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P.O. Box 5283, Nottingham, NG2 9HD
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Complaints & Reviews

loan for $8,000

Hi, tahanni daniels
This email is to inform you that your loan application has been successfully approved up to $8000. So in order to get your loan amount into your account, please kindly give us a call back on our number +[protected] for the loan verification. Once the verification part has been completed the loan amount will be transferred to you through wire transfer or online banking

Please read the loan documents we have attached to this email, if there are any queries please feel free to contact us at +[protected]
Capital one finance

Approval letter included as pictures

loan for $8,000

Auto Loan

10/18/2019 - I would greatly appreciate it if I could explain my situation to someone who has a clear understanding of the english language and communcate in a effective manner. I just need to speak to someone to request an extension on my auto loan, due to an emergency. I've had this loan for over three years and never been late.
Would greatly appreciate a call back.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Tamaria J Foster

annual fees - excessive charges

I am writing today because I have never in my life had worse customer service from any company I have dealt with.
I have been a Platinum Capital One Customer since 1997. I have not had a balance on my card for some time and I received a bill for your annual fee of $19. I made this payment however it was received late so I was then billed $90 for late charges, finance charges and what every charges you can attach to your fees. When I called to ask to have this charge removed I was told they could only remove the late payment and finance charge so they dropped the new bill down to $57.50.
I was so frustrated with your customer service I cancelled the card. I then called back and asked to speak with a manager. I spoke with a lady named Joy who told me she could do nothing. I asked then to speak with her manager and was transferred to Debra Agent# GEJ848. She assured me she was the senior manager and there was no one higher I could talk to. She was not willing, or as she said she has no way of waiving that fee. I find that hard to believe. Your senior managers have no way to waive $57.50 for a customer that has been with you for 22 years and paid over $400 annual fees on a card I don't use.
At this point, it isn't about the $57.50 that I do not intend to pay. I will however let everyone I know how Capital One treated a 22 year loyal customer. I sure hope it is worth the $57.50 that I do not intend to pay, losing my business as well as my friends and families business.

Leslie Post-Wood

credit card

Setting up my app & online account required entering an access code they would text, but their system would not recognize my phone #. Multiple calls to customer service and online tech support took a lot of time and several days delay due to their procedures. I was told I could register a complaint on their website, but after some time couldn't find where & even entering words like "complaint" or "customer feedback" nothing comes up. I've NEVER had so much trouble with a financial institution & even branches of the fed government like Social Security & Medicare text security codes to my phone# easily. Totally ridiculous.


I mail a money order on the [protected]. The money order was cash in the [protected]. This money never was apply to my account. I track the money and fax the information to the company and no action have been taken to my account. Every time I call I get no help. Several different people told me credit department have cash the money order. I have a proof of the money order. Do I need to file for fraud.


charged for service that I did not receive

Dear person in charge,

I am reaching out via email to hopefully get help this way. I submitted a claim in July because a computer store called "Vellve Systems" screwed me over. I gave them my Apple MacBook to fix, they replaced the motherboard and fan and threw away my parts. Nevertheless, the computer was still not working. A whole month later, my computer was still not repaired. To not waste more time there, I picked it up even though it was in a non-working condition. They wanted to take out the parts and give back to me a computer without any parts in it because they don't have my old parts anymore. I was not okay with that. A computer should be given back the way they received it from a customer. I tried to find a solution with the owner but unsuccessfully.

I filed a dispute with Capital One to solve this issue. I was promised they will help me to get the money back. From July till now I received three letters from Capital One. First letter was to inform me that the merchant has been contacted and that I need to wait up to 90 days for his reply.

Second letter was a notice that more documentation is needed from me. Letter was dated August 15th, I received it in the mail on August 20th and uploaded all the necessary documents to the link that was emailed to me. It was uploaded on August 21st.

Third letter I received was on September 19th saying the case is closed because I didn't send in the documents on time even though I did submit them on time! And I have the confirmation letters as proof.

I called and they reopened the case. I submitted more documents they were asking for via an email link on 9/30 and 10/1 .

Then I get a phone call on 10/01 that my case is closed again because I didn't submit my papers on time which should have been submitted by August 3rd! That is the first time I hear that I was supposed to submit something by August 3rd. That was the time frame when we were waiting to hear back from the merchant.

I have a feeling Capitol One is trying to find ways to not help me get my money back.

On 10/01/19, I spoke to the account manager Lindell, HUW715. He was not very friendly and not helpful. His first excuse was that the letter from the IT store is not giving enough detail about a second opinion. But they have explained everything in this letter, which he realized after reading it. Then he changed his excuse to that I submitted my papers too late. Which is a big lie! He was clearly making things up to not have to do any work. I will attach all three letters I received from Capitol One. Again, I have been submitting everything on time.

I am very disappointed in the service I have received so far. Vellve System is trying to keep my money for a non-working motherboard they installed. My laptop never got repaired and I can't get my old parts back since he has thrown them away. A second IT store confirmed that my computer is still not working due to a conflict with this non-working motherboard. Another repair will cost me $300.

I am so frustrated and disappointed. I hope I can get help this way. I will attach all three letters I received from Capital One and my case number:
Case: [protected]

Please check my case # and you will see that I had submitted all documents on time.

Let me know if you need me to submit anything else to you.

I hope you can help me to get my money back. It is not fair to charge a customer $407.55 when they never repaired my laptop and are not returning my parts.

Best regards,

Nicole Lindner

charged for service that I did not receive
charged for service that I did not receive
charged for service that I did not receive

lack of help towards a flood victim

I called seeking a deferment on my auto loan. Do to my area being flooded during tropical storm Imelda. During the first call I was told that a deferment was an option I could use but was told that it would come with a large amount of interest toward the end of my loan. I decided not to take that option at the time and called back and spent nearly an hour on the phone being told that I could not get a deferment and that I had miss heard the first agent. After being escalated three times I come away from the interaction feeling that Capital One cares more about arguing semantics then taking care of a customer that has never missed or been late on a payment.

credit cards

Gregora Agent sba226. I wasn't expecting the service that I received today. I'm thankful that I was not only able to speak with her agents, but had a wonderful encounter Gregroa. Who was kind, patient and took the time to understand my need. The agent I spoke with under her had ultimate customer service skills. I could really tell from talking to Gergora that she not only sets the expectations, but she also uplift them to the fullest. I really appreciate her help, kindness, and patient.

fraud check control checking

eric marshall spoke to me as a certified personal aswell as his helper brandon thomas 0n 8/19-23/2019 referring to a loan from capital one fianance the amount of 800.00 hundred dollars. there number is [protected] PS Norman charles contact me if needed [protected].. as of this 8/17/2019 im responsible to pay the funds bac too my bank. this is un fair to me look into these matters asap...

canceled my account

In August I had a balance of 295dollars. My account had been hacked I spent 142 dollars on account a person...

customer service/credit card

I called in about my high interest rate on a card with 6k limit. I was told by a rep that I had a promotion with a new card and will get 18 months free interest with the upgrade. To my surprise I was happy and decided to upgrade. After a few months I noticed I was still get charged interest after receiving my new card. I called customer service and they were no help. I asked for a call review and I was told a 4 to 5 day turn around after being lied to by an agent who told me that they listened to the call while I was on hold which was a lie. After not receiving a follow up on the call review as I was promised I called back and get another agent who said they are not going to review the call remind you after I was told they would and another agent lied and said she did. At this point I am furious with Capital One for the lack of Customer service and the lies that their agents tell. I have never missed a payment and I am a good customer. I want corporate to know how terrible Capital one is to their customers and I am going to have to take legal action at this point. Capital one as a business should be more professional.

lack of care

So I lost possession of my wallet, and all my belongings inside of it when my motel room was broken into...

credit cards

Date of Incident: 9/3/2019

After being let go from my job, I tried to call Capital One to negotiate a payment plan for a credit card with approx $9k balance and ~20% apr. They would not either lower the interest rate OR allow me to enter into a fixed settlement plan.

On top of this, they charged me a late fee because they moved my billing cycle due date up! I had made my payment on time 7 days before 8/23/19, and then they expected another payment again on 9/1/19!!

When asked for information on how the decision making process works, they refused to tell me. They simply said, "Sometimes there are offers there, and other times there arent." Like WTF??? We are now playing a game of chance? How is this legal?

debt collection/ vehicle loan

I received a letter from Capital One Auto Finance stating that they will pursue legal action against me and...

abuse of power by capital one legal department

their lack of respect of other legal professionals / firms / power of attorney matters is sad, disgusting ...

Capital One Financial Corporation

paying off loan and they had an over payment, I haven't received my refund and it has been more than 45 days.

In June of 2019, my 2009 Chevrolet Impala was deemed totaled by my insurance company, Geico. I had GAP insurance on the car through PRCO insurance and they paid off the remaining balance of my loan through Capitol One Auto finance. They were overpaid by the sum of $907.88. That payment was made on July 10th 2019. I wrote them emails and now have called them three times, The last call was on August 14th 2019 asking for my refund. I was told initially that they had my old address and that my money would be sent, I explained that I was hot happy with the fact that they had kept my refund now more than 30 days and that I expected to receive my money in seven to 10 business days from August 14th, but I have not. I want the money that is due me. I will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that I get this refund.

capital one credit card

On July 24 we received a letter from Capital One stating they have decided to expire end of the month due...

Credit card account being charged annual fee

I have been Capital One since 2001, car loans and credit cards etc and never have I been through so much hassle over refunding me a $69.00 Annual fee.
I have called Capital One 4 x in last 2 months to resolve an issue with being charged an Annual Fee. I have 3 accounts with Capital one and I called about being charged a $29.00 Annual fee a few months ago on account ending 3481 . At that time the rep informed me that account had an Annual fee however, I could upgrade to Venture acct and would no longer have a fee, however, I still had to pay the $29.99 fee. At that time I agreed to the upgrade and at that time I asked her to check my other 2 Capital one accts ending 3952 and 8378, to make sure that they did not have Annual fees. She checked the other 2 accts and reported back to me that they did not have Annual fees and documented in her note. The following month or so I get my bill for Acct 8378 and I was charged $69.00 Annual fee. I immediately called and spoke o rep Tammy who informed me she read the note that the prior rep had check this acct and the other acct and that there were no Annual fees. However, the other rep was incorrect. Tammy informed me that this acct could be upgraded to a venture acct as well and I would no longer have an Annual fee and because the other rep had checked this account and reported there was not an Annual fee that I may be able to get the fee waived for $69.99 because the rep could have upgraded 8278 back then before he fee processed for the old acct. Tammy at that time expedited the request to a department to have fee waived due to the prior rep misinforming me. Today I called and spoke with a Manager Charles who had the gall to tell me I could not and they would not waive the $69.00 fee and that "I was not going to get it the way I wanted". I am requesting the $69.00 fee returned to me on acct ending in 8378 since it was Capital's one rep who misinformed me and if she would've checked the acct correctly the fee would've never processed because she could have upgraded to a Venture card before the Annual fee hit the acct in August 1st.

I am requesting a resolution to this issue with the $69.00 fee on #8378 being waived and refunded back to me.
Thank you
Susan Mare Caruso

banking/credit card

I just got phone with customer care regarding my credit card with capital one. I have been a customer since...

360 banking

March of 2018 a wire came into my capital one 360 checking account. They restricted my account. Have been told various lies by their fraud investigation personnel. That he other bank has initiated a reversal. Untrue it is now August 2019 and still that money sits in MY bank account I have no access to. Capital one is a scam, liars and will heat you.

  • Ca
    Cavatee Jan 08, 2020

    Well I just deposited a big check from another bank where I closed my account. I had already moved money from Cap One into CD. That happened automatically. Then I wanted to deposit much more into a new CD. They told me they couldn't do it electronically even thought they been able to do so with the other account the week prior. I had to sign a cashiers check to myself and give it to them and low and behold there is no money at all in the new CD. I called customer service and they called the local branch and during a three-way conversation the local branch said they had told me it would take three days for the money to show up in the CD which they had not. Well day two and the CD is empty. I am hoping they have not stolen my money as I have no proof that my money went into the CD. I only have a receipt for the check. If the CD is still empty tomorrow I will contact customer service again and if no satisfaction I will have to contact my state attorney general. I am hoping Cap One has not stolen my 70K.

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