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Complaints & Reviews

Capital One Financialpoor customer service

I called today 12/28/2017 to discuss a letter that I received explaining the reason for a decline request for a line of increase on my credit card. I was transferred to an escalation dept and spoke with Candance who's the worst employee that I've spoken to since being with Capital one over a few years period. She told me that she couldn't see or discuss the letter with me and demanded that I read the letter to her. I had told her initially when she came on what the letter said in general but she wanted to hear the words verbatim. I had spoken with another rep a few days ago when I first put in the 2nd request online but had not yet received the letter and she was able to see the first letter and we went over it together and I was satisfied with her conversation. However, when I got the second letter which was identical to the first with the same reason, I decided to call back as I had contacted Equifax which was cited as the source and they denied reporting any late payments or recent delinquencies. How is it that I got a letter from Cap One but a staff at capital one cannot see the content? It doesn't make sense & I told her she was lieing and had an ugly attitude; one I'd describe now as condescending . I'd really like someone in management to listen to my conversation with Candace today 12/28 and my conversation with the other staff on 12/26/17 to see the difference in customer service. I strongly believe that she doesn't need to perform any "direct contact" with customers duties. She is NOT representing Capital One's brand. I've read a lot of negative reviews about Capital One and up until today & I've begged to differ. I've Never had a negative experience when calling about my accounts even times when I wasn't happy about an issue. Had she looked at the letter she would have understood my frustration and guided me like her co-worker did previously. Clearly there's a mistake with delinquencies being reported and I'm trying to figure out where it's coming from as I've contacted all 3 bureaus and none seem to have it on file. I'm not interested in the increase line of credit anymore but more so where Cap One is getting this data to render its decision. Sadly, after dealing with Candance today, I'm rethinking continuing my relationship with Cap One.

inept resolution of my account

I have been a customer of capital one for as long as you've been capital one. I am grossly disappointed in the way my account was (Is being handled) with the exception of...

Capital One Financial — capital one credit card

This credit card company is a preditor type of company .I Marra Wallace received a preapproved card for a 300$ credit limit . I attached a 2nd card holder and opened up a payment...

Capital One Financial — refusal by employee to provide closed account letter for credit card account

I have tried to call Capital One 3 times over the last 2 months to cancel my Credit Card since I have been told that I can't stop the Annual Fees on it, even though my husband...

Capital One Financial — cashing a check

576104 Try to cash a check at 620 w. 181st. NY NY for the amount of 5200.00 Presented two credit cards ID and my driver licence just to be toll by the lellet that the lead teller...

Capital One Financial — lien release for motorcycle - 2 weeks already, no release

I have been trying to get my lien released for a motor cycle. Paid off in 2009, bike is sold, can't get title without lien released. 2007 Big Dog Motorcycle (paid in 2009) VIN...

Capital One Financialspark small business credit card

I have been a Capital One credit card holder for over a year & made all payments on time. I applied for a Spark Small Business Card, was approved & received the card. When I went to activate it, I was asked to send additional info to confirm my identity. Although very strange because I am a cardholder already for over a year & was already approved for the Spark card, I forwarded a picture I.D, Social Security Card & a mail communication with my name & address on it. I was called again about a week later to verify my address with another document. I forwarded a copy of my Wells Fargo Bank Account Statement that included my name, account number, address, etc. I was called again to say that they could not confirm this info! All this after being a cardholder & having all my personal info on record with Cap One for over a year & already being approved. I could not talk any common sense with the representative in the Fraud Dept & asked to speak with the Manager of that dept. She was equally vague & could not answer my common sense questions or provide me with any sensical explanation. They would not activate the card. I would like to note the VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE of some of your staff in that dept. I WOULD ALSO LIKE AN EXPLANATION OF WHY I WAS APPROVED, SENT THE SARD & THEN NOT ABLE TO ACTIVATE THE CARD!

Capital One Financial — credit card

I had three accounts that I was current with. There was a fraud on my account and my account was closed because a capital one representative made an error. I was told someone...

Capital One Financial — credit card

I have been back and forth between Transunion and Capitol One regarding my credit card being reported Transunion. My name is Bruce M. Cody. My credit card # is: [protected]...

Capital One Financialmortgage loan

Olia J. Rodney Jr. Loan # ES759744 1817 N Johnson St. N.O. LA [protected] or [protected]
I am totally disappointed in the level of customer service that I have received since I agreed to allow Capital One to finance my mortgage loan. I feel as though since the mortgage department is closing, no one seems to care about the customer. Initially I was told that my bills will be paid (not closed out) and I would receive $31, 000 in liquid cash so that I can do things such as pay off my daughter's medical school bills. Two hours prior to closing, I received paperwork that showed that Capital One took it upon themselves to add in the paying off of my Porsche for $30, 000 and that I would receive a check for approx. $700 AND all of my credit card accounts will be closed. This was all after I had already gone through 2 reviews for approval of the paperwork on the original agreement. In addition, once the title guy came out with the paperwork (that I totally disagreed with because the idea was to get cash to pay for medical school), he had my ex-wife name on the paperwork. My wife asked him if she had to sign papers since she was on the title but not the mortgage and he said "no". They also added my other land on the paperwork which shouldn't have happened. I was then told that all of the checks would be sent to me and I would have to send to the credit card co.'s Each day I was told that the checks were on the way. Meanwhile, my bills are getting further behind and late fees are ensuing. Today I received a call that all of the paperwork was incorrect and new paperwork would have to be sent out to me but Capital One is now closed and nothing can be done until Friday. Also, I cant receive a time of how long THIS process would now take (although I still didn't agree with just receiving $700-defeats the purpose of me getting the loan. It has been one problem after the next and I am asking that someone call me at [protected] or [protected] ASAP to provide some type of resolution. Preferably I would prefer to get my cash of $31, 000 as previously discussed without closing my accounts. However if the accounts have to be closed I would rather receive the cash as a priority as my daughter's medical school depends on this.

Capital One Financial — credit card (venture)

With absolutely no warning, I received a form letter from Capital One dated November 13, 2017 telling me that my "account has been restricted as of November 13, 2017" and that it...

Capital One Financialcredit cards

Capital One used to be very nice to deal with. Short wait times, helpful agents and a willingness to waive membership fees. For the past year they are just plain mean. The wait times for customer service are at least a half an hour and once you get a hold of someone they act like you are some kind of misguided beggar asking for a handout.

Yesterday one of my cards was declined which caused me a great deal of embarrassment and stress. When I finally got to an agent he told me it never happened.

credit card scams

I order one credit card now someone running around with my information. I ask them to close my one card account then ask for number she told me there's no number so I said I'm...

Capital One Financiala customer service agent called ismael.

My husband is a customer of Capital One investments. For over three weeks he was unable to access his account even though he called Capital One Customer Service each time. Today he asked for my help. When he tried to login he could not. We called the Customer Service support and Ismael answered our call. This agent refused to speak with me - and proceeded to "guide" my husband following the same steps we had stated had not worked for three weeks. When I advised him we'd complain about his unprofessional and ignorant behavior, he refused to provide a last name and also stated Capital One Customer Service agents do not have a code.
I told him that people like him are the reason Capital One has such a bad business reputation.
Please stay away from this company. I don't know where this Customer Service agents are located - perhaps India? And obviously they have no respect for customers, especially if we are women.

Capital One Financial — capital one credit card

My credit card (opened in 2015) has been reported to credit beuros as closed. And new credit card (opened in 2017) was reported as opened. I called and asked to clear the...

Capital One Financial — credit card

My husband and I researched many credit card companies before we choose Capital One. Our reason for choosing them was the low interest rate and the 1.5 cash back on everything we...

Capital One Financialcredit card

Sept 29 Capital one cancelled my credit card without me asking for it to be cancelled. They claimed they sent a new replacement which i never received. Its bow oct 19. They never informed me they were replacin it. No email, no text msg, no phone call.. Nothing! The worst part is i didnt realize till now it was the old card i was trying to use until it got declined. So i called to find out what the hell is going on. They gave me some sob story which i did not care to hear. This is the second time capital one has done this. And probably be there last time to me. I will pay them off an cancel the account completely. Completely unacceptable. I have never in my life been so embarrased and felt so ashamed. Here u go out to eat thinking you good and DECLINE is what u get. My thing is capital one did not apologize for the inconvenience nor did they admit fault. Over the years i've been becoming more unsettled with Capital one. And this just put the icing on the cake. ALL CAPITAL ONE CUSTOMERS BEWARE!!!

Capital One Financial — credit card payments

576104 - Date of Incident: 09 Oct 2017 - Description of incident: ******Force to make a late payment****** -Today was the due date for making a payment in my credit card. I tried to make...

Capital One Financial — terrible customer service with capital one technical issue

I made my payment on 9/28 using my mobile app (as I have done for YEARS) using the exact same bank account information that has been set as my primary payment account FOR YEARS...

Capital One Financial — credit card department customer service

Greetings, I applied online for a new credit card today (September 27, 2017) with Capital One. I was approved for a very small credit limit of $300. I called the customer service...

Capital One Financialcustomer service

Sept 20, 2017...i contacted customer service about lowering the interest rate on my credit card. Reason: health insurance premiums have become unmanageable, so looking into our household bills to see what we can do. I was transferred from one department to the next. From one supervisor to another. And then, back to customer service. One hour and four representatives later...was back at regular customer service. No one could help me.
I heard twice, " I don't know why they transferred you to me" ...really, I don't know either.
Very poor customer service.

Capital One Financialpolicy on credit card late fees

This company charged me a late fee for making a payment that was 1 hour late. I was having computer problems on the day my payment was due and when I called to try to explain this to the rep he calmly told me that they no longer waive late credit card fees for ANY reason. Keep in mind that I am in an area that was recently declared a disaster due to Hurricane Irma and received an email from Capital One that they would waive late fees for those in effected areas. When I brought this up to the representative they actually quoted me the date of the storm and told me my payment was made after the date of the storm, and again it was too bad and that they absolutely would NOT waive the fees. I'm done with this greed driven company and will not ever use or recommend them again.

Capital One Financial — unethical behaviour

my payee representative account [protected] for James Morris representative for my Son Khalid Morris, who receives money from social security for is mental condition of...

Capital One Auto Financemy truck loan

I bought a 2005 F-150 in February of 2014 for around $13, 000. This is August of 2017. By my calculations at a payment of $460 plus change a month I have paid over $18, 000 on this vehicle. Yet when I checked on the pay off I was told it would be $11, 000 plus.
If this is truly the case I'm considering having my attorney look into my contract and your practices.

Capital One Financialcustomer service

merchant that was cancelled continues to charge my card. spent over 2 hours tonight trying to get this resolved. Three customer service reps(all men) in Central America apparently dont know that women in other countries have civil rights. The first rep hung up on me when I was giving my account number. The second one kept telling me I wasnt allowed to talk to him in "that" way and h was going to hang up on me. I was asking(probably demanding at this point) to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor "Magic" gave me the run around for 30min trying to make me talk with the fraud dept.
I told him I just wanted merchant to quit charging my card. Also told me if I Choose to go through fraud dept it would take "A LOT LONGER " to have this charge removed from my account

Capital One Financialairline ticket booked with incorrect name horrible customer service by "supervisor"

I booked an airline ticket with rewards miles on June 9th 2017 Seattle to LAX on Alaska Airlines. See below information sent to me through email.

(Flight 25, 540 Miles
SEA > LAX > SEA (Aug 04, 2017 - Aug 07, 2017)
1 ticket
Flight Booked
Airline Reference Number: VGUIOM
Agency Reference Number: LXPYC5
Passenger 1: KRISTINA Rae WHARTON )

I had to cancel this flight and was given credits in which I used to book a ticket via an Agent (because a client cannot book their own flight using credits per your policy). This new flight was booked with my name spelled incorrectly due to the agents error. Please see flight information below per my saved emails.

Trip Locator: LXOR5O
Flight: Thursday, 3 August 2017 Airline Reference: JGXDCA
Seattle/Tacoma (SEA) to Anchorage (ANC))

As you can see the agent entered my name incorrectly. The morning of my flight I noticed the error and spent a hour working with an agent who said I may not make it through security due to my incorrectly spelled name and also I would not be eligible for my rewards miles from Alaska airlines since my rewards plan had a different name as the ticket. The Alaska Airlines agent was unable to change the name because it was booked through Capital One. Since the flight was so early in the morning Capital One was not open and able to change the name in time for me to make my flight.

Thankfully I was finally able to convince security to let me on my flight and had to run to catch the flight. When I called Capital One the agent,
Yesenia Agent Sign KA, who claimed she was a supervisor and she was unable tried to convince me that 1) This was my error because the flight was booked online and I had spelled the name incorrectly. I have physical proof via my emails that this is a lie. 2) She tried to say tell me that talking to the agent at the airport would be my best solution which I explained to her I had done for an HOUR before my initial flight. 3)She then tried to get me to cancel the flight and pay the difference in cost to rebook the flight. 4) She refused to talk to both of Alaska Airline Representative and myself concurrently which I told her multiple times would be the simplest way to cut out any confusion and find a solution to this problem.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars with Capital One in order to gain the rewards miles to book this flight and the fact that I was treated so poorly and the customer service provided by a supervisor was subpar is an awful reflection of the Capital One Team. I spent almost 2 hours on the phone with Yesenia getting placed on hold for extended periods of time. If this is how Capital One treats their loyal customers I am no longer interested in being a client. Yesenia's interest was in "being right" and not resolving the problem at hand.

I will be writing reviews everywhere I can find if there is not some level of consideration for time and hassle due to the errors and awful service given by your team.

Thank you for you time.

Capital One Financial — customer service

I signed up for a Capitol One Card back in March of 2017. Card came in, used it and never received a bill. I called in to find out what was going on, verified my information and...

Capital One Auto Financewon't take loan payoff

8/02/2017: trying to pay off car loan: want it on my credit card. There is NOTHING on the monthly statement saying that a credit card is not acceptable--yet the passive-aggressive phone kid, Jay UZ (which he SAYS is his 'designation') has kept me on the phone with his BS and on hold in excess of half an hour. THEN he hung up. VERY frustrated. VERY angry. By law--if there is no specificity regarding payment options; I do NOT have to surrender my banking info to these yahoos. And of course, for every day that they do not accept pay off--they charge MORE money. This is just WRONG!

Capital One Financial — account security

Hi my name is Jaysher Batson. I'm very upset with the service I've received recently. I got an at home job through O'Reilly Auto Parts from but it was too good to be...

Capital One Auto Finance — leased a new car in 2015, they repo it one day before my payment date.

I have leased a car in 2015. Been mostly on time with my payments until now. My husband is a disabled marine vet, we have a one year old son. I just lost my job two months ago and...

Capital One Services, Inc. — credit card

‪Thank you for allowing me to reach thousands of users to tell my story about Capital One and their fraud practices. I am a victim of fraud because Capital One allowed my husband...

Capital One Financial — home loan

I applied and was conditionally approved. After talking with one of your agents I explained I make over 120K a year and rebuilding my credit. I was told that I don't qualify to...

Capital One Financial — capital one 360

My account has been levied for $300 however Capital One is holding $2700. After numerous calls the rep said my acount would be closed on 7/10 which it wasn't then the next day...

Capital One Services, Inc. — venture credit card - fraud department

566255 I was your client since 1995. Closed my account of $17, 200 in 2010 without ever missing a payment and I'm still paying for that closed account meaning that Capital One has ALL my...

Capital One Financial — denial of charges

My family went to Paris last week. My husband and I both have Capital One credit cards. My husband called Capital One 2 weeks prior to our trip, to report we were traveling to...

Capital One Financialcredit card

Date: [protected]
Client Number: [protected]
I got this credit card in the mail. They sent it to me and I'd never applied for it. I had the credit card for a while didn't use more than 1200.00 on the card. I lost my job and during that time I called them and informed them of what was going on. They ended up sending the account to collections with Blit and Gaine which has not been cooperative at all in this. I'm pregnant and single so I don't have any other source of income. They want me to pay them 2400.00 for a bill that is really 1200.00. I tried to give them my Income Tax in March but they said 1200 wasn't enough. So I called back today 6-30-17 and they are still asking for 2400.00 and I still don't have that. Now I don't have the 2400.00. I told the lady on the phone that's not a Settlement. 70% would have been 840.00. Im pregnant and I'm alone why are they doing this to me? This is so unfair to treat consumers this way. They have been harsh and this has got to stop. I'm willing to give a settlement that I can afford to give. I cant really afford to give the 700.00 but I'm trying to get this done. Please Help! Here is Blit and Gaine phone number [protected]

Capital One Financialcredit report

My name is Cecily Cammon. I have never applied for any Capital One services nor do I ever intend to apply for any Capital One services in the future. I recently checked my credit report to find that Capital One has been making weekly inquiries for the last two years! I I am outraged and this needs to stop right now. I expect to be contacted about this matter. I will check my credit report in 30 days. I do not expect to see any inquiries from Credit One or any One affiliates. If there are any inquiries from Credit One or any of Credit One affiliates comma I will have no choice but to take legal recourse in this matter.

2731 Burlingame St.
Detroit, MI 48206

Capital One Auto Finance — malfeasance

I have had many Capital One credit cards and paid them all on time. My credit score didn't change much after years of no missed payments, so I cancelled them. I purchased a car...

Capital One Financial — capital one fraud department

In early June 2016 I had hundreds of fraudulent transactions on my card in a 24 hour period. Capitol One reversed many of them, some of them more than once, then added back in the...

Capital One Services, Inc. — credit card

Capital one protects counterfeiters, not their cardholders. What's in your wallet ? I had game of thrones dvds seasons 1&2. I ordered seasons 1-6 from ebay as I couldn't order...