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SunTrust Banks Customer Service

178 Reviews

SunTrust Banks, Inc.

1 Park Pl NE
United States - 30303-2904

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 786 8787(Customer Service)
9 4
+1 800 382 3232(Online Banking, PC Banking, Bill Pay & Mobile Banking)
2 2
0 0
+1 800 447 8994(Report Checking Account Fraud)
2 1
+1 800 786 8787(Lost or Stolen Card)
9 4
+1 800 443 1032(Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy Filings, Real-Estate Owned & Short Sale Inquiries)
0 1
+1 877 596 5407(Credit Bureau Disputes)
0 5

SunTrust Banks Complaints & Reviews

Suntrust Banks / checking account fees

Beppie on Jul 21, 2018

I have had a checking account with your bank for 15 pls years. Throughout those years as i'm sure you can see I had some financial pitfalls that allowed your bank to acquire multiple overdraft charges etc. I left this account opened and left a small balance of $50.99 in the checking...

Suntrust Banks / fund transfer

Kuvempu on Jul 20, 2018

I received emails from your branch Metro centre, 1100 G street, NW Washington DC, 2005 International Transfer Department Tell. +1_206_866_7181 E mail, Micheal Bradley Payment Director Sun Trust Mailing that a Fund of Mr's Emily J Craig is transfer to your...

Suntrust Banks / overdraft protection fees

uoflawboy on Jul 12, 2018

Ever since I have had my new job for almost 3 months, I have deposited my payroll check into my account on Fridays. However, on 7/6/18 my boss became sick and I did not receive my payroll check till Tuesday (7/10/2018). On Monday (7/9/2018) 6 items posted to my account and I did not have...

Suntrust Bank / has all of a sudden decided to place a hold on $2,800.00, then $2,400.00 on x9618.

Charles M Dumont on Jul 10, 2018

On July 6, 2018, I wrote a check for $3, 000.00 from my Navy Federal Credit Union checking account to be put into my SunTrust checking account (x9618). I did a mobile deposit of that check and the next morning the money was showing available (in total) in my SunTrust checking account...

Suntrust Banks / handling of accounts and charges

RAELYNN35 on Jul 4, 2018

This hasnto be the worst and greedy bank i have ever frequented. This bank, no offense to thr innocent cs reps, purposely holds charges pending so they can go through when the funds in your account is depleted so you may get the 36 dollar charge..I also love the change of days for thr ext...

Suntrust / $36.00 charges and lack of helping to keep the account from being charged excessive charges

Christina Daramola on Jul 4, 2018

So I just check my account and these people have charged me another $36 dollars! They only give out 2 courtesys a year are you seroius?! And on top of that the issues on my account werent my fault but, some were I own that. Now this bank within 5 days this fuckin bank has made $252 dollar...

Suntrust Banks / issues with suntrust blocking my online purchases and other purchases

Eddy Obregon on Jul 1, 2018

I have had numerous issues with SunTrust blocking my charges ..I can't even call a vendor n buy something without it getting flagged this is ridiculous I have been on the phone numerous times with SunTrust and supervisor about my issues and all I get is well note the account and hope it...

Sun Trust / I need to receive your email

Moshe Pinchevsky on Jun 27, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, 27 June 2018 I'm Moshe Pinchevsky, The owner of Sun Trust account 0000 CD 17543548449. I am a citizen of South Africa, my ID number is: 4706095604086. My current passport number is: A05854831 My previous, expired passport number is 465674053 (expired 30 January 2017). My...

Suntrust Banks / maturing cd's

John F. Currence on Jun 25, 2018

SunTrust Wrong Doing / Shorting CD Interest By One Full Day Before/At Maturity I recently cashed out 4 blocks of Five Year Term CD's in Chattanooga, TN at a branch office. During the 5 year term there was several times the monthly interest of 3 blocks in the same principal amounts would be...

Suntrust Banks / att: william rogers, ceo

jimmie.horn on Jun 25, 2018

Background: On 4 June 2018 I moved from one city to another in Texas. I changed my phone number to a local number. Two weeks ago I called and requested to upgrade my checking account to Select and my ATM card from standard to Gold. No problems were encountered. I later received the PIN...

Suntrust Banks / cashing check

Laizza Bravo on Jun 22, 2018

I went to cash a check that was made out to me personally. The manager was doing my transaction and her attitude was nasty she was on her phone the whole time while doing my transaction and ordering food. When i tried getting her attention a few times and she completely ignored me until I...

Suntrust Banks / customer service

Cecilfountain on Jun 20, 2018

I spoke with Rafiet who was the supervisor on duty. I called from number 941-928-2276, my number on file, at 4:27pm ET to dispute overdraft fees on one of my three accounts. I was not satisfied with Rafiet's answer and requested to speak with someone else, anyone else. After several...

Suntrust Banks / savings withdrawal issue

Ken2B2 on Jun 19, 2018

Relating to Suntrust Branch --- South elm eugene/Florida Sts --- Greensboro, nc today 6/19/2018 Been a customer at this bank since 1998. Actually opened the account at this branch. In the last 5 years, I have tried to avoid going there because the customer service was so bad. The manager...

Suntrust Banks / credit card fraud

Danny Gordon on Jun 16, 2018

SunTrust is truly a quaiz ligitimate Bank my account suddenly had a ton of charge as in $1K each month and I paid if off each month.. Then they posted stuff to my account from other people with my same name but address from all over and my monthly charge went to $3300. I was directed to a...

Suntrust Banks / lack of help when a kfc lady stole my debit card

Bri wilson on Jun 12, 2018

May 14th I went into hell this woman within 27 min after stealing my card ran up almost 700$$of charged in 9 different places . suntrust said they investigated and they said those charges were mine ! They took the money out of my acct my money is in limbo now for 45 days ! IAM going to end...

Suntrust Banks / short sale promissory note

Olivayon Holmes on Jun 11, 2018

Attention: suntrust lost mitigation/short sale inquiry Date of incident: 12-18-2012 Client number: 123491413160 Loan ref: 04300000430996504 Property address: 1137 flat rock road Covington, ga 30014 Incident: we had to short sale property at 1137 flat rock rd., covington, ga, 30014, due to...

Suntrust Banks / checking account rip off the disabled

Another D.....s on Jun 9, 2018

A warning about their practices. I opened a checking account to receive a $250.00 bonus. A few days after the opening I received a email statement that was for a different account. I immediately called and informed them that I only wanted the select checking with a the bonus of $250.00 I...

Suntrust Online Banking / online banking

Mone't Francois on Jun 5, 2018

To whom it may concern: A joke, yes suntrust bank is a absolute joke. I was able to open a checking account online, recieve a account number as well as a debit card & deposit $110.00 into my account. Sadly, monday june 4th I was unable to access this account & after a phone call to...

Suntrust Bank / poor customer service

aggravated 188 on Jun 1, 2018

I had to wait at the drive thru window 15 minutes to make a cash payment. After a while I used the call button and was ignored. I tried again asking if there was a problem and the annoyed teller told me they just started processing my transaction. A few other cars came and went so again I...

Sun Trust / refuse to cash bonds

wheredoigo on May 31, 2018

on May31, 2018 went to sun trust bank located in Publix on Mt Zion pkwy. teller took bonds questions was asked, do you anymore bonds? I said yes she asked are u going to cash them? I said no not anytime soon. She later asked did I have an account after a conversation with Mr. Mitchell. I...