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Complaints & Reviews

check refusal

We attempted to purchase music equipment at Sam Goody and was told our check was declined by Certegy. I called Certegy and got no where. I was told our check was declined due to a potential fraud, even though the supervisor, Joe?, stated he could see numerous checks from out account that had been cashed in the past. All I got was embarassment and fustration - no real explanation as to why the check was declined. Always a "computer decision" but no real answer. Certegy has POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE - too bad so many merchants use it. Be careful were you shop!

  • Nb
    N Breese Dec 17, 2009

    I just arrived home from shopping at Target for Christmas. I have had the same checking account for over 30 years and have shopped at Target since they came in. After loading my cart I wrote a check for $163.01 -- not close to 1% of what I have in my account. With many shoppers around me, I was notified my check was refused. Of course, the clerk had no idea why.
    I then spent 40 minutes on the phone waiting for assistance from CERTEGY, the company that refused my check. The recording stated it was refused for my protection against identity theft, so I knew I wanted to speak with a real person. No real person ever came on the line.
    I am furious that any system is capable of willy-nilly refusing my good check. At this point I don't know where to go or what to do. I will try again tomorrow, but I have a gut feeling I will not get a good response. If anyone has been able to successfully fight this unfair practice, please let me know.

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cashing check at walmart

This company has the most ABSURD methods of verifying checks ever. I attempted to cash my check at Wal-mart...

declined government check

I took my son to Wallmart to cash his SSI check. The clerk ran the check through twice, declined. He had...

declined payroll check

My husband and I received his paycheck in the mail. We went to Wal-mart to cash his check. He has cashed them there before. The check declined. We found out they are using a service called Certegy. We call the number on the little stub they gave us and we are told, by a robot, that there is no derogatory history that isn't allowing the payroll check to cash. Something about the check fits a profile.

The recording asks if we have further questions and we responded yes. The robot hung up on us anyway.

I don't know who this company is, but this is absolutely unacceptable. They have cashed these checks in the past. We don't go use Wal-mart often, but we are in need of groceries and items that are necessary at home and we are unable to purchase them. This check is drawn on an out of state bank, so going thru a regular bank isn't an option. It would take 2 weeks to clear the funds.

Who is Certegy? Why can't you speak to a real person, and why do companies such as Albertson's and Wal-mart use such an unreputable company?

  • Oj
    O.J. Juiceman Feb 24, 2010

    They Suck Wasted My Time & Gas Trying To Cash A Check F--k Certegy. Walmart As Well.

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  • Ge
    George Nov 05, 2010

    Like countless others, I was denied check cashing at Walmart due to Certegy's determination it was fraudulent. This was a check from a national insurance company servicing 46 states and DC. I've been receiving a check similar to this particular one from this company every two weeks for over 14 years and have never been questioned as to it's legitimacy.

    Also like others, I was embarrassed and fail to understand their directive to "take it to another check cashing facility." It's obvious they are not in the business of helping, but will drive customers from the very businesses in which their scanners are installed.

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inability to speak to a live certegy personal

I need to contact a live person to set up a payment plan for all my returned checks my bank charge my for, I...

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edd risk check???

About a week ago I went to Walmart to the vision center department to get some lenses, but had some trouble with my transaction to be approved, I had to called twice the Certegy Check Services # [protected] and finally on the second time they approved it. Well today I went to the Service Center to cash my Unemployment check for $475.00 and was unable to do it, I called the Certegy Check Services again and they told me they were unable to authorize my transacion based on that the check I was holding from the State of California, The Employment Development Department it was a risk check... and in the future checks I get or issued will have 50% probabilities to be denied. Can u believe this???? This is very frustraiting and definetly I don't agree with the way they do bussines.

  • Zs
    Z_Shakur Mar 05, 2010

    Last night I went to a local Walmart store to cash my EDD checks for the previous 2 week period. Two checks for $380. I was told by a Walmart employee that they could not cash a check from the State of California based on the info provided to them by Certegy Check Services, so I had to scramble around town at that late hour (about 8:15pm) to find a Check Cashing place, where I would be twice the $3 check cashing fee that Walmart advertises.
    The next day I contacted Certegy and talked to both a customer service rep and a supervisor in the same department. They told me simply that the check--and not my identity or past check history--were the cause of the decline. They told me that the EDD check fit certain "patterns" that their computer looks for in detecting fraud or identity theft. I found it hard to swallow this crap as these were truly state checks that I have cashed for the last 3 years at check cashing places, Union Bank, Bank of America, and US bank. I asked them, because supposedly, according to the Fair Credit act, I have a right to know what it is that they think they know that specifically caused the decline. Certegy stated that the "check patterns" looked for are "proprietary" and that no one knows them and those who mioght know won't disclose them to me!!! So in other words, I was declined based on some phantom "patterns" in a government check, based on the decisions of a MACHINE operating on secret or unknown programming---which means I have no effective means of recourse. I mentionned that even in American jurisprudence, an accused person has the right to face his accuser--but not with Certegy. With Certegy the computer reigns, a man is reduced to a dependent, slave, and has no way to clear himself or even know the reason that his reputation is sullied in the largest retail store in America. This is very frightening to me and should be equally disturbing to everyone reading this, that Walmart has given decision-making power over the lives of its customers to a machine whose program is secret between a few and a mystery to most---and is completely fallible and INACCURATE as it was in the case of my measley EDD Unemployment Benefit Check. But above all, Certegy itself, must be seen with the highest level of suspicion and distrust.

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  • In
    IN THE WIND Jun 13, 2010



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denial check cashing

I went to Wal-Mart today to cash my state tax refund, when the check was denied. Mind you, I cash checks every week for child support at Wal-Mart with out any problems. I was given a little slip of paper and told to call the number listed on the paper. When doing so I was run thru a series of automated mumbo jumbo that made no sense as to why I was not allowed to cash my check. After 1 hour on the phone I finally got to a human. She asked me some personal info and then told me that this decline was nothing I did but it was to protect my identity and Wal-Mart against fraud. She asked for my SSN and my drivers license and my DOB, she also verified that it was a US GOVT check and it was valid. I was happy to know that someone was watching out for little ol me. She then told me she would add me to the VIP list and that it would be 15 minutes before I could cash my check with out any issues. WELL!!! I waited 1 hour and then tried again, FAIL!!! I get the same piece of paper, and this time I am not as friendly with them. Upon another hour on the phone, I am told that what she did has no effect on my cashing ability at Wal-mart. I was told that since someone has already cashed a check some where else in the US close to the amount (not exact) of my check, I would not be able to cash it. That since over the last 13 months of check cashing I had not cashed a check equivalent to the 1 in my hands now, and that over the last 13 months I have cashed well over the amount however, not in 1 single transaction. And the fact that the US GOVT issued me this check has no meaning to this company. I was talked to like I was a common criminal who is printing these checks in my bathroom and trying to pass them off as the real deal. Needles to say, Wal-Mart was unaware of this, (or the people at mine) they were very upset and said there should be some sort of signage that states they could attempt to cash your check, however this crap-shoot of a check service may decline you since they feel like they run the world of checks. On another note, If you google them, all you can find is complaint after complaint...I think Wal-Mart needs to rethink their business partners.

  • Pm
    PMS206 Feb 01, 2010

    My sister when to Walmart today to try to cash a State check and was also denied. She's also been cashing these same checks for almost a year with no problem. Got the same slip of paper to contact Certegy.

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  • Je
    jenbob220 Feb 16, 2010

    I got the same thing today and the woman behind us said she called Certegy and they "overturned" the security decision and said for her to try again. She was denied the second time too and over the phone I was told that they cannot overturn those decisions and that I was out of luck since it checks for fraud and "sometimes" good checks get flagged as fraudulent. wtf! I was told to go to the bank that issued the check..uh...THE UNITED STATES TREASURY????? Idiots!

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denied cashing of payroll check

I could not make it to my bank before it closed so I took my payroll check to Wal-Mart to have it cashed. The...

decision to decline check

I visited a walmart on 1/17/2010 to use thier check cashing services. i was declined for no apparent reason...

check cashing decline

On 01/16/2010, I went into my neighbor Walmart's to cash a check issued to me from the Pennsylvania...


I have been a customer of the local Publix stores for numerous years and have written numerous checks and never had a problem until 01/09/2010 when I attempted to write a check in the amount of $51.00 at the customer service desk as I do very often so I dont hold up the lines at the register and was told I was declined due to Certegy which was VERY EMBARASSING. I called Certegy and got nothing but a run around. Why now is my check no longer good enough for your company? I have checked Certegy out and found numerous complaints, class action law suits for theft of information and fraud. As long as Publix is using Certegy and my checks are not good enough for you I will refuse to shop at Publix and will be notifying people by word of mouth and using my online resources to tell everyone not to shop there until you stop letting Certegy make your business decisions for you.

  • Pa
    Pauline Hoyle May 11, 2010

    I tried to cash my check at walmart in Bolivar it declined my check also, I tried to load it on my debit card, which is a Walmart card, I was embaressed to it was a Government check, I have never had a problem cashing my check there until today...Concern [email protected] Pauline Hoyle

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denied check cashing

On December 26, 2009, after waiting til after christmas to receive a state unemployment check, I went to Wal-Mart to cash it. I have done this for months since being laid-off from work. I was denied. Was given a number and address to call or write to request information on why I was denied. I called twice and never spoke to a human, all automated. When I put the transaction number in the first call, I was told it was not valid. The second call I was given a very unclear explaination. There is a reason code number on my receipt of denial handed to me by Wal-Mart upon denial that day. I've had to look at the complaints from others on the web to find out what the code meant. I am proceeding to write them to request the denial explanation in writing. I will advise later how this attempt concludes. From what I experienced and I'm sure others have as welll, Certegy is out of control.

  • Ca
    Cameron Aug 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been cashing my payroll checks from the same company for almost a year at my local Wal-Mart. I started working every other Saturday, and now the so called 'fraud prevention department' is declining my P/R checks because the extra $75 is an 'abnormal discrepancy', or at the very least that's my best guess based upon their vague reasoning. Twice in a row now, with the same excuse, "We can't override the rejection, our fraud department won't let us. Cash your check somewhere else." And so I did, not without complaining to Wal-Marts' money center, which was a complete waste of time. Talked to some overseas person that could barely speak English, and was reading from a script. Horrible service all the way around.

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  • Ni
    nibbles Dec 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    First, I did not write the check; my employer did.

    Second, I have written them at Wal-Mart several times. Never has one of my checks been declined (no reason for them to be).

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  • Jo
    joie2000 Apr 18, 2009

    Well I have been to Wal-Mart to cash a check that I had gotten back from the college that I was attending and the cashier tried to cash it but it wouldn't let her so it spit out a piece of paper with a # on it for me to call, so I did and the lady from Certegy told me that she could not override mine either. But she also scared me to death by telling me that a pattern was showing up and it was showing identity theft. I freaked out!!! I'm still freaking out. She didn't give me much information but that I could cash it somewhere else. But I need to know if my identity has been stolen or not. This is ridiculous and a shame that these people would do this to people. I agree with the lady that suggested a class-action lawsuit because it has stressed me out so bad. I mean I'm so worried now that my identify has been stolen and I don't even know how to find out if it has been.

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  • Cw
    cwalk Feb 14, 2010

    Today I went to Walmart in Taunton Massachusetts to cash my paycheck. I was also declined and given an automated BS reason stating basically since it's the first time I have cashed a check at Walmart I can't cash a check at Walmart??? WHAT?? This company is a crock and has clearly caused tons of aggravation and embarrassment to millions of consumers. Companies that use Certegy are paying Certegy to lose business! Something needs to be dine how long can people continue to be given the run around. Has the better business bureau gotten involved??

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  • Ma
    Margaret Ann Mckinney Dec 11, 2010

    To whom it may concern
    my check was declined at dollar general what check number do u have on file
    i want to get it paid so i cn write checks at dollar general again
    margaret mckinney

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declined check

I wrote a check to Steinmart at 51st and Harvard, Tulsa, Oklahoma, for $238.10 that could not be processed...

would not approve check

Today I went to Cracker Barrel and was shopping in their gift shop to purchase some things for my Grandson. I did not have my debit card with me and asked if they took personal checks. I was told yes by the cashier. I spent over an hour picking out some items for my Grandson to ship to Maryland. When I checked out the cashier said my check was not approved. I asked him why. He said I don't know and called the manager. The manager gave me the number to Certegy. I tried to call them and could not get thru to anyone to assist me. Their machine said to go to So when I got home I logged onto that website. I entered all the required information and the stupid message said they did not have any negative information in my file, but there were patterns and some other blabbering stating there was no reason they could give for declining my check. The same thing happened to me over a week ago when I took a payroll check to Wal-Mart to try and cash it. I got the very same message. What in the world is going on. They are like some evil conglomeration that no one can get thru. My Mother has shopped at Wal-Mart for 30 year and had the same thing happen to her. It is like some communist take over. I don't understand. What do you have to do to get thru this???? This is the exact message I copied from their website:

We understand and apologize for any concern caused by your check not being authorized. Certegy carefully analyzes patterns of check writing activity designed to protect consumers as well as our merchants from fraud, identity theft and unauthorized usage. While the majority of check authorization requests result in approval, there are occasions when a valid check matches these patterns, resulting in a decline. This decline was not a result of any negative check writing information, but as a preventative measure. These situations are rare and should not affect the authorization of your checks in the future. Please be assured, this has been conveyed to the merchant.

  • Tr
    Tracey Granger Dec 30, 2009

    I moved to Houston on 11/14/2009. There has been a problem getting me my debit card so I have been writing checks. No problems, never had one declined, until all of the sudden on CHRISTMAS EVE, my account is frozen for suspicious activity. I have shopped at the same places since I got here and lord knows I am no stranger to PetSmart. (Where I wrote the suspicious check) I called twice and got two different stories. The first one was that since it was a new account and my bank wouldn't verify third party I was being declined, second story was that it was for suspicious activity. Well thank you for trying to protect me but I had already written $1000 in checks in the last week and now, all of the sudden they find something suspicious about a squeaky toy and a doggie sweater. I called my bank that following Monday and they were supposed to take care of it. I am on the phone right now trying to find out if they did. Why can't these people think for themselves. I already know why my check was declined, I just want to know if it's been fixed. I am sooooooooo tired of having to go through all of this everytime I call just to see if the problem has been taken care of. I think this is the most ridiculous service. I wonder if the merchants realize how much money they are losing from actual consumers who are really trying to purchase . Oh, I just found out, it will take 10-14 days to update my account. So, through absolutely no fault of my own, I am cut off completely from my funds. Thank you Certegy and thank you Credit Union!

    1 Votes
  • Ar
    Arkansas10 Jan 02, 2010

    My daughter just turned 18 and tried to cash her check at Walmart and they were unable to cash it. She was given a number to call certegy. So she called and it told her her SSN was not on file. Of course it would not be on file since she has never cashed a check before.

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  • Ra
    rachealnt Sep 11, 2010

    I went to safeway last night to buy some personal items. Just a couple of things. Sum total 25.17$. I got declined. I havent bounced a check in forever and that was taken care of (a bank error). So there is no reason for this stuff (insert explitive).

    When I go to their website all I get is no records found. But they are stopping me from writing checks. I can not get them on the phone either.

    Someone needs to stop these guys. This is rediculous!!


    1 Votes
  • Pw
    pwillia53 Apr 30, 2011

    I agree with the above. Since this is a bunch of ### you can let jc Penney's know I will not be shopping at their stores anymore. I can have $800.00 just sitting in my checking account and they stil will not accept my check. So, why you call yourself protecting the merchant, ask them what about losing a faithful customer for or 20 years. Secondly, I plan to put this information on facebook and let everyone know that JCPenneys is doing this and boycott their establisment.

    1 Votes
  • De
    DENFRANK Aug 06, 2011

    I went to wal mart to encash my check and this stupid certegy said my check cannot be encash for some kind of amount and saying not within their why keep letting walmart say we can en cash our pay roll checks if this certegy does not approve...

    hey certegy GO TO HELL YOU are fooling the people...

    0 Votes
  • Te
    Teresa Steen Mar 21, 2012

    I went to Lowes last night picked out all my stuff 807.59 worth and they declined my check when I know there is lots of money to use. I asked why was told to go home and call the 800 number...did that and was told I dont meet their go online to certegy...I did that and there still is not any new info...what the hell, is my money not good enough???

    0 Votes
  • Is
    IS THE COMPANT LIDGIT Sep 21, 2012

    Went to Wal-Mart to cash my payroll check and it was declined saying it was fraudulent. How can a payroll check be a fraud. Wal-Mart and all the other companies need to check into this company before they lose a lot of good customers.

    0 Votes

check denial

We would like to complain about this company, Certegy. Today we had a fellow David from the Geek Squad come out to fix our computer. When he was finished we asked him if he took checks and his answer was YES also major credit cards. We wrote out a check as he said, making the payment to BEST BUY with my license number and DOB. Later while I was out David came back and spoke with my husband saying that our check was denied and that we would have to pay by credit card which he did and David returned our check. I would like to know why our check was denied. When we made the appointment with Geek Squad we had also asked the fellow on phone about payment and he said a check would be fine. What if we didn't have a credit card what would we have to do then.<br />
We know we have excellent credit as we had our credit checked in May of this year when we bought a car. Buying a car is an extreme expense in compared to having our computer fixed. We would like to know what this Company's problem is. As a consumer who has spent alot of money for different things at Best Buy They should be made aware of how this company treats their consumers. This whole transaction made things very difficult for both David and ourselves. Best Buy should find another check clearing company.

collection of debt with return check between january 2004 and march 2009

Post card received by mail stating they'e collecting a return check processed by Certegy to collect...

return check fee for payment rec'd

In error my bank returned a check to Belks Department Store. I was told by a customer service rep at Belk...

junk risk management

Check declined at retailer. Turned out they were working from an erroneous report by a database service (Early Warning Services). They refused to change anything and referred me to the database service. Database service indicated that they will continue these reports for 90 days, despite appeal. Wonderful business plan: aggregate junk data and ignore complaints. I've informed the retailer (ToysRUs) that they are losing busines (in this economy!) due to their use of junk risk management techniques.

declined checks

I shop at Walmart at least once a day and sometimes twice a day. Every time I shop at Walmart, I write checks. I ventured out of my norm & decided to shop at Target. On October 28, 2009 I wrote a check for $158 and some change & my check was declined by Certegy. I was extremely embarrassed & used my debit card (obviously the funds were there). On October 30, 2009 I decided to try Target again (mainly because I was puzzled, could never get someone on the phone to talk to at Certegy & because of the great deals) and wrote a check for $100.14 which was accepted. On November 1, 2009 I shopped at Target again for some after Halloween sales and wrote a check for $26.54 which was declined! I again used my debit card (because again, the funds were there). I will also be filing a complaint with Target & after being embarrassed twice at their facility, I will no longer shop at Target and stick with Walmart.

  • Un
    unfair results Sep 15, 2009

    I have written 3 checks in the past month, the 1st one in August - declined, 2nd one on Sept. 4, 2009 both written at Finish Line. After the 2nd check I asked for the company that declined it phone number. I called and spoke to one of Certegy's Representative - Joyce on 9/11/09 @ 3:37pm. When I explained my situation and gave her the informatioin to look up in the system, she found that there was no history of outstanding checks, NSF checks, or anything that would be a problem. She said that these checks are done randomly and that some of the numbers on your check matched other numbers for possible fraudulant check writting. I asked her if nothing was found under my name then why are my checks being declined, she said that this is just random. I then explained to her that if I write another check that is declined I will be calling back and that Certegy has purposely put my information in the system to decline. She explained that is not how it works. It just happened on 9/14/09 me and my husband went to AJ Wright, a store that we always shop at and write checks, never had a problem with writing a check prior to this day. And when I asked the sales associate the reason she gave me a piece of paper with a number to contact and WHO KNEW it had CERTEGY on it to contact. This right here is ***BS*** and do not understand this companies way of processing or randomly checking the checks and what right they have to stop someone from writing a check that has never had a problem with writing one to both these companies. I feel like if a few of us get together for an action lawsuit we could win. Certegy is an unfair company that thinks they can do what they want and get away with it. I will file an official complaint to whomever I need to get some type of attention. A very angry consumer

    0 Votes
  • De
    DebHil09 Dec 02, 2009

    Unfortunate dustinsmommy2009-Walmart uses Certegy as well, so don't be surprised one day that they don't do the same there. It is not the store, it is Certegy. I am not defending Target, for I work at Walmart and I have seen it happen.

    0 Votes

denied check due to profiling

On 10/31/09, I recieved a home equity line of credit with a new check book to use. I Went to a Lowes store in...

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