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On the 16th of september I made a booking.. For a few nights stay in new york. However after booking my best friend that was suppose to go with me bailed out because she couldn't afford the plane ticket and I cancelled the booking the very next day. I have been struggling ever since to get the refund.. I worked hard for the money and I didn't cancel because I felt like I had no other choice as I could not stay on my own in new york for safety concerns amongst other. This is unethical for a business to do this

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    AirBNBCancellation within 1 hour of booking yet charged nearly entire amount of stay

    I reserved a place and within 1 hour of being told an additional person would cost $200.00, I cancelled my booking. Within the accurate time frame to receive full funds back, I was only given an extremely small amount, $50.00 and this was a booking near $1300.00.

    I have reviewed the cancellation policies thoroughly and contacted the resolution center as the host was not easy to work with nor accommodating whatsoever. The comment, "I live next door and will know how many people are there" made me uncomfortable resulting in an immediate cancellation (1 hour after the booking).

    This is my first time using Airbnb and definitely last. I've been waiting for resolutions to call back or any communication and nothing. This is ludicrous and a lot of money for my trip that I am now stuck until somebody provides accurate customer service.

    I hope someone can resolve this complaint or give suggestions asap.
    Thank you.

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      • Sa
        SandyA Aug 04, 2020
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Notify your credit card company. Cancel the transaction.

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      Aug 03, 2020

      AirBNB — Scammer host

      Be careful Airbnb & Scammer Host. Share whole world 🌍 to save from scammer...

      Jul 31, 2020

      AirBNB — Extenuating circumstances covid refund policy

      Airbnb has failed to refund my $1, 418.44 deposit on a stay which was cancelled due to COVID, in violation of...

      AirBNBNoise complaint

      There is an un hosted Airbnb in our condo complex that is noisy, has animals and does not follow house or condo complex rules. The guests smoke drugs, are loud all hours of the night and have ruined our peaceful home. They also have pets that are defecating in our common area. We have filed several complaints with airbnb and heard nothing back. The current guests use extremely offensive language that is loud and rude and destroys our neighborhood. We and our neighbors constantly fear for our safety living here next to this Airbnb.

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        AirBNBHas refused to refund their service fee in a covid-19 related reservation

        Made a reservation several months ago for an AirBnb in Marin county for my entire family to attend a family event. Because of Covid, Marin County is not permitting such gatherings and the event was therefore cancelled. The owner of the Bnb easily understood and agreed to refund. my deposit, but indicated that the money was held by AirBnb. She would contact them.
        AirBnb refunded the deposit minus their service fee of $268+. This seems unreasonable and counter to most travel industry provider policies. A refund is a refund, and not a refund minus an exorbitant service fee. Beyond that their communication has been terrible. I telephoned and was put on hold for over one hour and then disconnected. Second time I called I was on hold for 1'15" and finally connected to a person who then put me on hold a second time. 2nd person said he would pass on my request for refund of service fee and said it would be routine under the circumstances. That has not come to pass.

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          AirBNBTravel refund

          Airbnb has falsely implemented a refund policy regarding trip reimbursements due to COVID-19 and travel plans.
          Airbnb is refusing to issue a full refund as stated in their policy. I receiced a partial refund but not the full amount I paid. I've tried numerous times to request full refund and they are giving me reasons as to why I'm not eligible. My extenuating circumstances clearly meet the policy. I was traveling on the dates listed on the policy and to a location that has one of the highest COVID-19 Cases and Deaths.

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            AirBNBI received 20 dollars out of 300

            Airbnb refuses to fully refund my money from a reservation I made in january for may. I, like many cancelled my reservation in march after the stay at home order was placed. The hosts, like airbnb were of no help... Even before I cancelled as I reached out asking what my options were. I received 20 dollars out of 300. It's unfortunate they are stealing from guests as well as hosts.

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              Apr 10, 2020

              AirBNB — taking advantage of coronavirus situation

              I am one of many who had to cancel an Airbnb stay because of travel bans/shelter in place orders due to...

              Mar 23, 2020

              AirBNB — if you use airbnb, be careful of this scam

              When I got to the apartment I booked through Airbnb, I was shocked to find that it didn't match the website...

              Feb 07, 2020

              AirBNB — payout

              Sai from India. Iam a host and hosted 10 guests on 22nd and 23rd December 2019. Name of the guest: Arun...

              AirBNBrefund rip off

              I reserved a house for a month for 950.00 I spoke with the owner (Host) and found out that the room he had listed was no longer available because he was moving back in his house. He offered me the apartment he was moving out of and I declined and canceled my reservation. 2 weeks later the charged my credit card for $950.00 They paid the owner who took the money knowing I never spent one night in his place. The owner said tough [censored] - air B n B paid me - go after them.
              Air B n B says go after the owner.

              I had to pay $950.00 and never spent one night in the place
              I have been scammed

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                Nov 10, 2019

                AirBNB — nightmare!

                Hi everyone! I've been using Airbnb for several years now and all of the reviews submitted to me by...

                Nov 06, 2019

                AirBNB — airbnb.com cheat user by refeal host

                As Airbnb.com host for two years now, I'll tell you my complaints. The reason I'm writing here is because...

                AirBNBcustomer service enquiry no reply

                Hi Airbnb customer service?

                On Wed 30th Nov I received an email to my [protected]@gmail.com address. The email for my profile with Airbnb. The email advised of a failed charge to my Visa. I was short on funds. I have reply emailed, unsure if you receive emails to this address. I posted feedback, where you state no reply to feedback. You can take that stance, but I did advise I reply emailed as well. And if the Airbnb rep who read this feedback knows the reply email is not responded to, I think it is fair that you would still follow up. I have taken the time to give you this feedback to express my stress and concerns and still waiting to know what 2nd payment is for. A simple request. I made the payment, after some stress:

                Hi Airbnb Team,

                You charged $40 approx and the payment failed. I got a little help from a friend. He with same ING bank so EFT instant. His last $21, to go with my last $20. Only then I discovered clicking email link to pay, this is US dollars. My account is set to AUS dollars. Why advise in US? System could be adjusted with better coding I imagine.

                Then logistic nightmare ensued. And I don't know what this "2nd Payment" is for. Replied to email hours ago, asking what for? And advising cash flow prob will sort and pay. Now I have. Still no reply to my email.

                Sent this to your feedback stream, and now emailing so you can reply. And I can eventually find out what this 2nd Payment is about.

                Host assistant said she has never heard of this before. It created a fair bit of stress for me. And losing an hour or more solving and luckily getting help from my mum. I had the money, in $40 in AUD in VISA debit account, and difference in PHP cash. Host assistant came asking for cash if no transfer. No way that I could find to call you. And your email and Host email and assistant asking for cash, really stressed me to look to pay ASAP. Again, have paid now.

                Yet no reply from you to my email, and it has been a few hours. I got auto reply email with receipt. Listing original payments incl. clear list of tax and fees. But just "2nd Payment" listed. This could easily be corrected in your system I imagine, to advise clearly what it is for. (No reply email from auto set up to say no reply to this email address, or, your email has been received)

                Your original email advise of the failed payment request could have advised what it is for. Nipped in the bud, the most ideal solution.

                Also, had my account had just enough for the payment, and I was counting on it for something else, I would have been caught by surprise in any case. Why no email advise of the payment due, a few days before? This would have given me time to sort cash flow (waiting on several friends to pay me money owed).

                I feel better having explained the stress this put me through. An experience for me to grow from, as is any such challenge. An opportunity or three for Airbnb, to grow from. And do better in the future.

                Please advise, via reply email.

                Thank you,


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                  AirBNBrefund issue

                  Airbnb has cancelled my booking by mistake on May 2019 (see e-mail below):

                  Rose D, May 30, 05:37 PDT:
                  Hello Zvi,
                  Greetings! This is Rose, one of the Case Managers from Airbnb. How are you? I hope this message finds you well.
                  Your case has been escalated to our team for further assistance. I received a report that one of our representative mistakenly cancelled your reservation. I personally would like to apologize for what happened, please rest assured that we at Airbnb is ready to help and support you, Zvi.

                  I received a refund, but the refund had a different exchange rate and was AU$293 short (as you can see below):

                  Please check and advise,
                  Zvi Aloni

                  2/06/19 2:22 AM AIRBNB [protected] GB (ILS 9582.98 @ 0.4122) Purchase AUD -3, 950.49

                  5/06/19 2:36 AM AIRBNB [protected] GB (ILS 9582.98 @ 0.38162) Purchase Return AUD 3, 657.02

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                    • Updated by zvi aloni · Oct 20, 2019

                      I understand you have no control of the international currency exchange rate, but I am $AU300 out of pocket because of YOUR error.
                      How is Airbnb going to compensate me for this error??

                    AirBNBpayment withdraw for a reservation made 7 years ago!

                    Here is an email I just received from Airbnb

                    07/07/2012 - 07/12/2012
                    NDT4Q5 - Van Tran - Nice home nearby lake and forest

                    09/27/2019 - 09/29/2019
                    HMAMAKS4SZ - Jérôme Boucher - Nice home nearby lake and forest

                    You can view the status of your payouts in your transaction history.

                    The Airbnb Team

                    as you can see they remove 174 Euro for no reason. the system show that reservation "NDT4Q5 - Van Tran - Nice home nearby lake and forest" was canceled.
                    It was not!
                    Van Tran wrote me a nice review, and I did so to her as well.

                    I have been complaining to Airbnb since weeks, they just answer bla bla we will contact you bla bla .
                    I feel they are a den or robbers.

                    payment withdraw for a reservation made 7 years ago!
                    payment withdraw for a reservation made 7 years ago!

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                      AirBNBI have made a reservation for airbnb for 3 night in dallas and I got double charged.

                      Hi, airbnb has charged me twice ($116.52) for my reservation I made in Dallas from Sept 6 th to 9th, 2019. Due to sudden change of my schedule I had to cancel and airbnb refunded me 74$.
                      Please immediately send me back the amount of $116, 52, i have tried to communicate 2 days ago but I have not received any response. This is not REFUND! I am asking. Airbnb made a mistake and I am very upset.

                      I have made a reservation for airbnb for 3 night in dallas and I got double charged.

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                        AirBNBnot working shower


                        I booked a flat with Airbnb in Paris and I have been here since 2nd October 2019. Since I arrived, I complaint that the shower tap was not working. The bath is very very small for us to clean ourselves, we need to sit in the bath and pour water with a mug. I have reported on the first day to the host and today is 4th October and no one came to fix it. I am with a little toddler and I paid for a service that I am not receiving adequately. Tomorrow is my last day and it is unnaceptable that no one came to give a look and / or provide us with a solution. Attached you can find the pictures of the bath.
                        Could you please acknowledge my complaint and advise me on what to do next? Regards, Eliana Silva

                        not working shower
                        not working shower
                        not working shower

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                          AirBNBfalse flag about my listing

                          A guest who has recently stayed in my property has put down a whole lot of false information about my lisiting and which is detrimental to my business interest . The same was brought to the notice of the Case Manager Bianca at air b n b . As requested by her I clicked pictures of the actual scene and submitted them with my picture too in them making it really authentic but the Case Manager who I believe did not do justice to my request passed a decision without explaining as to how she arrived at this decision . Since then all my mails to her remain answered and she has merrily put me in a tight spot . I wish to get justice on this and request anyone other than her to relook at the submitted proof of my claim

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