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I had taken a Contract from Cell C Lifestyle, Ballito with 10 Gig data + 10 Gig promotional data specifically to be able to ad more data if required.
When i require additional Data, i called into Cell C & was advised that i could not buy additional data on the package i had & was told i had to Migrate to another package that would allow this.
Kindli listen to the full call recording to hear that numerous times i specifically asked that if this was done, would the data on the package still remain the same, as this was my condition in agreeing with the suggested migration.
I was ensured that all will remain the same and will not lose any data not have different allocations.
To my shock, i only received 10 Gig data.
When i called in i was informed that due to the Migration i had lost my promotional data allocation of 10 Gig, but it will be escalated and i would be informed of the outcome.I was also informed that i could in fact buy additional data on the original package.
I requested all to be returned the way it was after Cell C gave me wrong information & wrongfully Migrated my package resulting in huge amounts of data losses over the period.
I never heard a word.
i called in again and had the same story.
I demand the promotional 10 Gig to be re-instated as well as all the months it was not allocated be allocated as well as this is the package i took out at 10 gig + 10 gig Promo.

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response, Sep 12, 2019

    Dear Willie Labuschagne

    Thank you for contacting Cell C.

    Please send us the number in question as well as an alternative contact number.

    We will look into it and revert to you.


  • Cell C Customer Care's Response, Sep 12, 2019

    Our email address is [protected]


Sep 11, 2019

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