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I have been trying to cancel my contract with Cell C now for more than two, almost three years. I have faxed cancellation letters to them which they deny. I phoned Cell C once more on the 21October 2006 and spoke to a lady with the name Lindiwe. Then I spoke to Busisiwe. They gave me a Ref no. The no was ref:1522304. I called again on the 18th of July 2007. I phoned again on the 13th of February 2008. I spoke to Zandile. She gave the phone to the supervisor. Her name was Nikiwe. All of them telling me that I have not submitted a cancellation letter or fax.
Today is 16 February 2009 and I am still paying a monthly subscription for a phone that I have not been using for a very very long time. I am talking about much more than R 4000.00
This is absolutely ridicilous. I have faxed and e-mailed them today for the very very last time !
Cell C...Never again !!!
My next step now will be to hand them over. I should have done this a long time ago.
My contact no, [protected]


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.


  • Ma
    Malope Norman Sep 18, 2009


    i ve been trying to upgrade my phone for almost two months, my contract is due to expire at the end of october, but the people upgrade are unavailable.been on hold for more than 1hr on hold is realy frustating especialy bringing business to them, i spoke to several consultand they transfere to one another is like their playing.last time i spoke with refilwe for cancelation since i can't be helped she gave me this fax nr to fax letter of cancelation 084 14329 but it doent go thrugh .my cell c nr is 0844054868.please help me in canceling this line. becouse their contract will end next month.

    i need contract to be canceled.no debit from my acc as from november .

    my nr is 073 011 8203.your call centre service is not good at all do something about it, or the business is going down believe me.

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  • Br
    bradleyc May 07, 2010

    Same problem. Tried to cancel my now expired contract for 2 successive months. 2 emails sent, no reply received, and I'm still billed every month. Is cellc this hard for money that they'll sacrifice their good name? My number is 084 523 2543.

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  • Ph
    phakathi Feb 14, 2011

    Tried to cancel my now expired contract for successive months and i'm still billed every month. i need contract to be cancelled no debit from my account as from February. my nr is 0843080061

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  • Ni
    NickWren17 Mar 15, 2011

    God, I dont know where to start. They lost my phone after I handed it in to be repaired- that took a year to sort out.
    I have tried to change my address about 5 times. They always ask me it as a security question, and dont even care that i give them one thats not on record
    I havent been able to get any voice mails for over a year. they never fix it
    I just called the call centre- pressing 9 to speak to an operator just doesnt work, i had to go through the lost phone option, then it took 25 minutes for someone to even answer. Have now emailed that i want to cancel, but reading your post that now fills me with dread!!!

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  • Ro
    rowenadavids Jun 06, 2018

    @NickWren17 I applied for an upgrade 25 may 2018. 26 may 2018 returned the device to the store as it heated up. I was turned away and told to come back the monday 28 may 2018 which i did and returned the device. Was told that it needs to be sent away. I booked the phone in and was advised it will reach jhb thursday 21 may 2018. I called headoffice on the 4th june 2018 and spoke to Gary and was advised that according to their system no device was booked in and that i still had the device he said he will email the store to have it delivered urgently. I called retentions and spoke to siphokazi a manager who advised they will cancel effect 4 july 2018 and that the n1 city store manager should call and update their system. Anele advised they had a problem with ram couriers and the device was returned to the shop. I told the manager anele that i dont care they messed up. He said he will contact his manager darryl or david skylar to confirm if he can cancel and if he cant a new device will be given to me. I gave him until the 5 june 2018 and was then advised he cant cancel nor can replace the device as it needs to be tested. He promised that he will send me rams tracking number but till today i have not heard anything from him. He said i will not be liable for any charges and i will not be charged as i dont have the device and have never used the sim. I complained on hello peter and spoke to moses who promised he will monitor and provide me with feedback but i still have not heard anything. I have call recording and voice recordings of all interactions with cellc and will be taking this matter further. Promises were made and not honoured. Not a single manager can assist. I want to cancel. I dont want anything i just want to cancel according to 2 managers at cell c anele and siphokazi i can cancel this pathetic service!!!

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  • St
    stargazers80 Oct 11, 2011

    I will NEVER EVER have any dealings or recommend any dealings with Cell C. I have never has such an issue to cancel a contract as i do with them. My contract expired end Aug 2011, i put in my month's notice. Just to be double billed end September. When i enquired about this they said i had an upgrade (which i didn't). I was asked 3 times to submit termination notices, which i don't understand as the store had my first originals in hand (which they showed me) so i submitted a complaint on hello peter, two days later they told me it's sorted that i won't be billed further, just to get an email a day later to say i'll be billed till end November2011. When i enquired about THIS they indicated that my contract now only expires 12 December and i must provide proof that my contract expired end Aug. I have been given the run around and everytime land up back at the call center with another unwilling person not sorting out my problem. I even tried going through the HQ in Jhb but the unhelpful woman there just puts me back in the loop for the call center. I am disgusted with the level of customer service received from Cell C!!

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  • Le
    Leonard Christensen Aug 26, 2016

    i have a complaint against the cell c workshop branch in durban in aliwel street. the suspervisor of the said branch sold me a defective device which i have sent for repairs with cell c for the second time with the same issues of speakers malfunctioning, battery overheating and burning my fingers and screen freezing and going on blank blue screen. i threatened the supervisior with a court claim and he said that cell c is a franchise and i cannot take cell c to court. no one is obove the law. not even a franchise. i can lodge a claim against a franchise for up to r100 000. i first sent this device at the west street cell c branch in may and last week i sent it agiaint for repairs ant the aliwel cell c branch. this is unacceptable. i did lodge a small claim at the small claims court yesterday against the cell c workshop branch to reclaim the money that i have already paid on contract for a defective device. orange south africa has admitted on their website that the sony device has issues and sony customers uploaded reviews and said that the said device is defective and malfunctions. i request that the device be exchanged. one other cell c worshop branch employee stood up towards me like he wanted to assault me. i am a disabled sydenham police member using a wheelchair and i can easily get him arrested for this.

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  • Su
    Sue CEO's Aug 31, 2016

    If you have problems with Cell C you may take there CEO to court for your losses FREE of charge through Small Claims Court in whatever town you live and the joke is he has to appear in his personal capacity. The CEO has a personal liability under the new companies act, so you may sue him. Send your letters of demand to; or contact me 082 629 0200

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  • Ra
    rangwato Dec 28, 2016

    i took an I phone 6 with Cell C and the phone that they deliver was not working i took the phone back and asked for cancellation of a contract on the 17 October 2016 i called them to pick up the phone since it was not working, same day i asked them to cancel the contract, as i was asked to get the new phone.22 October 2016 i spoke to jabulane from the call center REF NUMBER 1611290000048532 to check if they have made the cancellation of contract, it was not done asked them to do it, was promised it will be done, 29 debit order from CELL C went through my account called CELL C for the refund as i do not have any contract with them and i spoke to QUEEN MBOKO REF NUMBER 6112900233 and she told me i will be refunded and the contract will be cancelled but my account was debited again on the 23 December 2016 :(bad. went to reverse the amount and 28 December they debited my account with double amount. m pissed off with CELL C i do not like it coz now it affects my ITC as my account will be on a negative cash flow because of the.

    peter please help sort this out thanks.

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  • @cellc_support Dec 29, 2016

    @rangwato Hi rangwato. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to you. We have escalated the matter, and we will be calling you to resolve the matter. ^BM

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  • @cellc_support Dec 29, 2016

    @rangwato Hi there, we have not been able to reach you on the number(s) we have using the reference numbers provided. Kindly forward your contact details to [email protected] and include the reference 6112900233 on the subject. ^BM

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  • 33
    3398 Jan 30, 2017


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  • @cellc_support Jan 30, 2017

    @3398 Hi 3398, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. Please send us an email with your cancellation request + Cell C number and alternative contact details. Our email address is [email protected] ^NS

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  • Do
    Donevin Lackay Mar 13, 2017

    Everything said above I believe to be true because I had a similar issue.

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  • Ma
    Maditaba Portia Motaung Apr 25, 2018

    I cancelled my contract with cell c 3months ago and I received email that my contract has been cancelled but now u start deducting my money for my account for what now. This is how you guys making money. I'm tired of cell c now.

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  • @cellc_support Apr 26, 2018

    @Maditaba Portia Motaung Dear Ms Motaung

    Thank you for contacting Cell C.

    Please forward your details to [email protected] so that we can provide assistance regarding your billing query.


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  • Ph
    Phethindaba May 28, 2018


    I took out a LG phone from Durban West street on the 5th of May 2018. On the 12 l went back to inform them that the phone has a problem. I could not hear when someone is calling me and it got so hot when l was using it. When l got there it was 2 Oclock and the shop was already closed. On Monday the 14 l went back to speak to the consultant, l was told to come the following day which was the 15 and l was told to remove all my important stuff from the phone. I took it back and l was told to wait for a month. I told the consultant that l needed a phone as my work demand that l should have one but they said they can't help me. I have been trying to contact the cancelling department but they not picking the phone. Please assist me l can not be stuck for two years with the phone that has been repaired within a week. My contact number is 0748252883 / email me to [email protected]
    I need to cancel this contract.

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  • At
    ATM Nkala Oct 31, 2018

    Hey there.

    I’m ATM Nkala. From Nelsprit in Mpumalanga province.

    Last year of 2017 around October - November I went to CELLC store at riverside mall, to get a contract phone of iPhone I did got it and early this year towards the end of February I went to store to ask for my settlement balance and immediately I’ve settled it and submit the receipt to the consultant that was done on another branch at ILanga Mall. I was advised that they’re no longer sending the receipts and letter of termination of contract from me immediately after the settlement I must come back in two to three days. Off which I abide to that despite my busy schedule, and that time I went back to riverside mall. Whereby I was helped by consultant named Ms Khulane. I’ve given her my receipts as a proof of payment and the letter of termination of contract. Bear in mind that is still during February.

    She did send and said to me that the system is low she’ll do it later I can leave it to her. Due to the fact I had to go to work I left it with her and she promised to call back. She didn’t call back but because I took her cellphone number I checked her on what’sapp if everything went well. She give me her words that she has managed to submit the document. (The screenshot of WhatsApp conversation will be attached)

    I’ve settled down till the end of April or may my bank account was debited by Cellc and even worse the amount that I wasn’t even paying before I terminate the contract. This happened so many time whereby it was sometimes was twice a month but I was always disputed the money bank into my account and I send a query to CELLC website and I even went to the store to find out no one has ever helped me I’ve spoken with thousand consultant of CELLC over the phone and emails but no one has ever helped me. In the store the manager promised to investigate it. And that he’ll come back to me but he has never come back to me when I get to the store the same Ms Khulane acted surprised that the manager has resigned and he didn’t mentioned anything about the case and he didn’t do nothing abut the matter. Patiently so I’ve informed the new area manager about my matter and he took it back to Ms Khulane and I was told that they’ll ask to the finance department what happened and they’ll call me back but no one from a store has ever called me back even Khulane nor Mr Jornadan the area manager. I’m the one who has to call with my airtime, send the ea, it’s to their website with my data, go to their stores with my money but they’ve never had an interest to solve my problem.

    The question here that they fail to answer is why on their systems it shows that the communication of terminating my contract was received to the finance department during March whilst I’ve send it on February. Secondly why the amount now is more than the amount I used to pay during my contract.
    Thirdly why my bank is being debited after such a long time while I was at comfort zone that I don’t owe anyone.

    The sad part this whole thing now the store ha handed over the case my financial reputation is being destroyed over something that I don’t know and even whilst I’ve logged the complain in lol ways I can.

    I don’t know if I’m being crucified to support the store or what. Everyday when I call to the store I’ll be told that they’ll come back to me but they have never been.

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