v. charging everything on cards is punished by Certegy.I need info on how to force change on Certegy so that check purchases are properly dealt with.

Will consider law suit.

Calling Certegy @ [protected] provides no relief.

  • Ma
    maria May 21, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes!! Belcrest Lending Services has taken my money they say that they need a 6 months deposit for a $5000 which it is 930.00 so i send that my by moneygram and still up to now no money and no way to get a hold of them... Please if you can help us... that been scammed and been stolen of money. How can we get that money back??? HELP!!! HELP!!!

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  • Un
    unseed Oct 27, 2009

    I was forced to use my credit card to pay for items purchased from Target on 210th street, Westgate Mall on October 20, 2009. The check was not accepted for a reason that did not make any sense. It was said that they are keeping a close check on one check that was overdrafted? I checked with my bank that everything was okay with my account. I have more than enough funds to cover the check. I had just sent a seven hundred dollar check through Best Buy. I reason I feel was invalid. This seems to be some kind of scam going on using Target

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  • Mi
    Michele Nelson Apr 04, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This place is a shim sham outfit and it will end up closing stores who use them their methods are so scewed its not funny.
    had an incident happen to me at Kohls dept. store went to check out and gave them a check for a small amount of $150.00 my check was denied with a novel written on the back the cashier tells me to call the number on the back she has no other info to offer up. How embarrassing in over 30yrs. I have never had this happen to me, I was livid to say the least. After one hour on hold I finally talked to someone, had to give her all info on check and more, I told her if I give you all this info you can tell me why this check was denied oh sure she says, well after about 10minutes of screwing around, she says oh I can put you on a VIP list I said screw the list lady I'm pissed off why was this check denied plenty of funds in acct. to cover this?! she starts to read something from a manual like a robot I blew up and said you are NOT telling my why??? at that point I told her to destroy any info I just relayed to her I will never shop at that store again they just lost a customer for Life! I called the manager of the store and gave her a piece as well, said hope your happy running good paying people off! then I called my bank and reported them all! and to be on the look out for scam... yes calls action suit I'm in!...

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