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I can't stand to watch any of the commercials with Samuel Jackson after I watched one movie that I thought was a western with some good actors called "The Hateful Eight". One scene with Samuel Jackson was so disgusting involving another guy and Samuel Jackson's private's that I can't stand to watch him act at all. Please reconsider your spokesperson.

bank policy and customer service

Transferring 5k from an in-house saving account to an in-house checking account. The manager said I needed...

Oakton Banks

credit card scam

I had an elaborate scam perpetrated on me. Over the course of a month I was in touch with Capital One trying to protect myself and my credit while going through training for a job with a company in Sweden (according to all the information I had). Through all of my research I could not find any negative information so I proceeded through training for an excellent position. I had been unemployed and looking for a job for almost a year. I expected through my conversations with Capital One that they would guide me to ensure I wasn't scammed. When I was asked by my soon to be new employer to purchase five iPhones I contacted Capital One to get their guidance. They told me what to watch for on my account in order to be sure the funds the company had set up for me had been transferred into my account. I did what the Capital One representative advised me to do, purchased the phones (using my Capital One card), shipped them, and then three days later I received a notice from Capital One that the transfer did not go through and the charges remained on my card putting my balance over the credit limit.

I called them immediately and tried to resolve the situation. I gave them the date that their rep had given me the erroneous information and told them I had a recording because I wanted to make sure I had the information correct--that I would not/could not use the recording for anything other than personal use ( I could not use it in court because I had not told them I was recording it). They would not talk to me and have refused to answer any of my correspondence. As of tonight (in mail tomorrow) I am sending them a letter and cc'ing Better Business Bureau and the FDIC.

credit card

Negative 100 star - I am beyond upset with this company... My god... You can never get a straight answer from rep, every customer service rep is telling you all faulty lies, that everything is hunky dory on your account but behind all the sudden you are wondering what?? I am never late on my payments and how come my unpaid balance is keep increasing, they increase rates and then harassing the consumers with phone calls, letters,

Consumers are trusting them, to business with them, & capital one is serving them legal court documents to appear in court summons, when consumer is trying to survive, is there a legal help for consumers too to fight back or??? Since these scam companies can do whatever they want,?

Please watch out from these scams... They are preying on people, and you won't even know when they doubling your apr rates, they will keep raising your interest rate, once they reel you in. The money you did not use but just having that card what is in your wallet?.

Someone has to do something about this company and the way they treat their costumes.. Is there a help for consumers who are victims of these kind frauds,
You literally hang up with high blood pressure with how rude and careless they treat you. I would never I mean ever... Ever ever ever suggest this company to anyone I know. Do not. I repeat... Do not apply for this card. They are a scammers... I strongly urge others to beware of their shady practices. Is there a help for consumers too, for lawsuit going against capital one, like capital one is dragging consumers with their shady law firm they supposedly use out of business.

horrible practices/policy

I've been a cardholder since Jan 2015. I have never missed a payment or had a late payment. I contacted customer service today and spoke with Melissa with customer service. I mentioned to her my exemplary payment history and increased credit rating (from Fair to Good/Excellent) and asked if my APR could be reduced. She stated there was no way it could be reduced. I also asked why my card was not changed from secured to unsecured. She then told me on 11/2/18 the "unsecured card graduation" was paused and could not tell me why. I asked if it had anything to do with my card needing to be re-issued due to losing my wallet and she said "perhaps." Since I wasn't getting anywhere I requested to be transferred to the Escalations Department. Melissa then transferred me to Kathy in Escalations and she stated she had no idea what Melissa was talking about in terms of the unsecured card graduation. There was nothing on my account to reflect such information. I express to her how upset I was that Capital One representatives are intentionally misleading account holders and how to go about getting my APR adjusted. She stonewalled me and said she didn't have authority to make any changes and there wasn't anyone higher I could go to. I then hung up and called customer service right back and spoke with Mercedes. I expressed my issue and she apologized and said they would "look into lowering my APR" which goes against what both Melissa and Kathy stated that nothing could be done about it. She stated she'd transfer me to Escalations again and they would be able to help me. I spoke with Sara this time. She was very polite, but stated the only time an APR could be lowered would be during a promotion, but it would go back at the end of it (approximately 7 months). And I'd probably receive a better APR if I opened a new card because a cardholder's history is not used to change an APR that's already been set. I expressed how upset it makes me to know Capital One is not in the business of keeping its account holders. She also mislead me by telling me I could be considered for a credit limit increase despite having a secured card when I know this not to be true. I've tried to apply for a credit limit increase over a year ago with Capital One and I was rejected because it was a secured card (according to the letter). I know Capital One can consider my payment history and increased credit rating to offer a more competitive APR. My confusion is...why don't they? My current APR is 24.65% which is unheard of for someone with a 782 credit score. I feel this is a tactic to offer a card at a high interest rate with the guise of it helping improve your credit, but in reality is a way to cheat people once they improve their credit by continuing to charge ridiculous interest.

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spark business credit card

I opened a Sparks Business Card over 7 months ago for my Company "Leumas Security Services LLC", I have...

credit card

My name is Nicole Thornton. I have a Capital One Credit Card. As a second chance program, I'm thankful for...

auto financing

Capital One Auto Finance contacted me yet I have no account either directly or through other financing. They...

repeated mail solicitations stop

I am constantly bombarded with solicitations from Capital One to apply for a credit card. I have been a...

ira cd maturity

My husband's ira cd matured on december 1, 2018, I called the bank before that date and told them he wanted to redeem the ira/cd. They gave me the run around, told me to go to a branch office, told them my husband is 89 years old and that would be difficult. So finally after much hassle they said they would send me a form. Well now is is december 4, and no form. So today went in to a branch office, and seems like we can't get the money from the branch because the ira/cd was opened on line. This absolutely ridiculous I have filed a complaint with the fdc. I hope that causes your log of trouble.

auto loan

I want to make an complaint about the service I have recieved. On 11/7/2018 my car was repossessed. Earlier...

attempting to open an online cd account

I tried to open an online CD account with CapitalOne. After following all of their confirmation procedures, Capital One was, after more than a week, unable to transfer the specified amount from my regular bank to the CD account. The representatives couldn't explain why and simply inferred that their computer was confused by the immediate account confirmation and that the transfer was stuck.

I then asked that the CD account be canceled and all of the personal information provided to CapitalOne be deleted from their database. I was informed that CapitalOne would not be able to delete my personal data and that they would hold it for five years. I am obviously leery about an incompetent organization holding my personal information for that long a period of time.

I would definitely not recommend CapitalOne to anyone for any financial transaction.

personal credit card limit increase denial

So we were told that as long as we had a credit card with this company for 3 months and made on time payments, we would be immediately approved for a credit limit increase. We have had our credit cards longer than 3 months and ALWAYS pay our full balance off every month. We requested an increase since we were told that we would almost immediately be approved since we have proven to be good customers and pay off our card every cycle. However, they send us a denial? Why turn away and turn down your Great Customers? What kind of customer service is that? Not very good, I have to admit. I used to be a manager, and my customers always got treated fair, and the ones that paid their bills on time or went above and beyond on their bills every time, got what they deserved, Special perks and all. These people need to learn how to do their jobs and treat their actual paying customers the way they should be treated. We really needed this increase to help with the holidays, and we more than deserve it. They need to fix it before they lose out on loyal customers.

capital one branch

The Capital One bank located at 611 Hempstead Tpke West Hempstead, NY 11552 is the worst branch possible. The atms, both drive through and inside, are never working. I dont understand how this is a constant problem. It doesnt help there arent any closer branchs to get money because they closed. There should be someone that stays inside to help people if the atm's decide to not work. Your a bank and if people cant withdraw or deposit money then what is the point of being a customer. I am honestly considering going to another bank.

attitude and unwillingness to help us

My wife and I went into the lobby and signed our names. Cassidy ( I believe that's her name) asked what she could help us with. I explained to her that we are not familiar with all of the computer stuff today but was wondering if she could tell us what the interest rate on a CD is. She said there's nothing she could do for us and we need to look online. I have been banking there for over 20 years. We should've never been treated like that. I can take my business elsewhere. I had to get my daughter to help me file this complaint. I'm older and just needed a little assistance. I don't want to be told to go home and look it up for myself. What do you pay her for? This branch is the capital one on hwy 22 in mandeville, la

contact information update; credit cards

I have been trying to update my latest phone number in my account for the past 10 days and it was never updated. I tried to call customer care and none of them have any clue of what is the real issue. I am really doubtful about CapitalOne having enough competent people who can serve to their customers.
When I explained my problem, they guess the solution and want me to try for several times. When one solution doesn't work, then they ask us to try another one without being finding what is causing the real problem.

capital one credit card

I just tried to apply for a student capital one credit card and was told that I was late on my payments to Capital One in the amount of 107.00. I'm sorry but we do not not under any circumstances have a credit card from Capital One or any other credit card company. Someone else is using our names as their own to be having a good time at our expense.

making a dispute a nightmare

My name is Olivia and I have been fighting a dispute I submitted with capital one now one month ago for something I am very clearly got ripped off on . Every time I submit something I get someone calling me telling me the other person was wrong and they do not except it and they need something else . I've been doing this for weeks Now, submitting everything they ask for . Now they are telling me my only option left is to return to the sender even though it very clearly states on the letter I received from them the sender does not except returns after three days . I have submitted multiple and multiple documents proving the company is fraudulent, what I got is nothing like what I received and that I have tried to contact them . They are Fumbling around and not helping me, in fact wasiting my time and have made it clear they are not actually trying to get my money back or even on the same page with in the company. I don't know where else to turn. Thank you.

card doesn't work

My existing card will no longer work. I was told that it would continue to work until my new card arrived. IT DOES NOT! I called back and was told it was a computer program on your end that was not allowing the existing card to work and that I would not have my new card until possibly a week away from today. That is not acceptable when I have credit on my card and am trying to order parts to run our business. The least you should do is over night the new cards out instead of it being left on me to figure out and told sorry there is nothing you can do. I'll just have to wait for my new card to arrive. That is truly poor customer service. I have wasted at least 2 hours on this issue and it is still not resolved. I feel like you should be able to put my existing card back into your system so I can use it until the new one arrives or over night the new cards out.


Jennifer Hastings
Hastings Excavating Service

customer service for auto fianace

I am behind on car payment and I have called and talked to your customer service over and over. They are...