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Complaints & Reviews

CapitalOnecontact information update; credit cards

I have been trying to update my latest phone number in my account for the past 10 days and it was never updated. I tried to call customer care and none of them have any clue of what is the real issue. I am really doubtful about CapitalOne having enough competent people who can serve to their customers.
When I explained my problem, they guess the solution and want me to try for several times. When one solution doesn't work, then they ask us to try another one without being finding what is causing the real problem.

Capital One Financial Corporationcapital one credit card

I just tried to apply for a student capital one credit card and was told that I was late on my payments to Capital One in the amount of 107.00. I'm sorry but we do not not under any circumstances have a credit card from Capital One or any other credit card company. Someone else is using our names as their own to be having a good time at our expense.

Capital One Financial Corporation — making a dispute a nightmare

My name is Olivia and I have been fighting a dispute I submitted with capital one now one month ago for something I am very clearly got ripped off on . Every time I submit...

Capital One Financial Corporation — card doesn't work

My existing card will no longer work. I was told that it would continue to work until my new card arrived. IT DOES NOT! I called back and was told it was a computer program on...

Capital One Financial Corporation — customer service for auto fianace

I am behind on car payment and I have called and talked to your customer service over and over. They are rude, they have not helped me at all with a solution. I did have one guy...

Capital One Financial Corporation — customer service rep attitude over the phone

Monday October 1st at 10:22am I called Capitol One Quicksilver to ask for a 3 day extension on payment due date. I first spoke with "Chase" and he told me that was an issue that...

Capital One Financial Corporationmy capital one credit card account

I applied for a loan to consolidate my credit cards since I am now on disabled. I went on my computer and found a company who told me I was approved. I gave my banking information to them, my social security number and all my credit card information, codes. I got suspicious when I was told by a Jason Carney that he will be paying the credit cards companies. I said to him you have not shown me anything nor tell me about my payments nor have I signed anything. To make a long story short they paid my capital one account and some of my credit cards and them took back the money and some because I file a complaint with the FTC they stopped the payment. They went in my bank account and take out funds. I contacted capital one and all my credit cards, which were closed and new accounts were opened. Capital one was the only credit card who closed my account permanently after issuing a new card. Why am I being penalized when I did not pay the account them stop payment or whatever these con people did. I have received calls that I purchased Mack note book and shipped it someone in a different state, I have received a call from Target telling me that someone just called them to buy a gift card and it sounded like a man pretending to be a woman, I have received calls from Walmart, Merrick Bank and it continues. I know it my fault giving my information to a company before checking them out and by the way when I did check the company I was told by the person whom answered the phone to go to my bank and close my account because they don't do business in the state of New Jersey. I have filed a complaint with BBB and I want to know why is my account closed.

my capital one credit card account

Capital One Financial Corporation — customer service

I made a payment to my sons school for books and fees. I had my Capital One Platinum card on file along with my regular debit card (mastercard) I wasn't paying attention because...

Capital One Financial Corporation — capital one quicksilver card

I got a Quick Silver card to get rewards for the purchases I was making at work. I spent $ and paid it back with swift efficiency. They locked my card so I called in and got the...

Capital One Financial Corporation — unsubstantiated credit card hold

When signing on to Capital One's website to pay our credit card bill I found that our account was "locked". I called in and were told that they could not give me any information...

Capital One Bank — employee attitude

This incident happen 9/17/2018 around a little after 9.00am eastern standard time at the Good Hope Market Place Branch 2831 Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC, An employee who is a...

Capital One Financial Corporation — kohl's credit

Contacted customer service re:late fee of $27 for 7/07 and 7/08 is when my $27 pymt posted. Due to holiday, late fee was waived, deducting that I sent in the $16 pymt due for Aug...

Capital One Financial Corporationcustomer service

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Credit Card

The issue that I have experienced was: Called in to capital one again after several weeks and no credit card in the mail. They have my correct address and that was verified. Representative told me she can just send another and I can wait another 6 business days and call back if i dont get the third card, and they will do it again. I asked to speak to her supervisor, he gave me same answer. And told me that he was the highest person in capital one i could speak to. His name was Won, employee # ors382. I spoke to them on a recorded line at 4:30pm central standard time on 8/24/18. I am able to receive mail for advertisements and correspondance for my other capital one card, but can not receive my new card, this seems silly.

It occurred on: 24/08/2018

I want my card sent in overnight mail, and I want to know if employee Won is the highest person I can speak to at capital one, or if capital one´s employee lied to me. I also want to know if I dont receive my new card AGAIN, then do they really give me the same answer a 4th time? Last, I want my phone call recording on 8/24/18 heard by WON´s boss ( that per Won, doesnt take phone calls) and sent to me incase I need to proceed further into the issue.

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

Yours faithfully,

Brittany Langley

Last four digits of credit card 0816

8406 E Harry St, Apt 111
Wichita Kansas

Capital One Financial Corporation — online bank

My name is Gary Stone and I opened an account and funded it with $200 through my Amex Serve account. The deposit was made and the debit card sent to my verified address. When I...

Capital One Financial Corporationcredit card

So, I got 2 small credit cards to use and build my credit. I down loaded the app also, so I could easily manage my accounts. 3 times now, capital one has tried to take out a full balance from my checking account and said that I had personally set that up. I have NEVER set this function up. The have now cancelled both my cards due to missed/returned payments and have left me right in the [censored] with ZERO warnings at all. Never once sent a notification of issues OR intent to close. Seriously pissed off with this [censored]ing creditor. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO STAY CLEAR OF THEM.

credit card late fee

I got a $25 late fee that was my fault because I was out of town and missed the due date. Apparently this was my first one bc the usual late fee is $38, and I called to see if they would waive it and Brent, the rep that I got, told me "the system won't allow me." I asked if as a human he had the discretion to waive it and he said no and transferred me to Keisha who is a senior acct rep. She told me "the offer wasn't there and that she can't override the system." OFFER?! An offer is for a loan or a balance transfer or a low interest rate - not to have a fee waived. I let her know that I've been in the customer service industry for 21 years and that I can not believe that after being a card holder for 18 years, that I'm very disappointed that "she couldn't accommodate me." I will no longer use this card after paying off my balance and will never recommend this card to anyone. The lack of empathy and ATTEMPT to even help was so evident and pathetic. This crap of having the computer or "system" determine things in life is B.S. and people need to step up to the plate and make a decision. I sure have in my 21 years in the business.

Capital One Financial Corporation — customer service at a particular branch

I have two credit accounts with you, my payments are due so I went in you Westhiemer Branch in Katy Texas today to open a checking account so that I had better access to paying my...

Capital One Financial Corporationcapital one 360

I tried to log into my 360 account August 2nd only to realize that Capital One no longer gives the option for email verification! This is a huge problem for me because I no longer live in the USA and the company does not accept non US phone numbers. This should not be a big deal because I had the same issue with Wells Fargo but when I called Customer service at Wells Fargo 1: a person (not an automated system) answers the phone and 2. they are able to verify my identity over the phone and give me access to my account. Sadly this is not the case with Capital One!!! My experience trying to resolve the issue Aug 4th --took 2 hours of holding/waiting on the phone:
1. The automated system does not work. The phone system did not recognize my debit card/pin number and I kept going around in circles trying to get a representative on the line since the automated system was not working for me.
2. Finally got a representative who was rude and unprofessional and didn't even pretend to offer a solution.
3. Tried to call back again to speak with someone else. Finally was able to speak to someone in the technical support dept., which took over 1 hour of automated system run around and a long wait time for technical support. At least this person was helpful in offering a temporary solution and confirmed that the company has removed the email verification option and also confirmed that I was entering the correct pin but the system is not working.
4. I am not in the US and as a result of the incompetence, inefficiency and general bad customer support I have incurred over 200 euros of telephone charges (in one evening) and I am now blocked by my cell phone provider from making additional phone calls until the next billing cycle and I am travelling!

Capital 1 Credit Cardabout an apr of over 28% since 2005.

Since 2015 I haven't been late with payments. I was told by sr. Account supervisor dave (id #nsj797) in the chesepeake, va call center there was nothing that could been done to lower that rate and there was no superior to talk to over him.

I find this to be unacceptable and wonder what's the point of paying on time if you're
Gonna be treated like you don't. I'm confident capital 1 can do better so their clients don't feel like they're being robbed which is how i'm currently feeling. I'm requesting a lower interest rate reflective of my consistency with payments and all the interest they've made off me over the years.

Capital One Financial Corporationcredit card/ having different people have; different stories 07/27/2018

I feel like I need to seek lawyer advise because you guys solved a case for me and now there are people calling me about it will a totally different case number. If you guys are trying to incriminate me or discriminate me that is wrong. I had two people call me today and for a problem I have had since May and thought to be resolved after Jun 26 2018. But he solved it in two mins and claims that he solved a case that was already solved but now has a different number. ARE YOU TRYING TO TRICK ME OR WHAT? IF I COULD CLOSE MY ACCOUNTS I WOULD. I want to know why I have different case numbers for the same one that was in my mind solved. I want proof of what your employee is talking about. SEEM LIKE A SCAM LIKE WELLS FARGO BS. One employee says he saw all of my documents and sees everything, and understands why and the second employee after calling back says he does not see any of my documents or files and that it was a charge too a room of some sort with no prove. What is going on I want someone like a supervisor to call me asap.

Capital One Financial Corporation — latest mobile banking app update

I have accounts with Capital One Bank for several years and have had mobile banking app downloaded on to Tracfone and received working app updates successfully until the most...

service over the phone - very rude and unprofessional

I spoke with one of representatives over the phone, he was very rood. His tone was like I own him a million. They have to learn from chase bank. I have chase business account, I...

Capital One Financial Corporation — banking service

Bank at Lufkin Texas branch. Made deposit today observing a long line with Drive-thru so opiated to go inside. Found out there was one teller working both outside and inside on...

Capital One Financial Corporation — quicksilver credit card

My payments are due on the 14th of the month. I send my checks out on the 3rd of the month. My checking account was hacked in December. My bank called told them to run their check...

Capital One Financial Corporation — capital one 360 kids saving

I have been a customer for over a decade (joined through ING direct). I decided to open my son a MONEY account to teach him about money at a very early age. It was perfect. Now...

credit card service

4661 I had applied for a loan to consultative my credit card bills. So I provided the company advance America with all my personal information. I was faxed a letter on a letterhead...

[Resolved] Capital One Financial Corporation — late fee credit card

I am writing because I am beyond pissed off with Capital One! I made a payment on July 2 @1 am which processed the next day. My due date is July 2 so I thought I was ok. Next...

Capital One Financial CorporationI am complaining about my capitalone secured credit card accounthre:[protected]

I applied for and was accepted for Capital One credit card. I did everything that was required of me including sending the money switch you required to open my account. Then I had to go to the post office to pick up some form or something. I recently lost my wallet which contain all of my ID when I went to the post office they wouldn't give me whatever you sent because I didn't have proper ID. I forwarded the monies that you requested to open this account and you received them. Is my opinion that the card should have just been sent to me as you have the money he required I don't know why I had to go to the post office to pick something up or whatever. I met all the requirements that you requested and so I don't see why the card could not have just been forwarded to me I am requesting to have my account reinstated and the Capital One card sent directly to me and my address on Lorne Avenue I don't see why it wasn't sent to me anyways because I sent you the money as you want I did everything that I had to do and unfortunately then I lost all my ID. I don't understand why you would nots end that card to me once you receive my money's. no one is going to put money on account if it's not theirs so I'm asking you to forward my card as soon as possible . I'm looking forward to having a long relationship with Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation — capital one travel department

6/22/2018 To whom it may concern: I have been a loyal customer with capital one for more than ten year and I thought that your company believed in its mission. Capital one state...

Capital One Financial Corporationcustomer service

I have a CD with Capital One. I called your legal department today and asked for a beneficiary form and spoke with Colton Hanson. Mr Hanson stated he would send me "Form 4" via email. I then asked if he would check to see that my wife was on the CD as co-owner. He did not know the answer and put me on hold for about 10 minutes. Someone then came on the phone and asked me how he could help. I couldn't believe it, one hold for 10 minutes and now I have to go through the whole thing again. I was too frustrated to continue the conversation and hung up. I got online and noticed Colton Hanson has sent me an email with an attachment but nowhere could I find the "Form 4" he eluded to. So this is the competent company I parked all my money in? Very scary.
Roland J Webster

Capital One Financial Corporationcard services

I find it quite disturbing and offensive to continuously receive letters several per week from capital one saying that I am pre approved for these cards and I apply only to be denied I acknowledged that my credit history is poor but I am trying to do what I can to fix this problem. I don't feel that these companies should be sending people advertising claiming that you are pre approved for something that in all reality you are not. How is this going to affect my credit history.

Capital One Financial Corporation — capital one personal credit card

Called customer service on 5/29/18 to ask about interest charges in which I did not understand, the first person I spoke with I had a hard time understanding her, I asked to be...

Capital One World Elite Mastercard — credit card fraud

I receive a statement from capital one, who I do not have an account with, and have not applied for this credit. The statement it's self looks fake, I called the number, a...

Capital One Financial Corporationcredit card

Please help resolve the below!!!

Second Request:

As I am sure you can understand, I am very disappointed by the news that I received today stating that the TWO late entries on my credit report would remain. Taking into account that I disagree with these entries, I have no other choice but to desperately yet rightfully, dispute the negative entries, on the basis of an obvious system error and at this point unreasonable procedures. I respectfully request that Capitol One promptly remove the TWO late payments on my credit report and swiftly submit this info to each Credit Bureau.

As you can see in your records, I am a long-term and loyal customer of Capital One and through no fault of my own, I have TWO late entries marked on my credit report. As I explained, I called in and made these payments. However, because your system has no record, I have to suffer the consequences.

Again: I called in and made the payments as I always do!

In closing, this error has caused me a significant amount of stress and turmoil in multiple areas of my life. I want nothing more than Capitol One to take a loyal customers word and remove the late entries. I simply cannot allow an error that is no fault of my own to destroy my life!

Capital One Auto — loan for volkswagen

I purchased a Volkswagon Tourag from Auto Brokers in Cobb County, Georgia. The car is financed through Capital One Auto. The car is a lemon. I have had to put so much money into...

Capital One 360 — checking account

I made a cash deposit into the Capital One ATM and the machine malfunctioned and did not provide a receipt. The deposit was for $1, 500 needed to pay my mortgage. Capital One...

Capital One Financial Corporationcustomer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account

It was in the understanding that Capital One would remove my lates if I paid them half of the monies and stay current which I have since this has happened. Now they are going back on there word and not removing the lates. In April 2017 I spoke to a representative and she stated that she would do this since I told her that I wanted to better my credit and fix what was wrong or else I would of just let them close it out. After calling several times each representative stated that she should of never of promised this to me which at the time I had no clue that she could not make this possible. Capital one states that they will not remove it and shows what they say is accurate but according to my on line account I have with them some of the times that I was late they never reported or if I wasn't late they would charge me a late payment.
To Whom It May Concern:
I have been a loyal card member of Capital One for 2 years and couldn't be happier with my decision to join the Capital One Family. You've always offered some of the most competitive rates and rewards programs.
Unfortunately, in November of 2016 I took advantage of our relationship and failed to submit my monthly payments on time. It was an exceptionally busy time in my life as I was balancing being sick and out of work at that time and fell behind on other bills too. I was the only person working and am the only on that had a job at the time. I contacted your representative in April 2017 to find out what I can do to make my relationship better with Capital One and she in turn stated to me that if I paid the whole balance while being on the phone with her she can promise me that my account would be erased of all the negative late payments from the past and brought current and have my privilege's for using the card issued again. The amount that she asked for was $427.00 I believe, I paid half the amount and she stated she would remove the late as long as I made good on my on time payments. I in turn agreed to that taking place since I knew in the near future that I was going to be buying a home and wanted to make things better with Capital one. I have since fulfilled my agreement and have been making on time payments also making more than the regular payment due at times. I was under the impression that this was a verbal contract since I fulfilled my part and Capital One has only fulfilled half of their agreement with me.
In January, when I pulled my credit I noticed that the late payments were still on there so I call on January 22, 2018 and spoke to Rain which he stated that he reviewed my account and saw that the dates that I was referring to were correct and that he was going to submit it to the department that corrects the three credit bureaus and that it would take 60-90 days for it to affect my credit. On February 6, 2018 I received a letter from capital one letting my know that they researched it and due to the FCRA that they could not make any changes. I called and spoke with Brittany (which was a manager) and she looked into my account and said that since I was promised this to be removed and she would place another report using a different way from the last one that Rain proceeded to write it in. She also said that it would take 60-90 days for it to be corrected and it should be no problem since she verified everything with me.
On February 23, 2018 I received yet another letter stating the same from the previous letters that I have received. I once again called and asked to speak to the Capital One Credit Bureau Resolutions, the department that the letter came from and was informed that there was no such department so I asked to speak to a manger again and I was connected to Ikey. I explained my situation again to him and he had me on hold for several minutes and came back on and told me again about the FCRA and it could not be done but understood that the lady I first spoke to promised me something that could not have been done. I then stated that it was wrong for her to promise me something since I believed it was a verbal contract and I fulfilled my side of the agreement. If I would have known this I would have just had it been a charge off since that hit on my credit and my FICO would have had less of an impact verses the late payments that I have on it now.
So this leads me to contacting you through this letter in hopes that you can help me with what I was promised and see that since I have been making good on my half of the verbal agreement. I would have made sure that I received a letter first before doing such an act in paying but I thought that since I am an honest person that she would and your company would be the same. I feel like I have regained your trust and knowing that since this happened I have not been late on any of my payments that I have with Capital One. I urge you to pull the recordings from said conversations with each representative to verify what was promised.
I am just asking for my promise to be made valid and my late payments be removed. The dates for the late payments are November 2016- March 2017. I paid in full in April when I was promised all of the late payments would be removed from my credit. I am hoping that you can fulfill your side and make my credit positive again with all three credit bureaus. I sincerely hope that Capital One believes in their customers and I humbly request your consideration to allow me to pursue my dreams. I appreciate your time and look forward to receiving a favorable decision from you soon.


Kenneth Hiscocks
8957 Grand Emerald Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89149

March 14, 2018
To Whom It May Concern:
In response to the document that Capital one wrote to me stating that my account was correct, I have found some issues with the information. I enclosed the original letter where Capital one stated that the information was correct but when I went on my account on line I found other issues and I have enclosed the reports that I have found on my account. The dates that were stated were late was august 30 days, November 30 days, December 60 days, January 90 days, February 120 days, and March 150 days late.
The first proof I have is the 2016 Year end summary. It stats that I was charged late fees for the following months: July, August, October, November, and December. September was cleared up for July and August. October was never reported on my credit so that would make November 30 days and December 60 days. The 2017 year end summary shows no fee was charged for being late in January, February, March and April.
Enclosed is also a paper showing where I paid the April bill that was verbally agreed upon in the amount of @224 which was half the balance due. July 2016 summary shows never late on the credit report but was charged a $25 late charge. September 2016 summary shows I made a payment and that the amount I paid was above the new balance amount that was billed to me. October 2016 summary shows the balance is different from the September 2016. I made a payment in September so I do not understand why I was charged a late fee from the month before. November 2016 summary should be 30 days late and was charged a late fee of $35 not the regular $25. December 2016 summary should be 60 days late and was charged $35, the account was then suspended. January 2017 summary shows that no late payment was issued and the account shows suspended. I believe that if in order for Capital one to report this as being late they should charge me the late fee which they did not for this month. February 2017 summary shows that the account is restricted which I do not understand since it went from suspended to restricted and this month I was not issued the late fee again. I do not understand how Capital one can report late payments to the credit bureaus if they do not charge me a late amount. March 2017 summary shows no late charge, balance is different and it is still restricted. April 2017 summary shows the amount I promised to pay verbally and no restrictions on my card. May 2017 summary shows payments have been made on time, which was agreed upon verbally with the customer service representative. As to this day I have not been late and have made my payments in a timely matter.
I do not understand how Capital one can support these findings since it clearly shows that they sometimes charged me for late fees, sometimes didn't, and also sometimes didn't report me for being late to the credit bureaus. Capital one made my account show suspended then after still not paying switched it to restricted. I owned up to what I did wrong I just hope that Capital one will own up to their representative making me a verbal agreement and remove all the lates off my account. I have showed several documents that are attached that Capital one doesn't report accurate items to credit bureaus.

Please look into this farther and see that I held up on my part of the verbal agreement and Capital one has not and they have different information then I do in my files.

Thank you for your time.

Kenneth Hiscocks

customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account
customer representative verbally agreed to remove lates on my account

Capital One Financial Corporationbranch banking

For about a week my local branch has been without ATMs. Imagine in a New York City running to work or running errands not being able to transact because the ATM is out of service. There was no notice of when the problem would be rectified or a reason. I found out today, 1/24/2018 that it not have ATM service until this weekend. That is unacceptable as is. A day or two is convenient but manageable. Not nearly 10 days. And, to make matters worse the service within the branch is poor. I would think that the manager would have the common sense to open the branch a little earlier to accommodate the commuters going to work but no she did not. Then to find her still holding a staff meeting after 9vam when there is a line of customer waiting to conduct business they would have been able to do if the ATMs were operational is ridiculous. Someone should be held accountable. Keep your customers informed. At the very least knowing how long ATM service would be out would have been nice. Good customer service would have been to extend branch hours by 1/2 hour in the morning to accommodate the community. Great customer service would have been doing all that and having extra tellers to manage the morning rush.

Capital One Financial Corporation — personal credit card

On my last Capitalone quicksilver credit card statement I had a balance of $975 and on my Chase Freedom card I had a balance of $6322. I did a balance transfer for $975 to pay my...

Capital One Financial Corporationinappropriate account closure and reward points seizure

I am a long time Capital One customer. I have Savings, Checking, Investing, MMA and Credit Card accounts with substantial balances.

I opened a Venture card in April and have spent over $37K in 9 months. I have never been late on a payment and by their own CreditWise metric I have an Excellent credit rating score.

My account was deemed Restricted and I was unable to use my card. I was not adequately informed as to what caused this transaction to occur even after multiple phone calls and inquiries.

I was told to provide a Drivers License, Social Security Card and utility bill for identify verification, which I did the same day requested. My account was then closed permanently, again without explaining what the cause of the issue was or why the documentation I provided was apparently insufficient.

While this customer service and account closure decision was extremely disappointing, the most troublesome issue is the fact the 40, 000 reward miles I've accrued on this account where also seized, and I am unable to redeem or access due to this decision.