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Capital One Financial Corporation Customer Service

382 Reviews

Capital One Financial Corporation

15000 Capital One Dr.
United States - VA23238

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 481 3239(USA and Canada)
1 4
+1 877 383 4802(General Customer Service)
5 1
+1 800 227 4825(Credit Card Accounts)
3 0
+1 800 867 0904(Small Business Banking Products)
0 0
+1 888 810 4013(Capital One Bank Products)
1 0
+1 800 289 1992(Capital One 360 Products)
1 2
+1 800 946 0332(Auto Financing)
0 0
+1 877 464 2151(Home Loans)
0 0
+1 866 435 6299(Home Equity)
0 0
+1 800 926 1000(Personal Loan)
0 0
+1 855 780 5047(Investing Products)
1 0
+44 800 952 5267(United Kingdom)
0 0
+44 344 481 4814(United Kingdom)
0 0
US Branch Locator

General Correspondence
P.O. Box 503, Scarborough Stn. D, Scarborough, ON, M1R 5L1
P.O. Box 521, Scarborough Stn. D, Scarborough, ON, M1R 5S4

The United Kingdom

Card Services

P.O. Box 5283, Nottingham, NG2 9HD
Sending a Cheque
P.O. Box 1000, Camberley, GU15 3ZQ

Capital One Financial Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Capital One Financial Corporation / Capital One Quicksilver Card

thekid245 on Sep 18, 2018

I got a Quick Silver card to get rewards for the purchases I was making at work. I spent $ and paid it back with swift efficiency. They locked my card so I called in and got the lock lifted after 1 week of use. After a second week of use they locked my card again (even though I had paid...

Capital One Financial Corporation / unsubstantiated credit card hold

longblackdog on Sep 17, 2018

When signing on to Capital One's website to pay our credit card bill I found that our account was "locked". I called in and were told that they could not give me any information until we proved we were us. They asked me the verification questions, which I answered correctly but then said I...

Capital One Bank / employee attitude

Reggie R on Sep 17, 2018

This incident happen 9/17/2018 around a little after 9.00am eastern standard time at the Good Hope Market Place Branch 2831 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC, An employee who is a manager there, am sorry I did not get her name but she is an older African American woman who is a manager there...

Capital One Financial Corporation / kohl's credit

karen mcsims on Aug 26, 2018

Contacted customer service re:late fee of $27 for 7/07 and 7/08 is when my $27 pymt posted. Due to holiday, late fee was waived, deducting that I sent in the $16 pymt due for Aug. My new bill due 9/11 has a $37 late fee. I contacted customer service as I could not understand, Aug pymt wa...

Capital One Financial Corporation / customer service

Bjha on Aug 24, 2018

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Credit Card The issue that I have experienced was: Called in to capital one again after several weeks and no credit card in the mail. They have my correct address and that was verified. Representative told me she can just send...

Capital One Financial Corporation / online bank

GV Stone on Aug 23, 2018

My name is Gary Stone and I opened an account and funded it with $200 through my Amex Serve account. The deposit was made and the debit card sent to my verified address. When I tried to activate it, I could not. I called and was told that I did not have access to my money as I was not...

Capital One Financial Corporation / credit card

Rosssmith on Aug 17, 2018

So, I got 2 small credit cards to use and build my credit. I down loaded the app also, so I could easily manage my accounts. 3 times now, capital one has tried to take out a full balance from my checking account and said that I had personally set that up. I have NEVER set this function up...

Capital One / credit card late fee

ahla on Aug 15, 2018

I got a $25 late fee that was my fault because I was out of town and missed the due date. Apparently this was my first one bc the usual late fee is $38, and I called to see if they would waive it and Brent, the rep that I got, told me "the system won't allow me." I asked if as a human he...

Capital One Financial Corporation / customer service at a particular branch

Olinger2 on Aug 6, 2018

I have two credit accounts with you, my payments are due so I went in you Westhiemer Branch in Katy Texas today to open a checking account so that I had better access to paying my bills with you while traveling. I was the only person in the bank and yet I still waited over 30 minutes for...

Capital One Financial Corporation / capital one 360

Andrea N on Aug 4, 2018

I tried to log into my 360 account August 2nd only to realize that Capital One no longer gives the option for email verification! This is a huge problem for me because I no longer live in the USA and the company does not accept non US phone numbers. This should not be a big deal because I...

Capital 1 Credit Card / about an apr of over 28% since 2005.

Dwania Kyles on Jul 30, 2018

Since 2015 I haven't been late with payments. I was told by sr. Account supervisor dave (id #nsj797) in the chesepeake, va call center there was nothing that could been done to lower that rate and there was no superior to talk to over him. I find this to be unacceptable and wonder what's the...

Capital One Financial Corporation / credit card/ having different people have; different stories 07/27/2018

Jacob Spieler on Jul 27, 2018

I feel like I need to seek lawyer advise because you guys solved a case for me and now there are people calling me about it will a totally different case number. If you guys are trying to incriminate me or discriminate me that is wrong. I had two people call me today and for a problem I...

Capital One Financial Corporation / latest mobile banking app update

DHeger on Jul 24, 2018

I have accounts with Capital One Bank for several years and have had mobile banking app downloaded on to Tracfone and received working app updates successfully until the most recent app which I canno download because it says "version not compatible with phone". I am disabled and live in...

Capital One / service over the phone - very rude and unprofessional

Azizdzhon Dzhuraev on Jul 24, 2018

I spoke with one of representatives over the phone, he was very rood. His tone was like I own him a million. They have to learn from chase bank. I have chase business account, I opened new checking account with capital one because only for their app. Capital one spending a lot of money for...

Capital One Financial Corporation / banking service

PJhoward on Jul 20, 2018

Bank at Lufkin Texas branch. Made deposit today observing a long line with Drive-thru so opiated to go inside. Found out there was one teller working both outside and inside on Friday with other ladies taking or offering info nobody could care less. Also noticed several ladies conversing...

Capital One Financial Corporation / quicksilver credit card

V Eddleman on Jul 18, 2018

My payments are due on the 14th of the month. I send my checks out on the 3rd of the month. My checking account was hacked in December. My bank called told them to run their check again it would be honored: they never did. 12/8 returned pyt $30. 12/14 $25 past due fee. 1/10 pyt. 1/15 $35...

Capital One Financial Corporation / capital one 360 kids saving

kat! on Jul 13, 2018

I have been a customer for over a decade (joined through ING direct). I decided to open my son a MONEY account to teach him about money at a very early age. It was perfect. Now that he is 16, he has had the account for several years now. On June 20, 2018, his account has been restricted. I...

Capital One / credit card service

Janet Hohn on Jul 10, 2018

I had applied for a loan to consultative my credit card bills. So I provided the company advance America with all my personal information. I was faxed a letter on a letterhead (copy can be faxed) explaining interest rate. I have 10 pages of text regarding paying my credit cards off. They...

[Resolved] Capital One Financial Corporation / late fee credit card

Tiff Parker on Jul 6, 2018

I am writing because I am beyond pissed off with Capital One! I made a payment on July 2 @1 am which processed the next day. My due date is July 2 so I thought I was ok. Next thing I knew I was given a $38.00 late fee on a $55.00 payment. This is BEYOND ridiculous! Not only do I have/had...

Capital One Financial Corporation / I am complaining about my capitalone secured credit card accounthre:10086045311

Larry Hunt on Jul 4, 2018

I applied for and was accepted for Capital One credit card. I did everything that was required of me including sending the money switch you required to open my account. Then I had to go to the post office to pick up some form or something. I recently lost my wallet which contain all of my...