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SunTrust Banks, Inc.

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United States - 30303-2904

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 786 8787(Customer Service) 1 0
+1 800 382 3232(Online Banking, PC Banking, Bill Pay & Mobile Banking) 0 0
+1 800 854 8965(TDD) 0 0
+1 800 447 8994(Report Checking Account Fraud) 0 0
+1 800 786 8787(Lost or Stolen Card) 1 0
+1 800 443 1032(Loss Mitigation, Bankruptcy Filings, Real-Estate Owned & Short Sale Inquiries) 0 0
+1 877 596 5407(Credit Bureau Disputes) 0 0

SunTrust Banks Complaints & Reviews

Suntrust Banks / Business Banking

Rory Hession on Jul 23, 2017
I was a customer for over three years. If your account had a single daily balance under $10, 000 they charge a $30 fee per month. They cancelled my business debit card without contacting me or providing any explanation. After multiple long phone calls to "customer service" they did not...

Suntrust Banks / drive thru teller at 3800 s semoran blvd, orlando, fl 32822.

Carmenv on Jul 10, 2017
The guy drive thru teller there today at 3:30 on 3800 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando, FL 32822. Is very unprofessional and rude. He has mad a snarky commet to me before about which lane to deposit my money in. Today there were 2 cars. The commercial lane so i chose the lane right next to it...

Suntrust Banks / customer service and lack of employees

sharon barber on Jun 14, 2017
I am tired of going inside or even the drive thru at this point because the length of time it takes to get waited on is lengthy and the attitude is not pleasant. The previous employees would greet you as you came through the door but the new staff doesn't even acknowledge you till...

Suntrust Bank / closed checking account and will not send me my money. $11k+

grayarea36 on May 17, 2017
I have $11, 600+ being held by Suntrust bank for nearly a month now. The funds were sent in via wire transfers and should have been made available immediately. They closed the account on April 28, 2017 and still have not given me my funds. I called this morning and spoke to 2 different...

Suntrust Bank / horrible customer service by branch manager

April Heyliger on May 12, 2017
Today, 5/12/17, I went to the Suntrust Branch, in Douglasville GA. I needed to speak with a Customer Service Representative. When I walked through the door, there was only 1 teller working and 1 customer service representative who was already helping a customer. Two other women sat in...

Suntrust Bank / customer service

Kiki Stallings on May 5, 2017
I went to the branch on 2774 Cobb Pkwy Kennesaw GA around 245pm and stood in line to wait for a teller. One teller was there and told the other teller to come assist me and she told her to hold up while she was talking to the other teller. I felt like I was invisible or not worthy for you...

Suntrust Bank / out of country customer service

Carol Shingle Swenson on Apr 3, 2017
I call because my debit card has been declined. I was forwarded to a department (per the computer). Sat on hold for 15 minutes. They say I have the wrong department. It's for credit cards. They transfer me to an out of country representative waiting for another 5 minutes. They tell me...

SunTrust / bad scheduling of employees

rudinos garner on Dec 8, 2016
I am a business customer of suntrust on small pines drive in garner nc. in the past I have had a problem with brand new ones being given to me. they are very hard to deal with in the registers but that problem has seemed to get better after talking to the manager about it. now today when I...

Suntrust Banks / security/customer service

Cat58 on Nov 1, 2016
When you call the 800 number to reset your password, deal with one of their stupid security triggers or set up access to your account or open a credit card, you are calling THE PHILIPPINES! Doesn't that make you feel safe about your personal data! No recourse in those people. How secure...

SunTrust Mortgage / poor handling of mortgage application

Roger Quirk on Oct 15, 2016
I applied for a mortgage back in June of 2016. It was a nightmare. In five months, I had five different mortgage loan processors. Each one didn't know what the previous processor did, so I sent information numerous times. When I changed processors, I would not know for a while. I'd...

Suntrust Bank / outrageous overdraft fee and frequency of fee

Daveyjay on Aug 31, 2016
on Aug 10th I had a balance of .46 cents in my account On Aug 16th NETFLIX took out their charge of $8.64; overdrawing my account. The Bank did not hold true on the overdraft protection, instead they charged me $36.00. Then, on Aug 22nd (5 days later) they charged me another $36.00. When i...

SunTrust / overdraft fee

Deborah Barnard on Jul 27, 2016
I had sufficient funds to cover all expenses and Suntrust continues to make my account negative by putting Overdraft Fees on my account. I have called the local branch and the 800 number and they try and tell me that these fees were pending. Everytime I purchase anything I immediately look...

Suntrust Bank / charges for money orders

johngolfer on Jun 1, 2016
Been customer for over 20 years and all those years got money orders at no charge. Suddenly they wanted me to pay $5 per money order. Not happening, I can take my cash out of their bank and walk across the parking lot to an Amscot that gives free money orders. On top of that I have...

Sun Trust Bank / treatment by your staff

Reviewer39226 on Nov 10, 2015
For over 3 years, I have been using this branch for the business that I manage. I have 3 separate income based rental HUD properties for Seniors. That computes to a security deposit account as well as a rental account for each. I also pay my own personal car payment to Sun Trust. A little...

Sun Trust Bank / account paid off, lien not transferred

Reviewer77411 on Sep 12, 2015
As outlined in the information below, our account with Sun Trust Bank was paid off in May of 2015. The title to our vehicle was to be transferred to "Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU) in the month of May 2015, that has not happened to date. I have on numerous occasions called and talked...

Suntrust Mortgage / escrow miscalculation

John567 on Jun 9, 2015
My previous insurance company made more than one mistakes calculating the escrow for my mortgage. One time they under calculated the escrow for taxes after I paid (i always paid early) the bill and applied the over payment to the principle, which I never got refunded from the escrow and...

Sun Trust Bank / opening a checking account for me and after taking a $5,500 cash deposit from me froze my account the same day

FuriousHH on Oct 27, 2014
OK..here it goes...I have been a victim of major identity theft to the point where I couldn't answer one single question about myself while trying to do my annual credit report. I was at the end of a law suit and needed a bank account to put the money in and fast as it came to an end...

Suntrust Bank / mistreatment of employees

EX-Suntrust Teller on Oct 14, 2014
SunTrust really sucks. They misrepresent the job when they interview people, In at least one branch, racism is rampant towards non black employees. Complaints to the HR department only result in the matter being covered up and not dealt with. Eventually they fire most people for reason...

SunTrustBank / excessive fees

Reginald Gardner on May 26, 2014
I have had an account with Suntrust for a number of years for a number of years ( at least 7). When I first opened my account there were no monthly service fee. A couple of years ago I started getting negative balances when my account was hit with a non consistent service charge. On thi...

SunTrust / unfair banking

Joanna Samford on Jan 30, 2014
Over the last 2 years suntrust has implemented A program that maximizes their NSF fees. Customers are getting ripped off because checks Are not paid in the order they recieved an example I had a certain amount of money over 1000 in my checking I bought a few small charges some less than 5...

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