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Agoda reviews & complaints

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Agoda - Cannot get refund

I have a booking for the hotel in Pattaya, Thailand (Booking nr. [protected]) on Agoda and unfortunately I am not able to enter Pattaya on the days that I have booked due to Covid restrictions. I have contacted the hotel directly and i do not get any reply. I am asking for refund, because i have no way to attend on the dates booked due to government restrictions.
I believe it is unfair and breaches my consumer rights, as I pay for unused services.

Jan 17, 2022

Agoda - Failure to provide full refund

Agoda Refunded only 50 percent of the monies I paid for a hotel stay that was cancelled due to the island (Boracay, Philippines) changing requirements to enter the island. After the booking, the island Provence (AKLAN) stopped accepting Foreign travelers. I'm a US citizen.
I paid $591.00 for two rooms between 14-17 Jan 2022 at the Hennan Garden Resorts. Agoda only refunded 50 percent of the money and that was only in the form a Agoda credit. The cancellation was not my fault and due to Corvid. I ask your help in getting a full refund. [protected]
Dwayne Day. Agoda booking # [protected]

Desired outcome: Full Refund

Agoda - False advertising of the Hotel Room

I booked a hotel room through Agoda for two nights (Jan 08 - Jan 10, 2022). The hotel is called La Regatta Boutique Residences and on my booking there was only one picture of the supposed room (which was very nice -- that's why I booked it).

When I showed up at the hotel -- the room was completely different from the picture and the hotel staff also said that this has happened before with Agoda Booking and they have asked Agoda to change the picture to avoid customer dissatisfaction but Agoda just ignored their request. Since we were on holiday and the room was very small and dark -- we had to pay to upgrade to a different room (still not as good as the room in picture).

It was absolutely annoying for us and unethical for Agoda to do this. I found it extremely hard to file a complaint against them as well. On their page there was no contact number or bot chat that has an option for people to file a complaint. Overall it was a bad experience and I will never use Agoda again. Hope other people will see this review and stay away from them (both guests and hosts).

I have attached their advertising picture and a video of the actual room.

Desired outcome: Agoda to refund me for the expense of my stay and reimburse me for the amount I had to pay to upgrade.


Booking number [protected]


Agoda - False advertising

Agoda app flight +hotel
when u get into the app it gives u hotels after selecting request card number
while busy send immediately send confirmation
cancelled because it gave me what i don't want requested refund no help
call property cannot help no funds in her account
send email to biz in agoda promise to sort out my problem. Received email from customer service that i choose unrefundable option rewrote to them that i never choose unrefundale option
they told me they will charge me a fee but they need to speak to property
called charmaine at property she can't assist me agoda never paid her for my stay
devastated as i am need help with my cancellation refund


Bad customer service

Agoda - My stay at time oak hotel in dubai

Me and My sister and 2 other friends travelled to dubai 14 december until 27 december, unfortunately it wasnt as expected we All haf coacroaches in the kitchen and bathroom and out side the hallway, they sprayed poisin while we Where in the rooms, My sister Saida mouna was compensated 352 dollars back to her card, and we didnt get anything they tried with agoda cash, and even though we send My sisters compensation from agoda they Said they dont refund money, so they Lie to the customers and I have made many bookings with you, This is inacceptable and disgracefull 0ur booking id is [protected] and [protected] This is 3 families with kids

Desired outcome: Total refund

Agoda - Booking done through agoda not confirmed by hotel

I booked a room at PC Muzafarabad through agoda abt a month ago. But when I called PC, they said we have no booking. I am trying Agoda support to confirm me my booking but their support is so so slow and they are not doing anything to resolve my issue. They have no phone support in my country so I can only contact them through email. I have less than 40 hours for my check-in time. This is so frustrating. As I have to plan my trip after confirmation from Agoda.

Desired outcome: Refund my money

Agoda - Inferior room to what booked and paid

The room I booked is a suite with a veranda. The room I received doesn't have a veranda and the hotel said they don't have anymore with veranda and that's why they gave me this room without a veranda. The veranda was not an option in my booking but was clearly stated in the dscription of the suite I booked and that's why I booked it!
I request a full refund as I am clostrophobic and cannot stay in a room without veranda!
Thank you

Desired outcome: Change room to suite with veranda as I booked or full refund.

Agoda - Cancellation/no refund

I made a booking through agoda for a hotel room on Wed Dec 29, booking number [protected]. Shortly after, I broke down on the highway and had to cancel my reservation. I called the hotel I was booked at and got the confirmation that my reservation had been cancelled and they told me to call agoda so that I could get my refund. When I called, the lady who answered obviously didn't mean to answer for there was chatting with co workers and lots of laughter(that isn't the problem, just unprofessional). As I was on a highway and the call was obviously from another country(I am in USA), our reception was bad and I could barely understand what she was saying. She kept putting me on hold for permission to issue my refund. I told her that the tow truck was here and that I could no longer be put on hold, could she please issue to confirmation that my cancellation went through and a refund would be issued. She said that yes, that would all be sent off. Its 2 days after the fact, no email has been sent, just an email saying my booking has been completed. Its nearly impossible to get any answers for the automated system on the phone says my booking has been complete and I should use the automated system on their website. This is not appropriate nor professional.

Desired outcome: I'd like my refund, my email for the confirmation of my cancellation.

Dec 30, 2021

Agoda - Booking cancellation

I am booked my hotel with Agoda (Booking ID [protected]). My wife and I got to the hotel and the hotel informed us That the booking had been canceled. They said it has been canceled by Expedia who apparently is a third-party that works with Agoda. I Called Agoda twice To explain to them that the hotel had no booking for me and I had to book directly with the hotel. The hotel also talked to Agoda direct when they called them to confirm that my Booking have been canceled. However first Agoda informed me they would send me an email confirming my refund but on the next call informed me that they're investigating it but cannot assure me that they will be refunding me. They told me they would get back to me and I have not heard back from them in writing or a call. When I try to call them and input my information it says that my booking has been completed and hangs up on me. I am very frustrated and want a refund as I have paid for this hotel directly myself and That can be confirmed. Since I booked Agoda I had to pay the entire amount upfront already and I have also filed a dispute with my credit card company to go after my money from Agoda. Terrible experience and I want it resolved asap.

Desired outcome: Full refund

Dec 30, 2021

Agoda - The place is not what’s in the app

We have rented an overnight stay at Warren's Beach Resort in San Remigio, Cebu, but the place is not what we looked forward for. Its room is nasty, unkempt, full of damages. And the beach is not like in the description too. We asked for a refund, at least half of what we have paid, but to no avail. The caretaker keeps on making an excuse as to why the place looks that way, but it's just foolery. We literally got scammed in our place. We suggest changing the details so there's no other customers that will be scammed in the future.

Desired outcome: 700

Dec 29, 2021

Agoda - Hotel booking in Srikalahasti

I have visited hotel KSR Grand near Srikalahasthi.. but they were telling no confirmation yet and they did not provide me rooms. So I tried to contact agoda, I did not get proper information and...

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Agoda - Unethical Behavior at Booking at Fairways and Blue Water Resort Boracay

I booked six nights at the Fairways and Blue Water Resort in Boracay Island. I reserved the 1x superior which is suppose to have two queen beds or a King. I used the search feature for 3 people (my wife, daughter and myself). When I went to check out though it said that the room was only suitable for two people and it would not let me book unless I selected the option for another bed which brought the price to over 200$ a night but it was still suppose to be half price for the resort with multiple pools, spas, restaurants, bikes for rent, and transport to the town provided.

Really nothing was available of the course of the seven days my wife and I would take a walk where we discovered what a wreck most of the resort was in. They would say that things were not available due to Covid but we found out the the spas, pools, and other sites were abandoned and had probably been that way predating the pandemic. The resort though seemed to have lots of people checking in every day. I later discovered that most were locals paying around 50$ a night (maybe less). Even at that price the hotel standards are much less than what would be expected.

Since the hotel had so little to offer, we spent our days at other resorts where they offered much better service. We would have left the hotel but we were unsure of how to do that during the pandemic. The problems included raw eggs in the buffet, long lines and wait time to get into the breakfast and no social distancing in the dining area. The hotel had little to offer on site so at least every day, guests were forced to sit in trucks with up to 20 people on narrow benches. The promised transport to the beach and town only was available at 3 pm daily and was always crowded and unsafe.

The resort advertises transportation to and from the air port. I had not realized that I needed to book this sepparate so we had to arrange this ourselves when we arrived. When we checked in I requested airport transport. Since Boracay is on one island and the airport is on another, I wanted the peace of mind of transport to the airport. I confirmed airport transport early in the morning with the front desk. One hour later, the receptionist sought me out to tell me that the hotel could only provide transport to the port but not to the airport as advertised and as I had confirmed earlier that morning. Transport to the airport would have cost me 9, 000.00 pesos to the hotel. Which is excessive but I was willing to pay it for peace of mind. Never the less they canceled this at the last moment. PS when we arrived at the port, most people were being checked through by their hotels. In fact the port guard asked us where our hotel representative was and when didn't have one, he escorted us and made sure we were able to check through with no issues.

Desired outcome: All hotel promotional materials on their website and on Trip Advisor, and other websites be reviewed and up-dated to show the current state of the resort.

Dec 28, 2021

Agoda - High charge for bad hotel

Hi Agoda,

I used your services for the first time and am really disappointed and feel cheated.

Seasons Hotel, 4/F, Golden Crown Court, 66 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China.

The above should not be called a Hotel at all. How did you even list it as hotel and charged me HKD1200!.

Old building, hotel name on paper printed in front of building, no staff for check in. And worst of all, no hot water in bathroom. Literally no amenities like toiletries.

How can you list this piece of crap? Do you even do some due diligence before onboarding these type of properties?

I feel cheated and expect a refund from you.

Desired outcome: Refund

Dec 27, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Agoda - Refund

I arrived at Oyo Aladdin Dream hotel (Masai Johor, Malaysia) on 26th Dec 2021 and was informed that they are no longer accepting online booking and they have ended their contract with Agoda.
I have to pay again to get a room and was advice to contact Agoda to get refund since Agoda has deducted via my credit card.
Much appreciate if Agoda team can assist me in this matter and refund. I can be contacted at [protected]
Thank you

Online Agoda booking Number : [protected]
OYO Aladdin Dream Hotel receipt number : [protected]

Desired outcome: Get refund

Dec 26, 2021

Agoda - You now made same mistake 3 times

Yesterday we booked Bayoke suite hotel, 2 adults, and 1 child, 11 year old, see attached photo, it says on the screen with breakfast.

The problem is on the booking confirmation sent after the payment is given it says 2 adults, and no children.

So when we check in the hotel asks money for extra bed, and extra money for breakfast for the child since he is not on the booking confirmation.

Clever as I was, I took the picture showing 3 persons with breakfast incl.

We have now travelled for 1 month in Thailand, and this is the 3 time we experience this, one can begin to think its on purpose.

A solution to this is you pay us the extra money we paid in phi phi Islands, or give us a deal we can not say no to here in Bangkok.
5 days x 500baht for extra bedding at Banyan villa, and 500 baht one night on chao Phao.

Kind regards

Max Odgaard

Agoda - No booking confirmation. No receipt

I am koki shibata working in india. Staying in Japan currently due to corona. I am VIP member of Agoda. Using 13 booking throug Agoda 13 times in a month. I have not received written booking confirmation by email. Even I request so many times. I can not receive any receipt s recently.
Most important thng is I found out that there is difference between my booking amount and bank debit amount.
I have tried to contact Japan help desk. But
line is always busy. II can not get in touch with them. Please help me.
Koki. [protected]

Agoda - Booking

I booked for a hotel room with Agoda on 12 December 2021 at Caribbea Bay resort in Zimbabwe. The check in date was suppose to be 24 December 2021 and check out date 26 December 2021, on arrival the hotel did not accept my booking. They said they to not have any contract with Agoda.
My booking ID is [protected]
Member ID is [protected]
Total amount is $517.92
My email address is [protected]

Desired outcome: Money refund


Agoda - Booking done through Agoda app

Hi Agoda,

I had done a booking of a property for 25th Dec check in at SPOT ON 80406 Siddharth Lodge

Booking ID [protected]

The hotel refused to accept the booking and has charged me for the room . The above property does not have any tie up with Agoda.

I had booked the property on 24th of Dec 2021.

Kindly refund my Money

Rajesh Suresh

Desired outcome: Want Refund

Agoda - Book hotel

Hai. I want to make a complain. my agoda booking number is [protected]. On 25 December 2021, I book this two room with breakfast but when we arrive at the hotel, they mention that that hotel only receive information that my booking is WITHOUT BREAKFAST. I paid extra to get a free breakfast for 2 person. Can I get my money back for paying extra? or any other way to replace with? Please take action on this matters.

Agoda - Hotel Room booked with

The room i booked ( dec 24-25, 2021) at Andrew Hotel in great neck, NY did not look the same as the photo advertised by Agoda .com.
- room looked old, dusty, had stain on the floor, smelled unvacuumed
- bed not firm
- i booked for 2 person and we came in with only 1 bath towel and face towel
- hallway carpet looked old and dusty
- bathroom flushes a long time
- no mini bar
- heater too warm
- tried to turn AC but it stops
- TV doesnt turn off with remote
I have included photos shown in Agoda and the actual room

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