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Complaints & Reviews

horrible service

I will never ever shop at canadian tire again. They are absolutely horrible. I purchased a bike there on april 8 (Before the easter long weekend). I rode it once around my block and discovered that it shifted very badly. This was not really a huge surprise considering that it's a $100 bike (Supercycle 1800). So today (April 13), I went back to the store with the intention of exchanging the bike for a better one (I was willing to upgrade to a more expensive brand). I was told there are no refunds or exchanges on bikes!!! The cashier and the supervisor were absolutely rude and unsympathetic so I asked to speak to the general manager. The supervisor called him saying, "the customer wants to go over my head. Can you come deal with her?". Lovely. Anyway, so the manager came out and like the supervisor before him, told me, "you should've ridden the bike around the store if you wanted to get a feel for it." I asked him if he thought it was reasonable to ride a bike up and down store aisles and if he thought that would really give me a good idea of what a bike was like. He just shrugged and started to walk away. So I said, "this is how you stand behind your products?" to which he responded, "we have warranty service". As if any kind of service will turn a crappy gear system into a good one. So i'm stuck with a $100 piece of junk. I will never shop at canadian tire again - I wouldn't care if it were a life or death situation, that store will never receive another dime from me.

  • As
    Ashley Jun 15, 2009

    They probably don't really care since you are only one person who only spent $100 on a cheap bike. Sorry about that though. Guess you'll be sure to try things out before you buy them from now one. Lesson learned the hard way - I hate when that happens.

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poor service/return policy

Last summer, I bought a Simoniz 1750 pressure washer on sale. The very frist time I went to use it, the gun...

e test

As a tax paying citizen of Hastings County I work hard to help support, provide for my family and feed my...


Well i got 4 new tires on mar21/09 $475.00 had a flat on mar 29/09 took the tire to clayton park store the service guy said it shouldbe replaced there was a slice between the tread .he also said quinpool rd store had the tire as clayton park store had no stock . but the quinpool rd store would not send a tire over so i took the tire to them . well come to find out since i had the tire installed on the rim at a service station by my house then ballanced at canadian tire after .there was no road hazzard on that tire i cant belive that . well im going to remove the tire go elsewheres buy a new tire and canadian tire on quinpool road will never get a cent from me again and ill keep telling anyone i can of how they are with so called customer service lol what a joke that store is .

  • Ne
    NEVER CT Again Nov 06, 2009

    had the worst experience ever at this Canadian Tire garage. I purchased 4 winter tires and held them at home until i was ready to have them installed. I went into the garage last week and had then installed on Thursday Oct 29th. When I picked up the vech I noticed that the air gages were reading that the tires had 31 PSI and my vech needs 38..I was told that it was just the gage that needed to be reset and they didn't know how to do this, that there was enough air in the tires. After taking the vech home and resetting the gage there was still an issue of the readings showing 31 PSI's so I called the garage and asked about taking it in to have the tires checked...Normally I would just have put air in myself but I had nitro put in the tires. I was told to bring the vech in this was the following Saturday...When I arrived at the garage I was told that it would be a bit before my car could be brought in and i was ok with this...after 45 minutes of waiting i asked how much longer it would be as the problem was from a previous service call that I felt the shop should deal with and I was told it wouldn't be to long. In the mean time a mustang pulled up in the parking lot with 4 young boys in it and one came into the garage and spoke to one of the service guys and the first thing i knew he was pulling his car in and they were putting air in the tires...I was angry at this point and went to speak with the service manager..he apologized and had my vech taken in next...after 10 minutes the service guy brought my vech back out and the readings were still showing 31 PSI's and the warning light was on..one of the service guys was out in the parking lot and i asked him if he was the one who checked my tires and he said no...I said the tires are showing the same as when i brought them in and his response was well it must be your gage there has to be something wrong with it...I was frustrated at that time and left ..On Monday I took my vech to the dealer and when they checked they said none of theses tires have the right amount of air in them and within 5 minutes they had them filled and all warning lights went out...I am sure that Canadian Tire didn't complete the job right the first time when the tires were installed and to make it even worse I believe that when i complained about the waiting the second time that my vech was simply driven in to quiet me up and it wasn't even looked at... this is very childish and irresponsible service from an organization...Canadian Tire certainly had no problem taking my $800 for the tires and then another $75 to install and balance them...but once they have your money don't look for any service... all this to advise others that if you use Canadian Tire you certainly take your chances...Even though they might be convenient ...i certainly will never be using them again

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arbitrary increases in interest rates

We all know many Credit Cards charge abhorrant interest rates. But Canadian Tire is the worst of the lot...

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bad repair

I stopped in Salmon Arm because my SUV stopped running. The closest thing was Canadian Tire. The checked the...

damange to engine auto repair

We brought my Dad's van in to Canadian Tire at Rylander in Scarborough 4 weeks ago... Problem: No heat...

fraudulent auto service

I bought winter tires from Canadian Tire and had them install them. When I got the bill there was a charge of $7.95 per tire for a new valve stems. My vehicle is a 2008 Grand Caravan with about 10 000 km on it. I asked about the valve stems and they said on the tire course they took, some guy said vehicles with tire pressure monitoring systems should have the valve stems replaced every time the tires are mounted on the rims.

I called the service manager at my local dodge dealership and he told me that is absolutely false.

Another reason why no Canadian Tire mechanic should ever touch your vehicle!!

  • Re
    revos Jul 02, 2009

    I second that...don't EVER go to Canadian Tire to fix a vehicle, that is basically a death wish.

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fraud and scam

We were in need of new tires so we got our two back tires changed at Canadian Tire. First issue was I had to wait from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to get the job done which I felt was too long of a wait when I was told it'd only be an hour. Then a few days later, my husband drove the car down a main street over a bridge when the rear tire completely fell off. Luckily he ended up in the other lane with no on coming traffic. Sad to say, we were not thinking (we were getting married the following day and had a ton of errands to run for the big wedding) and called Canadian Tire instead of Manitoba Public Insurance. Canadian Tire offered to have the truck towed to their shop where they 'diagnosed' the problem that someone tried to steal our tire and thus a bolt was missing and that was the reason why it fell off. I don't believe that for a minute given that our truck was an older 1997 rusty truck. The rims on the tire were scratched and rusty. Also, it was the older tire that was switched to the back as it still had some 'life' in it.

I say if you want to get your car done right, take it to the right people/mechanics!

  • Ca
    camaro92 Apr 18, 2009

    I'm sorry but something doesnt sound right here.. No tire wheel would fall off before you would even feet the wheel wobbling..

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getting fired

i had goten a work order for a tire repair on a 2008 Volkswagen suv in the shop we have too tire Manichean one of steel rims and another for expensive rims i was using the plastic tire machine 1st too remove the tire but the machine had got stuck in the rim. i asked the managers son "David" to help me his words quote" why are u using that machine its a piece of crap use this one" as he takes it off the other one too put on the steel one the same thing happens it gets stuck. He had grabbed 2 pry bars too get it unstuck but for him pressing the rotation button he had scratched the rim. customer had asked if i wore a seat cover in his car and i told costumer i had put a floor mat sir but no a seat cove for i haven't worked on a car all day so my uniform was clean i had been upstairs the whole day with no work. my other manager branice had told me im so mad at u for not waring a seat cover i cant look at you get out of here so i too her words and went home for it was 20 min form home time.as i come in the next morning my boss Joe taveras try too tell my im suspend an could be fired for his son scratching the rim i sead that not fair and how come im getting in trubble for something i didn't do as for back in the year another worker Alister had seized a moter by dubble gaskiting it and he got a pat on the back n don't worry. as for me a scratch on a rim and im fried please what kind of people work at Canadian tire. I think this is ridiculousness and if anyone can help me il'd appreciate it.
thanks. Eric Garcia

  • Ca
    camaro92 Apr 18, 2009

    Christ! how old are you? I can't understand a word you said. Perhaps you could try a spell checker!

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  • Mi
    mikey1987344 Apr 08, 2013

    quit that job its a horrible place to work

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  • Mi
    mikey1987344 Apr 08, 2013

    canadian tire hires absolute ###s and thats there work force many people boycot that bussiness because of it absolute atrocious customer service. the most common saying around the shop is 'we dont do that here' or 'it cant be done' we have this one service writer that is a complete ### to the customers and staff. and has been there for 12 years dont know how when you scare away about $3000 worth of bussiness a day i wish i could get this clown fired. thinking about calling head office and saying he drinks on the job and have a couple of customers call in saying he smells of booze that might do it lol

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deceptive service

My 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan was not delivering heat to the interior. Took vehicle to Can. Tire Waterloo for diagnosis. They wasted an hour of my time and told me they would need to flush the heater core with CLR to clean out possible debris to the tune of $170. I did not have time for this, so I took the vehicle and froze the rest of the day (-20C). Later looked up "Grand Caravan no heat" on Google and found many hits related to low coolant levels. I opened the radiator to check level and found that the rad was only half full. I filled it with fresh antifreeze and voila, we have heat.
So, they wasted an hour of my time, charged me 50 bucks, and didn't even open the rad to check it. Then they want to hose me another $170. I will NEVER go to "Crappy Tire" for service again.
A very disappointed ex-customer.

terrible customer service - incompetence and aggressiveness

Complaint to canadian tire, hunterhorn drive, calgary

On august 23 – 2008 I dropped a tire for repairing on front-right side. It was only deflated. Next day I came back for picking-up the tire and I went to black diamond, where I stayed one month to work. Next day I installed the tire back on my car and my steering wheel vibrate a lot. I couldn’t come back right away because I was very busy to my job in black diamond.
One month later I came to canadian tire to tell them they forgot to balance my wheel … they check it and they said : “yes it wasn’t balanced”. After that my tire didn’t vibrate any more my steering wheel …
Now I ‘m asking you how is that possible to pay for repairing and balance my tire, and actually to not balance my tire …?
On december 19 – 2008 I came again to canadian tire for a different tire, on rear-back side. I felt a big hopping (Jumping) on my rear side of my car … I dropped my tire and I came back on december 21 to pick it up. I asked that person if it is something bad and he said “ it’s all right now …”
I installed it back on my car and … I felt the same big jumping … nothing changed …!!!
Next day, on december 22, I came again to canadian tire to ask what is happening …
I met mr. Wane and I asked him why my tire it is not fixed and why they said “your tire it’s very good now? “
He said “it’s not our fault and maybe it’s something wrong with your car …
I said my car is good because I changed that “jumper” wheel with a different one and everything it’s good, no hopping …
I asked him why they didn’t check better my wheel and to tell me cannot be fixed?
In that moment he became irritated and he told me “I have to deal with many people in every day, I am exhausted to explain to everybody …
I said “ i’m computer technician for a big store in calgary and i’m dealing like you with a lot of people in every day, and if they have a complaint I have to explain them why and how ….
He became nervous and said : “ i’m not coming to your job to tell you what you have to do!! “
I said : “ if we cannot fix a computer we are not charging any penny and we explain why that computer cannot be fixed …. We never charge for a bad work like you, and then to lie that everything it’s ok … “
And anyway I never been nervous with a customer like you …
He started to talk loudly with me and he asked me if that tire is installed on the car …
I asked him why he is more nervous than me and why he talk louder that me …
In the next moment he said “ get lost “ and he left me slammed the door hardly ….
I was shocked … I never seen something like that in canada …!!!

If I would be only half rude, nervous and impertinent like this guy I would be fired immediately
I cannot understand how you can have this kind of employees, incompetent and aggressive … this non-educated guy should go work hidden in a warehouse, not to work for you in a customer service position …
I think your standards and requirements regarding hiring people are very low …

Theodor stoica december 23 - 2008

  • An
    Anthony Erickson Aug 27, 2009

    I have been in that store a couple of times and it always looks terrible. The service is horendous and there are never any cashiers on. I shouldnt have to go through the machine checkouts if I dont want to. I will never shop at that store again.

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  • Ja
    Jamiej Dec 06, 2010

    I had the worst experience trying to return anything especially at this Canadian Tire location. They go out of their ways to tell you why they wouldn't be able to return the product. Now the latest excuse is that the product has to be in its original, "unopened" package. I have never heard of this ridiculous policy. I understand some people abuse the 90 days return policy, but I only bought the product two days ago. After wasting 15 minutes arguing with them, they finally accepted the return, but my name is blacklisted in their computer. But it's okay, I am never going to return to the Hunterhorn Canadian Tire anytime soon. There are better choices out there.

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[censor] service, 3 days to change a battery

Took my car to Canadian Tire auto service, need a battery change. The guy took my key and asked me to leave...

return policy on tire chains

While on a snowy trip to Whistler Dec 12/08, I had heard on the radio that a tire check was being done at...

auto service scam

Took my car in for an mvi, swapping of summer tires to winter and an oil change. They said i had to leave my car there all day and they would shuttle me to and from the shop to home. Regardless of all that. They called me 4 or 5 hours into it and told me they changed the tires, the oil and that they found a broken bearing and a broken rear spring...heres the catch. They said they broken spring was connected to the lower arm by a bolt(which was seized) so they would have to replace both the spring and the lower arm. i said "cant you cut the bolt instead of replacing the lower arm" they said no its not that easy"
anyways...end result ...i picked the car up...paid $350.oo for tire swap, oil change and bearing for a wheel. they rejected my mvi and gave me a quote for another $1350.00 for the repair of my broken spring.

Get this...i got another mechanic to look at it...THE SPRING WASNT EVEN BROKE!..

i could not believe it...1 month before christmas. my kids almost did not have a christmas because of this. Regardless...the other mechanic found that all i needed was a set of brake pads, thats it. $135.00 is all it cost..

moral of the story is...dont go to canadian tire for car things...if you do...get a second opinion.

  • i have herd of so many stories just like urs and yes your totally right they try and scew u at canadian tire and alot of the time its some young punk who took auto shop in high school thats working there!

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  • Re
    RegardlessOfTheMoose May 30, 2010

    Mannnn(and so on with the "n"s) all of the mechanics have gone to school to become mechanics. The real problem is not the competence of the mechanics but the way that the mechanics make their money. Mechanics are paid by the job (not the hour), which means that sometimes to get work, they need to invent it. Mechanics might tell you that a problem exists that doesn't or even create a problem to fix while working on something else. This is true. However, many smaller shops aren't above doing inadequate work on your car, so that they can offer you a lower price and win the sale of the job. It may be that your local mechanic is ignoring problems and letting you drive around in a broken car, because telling you the truth can lose them a customer. The best thing to do is to research the problem before you go to a shop or accept that work needs to be done. If you show them that you aren't completely clueless, they will be honest with you, instead of risking being caught.

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  • Ha
    Hatchetman007 Jul 20, 2012

    hey which Canadian Tire was it?

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poor people skills

I live in Fort Nelson 4 hour away from Fort st John, when in town for medical resons did a little shopping at Canadian Tire. Found a snow blower and bought such for my husband for christmas. Returned home to see flyer saying the item was now on sale 100.00 dollars cheaper, called store to say I was dissapointed in the fact I would have waited the day and saved the money. Was rudely told the stores policy is not to allert people of the savings as the store needs to make money. In this time of money trouble I found this to be a cold and uncaring way for a manager of any store to act. Fort Nelson has had both our mills close in the last 6 months so every dollar counts. I feel the store should value there customers and not turn them away, these type of coments make the trip further south much more warrented.

Yours Truely
Layed of Millworker

  • Aq
    AquaFire Mar 14, 2010

    Most stores have a "price protection" guarantee or policy. Some Canadian Tire stores (or perhaps good store employees) will, if you ask nicely, look up the sale price and they can tell you the date the item will next go on sale. I've even had them give me the sale price before it went on sale AND i've gone back there when the item went on sale weeks later and received a store credit for the difference.

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car service

This is to lodge strong compliant against Canadian Tire-Auto Service. About 10 days back I left my car a...

poor service, arrogant employee

Bought a company brand slow cooker which did not cook meat through and left veggies raw. Did not retain...

billing me twice my credit limit

I was given the beginner limit of $400.00 and had the card for awhile making payments ontime etc.
I had a pre auth charge coming out monthly. Last yr family emergancy resulted in a maxed card. After a few months not using it cuz it was maxed I get a bill for $600.00!! Hello!! my limit was only 400!! Two months later a bill for $800!! I find out though my card was maxed and available credit was zero, they allowed my pre auth debits charged to my non exsisting credit limit that they thought I was going to pay them!!! Umm No! After a nasty convo they cancelled the un auth charges and I closed my account...Bad Business

not refundable/return guarantie dont apply

i went to Canadian tire and i got the exercise machine Gym Weider Weightstack 300$, on 03/11/2008, the machine is not worth it, is not smooth when exercising and sometimes it keeps blocking when exercising. Is unstable even if all screws are tights!

i when to return it today to the Canadian tire store (not even 15days after) they toll me they cannot take it, they have to call the company in order to replace the parts ( even i said the parts are OK nothing is broken, is the machine itself that is not good ) so, , , , , bla bla bla with the manager. I told her that they should put a note that machines are not refundables and she told me THEY ARE NOT OBLIGATED to do that.

What a gift from me to Canadian tire, 300$ + taxes for a machine that is not worth even 50$. This is ridiculous !!!

  • Wo
    WoWPlayer Nov 16, 2008

    On the back of your receipt it says original condition and packaging ###; you didnt mention the packaging but it is certainly not in original condition. Learn to read english.

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  • No
    NotStupid Feb 16, 2009

    Use it as a table for your deep fried hot dogs you fat ###.

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