Canadian Tireauto / safety cert

J Jul 31, 2019

I arrived for my 2:30 appointment at 2:15 to have my car certified. I was told by the gentlemen at the desk that it would take 1-1.5 hours to complete.

I sat and waited, eventually watched while the mechanic parked my car in the parking lot (around 3:30) and re-entered the building.

I waited for another half hour as I figured it would take some time to complete the paperwork. Around 4 I was starting to get impatient so I approached the service desk, the gentlemen there explained that the safety was complete, but they were waiting on the paperwork.

Star swipe to 5pm and I am quite upset that I have still not heard anything. I go to the desk again and the gentlemen I spoke to the second time was surprised to see me and thought I had left. Nobody seemed to have any idea that I existed or that I was waiting.

They spent a good 5 minutes searching for some binder and the paperwork. Eventually it was found but had I not approached the desk a second time, I doubt any of the employees would have known I was even there and still waiting. I probably could have spent my entire evening and had a nice dinner in your waiting area, and nobody would have had a clue.

I do not appreciate wasting almost 3 hours of my day for a safety that should have taken half that. It is incredibly unprofessional that there isn't a better system in place to process this paperwork and that nobody seemed to know that a customer was waiting.

The gentlemen I had spoke to was apologetic for the situation however it is still incredibly frustrating as, had I known the service was going to be so slow and uncoordinated, I would have dropped the car off rather than sitting there wasting my time. Or just take my business elsewhere.

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