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TripAdvisor reviews & complaints

TripAdvisor complaints 52

TripAdvisor - Complex club (review)

Dear support, I am upset at the bias behavior shown by whomever at trip advisor who had reviewed my complaint. I had taken the time to write an extensive review on a very negative clubbing...

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TripAdvisor - Kesgrave Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk

Went to have brunch with my husband and mother on Wednesday 20 October, which I've done on numerous occasions, only to be informed by a very rude young member of staff that they "no longer serve members of the public, only guests". We were informed they may bring back brunches for "members of the public", but they are unsure when this might happen. Left feeling very disappointed and very annoyed at the rude attitude of a front of house member of staff. Obtained Manager's details but she is still to respond despite being prompted. Have contacted Head Office but have just received automated response saying they will respond sometime. Have championed them for over a decade but no longer

Desired outcome: Apology/complimentary brunch/lunch

Sep 28, 2021

TripAdvisor - Hotel - Best Western Plus in Elizabeth City, NC

September 10, 2021. Booking for the Best Western Plus in Elizabeth City, NC
We arrived and checked in late afternoon. The room we were given was disgusting. The bathroom had mold growing on the walls. Door was wet at one time and the laminate was peeling off. Holes in door from maybe a fist? lamps shades had cuts in them. Room smelled and bedding was damp to the touch. We could not stay in this room.
We left and found another hotel in the area. We would like a refund of $143.99.
Called Best Western that day and have not heard anything from them.
I will be disputing the charge on my credit card.

Desired outcome: reimbursed for cost


TripAdvisor - Nu car rental in Phoenix

We have all had this happen. You get delayed and you miss your rental car pickup. This is what happened at the Phoenix Airport dealing with Nu Car Rental Confirmation: #6650413539NU Our flight wa...

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TripAdvisor - booking a holiday property

my partner went to book one of your property's for a weekend away next march 25/ to the 28th march 2022, wayside self catering cottage, when you put in the dates the price you are given is £367, so he put in his card details to pay the deposit of £110. he gets a reply saying the owner will come back to us to confirm the booking, 2 hours the owner comes back to say there a problem with the price and the price is wrong and he will investigate and come back, we receive another e-mail shortly from him saying the price has gone up by £50, so we haven't booked it, we did this on Monday and the price hasn't changed, still showing the original price £367, i do believe there a law saying if you advertise something for a price you have to honour it and not change it willy nilley, i think you as a company should be aware the owner is doing this and I'm interested to here what you have to say before I report this to fare trading's

Desired outcome: give customer's the right price

TripAdvisor - Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

I booked a tour on 8/20/21 on Trip Advisor for a Lower Antelope Canyon. I was charged 83.00 per ticket. I found out that if I would have book directly with Ken's Tours in would have been 64.66 per ticket. I called National Park Express they said I should cancel and book directly. When I tried to cancel ...they told me no refunds. I never expected to be ripped off by Trip Advisor.

Desired outcome: I expect a refund of the excess amount I paid.

Jul 18, 2021

TripAdvisor - Comment process

1 evaluated hotel based on some email request
2 later get another rating request from tripadvisor
3 filled out a ton of questions, provided comment
4 damn, then get more request pages for ratings
5 damn, get 200 minimum character request
6 okay did all that
7 then I have to review my profile???
8 [censored], then I have to sign in???
9 [censored] you! Kill the app.

Desired outcome: simplify the rating request. why put user thru the pain?

TripAdvisor - Globus Travel Insurance

I paid $180 to insure $550 and have provided 2 letters from Cardo doctors and one from my General Doctor and they are tying it into vivid and denying my claims siting preexisting condition. I had heart surgery in 1989 and have traveled over the Globe since even with Globus...

Be aware they are telling me they will give me a credit and that is their scam I should get a refund. Globus keeps the insurance money and pays a fee to AON to administer the denial of the claims.

George Ryniak

Desired outcome: Refund of my $550 in cash

Feb 01, 2021

TripAdvisor - Negative Reviews 8 and 7 years old!

Dear Trip Advisor, I happened to notice that under the reviews of the Duke University Golf Club, you have posted on our site, four 1 STAR terrible reviews. I had never seen these before so I...

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TripAdvisor - Vantage worldwide travel

Vantage cancelled our cruise on the Rhine River to depart on May 17, 2020. The cancellation date was April 1. Today is May 31. We have not received our refund. This is in defiance of theMa. state...

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TripAdvisor - Tripadvisor ignore email and do not pay us for several months

We have a villa in Thailand

It was booked in Nov 2019 by guests through TripAdvisor

We have still not been paid USD4, 500 for the booking

We have tried for weeks and weeks to contact TripAdvisor and we have 200 autmaomated reples saying we will receive help BUT STILL NO PAYMENT.

I am deaf and have informed TripAdvisor many times BUT they continue to send me automated replies asking me to call them.



TripAdvisor - viator rome tour to naples, sorrento, capri and pompeii

We booked a 3 day all inclusive tour w guide to Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento & Capri from Rome. We were to travel June 24th with a morning pick up in Rome. Received no directions to pick up point;...

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TripAdvisor - censorship of opinions about most critical of trip related services: airports

1) Trip Advisor (TA) does not "allow" reviews of AIRPORTS (?!) 2) The "function" exists, but reviews (multiple attempts, until wrote and asked!) won't get posted! Disable this "function", if it i...

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Jul 18, 2019

TripAdvisor - I am a renter - tripadvisor rented my property and has not paid me for it!

I listed my property with trip advisor and they rented it. They were suppose to pay us for the rental the day after the peop0le checked in. They did not. We are now into day two and they told me they need to confirm that the people checked in but supposedly they do not answer. Trip Advisors agents are all liars. Going into day three and I'm about 7 hours from bringing the police and removing them from the property. Do NOT do business with these crooks! You all have been warned!

TripAdvisor -

I called on the 18th of April, 2019, and made a reservation for the night of June 29th at the Crowne Plaza Times Square.
The agent asked for my credit card number to charge me for that night, never mentioning that it was non refundable. I found out only when I received the confirmation e mail.
As luck would have it, our plans changed. I called to cancel the reservation, and asked for a credit to my charge account, explaining that I was not told up front that it was non refundable.
They claimed that they told me. I asked if I could listen to the recording. They said that I could not, and that they would review it and get back to me. As I expected, they told me that I was not entitled to a credit.
I then called the Crowne Plaza for assistance. They cancelled my reservation and said that they would contact on my behalf. They still refused to credit my account.
On website, they claim that customer service and satisfaction is a priority.
I am totally disappointed with this company, and of course, I am out $420.00.
They should be ashamed of themselves,

TripAdvisor - ordered tour from tripadvisor (ta), got confirmation from ta, but not from vendor

We ordered a tour from Tripadvisor for a 12:00 noon tour of kremlin armory in moscow. We received a confirmation from trip advisor of the tour beginning at 12:00. On careful inspection of email voucher states 10:00 noon is the time for the tour. We called for clarification, and TripAdvisor was completely useless. They could not tell me when we should show up. They could not change the ticket, they told me I had to contact the vendor, but of course, the vendor has no support telephone number for me to change or clarify the when the tour actually begins.
I find it very strange that I buy a ticket from TripAdvisor, there is a inconsistency between the times of the tour and TripAdvisor will not correct the problem

TripAdvisor - illegal forum set up about our business - derogatory comments

Courtenay, Canada

1 post
Euro Hire Drive Bathgate Scotland. Scoundrels.
29 Oct 2018, 11:04
I would advise anyone not to rent from this company. They have lots of minor damage on their cars which they note on the rental agreement, but then they find barely noticeable scuffs on the vehicle and charge you for the damage. You can not disagree with them or challenge them as they just nod their heads and charge you anyway.

Not a reputable company to deal with.

- this is not an honest review about our company - and the person that has started a forum about our company is not on any our records as ever being a customer with us! This is slander and the use of derogatory comments is disgusting.

I demand that this is removed, as it is clearly against your policy on your forums.

Thank you

Kind Regards

Office Manager
Euro Hire Drive

Nov 16, 2018

TripAdvisor - Maya jewelry

Maya jewelers st thomas usvi. This store formerly known as Spectrum jewelers same location just changed name. Same game though, RIP OFF!!! Do your homework on scam report they go back about 10 year...

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Nov 05, 2018

TripAdvisor - password change

having forgotten my password, have sent about 6 requests for email to change my password without reply. Want to log on!!

Have been reporting on hotels etc for some years and you tell me I, ve reached level 19 (I think) and only need one more to accomplish a particular level.

I have reported on hotels in England, Hungary New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and would like toreport on a recent visit to Norfolk Island.


TripAdvisor - rating new property

My wife and I discovered a wonderful B&B in a small western New York village. We think it is a terrific lead for a new rating. We'd like to submit a very positive review but cant find a way to do so. Three times I asked the same question on your chat board. It was never answered and then I was informed that I had used my quota of questions and closed me out.

Tim Green

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