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Ditech Financial / Green Tree Servicing Complaints & Reviews

Ditech / mortgage servicer

Feb 27, 2018

I asked Ditech in Aug 2016 to refinance my loan. 3months after back and forth, I was denied because I could not provide them with Title to my manufactured home. This is a document they hold, not me (until the loan is paid off). I found out the re-finance process had been cancelled by my...

Green Tree Servicing LLC / Customer Service/Claims failure

Jul 13, 2015

I have been trying for a week to speak to someone in claims. I played 20 questions with one CS rep who told me after answering all her questions at 7AM mountain time that Claims was closed (not according to your web site). I have tried other times and my call was dropped or transferred to...

GreenTree / no bills sent for 3mos. to my address

Jul 13, 2015

i have a mortgage with Green Tree and have paid my bill on time except for a few in the past few years since my husband died. I have always made up the payments and will do so when I fall behind. Recently I have not recent any bills from the company and wonder why? I don't want to pay...

GreenTree / harassment and overpaid

Jul 10, 2015

They keep calling. We have already paid 59000.00 for a single wide trailer ( mobile home) and I asked for the payoff balance she said 25000. 00 more. We are no longer living in it. The manager was very rude and insisted that we h ad to continue paying I paid a payment last month and ask... / They took fake charge from me without my agreement

Jun 18, 2015

I contacted the agent from, when I wanted to get loan from them. I filled all necessary papers and provided the deposit in amount of $40, but later some awful things started to happen. They charged me again for $50 and no one warned me about this charge. Also...

Greentree Servicing / Bad Business Practices

May 09, 2015

GreenTree Servicing has bad business practices. They are very rude on the phone. They call you many, many times each day. At least once from every number they have. I have been called at least 5 or 6 times a hour, YES per hour.. Then at the end of the day around 9pm they will leave a voice...

Green Tree / FRAUD

Mar 01, 2015

Green TreeCLASS ACTION 15 U.S. CODE 1692 - ATTORNEY GENERAL OF CALIFORNIA - GREEN TREE FINANCIAL SERVICES SUSPENDED LICENSE. All members of the class are homeowner/borrower that have been misled and/or GREEN TREE SERVICING CORPORATION has misrepresented to them the balance of their mortgage...

Greentree Servicing / payment

Jan 10, 2015

I called to make a mortgage payment on my home which is in my in-laws name. I have been paying on this house for 7 years. This was my first time calling to pay, as I am in the hospital due to a traffic accident. They couldn't process my payment, so Jamie switched my call over to...

Green Tree Servicing / Harassment

Dec 14, 2014

OMG, were do I start. The workers for Green Tree are the ### of the earth! That is an understatement.. They are ALL a bunch of harassing and aggressive POSs. They told me that they would not except a payment after 30 days. They said the type of mortgage that I have requires them to...

Green Tree Servicing / Mortgage

Nov 28, 2014

Heres one for everybody to read, Consumer Financial protection Group, Heres how to get ahold of them, consumer I had a 15 yr 2nd Mortgage with these people, Green Tree, through the yrs i had 8 payments defered to the end of the contract, I have payed over $66, 000, in 15...

Green Tree Servicing / Refuses to make payments from escrow account

Aug 03, 2014

For nearly 1 1/2 months now, I have been trying to get Green Tree to make my homeowners insurance payment from my escrow account, and they absolutely refuse to release any of my money being held in escrow to pay the bill. They're contractually obligated to make those payments, but they...

Green Tree / rude and threatening calls / letters

Feb 18, 2014

these people called me and my sister and told us while our mother was hospitalized and her condition worsened. They called and called threatening as she lay dying I made a small payment they refused it.. never sent it back to me though. then 500. was paid and still they are trying to take...

Green Tree Servicing / Illegal Threats and Harrassment

Jan 07, 2014

I am trying to go after Green Tree for any thing I can possibly muster up, legally!! I was renting a home in North Carolina that the landlord decided not to make payments on. Green Tree Called me on average 117 times a week demanding me to bring her accoubt current. I was threatened...

Green Tree / Foreclosure Threat

Dec 06, 2013

During my time of being with this lovely group, I have never missed a payment and I can prove this. This organization sent me a 3 page letter telling me they were going to foreclose on me if I do not make my payments in a more timely manner. I am not alone here with this complaint, as I...

Green Tree / Sham mortgage bills

Sep 06, 2013

Bank of America sold off its mortgage loans to Green Tree. Shame on BOFA America. GREEN TREE behaves like thugs towards their mortgage holders. They send escrow bills that have been paid in the mortgage agreement but the bill itself says" payment due." When I called to inquire about thi...

Green Tree Servicing / Force Placed Excessive Premiums

Aug 15, 2013

My house insurance had lapsed and Green Tree had sent me a letter to get cover within 30 days or they will get their own insurance. I got other insurance easy within their time frame. Six months later I learned they had charged me $787 for two months cover anyway. This was an excessive...

Green Tree Servicing / modification

Jul 26, 2013

My father loan was transferred to Green Tree and he hasnt had the best time.My father currently has cancer and is recievneing disability.My father makes his payments on time and has never been late but it have touble making the payments becuase he is no longer working becuase of hi...

Green Tree Servicing / Customer Service

Jul 05, 2013

My mortgage was sold to Green Tree from Bank of America. I was notified two weeks before my usual payment was due that I would have to set up automatic payments with them. I contacted them and was told that they could not find my acct and that I should wait a couple of weeks and call back...

GreenTree / Rude Customer Service and lack of communication

Jun 28, 2013

We were told 8 yrs ago that our house would take 7 yrs to pay off. It is now year 8 and we still owed over 16, 000. So we decided to get a home equity loan to get away from these people. What a nightmare that has been. Green Tree would call and threaten to foreclose on the house unle...

Green Tree Servicing / force placed insurance

Jun 03, 2013

Normally our insurance does not lapse, our policy expired on 3/31/13, but our insurance agent decided he wasn't doing business with that particular company anymore, so it left us hanging looking for a homeowners policy.I found a new agent and had coverage by 4/12/13 with a copy of the...

Green Tree Financial / payoff

May 22, 2013

These people at GreenTree are so RUDE, and call anytime of the day or night it is unreal! I am so angry with there harrasments at work, home and cell phone too. I called GT to get the amount on the payoff on my mortgage, and asked if we could negotiate the the least amount they would take...

Green Tree Servicing / unavailable

Apr 12, 2013

since green tree took over my loan in march they are not available no information is available...calling there number for days gives recording and hangs up...real people not available at all how can you know about your information online wants ss# to register...not putting that online...very bad service not the way to treat a new customer

Green Tree / Customer Service

Mar 26, 2013

It's the most awful customer service I've ever experienced. Continue calling to try and speak with a customer service rep. it hangs up on you and I've tried on several days to just try and speak to someone. Went to gtservicing web-site to write my request the web site i...

Green Tree / Continual calling

Mar 19, 2013

I keep getting a phone call from NIck telling me about some property on Martin Luther King St in Dallas, TX. I have no idea what he is talking about. I have called back to the number he gave me and they have no record of an account in my name. Often times he gives another name associated...

Greentree Services / non-payment of work performed

Mar 07, 2013

We are a construction company that performed a job for the home owner and greentree services. We were told to fill out and estimate with the insurance adjuster, send a copy of there estimate. a signed W-9 form as well as Photos of before and after the job was finished. They would then send...

Green Tree Servicing / Online Payment Fee

Feb 07, 2013

My mortgage loan was just sold to Green Tree Servicing by GMAC. When I went online to register so that I could make a payment, I found out there's a $12.00 Speedpay fee to make your mortgage payments online!!! Green Tree should be happy you can make a mortgage payment at all in thi...

Green Tree / unprofessional

Jan 15, 2013

Green Tree employees are rude and unprofessional. And are unwilling to work withe anyone. I called the 1st of the month about doing a deferment and they waited until thee 15th to contact me, and that was at 7pm. I am getting thee run around from them. They say my loan rep will call, then...

Green Tree Financial / Not applying payoff check to my account

Dec 28, 2012

We sent check to payoff our home loan to Green Tree Financial on Nov. 30-2012 and it has yet to be applied to our loan but the check has been deposited to their bank. Numerous calls and faxes have been made and sent to their company but I never get any return calls. I filed a complaint...

Greentree Servicing / harassment

Dec 12, 2012

My loan was transferred to Green Tree Servicing unfortunately when my mortgage was sold by BOA about 18 months ago. My wife and i went through bankruptcy recently but have committed to keep our home. we have never been delinquent on my mortgage. I have paid my mortgage consistently within...

Green Tree Servicing LLC / Compounding Interest at end of payment schedule

Oct 05, 2012

After paying her contracted amount in full, Green Tree Servicing LLC began to claim that my elderly mother owed them an additional $4744.30 siting interest. Green Tree Servicing LLC attempted to obtain a payment of $366.30 that is twice her normal payment by billing her as a "final...

Greentree Servicing / Harassing phone calls

Oct 05, 2012

This company calls my house starting the 2nd of the month between 6-15 times per day. They have the option to leave a message, but they never do instead they just keep calling. Last night I was finally home when they called. I answered, of course, and they tried unrelentlessly to get me to...

Greentree Servicing / Mortgage Harrassment

Sep 03, 2012

Harrassing phone calls begin on the 2nd & 3rd day of the month, sometimes 5-6 calls per day. Representatives are rude, disrespectful and just plain nasty. Payments sent by bank Billpay during the first week of the month are still charged a late fee and Greentree says they do not receive...

Greentree serviceing / releasing funds from my insurance company

Aug 07, 2012

Greentree serviceingGreen tree will not release my insurance check even though theyve had 5 inspections done and all was perdfect i had an electrical fire in my home my insurance company sent the check with my name and greentrees name on it i have went through 5 inspections and am 3980.00 out of pocket with...

Green Tree Financial / Mortgage payments

Jun 06, 2012

I owe May 2012 mortgage payment & June 15 is the late date for the June payment. My husband is just back to work after losing his job in April 2011 & we exhausted our savings keeping up on our payments. When I call to tell them when I can make 1 payment for May, they want the entire amount...

Green Tree Servicing / No statements

Apr 29, 2012

Green Tree Servicing took over our loan from Bank of America, and has been a nightmare since. I was laid off just before the loan buyout, and had been in contact with Green Tree since the day after i was laid off. I wanted to know what I can do with the situation. it took 2 weeks plus to get...

Green Tree Servicing / Treatment by employee

Apr 18, 2012

This complaint is about an employee by the name of Chris Poorten x 36140. He claims to be a manager in the recovery department of Green Tree Servicing. Today, 4/18/12, I called at approximately 3:48pm to ask questions regarding my accounts that are under investigation for fraud. After...

Green Tree Servicing / will not accept payment????

Mar 20, 2012

I have had an incredibly bad experience with this company Green Tree Servicing. My mortage has changed hands three times; first it was with Countrywide who I loved, then it went to BOA who I hated, then it went to this fly by night company Green Tree Servicing which no words can explain...

Green Tree Servicing LLC / Harrassment

Feb 26, 2012

I am going through a short sale. Bank of America holds the first and Greentree holds the second. The harrassment of Greentree goes on everyday even though I have a lawyer in place to broker the short sale deal. They are rude and lie about everything they say. I tried to work out a...

Green Tree / forced insurance

Feb 21, 2012

Green Tree took over our loan with BOA last year. They have their own insurance co. I have had my own insurance on a rental house since 2007 with the same Insurance Co. Green Tree asked for the lender loss payee to be changed from BOA and I provided that information to my Ins. Co. and they...

Green Tree / 2nd mortgage nightmare

Feb 12, 2012

I used to have a second mortgage with Ditech which was never a problem but it has become a nightmare since it was taken over by Green Tree, about a year ago. I never received correct information of the transfer until after a month it occured for which I complaint. According to their...