Certegy Check Services / Walmartdeclined to cash a payroll check at walmart


My fiance' went to Walmart to cash is payroll check tonight (July 15, 2009) . He'd been with this company for 2 weeks, and had cashed the first check with no problems. The Certegy check services gave a code / reason 2 / refusal to cash his company payroll check. We call the automated Certegy Check services line (phone number [protected]) and the automated system apologized for any "inconvenience" and said the check was good and everything was ok, and they were "Sending the Merchant" approval for the check cashing... The Walmart money center workers said it refused it TWO more times... and would lock it out of the system for 24 hours on the third refusal. This is Bull [censored] with a capital BULL... My fiance' was livid. We called the Certegy check services after ALL THREE refusals to cash his check and each time the automated Certergy check services system apologized and said everything was OK AND was sending the merchant approval... THAT NEVER HAPPENED and we came home angry and without his check cashed. This is ROOK, with Certegy and Walmart. This happen a time or two before with him at his previous employment... We spoke to a live Certegy representative named Jennifer, and she assured us there was nothing wrong with my fiance' or the check and that the check just happened to fall into a pattern that looked like it might possibly be a faudulate check pattern, so the system rejected it and it should have accepted it the second and third times, and not refused it... but now that we had tried three times at Walmart we would need to cash it at another check cashing location. THIS IS UTTERLY REDICULOUS !! Why do we, the public have to put up with these insults and stupidity? We are just Trying to live and manage, and should not be subjected to this kind of CRAP. Walmart seems to be worse and worse with this sort of thing and this certegy check services should have their operating license revoked.


  • Ol
    oldschool305 Jul 24, 2009

    Same BS happened to me last night, but I got reason code 1. I just started a new job two weeks ago and I've always cashed checks at Walmart without any issues until last night. I assume it has something to do with my employer's payroll. I'm am super pissed!!!

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  • He
    heather T. Sep 05, 2009

    well at least they tried to cash your mine here in ga refused to cash all checks on a friday night because they said they were really slow this week and didnt have the money

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  • Ag
    agoodapple Sep 11, 2009

    I have tried to cash my payroll check 2ce at walmart, both times declined, reason #2, cause it has the same pattern as a possible fraudulent check. It is a bummer. There is nothing wrong with my check. The people in front of me, both times had been declined, also. I wonder if it is a conspriacy, so we'll cash it someplace else, and then to get it onto their visa, we have to pay $4.24 or whatever crap that is.

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  • Si
    simplyEarthian Nov 30, 2009

    Its isnt the person at walmarts fault, If the machine rejects it THERE IS NO WAY TO OVERRIDE THAT. Customers dont get that workers cant make the machines do whatever we want them to. And calling workers stupid? Obviously you have never had to work retail, because you sound like a ### who expects everyone to bend to their will, sorry, cant happen.

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  • Je
    Jenny12 Dec 15, 2009

    Walmart has no control over that. It is the certegy check service. They are the ones who approve the check or deny it.

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  • Ka
    karancivia Sep 16, 2017


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  • Ju
    Julie MS Jan 05, 2010

    I agree this is BS. I think maybe Walmart should find a new service. To help them realize they need to, call the store head quarters and tell them you refuse to spend any further money in their stores if they dont fix the issue with this checking place. Shouldnt have to join some Gold club to cash your check or to make purchases.

    Shop somewhere else.. Kick the merchant the guy who hired this company in the wallet.

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  • Mn
    mnangn Jan 11, 2010

    This happen to me i have never been able to cash a check at walmart i've work at wendy's and target now and they give me the reason code 2 i talk with some one on the phone and they saw it's nothing to do with me but some of my co worker have no problem cashing their check i think they are secretly profiling people they should use another service i have no problem cashing my check at publix but they have a 500 limit and i have never wrote checks so i know that's not the problem. I 'm going to complain to walmrt headquarter about the situation.

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  • Sa
    sara1066 Jan 28, 2010

    If you don't like the way wal-mart does their check cashing then go somewhere else. Get a bank account and cash it there. Quit complaining about stuff that the wal-mart employees can't even do anything about. Wal-mart is the cheapest place besides a bank to cash anything...just be glad they aren't charging you 10-20% to cash a check. Get over it.

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  • Cr
    CR X13 Feb 17, 2010

    I had the experience of having an extremely rude clerk when cashing a check at Walmart and she, after one attempt, handed me the receipt with the number to call saying it was declined. I figured it was something out of her control so I would just go home and call them up. After talking to Certigy I find out that the clerk entered the amount of the check in wrong and this caused it to be rejected. No apology was made by Certigy on behalf of Walmart and when I returned to cash it no more than 30 minutes later the girl asked if Certigy said why it was rejected. I politely (not rudely at least) told her that it was rejected because she entered in the wrong dollar amount and she then acted surprised when it was approved after doing her job correctly. Still she made no effort to apologize or make up for her error in any way. I guess that's what working at a dead end job does to a person like her.

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  • Bo
    Boludo87 Apr 07, 2010

    I work at Walmart and trust me, it's not our fault. The system will refuse the check if Certegy refuses it. We can't do anything about it. We always say the computer is boss.

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  • Ol
    Oldschool3O5 Apr 08, 2010

    @Boludo87 ... You're absolutely right! At first I was upset with Walmart mainly due to the clerk's attitude and her lack of clarification but eventually learned that it is 100% out of their control. It is Certegy... Some employees should be more empathetic towards customers and explain that they use a third party (Certegy) and for unknown reasons the check was declined. The lady who I spoke with just said, "Sorry, your check was denied." Handed me a receipt and said 'NEXT CUSTOMER'. Very rude.

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  • Su
    summerbreeze Apr 08, 2010

    Well I have had them refuse to even try to cash my check at all. Saying they don't cash checks on night shift they should not have a commercial stating other wise if you ask me!

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  • Un
    Universaltorment Apr 19, 2010

    Okay so you tried to cash it several times at Walmart and the customer service line you called said the check was fine. Instead of whining about a machine rejecting it, wait till the morning and take it to a bank. Problem solved. That is unless your trying to buy a load of drugs or a car in the
    middle of the night, I think your going to be okay until 9 am.

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  • Ko
    kowaionna Jul 07, 2010

    In this day and age everyone is struggling to pay bills and living paycheck to paycheck, so the comment about needing the money to buy drugs in the middle of the night is nothing short of ignorant. I also had a bad experience with Walmart but I do realize it was not the clerk's fault for Certegy's faulty system. Having worked in retail for most of my life, I do agree that Walmart is not to blame, however implementing basic customer service skills is all I ever expect from someone working, CUSTOMER SERVICE!

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  • Su
    susanmdavis Jul 17, 2010

    wqalmart has no control over what checks go through or not. Why get mad at the clerk its not there fault

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  • Ch
    chadswife81 Nov 27, 2010

    You obviously have no clue when you have a child that wakes up at 2 am and needs medicine or diapers or formula you do what you have to do sum of us are not fortunate to be able to WAIT so if you have never in your life had a need in the late hours you have no right to talk that was a very rude and not very well thought through comment. I am a mom and have had to live paycheck to paycheck so I know how it feels! Again if you think that a child needing a bottle at 2 in the mornig can wait... I pray you don't have the opportunity to be blessed with children!

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  • Sw
    swaf Jan 24, 2011

    I tried to cash a jackson hewitt anticipation loan check (jason hewitt advertises for walmar check cashing) and after walmart got my name, date of birth, ss# etc. The declined to cash it. When I went to another place to cash it they said that walmart already verified the check and that only they can cash it now making the check worthless. I had to get the check re-issued.

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  • Ra
    Rainbowsockz Feb 03, 2011

    Some people have noted not being able to cash checks at Walmart because they have no money, or because it's the overnight shift. I hope, as a cashier, I can shed a little light on this. For the first instance of Walmart having no money... sometimes we run out of cash. Not like a register, but the entire store (including the cash office where registers can "loan" cash from). I've cashiered during such Friday-evening-crises, and can only advise someone to approach each cashier and ask them if they have x-amount in their till to cash your check. Maybe you'll get lucky, or maybe Walmart is broke and cannot physically pay you for your check.

    For the second instance of it being an overnight shift, this is essentially the same situation as Walmart running out of money. Once registers have been emptied for the night, employees are locked away in the cash office to balance all of the tills. No money enters or leaves the cash office until the next morning. That means whatever cash if left in a till is all that cashier has until the next morning. That's an entire shift on one till. As a cashier, that's frightening. Different stores may have different policies, but I would not be surprised if some stores do not allow check cashing after the overnight has started. In fact, some Walmarts have "Money Centers" that close at 9 pm, and the registers are set up so cashiers couldn't cash your check if they wanted to.

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  • Op
    openyourmindsA-holes Mar 09, 2011

    1st of all... i dont know why people were getting all pissy... the original post blamed the check service and NOT wal-mart...i never saw anything about wal-mart employees being stupid or to blame. 2nd of all, sometimes it IS their fault. clearly posted online, on their commercials and on their in-store signs... its says they cash tax refund checks up to $5000, when we went to cash ours, for $3596, they told us it was $96 over the limit and they couldnt cash it. they said the $5000 limit was ony for jackson hewitt tax anticipation checks ( which is NOT mentioned anywhere). ok... what ever... the cashier has to follow rules... even if they are [censor]ed, no blame on her right?... except i called 3 different wal-marts and they ALL said that they could cash my u.s. treasury issued tax refund as long as it was less than 5000 and hadnt been tampered ( they have to verify its the real deal). NONE OF THEM had ever heard of any $3500 limit of any kind. all of these wal-marts are located in the same city, their rules couldnt be that different. and guess what... WE WERE SCREWED. do you want to know why? not because we wnted to buy drugs in the middle of the night... but because my husband lost his job last year and we have 2 kids and we have been barely surviving... we lost our home and are having to live in the spare room of his cousins trailer (all 4 of us!) our credit situation is such that we have been unable to open a bank account since our previous ones were closed. we had 85, 000 a year once upon a time, now i am crying over a 3500 check, because its ALL we have. it was supposed to be direct deposited onto a pre-paid card, but there was a mistake and so we had to wait for a check, literally on our last legs...and it finally comes.. were on our last diaper... we have only enough gas to get to wal-mart and back (and yeah... it kind of HAD to be wal-mart... they charge $6! versus the next cheapest $107.90) and they wouldnt do it... now i dont have gas to get there and cash it, now that i KNOW that they really DO cash checks over $3500. so while i have worked in retail most of my adult life... and i appreciate that the cashiers ae not USUALLY to blame... they are sometimes. and that girl was a dumb [censor] and is responsible for my baby sleeping tonight with his butt wrapped in a dish towel and my fridge being completely empty. so... THANKS [censor]

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  • Ac
    ActAndSaveUsAll Mar 31, 2011

    Damn, I don't understand how you people can see the plight of others and still have the nerve to talk [censor] about them. We're all broke, The System is Broken, The last thing we need is to be treating each other like [censor]. [censor] the system, not other poor people.

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  • Mi
    mikecal May 24, 2012

    Certegy's is at the complete fault Walmart needs to dump thier butss hard and fast

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  • Ma
    MAD ANGRY CITIZEN Mar 26, 2013

    I just recieved my IRS tax refund and it is refusing my check. I got a "REASON 1" blah blah I don't know. this doesn't make any sort of sense. I have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Little petty mistakes like this can not be reoccuring, I could get evicted from my home. My children could starve. All I get for this is a " sincere appology" and that is supposed to make it allll better.. This is absolutely ridiculous. I swear if they do not get to the bottom of this so called problem I will somehow sue the company for everything they got. We're already working our sweet ### off for a tiny penny. The government doesn't care ONE BIT about our lively hood, we're simple another 9 digit number that they believe OWE them something for being alive. Who are they?! Why are they so god damn special? F**K THIS B*LLSH*T! I will not stand for this. They will not have their filthy disgusting money grubbing hands over us like this anymore. Jesus Christ himself is appauld at the fact that we use money as a source of value. f*** THE SYSTEM, AND YOU TO OUR LOVING HUNK OF JUNK PRESIDENT!!!

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  • Mo
    mommyofone Dec 24, 2013

    Certegy has done the same thing to me and won't cash my checks and keeps giving me a BS answer.

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  • Mo
    mommyofone Dec 24, 2013

    Certegy has done the same thing to me. I have tried cashing two different checks from two different accounts and they keep giving me the same b.s. story that there's nothing wrong with the check. If there's nothing wrong with the check, then why won't you cash it? DUH?!?!?!?

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  • Sa
    Samuel Watkins May 25, 2014

    Don't blame Walmart or Certegy. If you are not happy then go to your personal financial institution and cash your checks there. Or better yet, learn how to set up your payroll check for Direct Deposit.

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  • Ho
    Hot in Washington Jun 05, 2014

    I admit I don't write many checks as the debit card is easier, I recently had the card compromised so was forced to write a check, I have a 795 credit score and many thousands in the bank and was refused by Wal-mart in Washington NC. I shop there may times a month and spend a substantial amount with Wal-mart Certegy Check is not a good one to deal with.

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  • Fi
    Fixitnow Jun 14, 2014

    I blame walmart for hiring Certegy

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  • Ma
    Madame jay Aug 02, 2014

    This whole "clergy" system has pissed me off. They couldn't even give me a reason when I called. But told me they can't override walmarts decision. I'm now interested on where this crazy call center is located. Because having that job would be easy money, just tell the customer "IDK" and end the call. How do I apply?

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  • Co
    Connie Morgan Aug 18, 2014

    Same thing happened to me I'm filing a complaint with Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General and BBB. I might file a civil law suit because I was not informed a third party was going to be given all my personal information "Certesy" without my authorization.

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  • Qu
    "mad Jan 16, 2015


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  • Ma
    Maryluz Jan 26, 2015

    I have been cashing my payroll checks at Walmart for 7 years now and today I couldn't cash my check because of some poor excuse of a system that Walmart uses to decide whether your check is good or not! I felt degraded by Walmart and Certegy. When I telephoned Certegy to ask them what was reason #2 the supervisor I spoke with told me that it had nothing to do with the bank that issued the check. It more had to do with 3 reasons, the sequence of numbers on the check, my check cashing history being too frequent and the signature on the check. None of these things made sense to me because she already said it had nothing to do with the company or bank that issued the check in fact she really didn't know what to say after that, so I asked her to send me the reasons in writing to me as indicated on the slip given by the store clerk. I then told her that I would have it revised by my attorney being that the reasons for the denial to cash my check were hideous since I had been cashing my check there for the past 7 years. I then ended the telephone call and will follow through with my attorney to see if I was discriminated against in any way and take it to the next level, that being a law suit against Walmart's and Certegy is in order to stop this fraudulent act to deny people of their choosing when ever they want. without real cause.

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  • Kr
    Kris C Jan 31, 2015

    Same thing for me. I purchased a money order AT WALMART for $995.00 with CASH to give my college aged children for groceries and rent. Certegy spit out that stupid reason #2 BS on several attempts. Called got the stupid lady who I could not understand as her english SUCKED!!! basically reading from a script ### answers. Sequence of numbers, check cashing history and some other ### answer. Call Moneygram. They say check is good and has no HOLDS on it. Go back to walmart and have my RECEIPT, stub from money order and the money order. They blame certegy. I told them I purchased it from WALMART with CASH show proof with receipt and believe they need to refund my money as it is no different than purchasing a $995.00 Samsung TV from them. In my situation THREE managers took my daughter and I into a room where they attempted to talk to certegy and the managers were frustrated with certegys ### run around. They also called money gram and found the money order was FINE. I do not hold the employees of walmart responsible. WALMART is RESPONSIBLE because clearly I am not the first person to have issues like this. And for anyone wondering I don't have thousands in the bank to just get more cash. I am stuck with a money order that I can request a refund from through MONEY GRAM but will take 45-60 days.

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  • Na
    Nate05 May 31, 2015

    I find it funny people relying on walmart to cash your check. if you have mouths to feed and bills to pay then you should of thought about that before relying on walmart. if you cant get a bank account then you obviously owe the bank money or trying to get out of paying your debt.

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  • Br
    Brittany Edwards Sep 07, 2015

    I took a check there from a dealership, not a payroll check, that was from a refund and they wouldn't cash it. I then took it to another check cashing place and they wouldn't cash it because Walmart wrote on it. I am beyond livid.

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