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Atlanta, Florida
United States - 30303-2904

Customer Service

+1 800 786 8787(Lost or Stolen Card) 17 9
+1 800 382 3232(Online Banking, PC Banking, Bill Pay & Mobile Banking) 3 4
+1 800 854 8965(TDD) 2 1
+1 800 447 8994(Report Checking Account Fraud) 2 5
+1 800 443 1032(Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy Filings, Real-Estate Owned & Short Sale Inquiries) 0 2
+1 877 596 5407(Credit Bureau Disputes) 0 9

Complaints & Reviews

Suntrust Banksbank account

I have never had such poor customer service in my life. I am glad I won't be banking with them in the future. I tried to close my accounts with them because of they are not close to where I am located. I am not happy with how they handled it. I wanted to get my money transfered to my new bank but they wouldn't let me. I will never recommend them to anyone.

Suntrust Banks — Disrespectful behavior

Today at this location I was received by the tellers at this location with such disrespect. I walked in and was laughed at and made fun of by the tellers here even the young man...

Suntrust Banksphone conversation with customer service

I was on the line with a representative of Wells Fargo Bank and we called your customer service center. Wells Fargo wanted confirmation that funds were withdrawn from my account to payoff a car loan I had with Wells Fargo. We were having a conversation on the matter and the Suntrust representative hung up on the call. The representative from Wells Fargo could not believe what had happened. We called back and got help from someone else but the Wells Fargo representative felt she needed to make a complaint during the second call. Unbelievable that she was so rude. Makes me think it would be better to bank with Wells Fargo despite the problems they have recently had with their employees.

Suntrust Banks — customers service

593165 I open account with SunTrust bank on January 15th2020 and I called SunTrust bank to find out what was going on with my account I get told that SunTrust bank was closed my account...

Suntrust Banksbad customer service

I recently rec'd a letter informing me of the merger between Suntrust and BB&;T and it provided a phone # to call with any questions. I wanted to ensure my future pension wouldn't be lost during conversion, so I called the number to request info on my pension. The rep I spoke with was the most unknowledgeable banking rep I've ever spoke with. I explained that I used to work at Suntrust and would be starting my pension benefit when I turned 65. She had no idea what I was talking about. She asked me if it was a CD and I explained again. She told me at least twice that I needed to call my employer. I explained again that Suntrust was my previous employer and she told me I should go to a branch. Since it was apparent she didn't know what a pension is (even though she kept saying she did), I asked if she knew of a retirement services dept and she told me she thought I was referring to an IRA! When I started getting annoyed, she said she was getting her information from her supervisor. I realize I called the wrong number, but it is very alarming to me that she didn't even know what a pension is or what retirement services does, especially when the link to the web site provided on the letter has a link to retirement services! Not sure if it was Incompetence or lack of training, but it was a VERY unpleasant experience. By the way, the correct number to call for retirement services is [protected]. Maybe someone can inform Sun Trust customer service?

SunTrust or Truist — mail

This bank has sent several emails and unsolicited other words, I don't want the contact anymore. It offends me, this is why... They closed several locations here The phone...

Suntrust Banks — business banking

Suntrust Bank is terrible. They honored a stolen check I canceled a week prior though the name was changed and amount made much higher they paid it and over drew my account. Other...

Suntrust Banks — manager

I went into my local SunTrust bank to conduct business. Usually a very happy friendly homely branch, well today it was an absolute disgrace! I walked in, chatted with a fellow...

Suntrust Banksdebit card

My daughter, age 18, has a debit card and we purposefully did not put bank draft protection on it so that she would keep an eye on her spending. There have been times when she was out shopping and card declined due to insufficient funds. Her card number (not her card) was stolen and 4 different $100 purchases were made at a convenience store. She had $204 in her account so the first 2 - $100 purchases went through, but then 2 more purchases were accepted each $100. When I inquired about it with SunTrust they gave me some excuse that even with $3 in the account it was covered. That is not how it works and I know that! I feel they owe me $200 and admittance they made a mistake. She has NO overdraft protection for a reason - SunTrust needs to honor that and not treat me like I am stupid.

Suntrust Banksholding my funds

SunTrust took 2 checks I deposited totaling approximatley $3750.00 and are holding my funds from me for 10 days. I've spoken with several employee's and they dont care. SunTrust keeps telling me they have a right to this money and I will have to wait 10 or more days before I can have my funds. They wont tell me why. They suggested that in the future I cash checks and then deposit cash in their bank. SUNTRUST SHOULD BE SHUT SOWN FOR BETRAYING CUSTOMERS.

Suntrust Banksbanking

I keep getting locked out of my online bank account. lost my card with no way to report it missing. My phone number keeps getting disconnected from my account so they cannot verify me. Will only try to verify once a day. Supervisors have no authority to help or do anything but tell you to visit a branch in another state! Meanwhile, my card is being used, no access to my account, can't close it because pending transactions that are not mine but I can't verify what transactions are mine because they won't help me!! Worst bank on the planet!!

Suntrust Banks — customer service

This branch reopened not too long ago and boy ohhh boy, those tellers are horrible, they do not have an inch of customer service, am talking staring from the tellers to the branch...

Sun Trust Bank — credit bureau disputes

I bought demage range hood and return that in 3 months ago .The boss promise gave new one, but he didn't give me. I used Suntrust credit card for purchase and I called credit...

Suntrust Bankscustomer service is awful

In late August 2019, my boyfriend opened an account with Suntrust since he had moved in with me and was far away from his home town bank. Whatever person he spoke to did not input the apartment number he gave her and it ended up taking over two weeks for him to get his debit card because of their mess up.

Fast forward to September 23, 2019. I noticed fraud on my account. Nothing major, but I immediately called the fraud department to report it. They told me they would be shutting off my card and mailing me a new one in 5-7 business days. I told her I would need to change the address on my accounts as we had just moved, so that the debit card would be mailed to the correct location. She had me say it, repeat it and then she read it back to me, correctly, apartment number and ALL.

On the 7th business day, I still did not have my card so on today, 10/03/19, I called customer service again and she told me that it had been mailed to my old address, that the address update had never been done, and that it would take another 5-7 business days to receive my card. Because I complained, she said she could do express, 2-4 business days. When I asked for it to be overnighted, because I have bills to pay that require a debit or credit card, she said that was not possible.

My bills are now going to be overdue, all because of the negligence in customer service and the fraud department. The ladies in the individual branches are very professional, but unfortunately, due to working, I do not get to deal with them often. I will be pulling my business and my boyfriend's business from Suntrust by the end of October.

Suntrust Banksservice

I didn't have problems to begin with, it's been about ten years now. I don't want to take the five stars from years ago off. That representative was nice. The problem was after, in the parking lot, my tires have been flat, I was mugged at the atm machine by a very obese white female. I notified the staff of the incident then. I have seen the banks change two local branch locations, and two grocery store locations too. Inconvenient for my family at this point. No apologies still for any prior experience. I can't leave much because of my legal commitment here and we don't live as close. I wanted to close my accounts several times in person and by phone but no one will let me close them either. The arguing won't stop. The problems aren't solved, apologized for or explained either. I finally cancelled magazines, to help automatic drafts that SunTrust won't help stop or make things an easier experience. I could have sued them from just the tires and atm incident and decided not to. I am not paying for bad service.

  • Updated by Angi45 · Dec 24, 2019

    No more bad business here, leave us alone...

Suntrust Bankspayment not received

On Sept 6, 2019 my vehicle was repossed because of a payment by money order they stated they had not received. its not until the car was taken that they miraculousy found it and not only did i have to pay the $450 repo fee but also the $365 storage fee. its not right that i had to pay and they would not offer any credit to my account or to be refunded for they repo and storage fee. i have a copy of the money with Suntrust stamp the date received and the date is was cashed. please need help with this issue.

Suntrust Bankscash payment for mortgage

I cannot understand why need to my show my ID when making my Mortgage payments. It seams like your forcing customers to do onine banking / trying to regulate how I pay my bills, Suntrust is taking the postion of the goverment wanting to know how we earn money and where is it comming from ? For what ever reason you can come up with, you forcing customers like me to change lending instutions. Remember your are a bank first.

Suntrust Banks — service

Today 9-4-2019 I went to the drive thru to withdraw money and the teller tells me I have to have my drivers license and I proceeded to tell her that I just got off work and I...

Suntrust Bankscollection/ refund

I paid 3 payments to Capital One credit card totaling $485.00. I filed for Bankruptcy on July 29 (Chapter 13). Ultimately my account was closed on August 2nd Capital One said they didn't apply any payments to the account after July 29th. Had the payments been applied the account would've been zeroed out. Well the closed balance is 260.73 and that was the balance on July 29th it does not reflect the 485.00 payments. I filed a dispute on August 2nd. And I received the form on August 14th a representative from Suntrust called me on August 15th I answered a few questions for her. I told I was at work and I was on a call I would return the form that evening when I got off. I faxed the form on August 15th but only received notice that our online server was down on the morning of August 16th so I faxed it from another provider. I some how missed the online denial notice that came in on the morning of August 16th. Its insane that Claim was denied when it was apparently never looked at what I submitted..

Suntrust Banks — car loan

Why does Suntrust not take responsibility for the information given out by thier representatives? I was granted a 2 month extension on my auto loan, got the paperwork, faxed it...

Suntrust Bankswe are bullied to change our password and user names

Why do i have to be bullied by the bank that i must now change my password and user name? I am happy with what i have and i do not want to change anything. This is like a school yard bully trying to tell you what you have to do. There are other banks to choose from. I have to get a text message with a new user number to access my account from home each time. Now change my password. NO

Suntrust Banks — checking

I am a customer with 2 accounts with SunTrust. My spouse is with USB. I informed her that I find Suntrust to be more in line with my needs. We went to Eustis, FL Eustis Village...

Suntrust Bankschecking account closed without notice

I Highly recommend that Nobody Use Suntrust Bank (merging with BB&T)!!! Please be WARN!!!

Yesterday I went to Walmart to purchase grocery. When I went to check out it declined my card( which I know I have money in it). It declined twice for that matter. So I called my bank and they told me to call the number on my card.

I called Suntrust customer service, the fraud, spoke to the manager on the phone even went in person. They all tell me the same thing. There's no explanation of why but wait till I receive a letter in the mail. For that Suntrust has canceled "closed" break the "relationship" with you. OMG!!!

"Suntrust says that they may close your account at any time and for any reason or for no reason without advance notice." They didn't even contact me that my account was CLOSEd until I found out at Walmart my Card was declined.

The manager told me on the phone said to me "example whenever you come close your account you don't tell us why your closing your account So we have right" not to tell you why we broke the "relationship" (no business with you).

Now they have all my money... I won't even get the money back until it has gone through. I don't even know when that be!!!

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  • Ch
    charona Jul 17, 2019

    for the next bank you use. 1-check your chexsystems report and make sure that you are in good standing with any other checkings. owing another bank money will definitively close a new account. 2. if you moved recently make sure suntrust has correct address immediately. 3. banks don't seem to like cashiers checks since they are often scams. 4. if you say any cuss word at them they will close your account. 5. sometimes they close it when you overdraft too much. 6. purchases from some illicit sites will also close accounts.
    know that they do not do ANY checks when you open the account. they do those after since they take time.

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Suntrust Banks — payment without my consent

We made a one-time payment from one of our bank accounts and was reassured two times that a payment would never be made out of this account again as per our request. They said...

Suntrust Banksteller actions

I hope by complaining your bank won't take vindictive action. Today I deposited 200.00 dollars in my checking account. Then I asked the teller for my account balance. She asked my my drivers license. When I put the money in, SHe did not ask for identification. I have been doing business with this bank for over 40 years and have never seen this teller. She didn't ask for other people I d when I was in line. My complaint is why a long term elderly, deaf, and disabled person was treated like a criminal for requesting balance.

  • Ch
    charona Jul 17, 2019

    anyone can put money into a checking account. no dr. lic required. getting a balance is a different story. imagine if a stranger could deposit $200 into your checking and get the balance without identification? Bill Gates would would have a cow.

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Suntrust Banks — credit card yearly fee charged after checking account is closed

I have been a customer of SunTrust Banks for many years, more recently in Maryland. Over the last years I had my total income direct deposited in my checking account and...

Suntrust Banksunwanted personal opinion

On Thursday June 13 I went into suntrust bank at 12020 ironbridge rd, Chester va, to send international money funds to blue star travel agency located within the U.S. Embassy in the country Ghana. Do due unwanted and unneeded personal opinions from two bank personnel I was delayed in providing the necessary funds to the above travel agency. On Monday June 17, I went to the same above bank and again received unwanted personal opinions from Santosh Kaundal. I have since received information from the travel agency that there is a delay in avalibity of my funds. I was not informed by your employees at any time that there could be a delay of funds. Her attitude and opinions was completely disrespectful to myself and my fiance. I am so disgusted with the service and attitude of this emplo6 I have considered closing a of my accounts with your bank and find a bank that will treat me with respect and dignity.

  • Ch
    charona Jul 17, 2019

    international travelers should use a credit card to pay travel agencies. not wires. any company not accepting a credit card is a SCAM.
    also consider using travelocity for flights and hotels.

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Suntrust Banksadvertising

The advertisement that is ran here in Georgia specifically Stone Mountain Georgia does not represent the African American community. Question, do you have African American, Brown, and Black employees, and customers, if so why are they represented in your commercials? It's very important that African Americans AR represented in every segment of our society.

  • Sm
    Smith2486 Jul 17, 2019

    In my bank there is only African Americans and I am upset because my race is not represented when the majority of the area is white.

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Suntrust Banksonline banking

I have had accounts with suntrust for many years and have had a great relationship. I really have had no issues, except... On line banking. Suntrust has always been my go to bank. I am currently in the philippines and have been for awhile.
I have had to call every single time to be able to get into my account. While I was in florida last december I was assured I had taken the right precautions to insure no issues. For whatever reasons while logging in I do not get the verification text. Never once had and yes the number is correct. Why not email.
I call and there is a 15 to 20 minute wait, plus the time it takes to resolve the issue again.. Now do the math, international calls runs about 20.00 each time I want to get into my account. There has to be a way to resolve this issue because I would hate to ruin a 20+ year relationship over a simple matter.
Can you help me?
I also don't mind going threw this process if suntrust is willing to pay me back for the calls. The time? Don't care.. If you can call me that would minimize my expense or a chat line open or even an international number. The one on you website is incorrect it has to many numbers on it. My number is [protected] my email is [protected] I need you help...

Suntrust Banksdeposit returned to overdraw my account

This is a continuation od Case #4350876, Debra Wells.
After many calls a supervisor, Laurie clled me o tell me $47, 160.36 was sent to BOA> How can this happen with insufficient funds. BOA can charge me. I began an investigation on the deposit BUT April 15, April 24, 25, 26 with calls this WAS NOR STOPPED. Tell me how BOA can use a trace number to return money that was NOT there. I can be charged. Suntrusr has nruined me finacially.
Trace # given was [protected].
Suntrust needs to handle this professionally. If calls are recorded I ask again to listen to calls on April15, 24, 25 & 26. May 29 this monew was returned however it has been used and does NOT exist in my account. What the HELL is Suntrust doing in business.

I need a callback from Vice President or President.
Debra Wells

  • Updated by Debra MW · Jun 04, 2019

    I am again writing about Case #4350876. NO ONE will answer me even here. I questioned 2 deposits on April 12. However on April 15, I called to clarify all was fine. These were large deposits--April 3--$47, 141.63 and Aptil 10--$19, 160.63. On the morning of April 24, I discover the $19, 160.36 had been returned. I called again on April24, 25, &26 to STOP . No one has done anything with ALL my calls. Then on May 30, the $47, 000 deposit was gone. HOW CAN SUNTRUST do this???
    My account had just a little over $300.
    I have names of supervisor that worked on this--Nicole Reeder, Stella and Laurie. When I finally spoke with Laurie on Friday she teels me she will expedite my concerns but on Monday June 3rd, she tells me that anything sent to ACH can NOT be stopped and gives me an address to write a letter. NO EMAIL, NO contact. NO ONE had told me this for 6 WEEKS. Now my account is very overdrawn and checks are now bouncing and NO finacial obligations ncan be met--Rent, health insurance, food, medication or essentila to life.

    Very angry customer,

    Debra M Wells 540-263-0085

Suntrust Bankssuntrust are cooks

1st you can't understand nothing these people say. My account has a hold and SunTrust will not allow me to close the account. And give me my balance on the account. I hate this bank. They have all these rules. It's unbelievable. I can't close the account but can't used this account and they refuse to refund my balance. I'm so mad I can't concentrate on nothi g else but calling them.

Suntrust Bankshold on an irs refund check

I deposited my refund check yesterday and today get a notice saying they are holding for 7 days. When I called and finally got a supervisor on the phone he said he would see what he can do. He came back and said that their internal department said that they has INSIDE KNOWLEDGE that the check was not going to be paid. I laughed and repeated, so your telling me that your internal department is saying they have INSIDE KNOWLEDGE that the IRS/ Government issued a check they don't plan on paying? He said, yes that is correct.

I have never seen an instiution put a hold on a refund check. period. Secondly to say you have inside information that they are not going to pay it is comical.

Rest assure I will close all my accounts, wife's accounts, business accounts and anyone else I can convince. They are horrible.

Suntrust Banksrude, uncaring agent with lack of knowledge (need more training) #[protected]

04/19/19- I spoke to an underwriting agent today named Eric. His whole tone was rude and uncaring. I applied for a Suntrust Credit Card and was offered a prepaid card instead. He said that it was because of a recently filed bankruptcy and I tried to explain to him that I did not recently file for bankruptcy, but the case was reopened from previous years because I had a fire and the insurance investigator wanted to see if the value of my belongings was reported in the bankruptcy. I was forced to reopen the case so that he could get the info he needed, the claim was approved, my house was repaired after almost 2 yrs, and I am back in my home. The action by my insurance investigator caused some of my creditors to inadvertently close my accounts that were in good standing and once the claim was finalized, I was told to reapply for credit. This had a negative effect on my credit score. I was approved again by my creditors who had closed me in error. Unfortunately, Eric refused to completely listen to me and look further into the situation. He chose to be argumentative as if he didn't care. He just kept quoting the policy. Sometimes there are exceptions to the policy and my situation is one of those times. He really upset me and I am putting my info in writing hoping that someone will read with understanding, and check further instead of dismissing it without care. I have been with Suntrust Bank for many years, much longer than I've been with my credit union, but the Credit Union listened, understood, and approved me for a credit card with a decent limit based on my history with them, not just a glance at my credit file. You have to listen to the customer. Eric offering me a prepaid card was an insult. I asked him to send it in writing so that I could read it and he said "I'm telling you". Fortunately, I have met some nice professional employees at Suntrust Bank and will continue to do business with Suntrust Bank for now. Get rid of people who don't like their job or those who are inadequate at their job. It's a bad reflection on your company.

Suntrust Banksaccess to my accounts locked

I have on numerous occasions this year log-in option locked. I am using the same computers, and iPads, the same passwords, and this account is 17 years old. There is no reason why I have to get a one-time code everything I have to go into my account. This is unacceptable and then they lock my account. Unlock it then lock it again. I am at this point that I do not want to do banking with them again. I have other bank accounts and this does not happen. I spoke to someone today and they claim there was nothing that they could do about it. This very frustrating for someone who has social security fraud. What is going on?

  • Ch
    charona Jul 17, 2019

    first thought was - check your credit reports. then I saw "had social security fraud". make sure your credit reports are CLEAN. forget about getting a score. get the reports at annualcreditreport, com. also google: chexsystems and get your report. all of this is totally free.
    i don't know what social security fraud is, but I hope it has been resolved.

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Suntrust Bankshard inquire

Hello my name is Dalton Pearsall and the purpose for this letter is recently I have been hit with a Hard Inquiry from Suntrust Atlanta that I didn't make, nor did I give permission to BMW of Florence to contact Suntrust Atlanta for Financing or any other Service. I am making this Dispute with all intentions of getting this Hard Inquiry removed and resolved. If anymore Information is needed I can be reached at the following [protected] or [protected] Thanks

hard inquire

Suntrust Banks — banking

On 3/4/19 I opened a checking account for $6, 500 with a Wells Fargo check from my existing WF account. I was changing banks due to poor WF service. They take the check open the...

Suntrust Banksdeposit accounts

Worst ever. On 1/14/19 I had an ach debit on my savings account for $2, 000.00 thankfully I caught it in time before it posted to my account. I went into the branch opened a new savings account and requested that no ach debit or credits be allowed on this savings account. On 2/25/19 again my new savings account has hit again with an ach debit for $4, 999.99. This time it posted to my account and funds were taken. How could this happen again. I have a case # and also a police report #. This better be resolved. Asap. Negative publicity goes a long way. I was assured this wouldn't happen again and it did. Where is the customer service and how am I supposed to feel safe with you as my financial institution. Once my money is returned I am taking my business elsewhere. Sad I have been with suntrust for 17 years. This is unacceptable!

Suntrust Banksabout my account

I have been having a problem with me account in a no debit for about a month now I have been calling the person who put my account in a no debit for about 2 weeks now she will not return my calls but its so funny she talks to the banker but no account is in an no debit after the fraudulent account was close on I received a letter stating the investigation was over

Sun Trust Bank — local branch error

Monday Feb 25 2019 10:15 AM Did a wire transfer with the local branch. The manager signed off on the wore transfer. Told the staff the wire needed to be done before 9:00 Am on...

Suntrust Bank — atm

The Suntrust bank on 101 S. king dr. charlotte NC. The ATM always has problems not working. I try to get cash out the machine it says temporary unavailable. when I call the branch...