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Capital One Customer Service Contacts

1800 481 3239 (USA and Canada)
+1 877 383 4802 (General Customer Service)
+1 800 227 4825 (Credit Card Accounts)
+1 800 867 0904 (Small Business Banking Products)
+1 888 810 4013 (Capital One Bank Products)
+1 800 289 1992 (Capital One 360 Products)
+1 800 946 0332 (Auto Financing)
+1 877 464 2151 (Home Loans)
+1 866 435 6299 (Home Equity)
+1 800 926 1000 (Personal Loan)
+1 855 780 5047 (Investing Products)
+44 800 952 5267 (United Kingdom)
+44 344 481 4814 (United Kingdom)
15000 Capital One Dr.
Richmond, Virginia
United States - VA23238
US Branch Locator

General Correspondence
P.O. Box 503, Scarborough Stn. D, Scarborough, ON, M1R 5L1
P.O. Box 521, Scarborough Stn. D, Scarborough, ON, M1R 5S4

The United Kingdom

Card Services

P.O. Box 5283, Nottingham, NG2 9HD
Sending a Cheque
P.O. Box 1000, Camberley, GU15 3ZQ

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Capital One Complaints & Reviews

Apr 01, 2020

Capital One — Shameful company

My daughter shares this account with me and made a purchase as she has done before and they declined the...

Capital One Financial CorporationReturned payment

I set up two automatic payments to pay off my credit card on March 3 and the amount of $254.48 in the other one for $59 on March 7 so I can get my account paid in full by March 9 which is the due date, today I went online to see if my payments had been cleared only to find out that it says my account is restricted and then I called Capital One they informed me that my account was closed ... I then asked to speak to a supervisor she really couldn't tell me what happened only later to find out that my payments were returned but they don't know why . I asked her why didn't they send me a notice in the mail she informed me that they sent out a notice March 9 which is today's date and they also closed my account March 9... they did not give me enough time to even fix what was broken

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    Mar 04, 2020

    Capital One Bank — Banking services

    Dear Sirs, Every time my Mom visits this branch it's chaotic! Either not enough cashiers available, or...

    Mar 02, 2020

    Capital One Financial Corporation — Capital one services

    I called Capital One to find out why my card had been restricted after I made the minimum balances do and...

    Mar 02, 2020

    Capitol One Bank — checking and savings accounts

    Fraudulent charges on my account in excess of $3000 were allowed. 27 overdraft fees at $35 apiece equaling...

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    Capital One Financial Corporationfraud department

    I had 3 charges for a product I never received and the fraud department sent a letter stating the company that took the money said charges were legit. The company is now refunding my money for the bogus charges and now I will not stop until something is done about the [censored] fraud department of capital one. I am going the better business bureau and contacting anyone from the government who is over credit card companies. Seems to me all you care about is taking money no matter whether its legit or not.

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      Jan 08, 2020

      Capital One Financial Corporation — my capital one credit cards.

      I have been dealing with capital one since 2008 and have been satisfied until this year. I have two capital...

      Jan 07, 2020

      Capital One Financial Corporation — bad policies regarding charge disputes

      I ordered a product via online through my phone for $206 in September, 2019. A day or so later, I received an...

      Capital One Financial Corporationcustomer service/walmart card

      I recently made a payment to my Capital One Quicksilver card. Instead it was credited to my Credit One Walmart card. I do not keep a balance on my Walmart card and now I have a credit of 48.60. On 12/12/19 I called customer service to inform them this payment was credited incorrectly and to move the credit to the correct account. After being placed on hold multiple times and 30 minutes on the call, I was told it would take 24 to 48 hours to move the funds. I said fine. Now a week later 12/18/19, the funds still have not been moved. I called customer service again and again was placed on hold multiple times. I was told it would take 2 billing cycles or 60 days to move the funds to my other account. This is unreasonable and unacceptable. I'm sure if I was 60 days late on a payment it would not go over well. This is their mistake. I should transfer my balance to another company and wash my hands of capital one.

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        Capital Onecredit cards

        I have been a customer with Capitol One since the early 2000's. I am struggling financially right now and asked them to lower my payments and interest for six months. Apparently, my hardship doesn't "qualify", nor does my being a customer with them for so long matter. Trying to do the right thing and continue to make payments. Called Discover, who I also have a card with and have not been a customer with them as long. Not a problem at all! They cut my payments in half and lowered my interest. Capitol One suggested I go to an outside debt consolation company instead of helping their own customer. WOW!!!

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          Capital One Financial Corporationdo not use their services or card

          the company is extremely unprofessional they do not care a bout u or your service they pretend to help you then make excuses to get off the phone the people here are not nice they dont respect you they tell u they cant help u at all even though the charges or item was not delivered period extremely unprofessional they lie to u and do not care they tell you also they have never gotten the claim form for dispute in either

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            • Updated by Complainant91923 · Feb 22, 2020

              same thing with me they are rude and not cool at all

            • Ma
              mark7364 Feb 22, 2020

              Capital One placed a hold on my credit card account due to what the fraud protection department stated was suspected fraud. They requested that I uploaded a front/back photo of my driver license via a link emailed to me. I advised them that I changed my phone number. I was told they tried to verified my number by sending a text but it didn't go thru. I have received other texts on the new number including a government agency without any problems. I uploaded a photo of my driver license more than once. Always received the response that it wasn't clear enough or couldn't be scanned. They blocked me out of my online account, won't send me an email or paper billing statement so that I pay my remaining balance. I have closed the account.

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            Capital One Financial Corporationlocking the card while traveling

            Locked my card while I was overseas traveling and would not unlock card because he insisted I send him my drivers license which I did not have... Your travel fraud is bs!!!

            So I guess you guys can just count on me not charging anymore with you! Over ten years and never been asked for my drivers license.

            Since you have blocked my card. Thanks for leaving me stranded.

            [protected]@corporateair.com card ending in 9863

            Absolutely! You can use your debit card anywhere you see the mastercard® logo. Also, there's no need to notify us about your travel plans before you leave. If you have any questions or problems while you're traveling, call our collect international number [protected].

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              Capital One Financial Corporationventure card

              I recently got approved for a Venture card and was super excited about alll the benefits id receive using it. Well, I also thought that after going through the applicaiton process, getting approved, the card being shipped and being enrolled online, I would beablet o easily activate the card and use it. But that has not been the case and i am not happy. I have been having my card over two months and have not been able to use it without them harassing me for more info as if I am some sort of criminal. To me, I believe I passed that test when i filled out the application, otherwise why did you send out the card? Do you just approve everyone but then let them be in a bine because they don't have the documents on hand that you want. Im sorry but im not going to give anymore info than i have when i got approved. If you wanted more info it should have been included in the appllication. The only way ill ever recommend capitol one is if they cut out the [censored] and let me use my card as stated in my aggreement.

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                Capital One Financial Corporationwhat is my balance today

                Cap One Review - 11/09/2019
                Good luck Transactions went missing overnight — fees from nowhere. You are shopping, and you look online to find out you have no cash in your account. Institutions that you blocked, they permitted to make withdrawals.

                Wors are the tales they spin, acting like your best friend. They threaten to hand upon you due to USD1, 500.00 in missing funds. Perhaps you are supposed to be a shiny happy person when they abscond your cash.

                There is much more. Just stay away.

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                  Nov 06, 2019

                  Capital One Financial Corporation — credit card

                  For the first few years with Capital One my experience was good until a fraudulent charge was made on my...

                  Capital One Financial Corporationrepeated credit card applications with fraudulent name

                  I have received repeated credit card applications for a Christine L Spotts at my new address (5252 Orange Ave, #427, San Diego, CA 92115). I called customer support to inquire how this name was connected to this address, as this woman's credit information was incorrectly included on my credit report over 15 years ago and I have made sure all references to that name are no longer connected to me. No one could tell me how that name got connected with my new address (since May 2019) nor where they got that name. I was promised that I would not receive any more applications from Capital One in that name or in my name (Christine Young) but I keep getting these applications.

                  How did Christine L Spotts name get connected with my new address? Where did you get this name?

                  How can I stop getting credit card applications from Capital One?

                  Christine Young

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                    Oct 29, 2019

                    Capital One Financial Corporation — auto finance information

                    My name is Asia Redmond. I have had capital one for an Lien Holder for my 2011 Chevy Impala. I was recently...

                    Capital One Financial Corporationcustomer service representative, dispute department and supervisors involved

                    My name is Shereka Mosby and I was a customer with capital one for years. I spoke with a representative in June about setting up $100 a month automatic deductions until account paid in full, but there's been an ongoing issue with whom provided incorrect information on the call. I was not able to pay for months and when I was able to do so I resumed payments. I told this representative I was in the process of buying a home and for an error such as missing a number on checking account, it is your word against mine, because I requested resolution letter and Capitol one has yet to provide one and filed in July. You've reported me to credit bureau as bad charge off when I actually called to set up these payments and received letter in june after Ist payment that did not indicate you could not process June due to incorrect info, but you will deduct on the account as requested. People set up automatic payments so they dont have to call, and this has lead me to believe you should never set up automatic deductions because of errors like this. I also tried making the $200 payment in july but representative stated not to and wait for resolution letter which I never received. This is the only account reflecting negative and I'm sorry that I was excited to get my life back on track, and let your representative get distracted and she did not do her job that day. With Capitol 1 advertising what a great company you are to have, I've dealt with companies that dont have your "credibility " and they dont treat customers this way. All I'm asking because of this mix up is to report fairly to the credit burea, because I have not received correspondence regarding resolution and unsure if capital one is being honest about what happened on the call. I should not have to suffer because of someone's incompetence in your company. Especially when it can effect people and they are trying to do the right thing. I sat at my desk that evening and paid everyone with the same info, but you are the only company that did not obtain correct checking account number. Also the only company reflecting all this negative things on credit report, when I was able to catch up on my payments and it was not processed correct

                    I've spent days and have made multiple calls to Capitol 1, no one has been of any assistance and have been unprofessional telling me not to make payment in July, I dont receive a letter and my account is worse than it started before the investigation.

                    Please call me on my cell anytime I need to resolve this. [protected]

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                      Oct 23, 2019

                      Capital One Financial Corporation — my credit card

                      First off I'm very upset !I got robbed they took me through hell verifying I'm myself for weeks! Had to wait...

                      Capital One Financial Corporationtook money from account w/o permission

                      when capitol one bought out synchrony bank and the systems got switched over, i made my minimum payment then set up auto pay. when i realized it was for the same month, i canceled the payment for that month (as i had already met my min.) and let it be from the next month on...then i realized they were gonna take 2 payments the next month, so after getting THAT straight, i thought...the very next day i noticed that the payment i CANCELED was processed anyway...I'M SORRY THAT IS ILLEGAL... when the account was switched i was told no payment was due...capitol one had NO RIGHT to take a payment i had CANCELED and if this can NOT be made right as it has already been taken out of my account...putting it back WILL NOT solve the problem...this company has committed a crime against me and i want justice...don't know exactly how i'm gonna get it...BUT REST ASSURE I WILL

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