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Westgate Resorts / Timeshare ownership

Christopher Skapura on Mar 22, 2017
I have been an owner of a Westgate timeshare in Gatlinburg, TN for over 12 years. I have tried numerous times to get out of it. High pressure sales tactics were used, promises made and not kept, poor service, and sales pressure continues when you stay. It is more pleasant to stay at a...

Country Club International, Country Club Hotels, Country Vacations International / Holiday package, country condos property plot

fatema99 on Mar 20, 2017
I have paid holiday package 15, 000 aed and country condos property plot 15, 000 aed so total 30, 000 aed. I havent used single vacation nor still I got plot which was promised. On top they told to pay more which they twist their talk. So guys its a total disaster scam fraud cheat. Dont...

Sapphire Resorts - Geo Holiday / Misrepresentation and deceptive sales tactics

craftti on Mar 14, 2017
My wife and I have owned Timeshares without major complaints but Sapphire Resorts, Jockey Club in Las Vegas is one of the poorest decisions ever made. They lied about benefits and value of Jockey Club and the lack of value of our other timeshare (deeded). They offered to instruct us in the...

Villa Del Palmar Flamingos, Nuevo Vallarta / Deceptive selling practices

Armelle Briel Trogisch on Mar 14, 2017
On April 2015 as I was vacationing to Villa Del Mar in Pueto Vallarta, I attended a timeshare presentation at Villa Del Mar Flamingos in Nuevo Vallarta. I was told I could use my Maine timeshare as part of my down payment for the Nuevo Vallarta property. After a “free” breakfast and...

Platinum Travel Club / not enough information and finding out it's a rip-off

Geoff Turner on Mar 13, 2017
I have been paying $49.00 every fortnight for 6 months only to find out its a rip-off and I want my money back. The vouchers they give are not excepted in all places which sounds a bit dodgy I was told that I could use the vouchers for airfares which is not true can only use them for...

Diamond Resorts / Timeshare problems

Janice Duke on Feb 27, 2017
I attended a time share "update" at Cabo Azul on Dec. 18th - pressured to by more points= rescinded the purchase on Dec. 20th - returned all the contract info, the rescinding letter, the tablet and the 500.00 credit put on my account as a buyer perk to the salesperson in question On my...

Unlimited Vacation Club / They stated one price for rooms and rates and now we went to book and they are lies

MYOB66 on Feb 25, 2017
My husband and I went to the Dominican Republic and we were sent to this presentation at UVC by AMResorts Feb 10th 2017. After 5 hours we were talked in to joining the club by them telling us that the same vacation we were on that we paid $4500.00 for would have cost us $2200.00 and so we...

Diamond Resorts / Financial department (payment of yearly dues)

Our dues were paid on time, electronically by our bank. It was not reflected on our account, so we contacted our bank. The check has been cashed by Diamond, so the bank sent a fax of the check to them to show that it was paid and before the due date. Diamond said they couldn't read...

Vacation Hub International (VHI) / Unethical behaviour -

keithcaverhill on Jan 30, 2017
On the evening of the 12-06-2016 I attended a presentation by a vhi sales team. From what was told to me in the presentation I paid a deposit to join, however on reading the fine print in thier contract I found out that I have been conned, and that the contract beared little resemblance to...

Anantara Vacation Club / Cost of product versus the value received

asiaeats on Jan 30, 2017
We bought a membership from them and found that it was cheaper to rent thier units than buy points. We wanted to sell and asked them for help. They said they do not help owners looking to sell. (nice huh) We then found thru google a Asia based vacation club reseller and listed with them. In...

Karma Resorts / Vacation club

asiaeats on Jan 29, 2017
We bought a membership thru them and found that it was all lies. We listed our membership to sell in USA with no luck, not their market (Asia) We were referred to an Asian based vacationclub/timeshare reseller called iVacAsia. Thank god we found them, they sold our membership in 51 day...

ICE Rewards/International Cruise & Excursion Gallery Inc. / Unauthorized credit card charges

RuthSPhilli on Jan 29, 2017
Ice rewards unauthorized credit card charges and unethical behavior Client/subscription id:irsc1006755 Resolution required: full refund - all charges to my credit card of usd399.00 and usd200.00 to be reversed. On the 27th dec 2016 i was approached via telephone by icerewards rep cristina...

Prime Alliance Holdings / Timeshare resale

Livermorered on Jan 25, 2017
The agent in Cabo, MX, for Prime Alliance Holdings (PAH) is Punta Resorts also known as Vacations Los Cabos. They agreed to purchase my Pueblo Bonito ownership points for $34, 900 (USD). However, the sale had to go through their escrow agent in Cleveland, OH, Prime Alliance Holdings. Punta...

Andrea Werner / Starpoint resorts, geo-holiday

andrea werner on Jan 23, 2017
I have NEVER received any of the Free gifts that They promised. They issued credit card vouchers that were never good. When I di use the Time share once in Israel, It was not what I was promised and was like a youth hostile and anything but nice.I have been paying on my time share for many...

Royal Holiday / Cancellation of fraudulent - misleading contract

Martin-Bardin on Jan 19, 2017
1. The contract states that we are married and the marital status is written in Spanish as "casado." The entire first page of the contract is in English except for the marital status. Why is that? Because it is DECEPTIVE. They knew we were not married. Legal contract with misinformation...

Diamond Resorts International / The Sampler

AkireD on Jan 17, 2017
My husband and I feel misled by Diamond Resort International. The presentation was only suppose to be 90 minutes. It began at 9:30 and lasted until 2:30PM. Because of the length of time, we felt pressured to agree to something in order to leave. We agreed to paying the down payment for...

Summer Winds Resorts / Timeshare purchase

carljoan on Jan 17, 2017
I purchased this vacation package based on false promises and lies about our present timeshare ownership, Bluegreen. I was told if you weren't going to use your week you paid $99 only but we found out you had to pay the whole $590 and if and when they rented your week you got some of the...

Country Club / Membership cancellation

Zebapalekar on Jan 15, 2017
This is my worst experience with a service based company. The sweetness and the gesture the sales team will show while selling their membership, you will be bound to fall into their trap n once your card is swiped; the way they step back is unbelievable. Following is the description of the...

Mr. & Mrs. Sandy / Lifestyle vacation resorts

Minu Zaporta on Jan 3, 2017
I have just finished reading lifestyle vacation resort... Complaints. My husband and i made thaw worse mistake anyone could make only Because we just happen to be honeymooning on this resort. These liers Leaches ####bag sales rep. They have stole over $50, 000 on a vacation Membership from us. I...

Global Connect Holidays, Pune & Navi Mumbai / Fraud & cheating company

SAAB mumbai on Dec 28, 2016
I got a call from company just to spare 30 minute and collect free gift coupons without any obligation. They forced me to sit for more than one & half hour. They offered best properties (including country club & mahindra club properties) with ultra luxurious holiday packages. since I wa...
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