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MakemyTrip - Goibibo Technology & Product Centre, Bangalore
2nd Floor, Tower B, Divashree Technopolis Yemalur, Off Old Airport Road Bangalore - 560025, Karnataka, India

MakemyTrip - Goibibo Seller Services Office, Bangalore
The Centrum, 2nd Floor, Opposite to Prestige Cooper Arch Near Safina Plaza, Infantry Road Bangalore - 560001 Karnataka (India)
Mergers & Acquisition, Investments & Corp Dev.
19th Floor, DLF Epitome Building No. 5, Tower A, DLF Cyber City, Phase III, Sector – 25

GoIbibo Complaints & Reviews

GoIbibo — hotel booking

मेरी गोईबीबो धारा लखनऊ में एर्पॉर्ट के पास होटेल की बुकिंग की थी और मेरे अकाउंट से .1043 rs बी निकल गये पर मैं जब होटेल में गया...

Hotels  · Nov 07, 2019

GoIbibo — hotel

GoIbibodear sir i have booked hotel from your site to Langkawi resorts but when I come Langkawi hotel is now under construction...

Hotels  · Oct 11, 2019

GoIbibo — hotel is not accepting the online payment

GoIbiboI had booked the room for my parents from and made the payments for hasselfree checkin for them as they are...

Hotels  · Oct 08, 2019

GoIbibo — change in flight jaipur to muscat

I have just received an email intimation against my booking id AMDSITH3W, that our Jaipur - Muscat flight on 13 October 2019...

Airlines  · Sep 16, 2019

GoIbibo — hotel management not accepting goibibo confirm hotel booking.

We booked a oyo 8966 star regency hotel, near hawda railway station through goibibo. My booking id - htl6vgd3q3.. I paid...

Hotels  · Sep 08, 2019

GoIbibo — refund status

GoIbiboGoibibo has not refunded my money for travel in Jet airways flight which was on July 28, 2019 which was cancelled by...

Airlines  · Sep 04, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — providing no refund on refundable international ticket

GoIbiboI had purchased refundable international flight ticket worth ₹53000 from Ahmedabad to Atlanta. On 30th June 2019 I requested...

Travel Agencies  · Jul 22, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — jet airways refund

My Booking was done on 1st March 2019 from Bahrain to Mumbai [protected]) and then Mumbai to Bangalore [protected]...

Airlines  · Jun 03, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — flights ticket not booked but money deducted

GoIbiboDear Sir, On 23th May 2019, I tried to book flight ticket from Jeddah to Patna. Unfortunately my ticket is booked but money...

Airlines  · May 27, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — refund related

Had booked the flight from goibibo of jetairways. Which was got cancelled and my was fund was to refund in my account from...

Airlines  · May 09, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — ticket cancelled by airline but no refund

Return ticket from dubai to Goa on 24th April 5am flight by jet airways got cancelled which I booked through GoIbibo...

Airlines  · Apr 11, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — customer support

Dear sir As i booked my flight from doha to delhi from jet airways and from delhi to gorakhpur spicejet. While booking I put...

Airlines  · Mar 18, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — bus ticket

This TOO much. what your service. All proof I am provided to you & called to customer care also, They said Under...

Public Transportation  · Mar 18, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — cancelled two tickets instead of one ticket

I have booked two tickets from Dubai to Hyderabad for 28-02-2019. Requested and clearly mentioned for one ticket...

Airlines  · Mar 08, 2019

[Resolved] GoIbibo — refund amount

GoIbiboI booked the flight DEL TO RUH IN SEP 9, when I booked the ticket was clearly refundable so that I conformed the ticket...

2 comments Airlines  · Oct 23, 2018

[Resolved] GoIbibo — airline ticket

GoIbiboFirst time I booked from GoIbibo a ticket which was clearly showing Refundable and I booked it based on that...

Airlines  · Sep 10, 2018

GoIbibo — Stay away

If I had known that this company had so many bad reviews, I would have never dealt with it. Because I myself had a very...

Travel & Vacations  · Dec 15, 2017

[Resolved] GoIbibo — refund!!!

At first, everything was ok. The website worked nice, showed me different offers with discounts. After I picked one, the...

Travel & Vacations  · Nov 23, 2017

GoIbibo — tickets

Hello Team, I am very disheartened to hear that recently I lost my Fui at my native place. My mother is there and need...

Airlines  · Jun 23, 2017

GoIbibo — cheater company

This Goibibo is a total scam! I booked a flight via Goibibo website and they took my money. I thought that everything wa...

Toronto Travel & Vacations  · Aug 16, 2016

GoIbibo — fake confirmed hotel booking

Paid for and received a confirmed booking from this travel site for Hotel Hindustan International, Kolkata for 30th July...

Travel Agencies  · Jul 30, 2015 — company didn't provide seats in transport and didn't inform about it

I bought ticket from the website The agent provided me ticket and when I came to the bus station, it...

Internet Services  · Apr 12, 2014

GoIbibo — online ticket booking

I have been trying to book ticket since yesterday from bangalore to mumbai. Money is getting deducted from account but...

Ibibo — cheating customers

Hi, There have been enough bluffing from the side of IBIBO. For your kind information, there has been no refund credited... - Ibibo Group — cheating - no delivery - no refund

This is to bring to light the online cheating of Which is a part of much published ibibo group. I had won the... — unauthorised profile

This website, which was hitherto unknown to me, has set up a profile in my name and linked it to my email id. and keep...