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SunTrust Banks, Inc.

1 Park Pl NE
United States - 30303-2904

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 786 8787(Customer Service) 17 6
+1 800 382 3232(Online Banking, PC Banking, Bill Pay & Mobile Banking) 3 2
+1 800 854 8965(TDD) 1 0
+1 800 447 8994(Report Checking Account Fraud) 2 3
+1 800 786 8787(Lost or Stolen Card) 17 6
+1 800 443 1032(Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy Filings, Real-Estate Owned & Short Sale Inquiries) 0 1
+1 877 596 5407(Credit Bureau Disputes) 0 6

SunTrust Banks Complaints & Reviews

Suntrust Banks / advertising

Jun 08, 2019

The advertisement that is ran here in Georgia specifically Stone Mountain Georgia does not represent the African American community. Question, do you have African American, Brown, and Black employees, and customers, if so why are they represented in your commercials? It's very important...

Suntrust Banks / online banking

Jun 08, 2019

I have had accounts with suntrust for many years and have had a great relationship. I really have had no issues, except... On line banking. Suntrust has always been my go to bank. I am currently in the philippines and have been for awhile. I have had to call every single time to be able to...

Suntrust Banks / deposit returned to overdraw my account

Jun 03, 2019

This is a continuation od Case #4350876, Debra Wells. After many calls a supervisor, Laurie clled me o tell me $47, 160.36 was sent to BOA> How can this happen with insufficient funds. BOA can charge me. I began an investigation on the deposit BUT April 15, April 24, 25, 26 with calls thi...

Suntrust Banks / suntrust are cooks

Apr 24, 2019

1st you can't understand nothing these people say. My account has a hold and SunTrust will not allow me to close the account. And give me my balance on the account. I hate this bank. They have all these rules. It's unbelievable. I can't close the account but can't used this account and...

Suntrust Banks / hold on an irs refund check

Apr 24, 2019

I deposited my refund check yesterday and today get a notice saying they are holding for 7 days. When I called and finally got a supervisor on the phone he said he would see what he can do. He came back and said that their internal department said that they has INSIDE KNOWLEDGE that the...

Suntrust Banks / rude, uncaring agent with lack of knowledge (need more training) #20191050817410

Apr 19, 2019

04/19/19- I spoke to an underwriting agent today named Eric. His whole tone was rude and uncaring. I applied for a Suntrust Credit Card and was offered a prepaid card instead. He said that it was because of a recently filed bankruptcy and I tried to explain to him that I did not recently...

Suntrust Banks / access to my accounts locked

Apr 18, 2019

I have on numerous occasions this year log-in option locked. I am using the same computers, and iPads, the same passwords, and this account is 17 years old. There is no reason why I have to get a one-time code everything I have to go into my account. This is unacceptable and then they lock...

Suntrust Banks / hard inquire

Apr 04, 2019

Hello my name is Dalton Pearsall and the purpose for this letter is recently I have been hit with a Hard Inquiry from Suntrust Atlanta that I didn't make, nor did I give permission to BMW of Florence to contact Suntrust Atlanta for Financing or any other Service. I am making this Dispute...

Suntrust Banks / banking

Mar 08, 2019

On 3/4/19 I opened a checking account for $6, 500 with a Wells Fargo check from my existing WF account. I was changing banks due to poor WF service. They take the check open the account and the WF account pays the check the same day. On 3/8/19 I get a form letter telling me that their is a...

Suntrust Banks / deposit accounts

Mar 03, 2019

Worst ever. On 1/14/19 I had an ach debit on my savings account for $2, 000.00 thankfully I caught it in time before it posted to my account. I went into the branch opened a new savings account and requested that no ach debit or credits be allowed on this savings account. On 2/25/19 again...

Suntrust Banks / about my account

Mar 02, 2019

I have been having a problem with me account in a no debit for about a month now I have been calling the person who put my account in a no debit for about 2 weeks now she will not return my calls but its so funny she talks to the banker but no account is in an no debit after the fraudulent...

Sun Trust Bank / local branch error

Feb 27, 2019

Monday Feb 25 2019 10:15 AM Did a wire transfer with the local branch. The manager signed off on the wore transfer. Told the staff the wire needed to be done before 9:00 Am on Tuesday or it could cost me thousands in penalties The wire was to a bank in the US so this would not be a problem...

Suntrust Bank / atm

Jan 23, 2019

The Suntrust bank on 101 S. king dr. charlotte NC. The ATM always has problems not working. I try to get cash out the machine it says temporary unavailable. when I call the branch the teller is rude and not nice. I just try to report the issue but it seems like it get on the teller nerve...

Suntrust Banks / atm customer service

Jan 18, 2019

On 1/18/19 in the morning in the branch on Lakeland Highlands road in Lakeland Florida, I was depositing a check in the ATM while the ATM started flashing computer code and held my card so it would not come out. I had to go inside the bank for help because there is no call for help button...

Suntrust Banks / check deposit

Jan 13, 2019

This complaint is in reference to the checking account of Kathryn and John Turman, 8814468305. Both of us are old enough that we must take RMDs out of our IRAs at Fidelity. I (John) have been writing checks to SunTrust for two years for up to $20, 000 to be taken from Fidelity Investment...

Suntrust Banks / transfer of charity by emily craig

Jan 12, 2019

I received a mail from your branch mail id [email protected] Michael Bradley payment director wherein it is stated that one Emily Craig has deposited some amount in my name and now they demand transfer of same. Please verify whether they were your branch's ground staff or some...

Suntrust Banks / check ordering

Jan 03, 2019

I ordered checks from the company linked to Suntrust around the second week of December 2018. Checks for me and checks for my husband — we have two separate checking accounts. About a week ago he got his checks, but only 1 book. I still haven't received mine. I ordered 100 checks for each...

Suntrust Banks / online banking

Dec 14, 2018

On December 6, 2018 I emailed bank reciting that a stop payment be placed on check in the amount of $400.00. I spoke to a customer representative again to ensure that the stop payment was placed on this check. Several emails were sent regarding this matter online. I then responded to these...

Suntrust Banks / online bill pay for my mortgage

Dec 10, 2018

Suntrust website will not recognize any of my information. I can't log in. Customer service doesn't get me what I need. All I want to do is pay my mortgage. Why is that so difficult? This is about the worse customer service I have ever experienced. Today is 12/10/2018. It's now 12:30 pm...

Suntrust Banks / credit card charges

Dec 06, 2018

First... telephone communication WITH TWO Suntrust representatives.. totally Failing... must be in Central America or Southeast Asia.. Disgusting... The Goal .. was to block a credit card charge... by a company? .. who has been blocked in the Past... and With whom I have had NO busine...

Suntrust Banks / notary service

Nov 30, 2018

Went to SunTrust for notary service on the property that was being sold. We called ahead of time to make sure they would do the notary. We were told to be seated upon arrival we waited Until someone asked who needed a notary service done. We were asked to go to her office and immediately...

Suntrust Banks / notary service

Nov 30, 2018

Went to get notary service for a property that is being sold we have an account and also called and checked ahead of time to make sure they would do the notary. Upon arrival we were told to be seated and someone would be with us shortly...45 min later a lady asked if we were the one who...

Suntrust Banks / home equity line

Nov 15, 2018

I have had a home equity line of credit with Suntrust bank for over 14 years. There have been numerous occasions where Suntrust took it upon themselves to take monies from my checking account for late payments.I have called because this is not legal! I have never signed anything stating...

Suntrust Banks / visa prepaid gift card

Oct 30, 2018

I was bought this card in September. It had a £25 amount on it -although it cost £27.50 I used it once for £6.00 .have never been able to use it again . It is part of the gospendit group . I cannot register the card - as it says there is an error, which means I cannot ring them as I'm...

Suntrust Banks / overdraft fees

Oct 26, 2018

I had a transaction for $5.05. I had $3.65 in my account leaving a red balance of $1.40. They charged me a $36.00 overdraft fee the next morning because of the $1.40 balance. If this isn't highway robbery, I don't know what is...How can the government allow these unfair business practice...

Suntrust Banks / check cashing

Oct 23, 2018

I went to SunTrust Lake Miriam Square in Lakeland Fl to cash a check from a company to myself. I have a safety deposit box at Suntrust I pay for yearly yet they still charged me 7.00 for not having an account. I feel this is poor business when I complained to the Mgr I told her that she...

Suntrust Bank / service

Oct 23, 2018

I've been a client with SunTrust since 1980. I go past 5 different banks to get the SunTrust in Radford. All because of the people I have worked with for years. Tuesday October 9th after a holiday I visited the branch and needed help with anyone at the desk. Christy Bird who ha...

Suntrust Banks / car payment refunded to the wrong party

Oct 22, 2018

My name is Chrystelle Bitteng. I was a co-borrower on a car loan with my mother who was listed as the Primary. Since the loan acquisition, we have not gotten along. I basically made all the car payments by myself. I was able to refinance the car, with the help of a power of attorney that...

Suntrust Banks / check you sent me bounced now I am charged a fee

Oct 15, 2018

There is no where on the face of the check that says the check must be cashed by a certain date, when I called to complain about it, I was told a check could be reissued but you can not reimburse me for the 6.00 this is crap, its your fault there was nothing on the check saying it would...

SunTrust Bank, Smallwood Shopping Center Waldorf MD / teller

Oct 09, 2018

On Sunday, 7 October around 3:45 I visited the SunTrust Bank at Festival Shopping Center, Waldorf MD. When I went into Safeway, I approached the customer service counter and asked if the nice lady (black female with salt & pepper short afro) if she could break a few bill down for me. She...

Suntrust Bank / none delivery of check and lack of service to resolve.

Oct 08, 2018

Lost check (recent) details below. Lost check (years ago) still unresolved. Details upon request. Account:...1785. Recent lost check. Supposedly sent by suntrust bank to my client, mr ben nogueras. Amount: $3, 200.00. Not received by mr nogueras so we reported to suntrust in order to stop...

Suntrust Banks / online banking

Oct 06, 2018

I have been banking with Suntrust for more than 15 years and I am out of country and live in Seoul, Korea now for work. There has been any problem of using site for my online banking from Korea. From about 2-3 weeks ago, however, I have not been able to get access to my...

Suntrust Banks / release of funds

Oct 05, 2018

In a beneficiary of unclaimed funds that Allison dukes CFO IS supposed to be in charge of releasing and I'm sickened that I have had no correspondence nor have i received my funds its extremely unprofessional and its not reflecting at all well on the company and it's necessary to contact...

Suntrust Banks / checking account

Oct 04, 2018

I am a very new customer with suntrust bank (5-6 days) I downloaded the mobile app to deposit money into my account due to not having my debit card yet. On October 3rd I deposited a check via the mobile app and was notified via email on October 4th that the check deposited into my account...

Ex SunTrust Bank Teller / mistreatment

Oct 02, 2018

SunTrust started out as a good place Until you show your not a dumb African american than it's a problem I've worked my tail of at that company and can't move up I've even worked full time with the impression that I was receiving it only to be told oh ur will happen in...

Suntrust Banks / I am complaining about transfer service

Sep 22, 2018

- at 10/09/2018 i received email from suntrust bank by email address : [email protected] - they told me about transaction. Ms Laura Wilson transfer me $1100 to buy my goods. But today is 11 days, i still not receive money. - this reason: it's breakdown, ***...

Suntrust Banks / customer service process

Sep 21, 2018

I have this SunTrust account # 1000139542491, since 2007, established in Miami Fl. I have been a resident of Orlando, 2017. I have never had any issues with SunTrust ever. I arrived to SunTrust bank located at 1999 S Alafaya trail Orlando Fl. 32828 on 09/17/2018 at around 2:45PM. Thi...

Suntrust Banks / online banking

Sep 10, 2018

Opened a new account on 9/8/2018 and was sent a email for the registration for online banking. Was not able to access it kept getting a error message the system was busy. I have been calling into the market Street Johnson city, the 37601 branch for 2 days and keep getting forwarded to a...

Suntrust Banks / dispute

Sep 08, 2018

About two weeks go I called SunTrust to inform them about some payments that was not authorize. So they put in a claims for me and told me that an investigation will happen find no problem a week later the gave me a provisional credit. After a week later they took the provisional credit...

Suntrust Bank Panola Rd / customer service

Sep 07, 2018

On Sept 5th I went to the Sun Trust Bank on Panola Rd. I had the worst experience and I was embarrassed by a teller that represented herself as the manager. She was very rude and unprofessional. She made some derogatory statements about making my black ass wait to another teller. I...