Canadian Tirecourtesy to customer costs nothing

I Nov 28, 2018
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Friday evening: 6:15, Nov 23rd
Canadian Tire
1080 Grant Ave, Winnipeg, MB R3M 2A4

I asked a young employee who was unpacking merchandise,
if it was OK to have one or two empty boxes he had accumulated.
I was hoping to use them to wrap a gift I was mailing.
He said no problem, and I took 2 medium sized collapsed boxes.

I was ready to continue to the checkout with the boxes under my arm,
and the merchandise I was about to buy. Then a woman came
and said,
•"Sir, you can't have the boxes".
me: Why not? I inquired.
•"Well those are our rules - we get paid for them"
me: Can I ask the store manager?
•"I am the store manager"
me: these boxes are possible worth 3 cents at most in your recycling program",
whereas what I'm about to buy here is worth a bit more"
•"Sorry, but thats our policy"
me: "Well, Home Depot always has had no problem giving me a box or two"
•"Well then go there"

I found this response very disrespectful, and also since the younger employee, (and by then a 2nd young employee had joined us) had already given me the boxes, the Manager should have just gone along with it, and then privately coached her staff on the policy. WHere is this manager's emotional intelligence? I found her response to me both arrogant, and not setting a humane example of good customer service to her young staff. Her lack of goodwill, and the missed opportunity to create it is very disappointing. It's the small gestures that generate repeat business. Not sure when I'll ever go back after this uncomfortable experience.

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