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SunTrust Banks, Inc.

1 Park Pl NE
United States - 30303-2904

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 786 8787(Customer Service) 6 1
+1 800 382 3232(Online Banking, PC Banking, Bill Pay & Mobile Banking) 1 1
+1 800 854 8965(TDD) 0 0
+1 800 447 8994(Report Checking Account Fraud) 1 0
+1 800 786 8787(Lost or Stolen Card) 6 1
+1 800 443 1032(Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy Filings, Real-Estate Owned & Short Sale Inquiries) 0 0
+1 877 596 5407(Credit Bureau Disputes) 0 0

SunTrust Banks Complaints & Reviews

Suntrust Banks / banking / back draft issues

Chris Tatem on Apr 20, 2018
My name is Chris Tatem and my wife's name is Ashley Tatem. We have been banking with SunTrust for over a year now and have had no problems until recently. We woke up to a negative checking account March 30th of almost $ 1, 900 due to SunTrust allowing Sprint to push through a $1, 970...

Suntrust Banks / select savings - stole my money

Chelsea Taylor Weeks on Apr 13, 2018
SunTrust advisor encouraged me to open a savings account saying that our mortgage qualified us for a special account but that everything was waived except the additional $25. We agreed over the phone for her to move the money into the account. Nothing was said about that I had to put $25...

Suntrust Banks / unauthorized charges on my debit card posted to a suntrust credit card

Amostats on Apr 10, 2018
After paying my suntrust credit card payment on the due date. Suntrust took it upon themselves to make five additional payments three days later for $75.00 a piece which overdrafted my account. After speaking with five customer service agents within one hour and a half they told me they...

Suntrust Banks / teller window procedures

ddriley on Apr 4, 2018
On 4/3/18, my wife visited a Suntrust branch to conduct a large withdrawal. She was withdrawing $8000 from the bank in cash and had to conduct the transaction at the window where others are in plain view and hearing. While others may not know the amount, you can somewhat get an idea if you...

Suntrust Banks / my money is gone and account is blocked!!!

CJauna Williams on Mar 26, 2018
I just opened a select savings account on 3/21/2018 I deposited 3, 200 in cash on 3/22/2018 I tried to log in to set up online account and view my account I could not get through I called customer service for them to tell me to go to local branch my account is closed and blocked there is a...

Suntrust Banks / employee (kelsey smith) (brohan tealak)

Eddie Horne on Mar 26, 2018
I would like to first say I would love to sue this bank. Simply because I was almost thrown in jail because of this employee and also former employee Brohan Tealak of the Gaskins Road branch in Richmond, VA. We lost our home currently live in an extended stay. I have lost work...

Suntrust Banks / initial hold then an extended hold.

meka328 on Mar 21, 2018
Thursday March 15th, 2018, I got paid and decided after great hesitation due to what had happened two weeks before on 03/02/18 when I deposited my check through the SunTrust ATM machine ( first time they held it) that I will go to the bank it was from to cash it . The next morning (Friday...

Suntrust Banks / customer service.

Gemini2meg on Feb 28, 2018
Suntrust, I have been banking with you for years. Lately, you've stepped up your security process. Thanks. However, I've been humiliated with declined card transactions and today at brunch I cannot sign into my mobile banking. I call to rectify the situation and your customer service...

Suntrust Banks / unexplained fees

Me and my husband filed bankruptcy, one of the creditors place a garnishment on our account. My attorney and the creditors attorney submitted all the paper work that suntrust stated they needed to remove the garnishment...4 days later they still have my money on hold. they are also...

Suntrust Banks / terrible customer service

Joshua Flemming on Feb 26, 2018
Hello I was at the bank in Marietta Georgia on Whitlock making deposits into my account I have 60% of a $20 bill that my dog chewed up and upon making the deposit I asked if they can accept it the lady at the next window over said it had to be 60% I showed her that it was 60% she then...

Suntrust Banks / overdraft fees

tez18 on Feb 22, 2018
Suntrust is doing shady business, they will try and hit you with as many overdraft fees as possible. If you have 100.00 in your account and you make 2 transactions, both totaling 100.00, then another later that afternoon for 101.00. Suntrust will then, after 9 pm move the charges around...

Suntrust / nsf fee for 6 cent oversight

Joanna Samford on Feb 21, 2018
Charged 36 dollars for a 6 cent oversight. Called customer service had a 20 minute wait time was told too bad. This is not right and they are very smug and so sure that they are right in ripping off their clients.Been a customer for 17 years. Word of advice do not use this bank they rob...

Suntrust Banks / rude bank teller

72525168188263 on Feb 15, 2018
I was in SunTrust bank in College park( 5600 Greenbelt Rd, College Park, MD 20740) when I had an issue with one of the employees. Obadu, was the manager on site. The name of the rude teller was Esther Caster(Just to be clear, Teller Coordinator). I wanted to takeout $100 which puts my account...

Suntrust Banks / the customer service

Earodz on Feb 9, 2018
I went to my local suntrust and the teller there is so rude! I just opened my account and she is so rude. I went to just deposit my check and the way she spoke to me is VERY rude. I would like to speak to a district manager or a regional manager someone who's in charge of this area. Thi...

Suntrust Banks / cash rewards

Martha Nelson on Feb 9, 2018
In January (I believe it was on the 11th and on the 17th) i requested twice that my rewards be cashed out and put into my checking account. I am told the money went into a wrong account. I don't know if I gave the wrong number, or someone in the bank did. It doesn't matter. I have been...

Sun Trust / account freeze

Tayework on Jan 30, 2018
My complaint was not resolved. It is generated by the complaint board to which I tried it in vain to correct it. I went to the office and talked to supervisor of fraudulent department and they say the other fund will be available today but not sure of rescinding the account freeze. To...

[Resolved] Suntrust Banks / freeze my account by suntrust

Tayework on Jan 29, 2018
Dear mrs/mr On Jan 21 2018 I deposited a check from bank of America in the amount of 755.55 on subsequent day I deposited another 2500 from Associated Bank. Because this particular deposit was found to be fraudulent the bank initiated an investigation and my account has been frozen. I cannot...

Suntrust Banks / cleveland, tn locations

Pamela Jansen Brown on Jan 27, 2018
We opened our account because the location was close to were we live and the other location was not to far out of our way. Now both of those locations are closed and the new branch is on the other side of town in a very very busy part of town. We will be closing our account and opening up...

Suntrust Banks / agent service

Katiem_9 on Jan 26, 2018
We went to the Suntrust branch on Wickham Rd in Viera Florida. The girl working the drive through (medium long curly hair and glasses & wearing a white shirt with a floral pattern) greeted us with such a bad attitude that my husband and I both were very offended. The girl is extremely...

Suntrust Banks / this bank closed my account and holding my money

Anger pissed customer on Dec 30, 2017
You guys are the worst company ever you guys shut people's accounts off without even telling them people are going to go to use their card and get embarrassed because it's going to get denied even when they have money in their account because you guys shut accounts off without telling...


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