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snow tire service

Earlier this month (November 2008) I went into the Canadian Tire Associate Store on Cemong Road in Peterborough, Ontario to get four new snow tires installed. I wanted their highly rated Goodyear Nordic tires. I was told they had them in stock but they could not make me an appointment to get them installed until a week later.
I was told the tires would be set aside and kept for me when I came in..and saw on their computer that they had been taken out of inventory. I asked the service person I she wanted me to pay for them now. I was told: no problem...they have been set aside for you so you can pay when you come in. I thought this was very good of them.
When I arrived a week later to get the tires installed I mentioned that the Nordics had been set aside for me..and left for lunch while the job was done.
When I returned I saw my car sitting outside and went over to look at the tires before going in to pay. I saw that the tires that had been installed were NOT Nordics but a cheaper tire.
I asked the service what happened to the Nordics I had set aside. I was told that someone must have sold them to another customer.
I then told the service guy I wanted the other snow tires taken off and my summer tires put back on. This was done and I was given a refund.
I would have thought someone would have called me to say the tires they put aside had been sold and would I like another brand...and it would have been nice if they had asked me the same thing before installing a different tire.
This is lousy customer service and a resulted in a complete waste of my time and theirs.
The other stores in the Peterborough area were all out of stock on the Nordics so I went down to Bowmanville where I was treated very well and had a new set of Nordics on by the next day.
I have also sent my complaint to the store.

  • Ma
    MartinC Nov 17, 2008

    I received a call today from the owner of the Chemong Rd Canadian Tire Store in Peterborough.
    He apologized for the problems I had and said he had looked into my complaint and found that someone definately went into the storage room and sold my tires to someone else despite the fact there was a note with my name and "sold" attached to them.
    He said the procedure for selling tires has been changed and there will be no more putting aside tires for customers. Thats too bad.
    I appreciated the phone call but the problem is the staff who just couldn't care less. They knew what they were doing when they sold my tires from under me.
    I'll be looking elsewhere when I change to summer tires in the spring.

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re: complaint for poor car service

Dear Sir or Madam, We are writing in reference to the car service we had at Canadian Tire, Kingsway Avenue...


I have a complaint about the Canadian Tire Store in Chatham Ont, I purchased a Noma Thermostat on 10/25/08. Returned the thermostate the same day for a different one. There was no one in the store to help me choose the right one. So once again I purchased the wrong one. I went to return it on 11/01/08 and was givin the most humiliating time. First she said the receipt was wrong. Which it wasnt because that is what I was givin. Then she called the manager and some one in a suit who stared us down for 15 min. Then she appolized that she had read the wrong code. She continued to tell us we would receive a gift card for the return which was fine. The thermostate cost us 44.04 with tax. She was only able to give us the amount for 14.00 as that was a sale price. We were so frusterated that we took the thermosate back and vowed never to return to this store. What a scam they run. We will be shopping at Home depot or Walmart from now on as they have no problems with return items. How can such a great store be run like this? unbeleiveable.
Sincerly Mark

  • Wh
    w. howitt Dec 20, 2009

    Once again Canadian Tire has ripped me off. I don't think it unfair to say that it is an embarassment to have the word Canadian in the name of a store which treats its customers so poorly. This time it's a snow blower, I have used it 5 times and it has broke 3 times.Last March the handle that controls the throwing mechanism as well as the plastic guide for the cable broke.I brought it back and they told me there was no exchange or money back on this product, something they failed to tell me when I purchased it.They said it would have to be sent out for repair.I sarcasticly said 'I guess I won't see it again until June.' I was assured by the manager that it wouldn't be that long.Well she was right I got it back in July.Now it is December guess what? That's right it broke again.This time the rip cord came off in my hand, so I dragged across my yard and plugged it in to use the electric start.It started right up then I pulled the handle in to start the snow throwing process and the machine started smoking and an awful smell of burning rubber filled the air, oh and it didn't throw any snow.Once again I contacted Canadian Tire.I was told to bring it to a repitable repair place and if my complaints were lagitament they would see what they could do. I am sure that no one is going to look at this machine for free so I assume they expect me to flip the bill for that too.I'm still trying to figure out why it's my responsibility to get the machine looked at when it is supposed to be there product. I'm sure they must have another answer for that too.I recomend everyone who doesn't like to get ripped off to boycot this poor excuse for a store.This branch is in Vegreville AB. P.S.these comments WERE sugar coated.

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  • Mu
    Muffinlover Feb 24, 2010

    I wonder if you bothered to read your information and warranty booklet that came along with snow blower? If you had, you would clearly see what the warranty was. Do you buy a car without asking what the warranty is? No, you ask. If you wanted to know a specific warranty, you should have taken the initiative and asked. It is not up to each cashier to tell every customer what the warranty is on every single product. Could you imagine standing in that line up?
    Next time I recommend that you read the information that is provided to you, ask about the warranty information, and stop attacking a store because of what probably was your own fault. And I'm sure that you were "sugar coated" while dealing with the representatives trying to help you. The ruder you act to a customer service rep, the less they are going to bother helping you.

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  • Jo
    Johnchatham Apr 26, 2013

    I got the same problem with this Store in Chatham kent, they treat customer really bad every time we return something, like criminal, the worst lady her name is Pathy, she never let you return if you already open it event never used, most the time if I want to return I have to go to some where else, not Chatham store, not only me got the problem, most my friends said so, so we never return to this store, only when we could not find anywhere else, Canadian Tire store in Chatham Kent never in my favour list, I would rather shopping some where like Target or Walmart, with no problem return. If every time you want to return something, then you see Mrs Pathy, she will treat you like ###, and you have no chance to grey your money back. stay away from them.

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nasty staff

If you can find any other store to buy your goods from in Spruce Grove DO IT! The customer service people are...

would not let me return

On oct / 15 / 08 I tried returning a mastercraft jigsaw. I was working with it the day before, after just...

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canadian tire mastcard - very poor poor customer serive

I have been a loyal Canadian Tire Options Mastercard customer for over 10 years. I have only been late 1 time...

bad products

On Sept 30th I purchased a convection oven from Canadian tire in Welland, I asked if I was able to check the product before I left the store to see if it was damaged and was told that I could not, so i brought it home and sure enough it was damaged, so I returned it for a refund and then I went to the Port Colborne store and I was able to check those ones there as there was 2 both of them were damaged as well. I also purchased a 20 inch tv in December from the Welland Canadian Tire and it was also Damged very badly and again I was told I could not check the Tv before I brought it home, I have to say that The Welland Canadian Tire has a very poor customer service. Something needs to be done about this. I have been in there for other products too and get the same run around I am not a very happy about this stores practices. Please return your thoughts on this matter.

Deb Anderson.

  • Bo
    Bob Oct 23, 2008

    As someone who worked for CTC for more than 17 years, I have to say that this was unacceptable for the Welland Store. I worked at another CT in the region and the moment you asked to see the oven before you bought it, I would have had that box opened for you in a heartbeat. It only makes sense. Taking a few minutes before you purchased it and checking it, saves everybody potential headaches. It was inconveinent for you to go throught that process, not to mention the extra time involved on the stores end, and now the bad PR. Although I left CT 2 years ago, I assure you, not every one offer that inexcusable level of service. Fort Erie is great to deal with.

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  • Br
    Brad Nov 02, 2008

    First off if you buying tv.s and ovens at canadian tire your looking for a cheap deal on something. I would never in a million years buy anything like that from a place like canadian tire or walmart. etc. There is a reason that these items are so cheap and attracted ytou in the first place. Go to a reputable store that sell appliences like leons or The Brick.

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car held for ransom by canadian tire

this is a copy of the letter that I drafted to sent to Canadian Tire Head Office I am writing to you to give...

higher price for gas

I am a canadian tire customer. I shop at your stores and use your gas bar towards a two cent gas saving, as I have the advantage gas card. Over the last month I have been checking the price of your gas compared to other gas servers. I have been calm and patient with regard to what I uncovered. I do not know whose fault what I found, but hopefully it can be resolved for all customers like myself, who figure they are saving money by purchasing gas with your gas advantage card. We'll I feel that people are getting ripped off or you are gouging your customers. I don't want to get carried away with what I uncovered, so I will just give the facts of a couple of instances of what I am trying to get across. On sunday, September 21/2008, gas at your station was 118 per litre. I drove around in the area, no more than a mile to a mile and a half and found gas at Shell, plus other not so well know gas stations selling at 115.8 a litre. On Wednesday, September 24/2008 your gas was 116 a litre. Shell and several others were 113.9. I purchased gas from your company on that day and regret I did. I figure I was saving money by using my card, I guess not. I am better off paying cash for my gas or using their conpanys card. I do not know who monitors your companys competition gas prices, but whoever is should put a more respondsible effort into it. Presently as of yesterday I have no intention of using my gas advantage card or purchasing gas from your company until this issue is resolved. I feel like your company has been cheating me for the years that I used my card. Do you blame anyone from becoming angry after uncovering something like this. I still believe and many more of your customers would certainly agree that you match the lowest price of gas within a mile or two, and yours should be the same, or better still point something lower. Do you want more customers or do wish to contiue to lose them. Like I mentioned above I will not purchase gas from Canadian Tire until this issue is resolved. I would sooner drive the extra mile or so to know that for sure I am actually saving money on my gas purchases. Hopefully this issue can be dealt with quickly as I do not have anything personal against your company as a whole, but this kind of thing makes me think I am being robbed as a valued customer. I will await for a reply from, I guess one of your reps or spokesman on this matter. I truly hope it can, as I do not wish to expose it any more than what I have done. Try to have a wonderful day and I will wait to hear the outcome and hope the correction will be made.
Thanks so much for listening to my complaint.
We will talk soon.

  • Wo
    WoWPlayer Oct 03, 2008

    Well not defending any actions but just wanted to clarify one thing. This is how gas sales work in Alberta anyway: Lets say a tanker comes and fills the tank with gas meant to sell at 116.00 a litre as an example. The gas station must sell all of that gas at the 116.00 even if the new price is 110.00 litre now before they can put down the price. I just learned this recently from a professor so this might explain the discrepency.

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  • La
    Larry D. Wesley Oct 25, 2008

    I am in Oshawa and have not seen that much of a difference, but, i do know that the pumps are usually about .2 cents higher. (e.g. 99.9 while others 99, 7)
    I also have the gas card and wonder if it is in my best interest to have one. My car takes 45L from 1/4 full when i fill up. I fill up 3x a month.
    Save : 45 x .02= .90
    45 x .05 =2.25
    In order to save that 6.75 i must spend 500. each month. If i do not pay all of it off at the end of the month i will pay that much back in interest. I also shop a lot at the store.

    L. Wesley

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  • Sa
    sandra bateman Nov 11, 2008

    I stood at the pump and pressed the lever and tried to put the tab down so it would pump itself. It didn't work, I tried again. This took no more than a few seconds and when I looked at the meter it read $11.47! I was certantly not even there long enought to pump that! Maybe $1.47. I called the police and they say that the vidio camer does not focus on the price and if the computer says so I have to pay! I know for a fact that if you look you can see I wasn't at the pump long enough to puimp that! Canadian tire, you have lost a customer for life.

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  • Aq
    AquaFire Mar 14, 2010

    Never heard of that happening before. All pumps, scales, meters etc are regulated by law and must be working correctly. I'm not sure who you complain to, but I would suspect that if you look hard enough, you could find out who calibrates that instrument and how to get your money back if it was defective.

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automotive service

I and my Mother took her 2001 Focus into Cdn. Tire because the parking brake was not working. Car was dropped off at 10:15 in the morning. Cdn. Tire did not call my cell to give us a price for repair until 1:45 p.m. At that time they told us the price would be $1065.89. We were in shock and rushed as quickly as possible back to the shop. Cdn. Tire said there was other things wrong with the car, like the rear breaks needed shoes, there was a leaking break cylinder and a front bearing needed to be replaced. They rushed us because it was now nearly 2:30 in the afternoon. My 72 year-old mother authorized them to work on it, trusting them, that they were not ripping her off. Two weeks later, the parking brake failed. At that time, I looked the bill over thoroughly and realized that although they worked on the car for 2-1/2 hours, they charged my Mother 7-1/4 hours labor which was $635.31!! I have been fighting with them all week to refund my Mom the 5 hours labor they stole from her!!! I have been lied to, yelled at, avoided and put off, in a word abused in my battle to protect my Mother! I went to the Ministry of Government services site and read that they have to explain labor charges and how they are calculated on the invoice. Canadian Tire just says they have implemented the "Mitchell" system of pre-determined hours for a job and that is just the way it is, too bad so sad. Well, My Mom, my family or anyone I know has heard of this system and it was not explained on the bill. I'm not sure what I will do next, but Cdn. Tire should not be able to get away with this scam!! They are the most hateful group of people I have ever run across and are determined they won't give an inch. No one would care that my 72 year old Mother, on her old-age pension, will have to find a way to pay for all this work and labor hours that were never put in... not to mention a corrupt system that allows a 2-1/2 job to be billed as a 7.14 hour job!!

Any advice would be appreciated!

  • Ro
    Ron Nov 19, 2008

    I had the most miserable experience with the Canadian Tire Auto Service Department at 1200 Seguin Drive, Coquitlam, BC (604) 527-8832 today, Wednesday, November 19, 2008. I had a complete front brake job done (rotors, calipers, shoes and hoses) for about $1000.00 two weeks ago and again, they dinged me triple the amount of labour that it took. The labor was more than all the parts that were installed ($600 plus dollars). Well, after this job my truck is now pulling to the left, which it didn't before the brake job. I tell the service manager there at 9 AM (some Oriental guy who has a manger sign on his shirt) that I got a $1000.00 brake job there and now my truck is pulling to the left. He brings up my work on the computer and then immdiately says that it will cost me $30.00 to look at it. I was amazed!!! I said to him, " You want me to pay you $30.00 to look at my truck because I now have steering problems after the brake job done at your store?". He had already printed out the work order and was pushing for me to sign the repair slip so he could ding me more money. His attitude was so smug, like he already had my money and ha-ha, sucks to be you reply. I almost jumped over the counter to punch this creep out. I demanded that he look at it and let me observe so I can see how good the job was. He refused, and so I asked to speak with the store manager. The store manager then came and backed up the auto manager (at the time telling me to contact the BBB, if I wasn't happy). Canadian tire will never get another dollar of my business ever, they are so-o-o-o rude!!! Canadian Tire sucks, never go to their auto service, unless you want to get ripped off!!! CANADIAN TIRE SUX, especially the store in Coquitlam at 1200 Seguin Drive, Coquitlam, BC (604) 527-8832...

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  • Su
    suemcilw Dec 12, 2009

    Thank You all for the very concise reports on price, repair and service. I was honestly just going to take my car there to have the brakes inspected, and most likely have new pads installed, but after reading the comments and stories, not only will I not be EVER taking it there but I will make sure to pass on the message to everyone else I know.

    Sorry that I had to learn from your hardships though :(

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  • Dv
    dvdv Jun 03, 2010

    This is an old thread but just an FYI to the folks out there:

    My brother in law is a mechanic. He said that the system car repair services use take into account that mechanics work on the cars without power tools. Of course even the smallest of shops use power tools. That's why they can bill you 7-1/4 hours for 2-1/2 hours actual work.

    I think all car service companies do this. Unless you have a friend mechanic who does work on your car outside the shop, you're out of luck. My car gets serviced by my brother-in-law in his garage and you could actually see his hours are much less than what car service companies estimate.

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  • Dv
    dvdv Jun 03, 2010

    Just one other thing - if you drop off your car and their shuttle service is not available, they can call a cab for you and they can give you a charge slip so you don't have to pay for the cab. A friendly cab driver told me this because he was surprised I was paying cash.

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  • Op
    Opera and Wine Dec 10, 2010

    You apparently lack the knowledge and ability it takes to make it in what most people call, "Reality", better known as, "The Real World". Just for your own knowledge, the flat rate system is used by shops all over the world to ensure everyone is charged a fair price for all work based on accepted industry labour times. The actual time to do the work is irrelevant. Perhaps next time you are in a Canadian Tire store picking up some corn cob pipes or maybe some turkey jerky to feed your illicit children, maybe you would like to stop by their tool department and pick up a tool kit so that you can experience first hand what a pleasure it is to repair an ageing, decrepit hillbilly mover like a Ford Focus while at the same time being so wonderfully appreciated by the Rube owner who clearly has a lower I.Q. than she does teeth.

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parts service

I purchased a Yardworks cordless 24V lawnmower last year at Canadian Tire and the battery went dead after one season. I have been trying to purchase one all summer and the poor customer service at their parts supplier is astonishing. After the purchase by phone I was informed two weeks later that the shipment had been turned back at the boarder (I live in the U.S.) due to them using the wrong method. It took them one month to attempt a reshipment and now I am still waiting for my battery. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO MOW MY LAWN ALL SUMMER. When I called to complain they said there is nothing they can do for me.


  • Ji
    Jim Bird Aug 02, 2009

    When I bought my Yardsworks mower..I lost the mulcher piece...can I buy a replacement part anywhere???

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  • Wa
    Wassif Dec 31, 2009

    I bought a Yeardworks snow blower last year, store it for the summer, and this winter first time started it, once i pulled the cord to get it moving the plastic part that is holding the cord in place broke down, very sheep plastic, I duct taped it it looks ugly but it works.
    I am very disappointed of such cheep quality

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scam service

Canadian Tire advertised a three day special last weekend. They were offering an oilchange with sythetic oil and a filter for $29.95.

I live near Sechelt, but I planned to be away in Vancouver for the weekend. I aksed the stor in Sechelt if I could purchase the special in North Vancouver and get the oil change is sechelt when I returned home. They indicated that this would not be a problem.

When I went to the Canadian Tire store in North Vancouver on the Friday of the sale, I was told that they had not received their card vouchers for the oil change. I spoke to the General manager and he gave me his card and initialed it with the comment "Valid for Formula 1 100% synthetic L.O.F. at $29.99" on the card. I paid the required amount plus taxes.

I went to Sechelt store for my oilchange and was told I would have to go to North vancouver because it was store specific.

I complained bitterly to both the Sechelt and North Vancouver stores to no avail. Now I must make a special trip to North Vancouver to receive the service for which that I paid.

  • Rr

    Canadian tire (Cambie & 7th) car repairs screwed up my car. I went in to fix my brakes because it had a small issue with getting harder when it is cold.

    Day 1: They told us that they had to change the brake booster $800. Sure. We paid for it. We didn't know much about cars. We trusted them to fix it.

    They worked on it and we drove around Vancouver for LESS than 30 mins and we almost got into an accident because we could not press on the brakes. We had to get it towed.

    Day 2: They refunded us HALF the towing money because "OH, the brake boosters are not linked to this 'front brake hoses, both left and right'". Please pay us $100 for it.

    Fine. We paid the $100 because we trusted that they fixed it.

    Day 3: The SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN. Just 15 minutes into the drive. This time, we were on a high way when it happened. We had to get it towed AGAIN.

    We did not return to Canadian tire to fix our car again because we know they will screw it up and charge us wayyyy too much money for a such a small problem.

    Canadian tire is known nationwide and the LEAST they can do is make sure your car runs properly. We are not going to a random mechanic in the city. Canadian tire makes us pay $100/hour for labour.

    Our new mechanic told us there was no need to change the brake booster first, but to check the lines and the brake caliper before fixing the big stuff.

    I think giving Canadian tire one star is being generous. They deserve a negative 5 stars.

    We will be follow up on this and make sure Canadian tires does not screw us over with money and cause accidents.

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cheap bike

After only having a bike for a month several items were not working; brakes, gears, handle bars loose, paint peeling, and many other things, took the bike in to get repaired and they said it was because we were to rough on the bike. Then they did fix it and when we brought it home there were other problems that did not exsist until they had it. And I also got charged for labour for them to fix something I only had for 1 month. So I took it back again the same day to get other problems fixed and said I just want it returned, and of coarse they said it was policy not to return any bikes, so my advice to others is to buy your bike at a store that a warranty policy you know is going to work. I will never buy another bike from Canadian Tire!

  • Ke
    Kelli Jul 30, 2008

    My 14 year old spent his own hard earned money on a new bike from Canadian Tire at the end of May. Four days later the pedals were falling off and the the chain was squeeking. We took it back and the cutomer service department wanted us to leave it with them for a week for repairs. My husband said that he was not leaving the store without a new bike. He got the new bike after about an hour of arguing. Two weeks later the bikes chain broke and the gears would not work. We took this one in for repairs. I have talked to several staff and management who all reply, "we're waiting for parts, we'll call you when it is finished". - and - no one ever calls. It is now the end of July and my 14 year old is out his $279.00 and still has no bike to ride for the summer. We will never, never, never, buy from Canadian Tire again, and, will discourage anyone else from doing so. Were did customer satisfaction go?

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  • We
    Wendy Jul 30, 2008

    I totally agree I will never purchase another bike from Canadian Tire as well.

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  • Wo
    WoWPlayer Aug 12, 2008

    Well Kelli your husband is just a dick now isn't he, you can't wait a week for repairs. You know that they dont just put everybody out of the way that is waiting for a bike repair also. OH MY GOD IT'S KELLI quickly everybody else doesn't matter fix it and tell everybody else to go away. Get off your high horse and, if I ever ran into your husband and he said that to me I would just have the police drag him out.

    -1 Votes
  • As
    asdf12345lol Apr 06, 2011

    In the last 5 years I've bought 3-4 bikes at Canadian Tire, but I will never buy another one. My current bike is a cheap mountain bike, cost $99.99. I know with such an inexpensive bike you can't expect stellar quality, but I noticed a problem with the front brake and the gear shifting on the same day I bought it. There is NO EXCUSE for this, for a brand new bike to have these problems, because it's 100% the fault of whoever built it. Canadian Tire puts no pride into the products they assemble, they just throw them together and put them out on the sales floor, whether or not they're put together properly or not.

    If you don't believe me, just take a look at the bikes they are selling. A large number of them have obvious problems like brakes not working well, gears slipping, wheels wobbling, handlebars or seat not tightened... ALL OF THESE THINGS should not be happening if they took the time to build and adjust them properly before putting them out in the store. CT is a joke, and the next bike I buy will be a more expensive one at a proper bike shop that takes pride in their products, not another piece of garbage from Canadian Tire.

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does not work / ct shirking responsibility for selling faulty product

Bought the Yardworks Cordless Electric Lawnmower at end of season last year, used it twice this year (could...

no return/store credit

I purchased a 'supercycle burner ds' (Product# [protected]) from a canadian tire in halifax the second week of...

batteries sold but no chargers to charge them!

I have a Yardworks grass trimmer that works on a 24v rechargeable battery. Problem is, the battery is still...

lousy and sexist customer service

I visited the canadian tire store at centre mall in hamilton asking for assistance with a bathroom plumbing problem. The clerk, scott was arrogant, disrespectful and sexist. His response to me when I couldn't perfectly describe the plumbing problem was: "well all I know is that somewhere in the world there is a pipe with a hole in it that needs to be fixed" this was said with a disdainful and sarcastic tone. When I complained to carol, the store manager she chuckled and said:"oh that is just scott's sense of humour" I found this remark dismissive and condoning of his outrageous behaviour so I then called al cunningham (Who is a long way from richie's nice dad...) al said he was sorry and said he would "interview them" and also told me he has never had any complaints about scott before and he was a long time employee. I interpreted that to mean that I was somehow an isolated complainer whose opinion must surely be erroneous. This whole system strived to make me feel disrepectfed and my concerns irrelevant. I compare canadian tire to the home depot who give courses in home repairs to the outdated 1950's style customer service of this inadequate chain store, canadian tire where my friends, family and I used to shop at. Oh and by the way, mr cunningham didn't even bother to ask my name or contact information so I guess i'll just have to assume that he 'gave a good talking to to scott about the little lady who made a complaint'
I't's no wonder big name american stores like lowes are making it a success in canada
Booooooo canadian tire!!

  • Mz
    mzbloom Aug 22, 2008

    I personally will not shop at the Canadian Tire located in Brantford. I have been treated poorly on several occassions at that location and experienced the same when talking to management. They rate a zero in customer service.
    I have numerous friends who have experienced the same and will never set foot in the store again.
    I recently shopped at Brantford's new Lowes and was impressed with the friendly, helpful staff. Clean, organized well stocked merchandise.
    Shame on Canadian Tire. Thank you Lowe's for coming to Canada.

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  • Re
    renns Oct 27, 2008

    I found the same at the Brantford store. Rude assistant manager, and a Store Manager(Jason Adrian) that refused to come out and see me after repeated requests. Avoid that store at all costs. Lowes here I come!

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very rude customer service

Found the Canadian Tire customer service very very rude.I bought a faucet for my kitchen sink, but it was too big and i decided to return it. since i was working I was not able to return it before 5 days that I pursued it. After common customer service questions, the customer service rep opened the package to make sure everything is in package. Then she took the faucet out of package and banged it so hard on the table. By doing this few water drops came out, she got so mad and accused me of not being honest. She was going on and on about it that how home i am not telling the truth! I explained it politely and tried not to interfere with what she was doing. She kept checking the manual and readind it for few minutes. I was standing and waiting for my money to be returned with my receipt in my hand. After a few minutes she started again, by telling me that she has to check it again since company might not take it back and... so on. I said, i never seen such a customer service, people returning the broken stuff! She said, it's because u used it!!! And she called somebody else to come and finish the return (she just could not handle it with nooo reason) a gentleman came, and I asked for manager. He claimed to be a manager, however, he did not have any name tag or title!!! I explained the situation.He said that he will talk to lady(still no apology yet). At this time phone rang, the gentleman went to picked up the phone (while there was another lady in customer service who could have done it). He gave me my money back while still on the phone and I left. That's how you will be treated in Canadian Tire in the following address:

V7A 5J5
Phone: [protected]

You don't believe me go and see!!!

  • Wo
    WoWPlayer Jun 07, 2008

    Well it says original condition on the back of your receipt and this is not as you used it so that is why you shouldnt have gotten your money, as for the weird behavior she was probably having a bad day.

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  • Te
    Terralyn Gray Aug 03, 2008

    I agree, if you return something it helps to be completely honest. If they catch you in a lie they won't know what to believe and everything you say become suspicious. You have no idea how many people try and scam the custome rservice representatives on a daily basis. No one likes helping liers.

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  • Re
    RegardlessOfTheMoose May 30, 2010

    You can't expect to be able to return something you've already used. Would you want to by things that other customers have bought and used? Since you're paying full price... probably not. Canadian tire won't let you return things that they can't sell when you are the one who damaged the item. If they did, they would go out of business, since so many stupid people try to scam the sales reps, who by the way are making minimum wage, and can't really be expected to care if you made a mistake, and want you're money back.

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terrible service

In 2007 I purchased a car battery, I discovered that the battery does not hold a charge, I went back to Canadian tire Kanata Location, to inform them with my issue with the warranty and receipt papers, they tested the battery for 2 hours, and the test results that this battery is defective. At this time I was walking around the store and shopping from the kanata location. At that time I had moved into new house, and I was buying a lot of things, for the house to renovate etc... plus a GPS system $350 plus tools for the car that I never used yet etc... I used to spend over $300 average a week at Canadian tire location for over 4 months.

On the same day I spoke to customer service, at the auto-parts department. The manager claimed that he can not exchange it for me and he does not have another replacement battery, because another client was there on the morning of the same day and they searched for the same battery and they could not find it.

I stayed there for over that hour just calling for my rights to exchange the battery and reminding the staff of the Canadian tire policy for exchange and replace a defective battery. They refused to help me, because they do not have another batter in stock, I was told go to another location "Bells corners" they might have one or the "barhaven" location. I refused to believe that they do not have another replacement battery, for a brand of batteries that only Canadian tire have access to or owned by Canadian tire stores.

I went by my self the shelf of batteries, I searched carefully and then I found the same brand and model of the battery that I have. I called the manager and I pointed out the battery, and then I requested again to exchange the battery for me. Finally they did honor the Canadian tire policy, and they accepted my request to exchange the battery. The total amount of time and frustrations was over than 4 hours, from the minute I walked in with a defective car battery to the time they exchanged my battery. I continue to be loyal customer to Canadian tire, kanata location.

Later on I discovered that the second new battery was also defective and does not hold a charge. I went back again. At this time, as a repeated client for the same problem, I already know where the battery testing machine is and where how to connect it and test it. I went strait to the location where they test the car battery and I called on a staff member. A young employee with full of energy, hooked up the battery to be tested, and told be the that to come back in 2 hours.

I came back to find out, what I already know that this second battery is also defective and does not hold a charge either. A yellow sticker note was attached to the battery indicating that battery defective. I carried this to another near by desk to exchange it, but the have over 15 batteries is stock. I spoke to a manager at the car part service area. they requested my receipt. I looked for my receipt, I did not find it at that time. I went home, searched, and searched, I couldn't find it.

The battery receipt just disappeared. I went back to Canadian tire, kanata location, I spoke a manager there, he said sorry my friend I need you receipt other wise I can not do any thing for you. I continued talking to the manager. He offered me $10 for the battery and I will have to buy another battery. I did not take the offer.

He offered me something else, he said:" give me your battery, but take the top sticker from it, and keep it somewhere safe, and whenever you find your car battery's receipt you will come back and we will deal with it, because you really do not need the battery to clam your refund you need the top sticker number with the receipt that matches the same number of the sticker and I will deal with it." he added : "At the mean time I will you have to buy another battery and pay."

I did not feel that it is right to pay for another battery where the defective battery still under warranty. I told the manager please look into your records, search your database under my phone number, and you will see that truly I purchased the battery from your store from this cashier just two months ago.

The manager searched the database and truly under my name there is a receipt indicating that at the car service department, I have purchased a battery with all dates and number to validate my clam. With original receipt in the database, and the battery number is there, they refused to serve me and exchange the battery for me. We ended up the conversation at the point of, I buy and pay fully for another battery and they will refund me when ever I find my receipt. I agree and I took the offer.

After two defective batteries in a row, and some other client on the same day returning a battery, so I lost trust of buying batteries from the same Canadian tire kanata location, because I did not have good experience using their batteries at that period of time and this specific location. Do not you? I went a cross the street to a Wal-Mart store and I purchased 3rd batter in just few months. the Wal-Mart batter still doing very very good and I have no problem with it.

After few months, the Canadian tire battery is sitting in my garage. I decided to do something about it, either I recycle it or I look for the receipt before I do so. I searched the house extensively, for two days. I found the receipt. Great. I went back to the Canadian tire location in Kanata. I called for the store manager and a tall manager with name ADAM came, I spoke to him, he investigated the receipt carefully, he verified the numbers, and he found that I am in title for another battery, I told him that I have bought another battery from Wal-Mart, and exchanging it does not do me any good.

He said:"bring me the Wal-Mart receipt and I will give you full refund."

I said: "Are you sure?"

Adam Said: "YES! I need a receipt to photocopy it and to show them a proof of purchase." He pointed his finger up, and he looked up while he is saying this to me. I understood that he wants a proof to show his superiors that he is doing his job properly. I agreed, I left very happy, on Monday June 2nd of 2008, at 6:30PM. I came back on the June the 3rd, the next day and I asked for Adam, the store manager. Some one else with name ALLAN, shorter than the manager that I met on Monday, I said: "Sir, I was here yesterday, it is a really long story, I want to cut it short, If you can call the other manager Adam for me please?"

He said ok, he called ADAM, on the phone and ALLAN, started harassing loudly ADAM on the Phone, saying loudly: "I told you that you can not do this."

ALLAN added : "NO!!! NO!!!"

and then ALLAN said to ADAM on the phone :"I AM YOUR MANAGER, YOU DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO!!!"

and then ALLAN added: "YOU CAN NOT DO THIS!!!"

ALLAN hanged up the phone and ALLAN turned up to me saying:"So, this is the mysterious Battery receipt that all the sudden surfaced up??"

I said :"Well, I had to search the house for two days, because I needed this issue behind my back."

Allan said: "I am the Store Supper Manager and MY decision will over rider Adam's decision and this battery will be refunded, it will be exchanged."

I said: "well sir, by doing so this battery does not do me any good. because I have no use for it, Would you please honour Adam's verbal agreement yesterday, and refund it to me, I do not care if the money was Canadian tire money, I would like to spend the same amount of money in your store. but not on battery."

He said that : "there is no difference between the Canadian tire money and real money!!"

Yhen I said but what Adam had told me yesterday is different and it means that it is do-able that you can refund batteries.

He said:"Yes, it could be done, that is a special treatment, but you do not look like special."

Then he added asking me: "Do you want to be treated special??"

I said :"Yes! I am a good client to Canadian tire".

Then I listed few expensive items I purchased of the kanata location, including $350 +tax GPS system and $100 tools, and list went on and on etc... I told him you see some service was done on my cars. He searched the database and he said : "Yes, I see your name, $100 on this car, $150 on another car ..." He started shaking his head and adding in very sarcastic way:"NO, NO, HA HA HA !!" and then:"What is this $100 here and $150 there not good. not good at all, NO! NO, HA HA HA!!!"

I finally decided to take the new battery but continue to call for ADAM's decision and the Previous manager decision which is when ever I find my receipts I will receive full refund.

Thank you,

  • Fr
    fredbloggs Feb 26, 2009

    You will find the person you spoke to is the owners son and is under strict orders from his father to give out as little as possible, not withstanding the fact he is in a position that NO ONE else will take, unfortunatly for the good people working at that store the owner and his son are nothing but money hungry and couldnt give a damn about customer care..as you found out

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dishonest and rude

The following letter contains events that happened at the Canadian Tire south, located at 2510-50 ave. Red...