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10:04 am EST
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Airbnb - Dave Vespa (Host) | cheerful 5 bedroom home

Dan Vespa, AirBNB Host Scam. 378 Queens Street. Essex, Ontario. Over the holidays my family booked a weekend stay at Dan Vespas 5 Bedroom Home in Essex Ontario (Windsor). We were excited to have a big house to accommodate our family this year as the kids get older and the pool area was meant to be a fun surprise for the young ones. Upon our arrival...

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8:40 pm EST
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Airbnb Secure location holiday venues


AirBnB is a dangerous organisation which appears to have teamed up with criminal organisations in popular resorts for the purpose of armed robberies on vulnerable customers.

A slew of AirBnB "secure locations" have been robbed, in popular resort areas in Mexico and Costa Rica.

All the robberies appear to have been well-planned before the customers arrived. So well-planned that this could only be achieved with the connivance and support of AirBnB.

Our advice - don't use Airbnb if you value your life and want a safe holiday. They are a criminal organisation. BEWARE!

Claimed loss: Customers have been seriously injured, others have lost their lives.

Desired outcome: Ban or criminal investigation of AirBnB.

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4:11 am EST
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Airbnb Airbnb refund

I have been a customer of Airbnb for over 7 years with great reviews as a guest.I booked accommodation at Sala comacina Lake Como Italy, Unfortunatly i booked the wrong dates, i realized straight away. I tried to change to the correct date but it was not available, so i cancelled immediately, it was less than five minutes. The Host named (Italian) refused to refund and i am out of pocket $2,283.76 I have been in touch with customer support everyday and my case gets cancelled again and again. I now know my money is lost as has been my sleep.

Change your polices so this cannot happen to anyone else, it is extremely unjust and wrong that this could happen and i am sure such a simple mistake happens often.

Please protect your customers

Claimed loss: $2,283.76

Desired outcome: Payment or Airbnb credit to the value

Confidential Information Hidden: This section contains confidential information visible to verified Airbnb representatives only. If you are affiliated with Airbnb, please claim your business to access these details.

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8:10 am EST
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Airbnb - Dozens of people have been affected by airbnb support victimization

Hello. We are an established company that has been accepting our guests through airbnb for many years. At the beginning of October, the reservation of all our guests who were in our houses was canceled at once without any warning and the cancellation money was credited to us as a penalty to our account. Although we have been in correspondence with the...

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4:23 pm EDT
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Airbnb - An airbnb house I stayed in 4 nights.

I pre booked a airbnb for my family back in June for our fall/xmas annual trip which was 10/25 thru 10/29 in Rogers Arkansas. I pre payed the amount that was asked at that time, and the rest of the balance in October of this year. On October 20th, The host Dick Kelsey called me directly and told me that he was going to have to switch houses with me, due...

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4:19 pm EDT
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Airbnb - Deleted honest review at host request

I have been renting places from Airbnb for over ten years and have been very happy with all my stays. I have referred many people I know to some of the fantastic places I have rented. This past August, I booked a place (booking HMCEX4WX5H) out of state for myself and my 76-year-old dad, and 11 days before our stay, the host reached out to me to explain that...

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11:45 am EDT
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Airbnb AirBNB Host & Customer Service

I stayed at a listing in Belle River, Canada. The host gave no directions on how to lock the door so I ended up closing myself & my party out of the home. Once I enter Canada, my access to the Internet ceases. So in order to contact the host, I had to call AirBNB directly. We had to wait outside until the host husband came with a ring of keys because he didn't know which was the key to the door. I asked for an extra hour for checkout. I thought I had packed everything but in a haste to leave, I left behind a huge bottle of Tylenol and a cosmetic bag of medications. For 20 days, I went back & forth between the hosts and Airbnb customer service, in an attempt to retrieve my property. I had to return to Canada and contact the Ontario Provencial Police to have them intervene. In so doing, Airbnb deactivated my account and have not issued me a refund for the stolen property. I will never use Airbnb again because they care more about host funds than they do guests.

Desired outcome: All I wanted was my medication returned. The police retrieved it but the hosts kept a huge bottle of Tylenol. I'd like a refund for the purchase of the medicine AND the cost of travel back to Canada.

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8:27 am EDT

Airbnb Hosting

AirBNB cancelled a reservation after a guest had stayed and checked out. They said it fell in line with my cancellation policy Which it does not. I only allow cancellation 60 days BEFORE check in. And they said the dates would now be available. They are not available bc they are in the past.

The guest initially asked for a bigger or additional listing. I referred her to another company. However she arrived with 3 extra unregistered guests. Proceeded to leave a one star review after I confronted her about the additional guests. She reviewed the house being to small - that happens when you bring more guests than the listing provides for and one person is sleeping on the floor.

Additionally the guests broke a door and had the air set at 65 during a heat dome. Subsequently it did not work for the next guest. We were able to get it fixed for the following guest at an expense.

Desired outcome: I would like the refund reversed. And the review reversed. Retaliatory reviews are not allowed on AirBNB

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7:49 pm EDT
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Airbnb Terrible Experience with Airbnb Listing and Host - Avoid at All Costs

Airbnb is a company that has left us feeling disappointed and frustrated. Their customer support is terrible, and it seems like they only care about making money from hosts, not guests. We've had some okay experiences in the past, but our most recent one was a complete nightmare.

The customer support team failed to communicate expectations and refused to refund us even after agreeing to do so. We spent hours trying to resolve the issue, and when we asked to speak to a supervisor, they promised to call us back but never did. The support person even filed a false internal report against us because she knew she had messed up and would get fired.

We strongly advise you to avoid Airbnb. It's no longer a good deal like it used to be, and the support team won't care about you at all. They'll forget to call you back, make promises they can't keep, and be completely incompetent. Spend a little extra money on a hotel instead, and you'll thank us later.

To make matters worse, Airbnb manipulates and buries negative reviews, so you can't trust their system. It's not a real "community" at all, so be careful.

We recently had a terrible experience with a listing on Airbnb, and we want to warn others to avoid it. The host falsely advertised the property, lied to us in written messages, and was extremely rude and unprofessional. They even tried to scam us out of more money after we checked out.

The apartment was much smaller than advertised, and it was listed as a one-bedroom when it was really a studio. The photos were misleading, and we were shocked when we arrived. When we told the host about the issue, they refused to refund us and instead tried to bill us for an extra night.

The apartment was also incredibly noisy, with constant construction, kids, and dogs running around. We couldn't sleep at all, and when we politely told the host, they were rude and unhelpful. They even lied about their grandchildren coming over and filed a false report against us.

After we checked out, the host tried to scam us out of more money by claiming we had damaged the apartment. We had to spend a lot of time putting together evidence to get a full refund. It was a terrible experience, and we don't want anyone else to go through it.

In conclusion, we strongly advise you to avoid this listing and these hosts. It's not worth the money, and you'll regret it if you stay here.

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7:43 pm EDT
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Airbnb Unpleasant Stay at Beautiful Garden Unit in San Francisco: Lack of Cleanliness, Safety, and Basic Amenities on AirBnB

AirBnB is a popular platform for travelers to find unique and affordable accommodations all over the world. However, our experience at the Beautiful Garden Unit Close to the Water Host Jacinta in San Francisco was far from pleasant. We rented this unit for a month and were disappointed with the lack of cleanliness, safety, and basic amenities.

Upon arrival, the owner gave us a key and led us through a dark garage to the unit. The place had a bad odor and did not look clean despite the owner being paid for cleaning between visitors. There was no welcome card or information about the area, and we had to figure out basic things like garbage pickup on our own.

The regular entry to the apartment was down a dark, dusty hall that looked abandoned. The bedding was used and the mattress squeaked with every turn. We found stains and rips in the mattress protector, which was a concern for those allergic to dust mites. We had to buy our own bedding from Ikea.

The apartment lacked basic cleaning supplies like a mop or broom, and we had to buy our own. It took days to clean the place, and we found layers of dirt on everything from tables to cushions. The couch smelled bad, and the outdoor patio furniture was covered in dirt and mold. The chaise had old, moldy cushions, and the kitchen utensils were a mixed bag of leftovers from previous visitors.

The safety of the place was also a concern. The address was confusing, and the entrance to the unit was not clearly marked. The owner took our packages and opened them without permission, and we had two large packages stolen from the owner's door. We also had an intruder trying to enter the unit through the door from the owner's garage.

We left the unit 10 days early and were glad to go. However, our bad experience did not end there. When we tried to post a review on AirBnB, they removed it for violating their policy. We had only listed the street numbers, but they claimed we had listed the address. When we tried to make a tiny correction, they said the time limit was up, and the review did not appear.

We contacted AirBnB multiple times, but they did not listen to our concerns. The host also threatened us not to post a bad review, which is against AirBnB's policy. We felt helpless and frustrated with the whole experience.

In conclusion, we do not recommend staying at the Beautiful Garden Unit Close to the Water Host Jacinta in San Francisco. Our experience was unpleasant, and we regretted renting the place for a month. We hope that AirBnB takes our feedback seriously and improves their policies to protect guests from bad experiences like ours.

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6:35 pm EDT
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Airbnb Airbnb: False Sense of Security & Lack of Support for Hosts

I've been in the real estate game for 40 years, and I've been an Airbnb host for 6 of those years. I remember when Airbnb was just a few guys in San Francisco renting out their couches. They found me on Craigslist and asked if they could list my rentals on their new website. I agreed, and I've been a loyal Airbnb host ever since.

I've taken in total strangers from all over the world into my private Los Angeles estate guest houses, our Las Vegas vacation rental, and my famous W. Hlwd. Jim Morrison bldg. I've accepted first-time guests from all over the world who had no host reviews, and I've even taken in their pets. I did this because Airbnb offered me a false sense of security, by holding guests' security deposits and offering a host guarantee insurance policy which is currently $1,000,000.00. Yes, a million dollars!

But let's talk about the "bad" guests. They ranged from irresponsible nuisances to shrewd con artists. There were the ones who broke or stole a few minor items, the ones who violated our common sense/common courtesy rules, or the ones who required "special services" but didn't want to pay for them after. The worst guests included necessary police intervention or major theft caught on CCTV cameras. There was the group of "squatters." They were wolves in sheep's clothing who came to me as short-term vacation rental guests. They came off sweet as pie, but they were actually trying to con me out of $13,500 in relocation fees and to be able to extend their stay for one more year under the city's rent control laws!

As if this wasn't bad enough, I also got sued by the city who extorted me for nearly $16,000 in perceived TOT fees, which ended up costing me nearly $5000 in attys fees before I ended up having to pay the city nearly $10,000 in fines. THIS IS WHAT BEING AN AIRBNB HOST COST ME. And what support did I get from Airbnb?

Now let's talk about Airbnb. They come off syrupy sweet, calling you an "awesome Superhost." They act like Airbnb is all about "sharing space" and "making friends." If I were looking for friendship, I'd join a social club. Let's get one thing straight. It's renting out space. Real estate. Real estate is a business. Bottom line, you are in business to make money.

Airbnb is in business to make money. They take it from both ends- their hosts and their guests. They block out parts of hosts and guests email correspondence if they suspect it includes sharing contact information. Don't let them kid you. They expect hosts and guests to trust them with total stranger connections, lodging, and finances, but they do not trust their own hosts or guests to be able to communicate with one another in fear they will get cut out of the deal.

As Airbnb & their # of hosts grew during the past few years (as did their negative reviews which began popping up all over on various websites) due to their mass marketing campaign, they appeared to care less and less about their hosts and guests. The 1st big scandal I read about was the host in California whose home was totally trashed by Airbnb guests. That's when Airbnb came up with their "$50,000.00 host guarantee policy" to provide panicked hosts a false sense of security. Most recently was the home in Canada that was totally trashed by Airbnb guests. Airbnb upped the ante to $1,000,000.00. To be eligible for that type of host coverage, I suspect the entire family would need to be brutally murdered.

I am a professional, honest, trustworthy, "to the book" type host. I never once went behind Airbnb's back to try to cut them out of their original booking commission because I believe in karma and I believe everyone is entitled to their fair share of what they contributed. Also, never once did one of my guests ever make a theft claim while staying in our rental units. That speaks volumes for my honesty and integrity.

Many guests don't realize that when they book through Airbnb, all payment is handled directly by Airbnb. They never allow the host to be in possession of the security deposit. So when a guest commits damage, theft, violations of rules or requires special services, I exercised my host rights and filed a claim with Airbnb under the guest's security deposit. To avoid having to process claims, Airbnb will attempt to discourage hosts by running you through the hoops. Think boot camp! 1st you have to go through the "Resolution request" (asking your guest to pay you.) This link is nearly impossible to find on their site. Once you have found it, filled out the form, and sent it to your guest, the guest will usually deny the damage/theft, etc., get angry that you "accused them," refuse to pay, then leave you a false negative retaliatory review.

If you don't hear back from the guest or they deny the claim, you have to mark your calendar to remember to contact Airbnb to "get involved." (if you forget, you are out of luck on the claim as the deadline has expired.) In order to involve Airbnb, they will require photos, witnesses, original receipts, and/or comps. As a real estate investor with multiple fully furnished properties in 3 locations in 3 states, I would have to hire someone to pull dead files out of storage and spend days going through thousands of receipts through the years to find one for a towel, mug, pillow or whatever for the damaged or missing item(s) in question! Once you have completed the form & provided the "evidence" (they do not trust their hosts word, despite the fact the host trusted them to have these strangers in their home who broke/stole their personal property items!) you wait to hear back from Airbnb. None of my claims were what I would consider "substantial" amounts of money. Some claims were processed, but as time went on they were either denied, reduced, or ignored. When a guest flooded my unit, I filed a claim for $2,500.00 for my out of pocket costs. This was my and only claim that came under the $1,000,000.00 Host guarantee policy. After I went through Airbnb's claim "boot camp" process, they said they were only willing to pay $500 firm (20% of my claim,) Final decision, no appeal.

Shortly thereafter, with no warning they deleted all of my listings and cancelled all of my bookings for the rest of the year. They told my future guests that it was I who had cancelled their bookings, so I had angry guests contacting me not realizing the truth, that Airbnb had lied to them and that I was as much an Airbnb victim as they were!

I still have approximately half a dozen minimal claims Airbnb ignored and never paid over the past year, along with the one and only claim I filed in 6 years. Under the $1,000,000.00 Host guarantee claim for $2,500.00 that I was never compensated for.

If you are an Airbnb host who incurred damage, theft, or unpaid claims and you would like to be paid, please contact me. Responsible guests are always welcome! See my websites below.

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Airbnb Nightmare Villa in Marseille: Airbnb's Failure to Protect Guests

Me and my friend decided to book a villa in Marseille through Airbnb. The pictures online looked amazing, but in reality, it was a completely different story. When we arrived, all the doors were open, and we saw a man standing in the kitchen with his back to us. We said hello, but he didn't turn around and just grunted. We assumed he was a guest, so we wandered around the ground floor. The laundry was strewn over the balcony with stones on top, and there was a huge pile of sheets on the sofa in the living room. When we entered the dining room, we were greeted by several huge paint-splattered speakers that were not in the photos. The man scuttled hurriedly upstairs, and we were left in the cluttered kitchen where he had left the remnants of his bread and hummus.

We decided to venture upstairs to find our room and the man we had just seen. However, when we were one flight up, the man reappeared and blocked our path. He said nothing, and I asked if he was the host. He replied aggressively, "Are you so and so? And you just come upstairs by yourself?" I told him that we had walked right past him, and he said that he thought we were friends of his other guests who were English. He never gave us his number, and he was not forthcoming with any information prior to our arrival. We didn't know how to get into the villa until we arrived at 6 pm. This is a villa quite high up, not at ground level, so it wasn't so obvious. We found the gate and his name, pressed the buzzer twice, so I don't understand how he did not know who we were. We presumed he had buzzed us in, but we learned later that the gate was always open.

He showed us to our room, which was presentable enough at first glance. He left to fetch towels and keys and offered to show us the kitchen, but I replied that I had already seen it. The atmosphere inside the villa was eerie, and there was no sign of any other guests despite his earlier excuse for ignoring us. My friend went downstairs with him to be shown the washing machine, and I checked out the bathroom. The closet/wardrobe had been freshly painted, so it couldn't be used due to the smell. Behind the toilet were exposed wires where someone had done a very poor DIY light above the bathroom mirror job. The taps on the sink and in the shower were not clean, and the shower had a pebble bottom, and several of these were missing, showing age and wear. This led me to look under the bed, and sure enough, it was full of dust and a tissue. The bed seemed okay, and I pulled back the duvet to reveal a crumpled bottom sheet. I did the smell test, and they smelt neither clean nor dirty.

My friend returned and informed me that the host had left, leaving the glass of wine he was drinking balancing on the garden wall. On further inspection of the towels he had handed us, we realized they were wet. We now also noticed the painting above the bed of a female wearing a white basque, which was revealing her pubic hair. Also, above the bed at head level was a metal lever sticking out of the wall, for gas, water, god knows? Definitely a hazard. We hadn't eaten all day, so we left to get a pizza nearby, unsure of what we were going to do. This is when we noticed the opaque glass panel in the bedroom door, which had two more see-through circle sections and a further two scratched-out spots that viewed the bed - our bed. Immediately to our left, we saw a cupboard with a pair of scissors for a handle. As if all that wasn't enough, there was no lock on the inside of the room. My friend told me that on her previous visit downstairs, she had noticed a room with an open door, which couldn't be a guest room. She described an absolute tip with clothes and objects shin-deep all over the floor. This door was closed now. In the entranceway, we noticed a vase that had been smashed to bits and glued back together. All the plants from the photos were now covering the kitchen table dead. The host had left a cupboard open and plates balancing on the sink side. The fridge was completely full, no room for us. On arrival, we had noticed an animal hutch in front of the main door again not photographed not mentioned. So on our way out, we noticed the two fluffy baby bunny rabbits? It did not reassure us. We also saw a plastic container containing dirty drinking glasses, many glasses just a step up from the front door, so the entrance area. It had been there a while by the looks of it.

We got our pizza and returned, but we ate outside as we did not feel comfortable inside. Turned out we were not comfortable outside either, and we were completely on edge. We went to put the unfinished pizza in the bin, which is when we saw the man's jumper and empty cleaning fluid bottle in the bin, and that was all that was in the bin. We immediately entered what is known as fight or flight mode. We didn't know where he was, and he could have returned when we were at the pizza place. I volunteered to go back upstairs and gather our belongings, and my friend stood guard at the front door. We locked the kitchen door he had left open, returned the keys to the room, and shut the self-locking front door behind us and made our way down the creepy stone steps to our escape. With no phone, no access to the internet, we were forced to return to the city (30 min bus ride) and find a hotel. Luckily, my friend had funds on her card to do this. With help from several members of the public and their phones, we finally found our way to an Ibis hotel for salvation. We were quite shaken up by the time we got to the hotel after 9 pm. The staff were amazing. They gave us a discount because of our ordeal, talked to us, listened to us, and the restaurant served us apple pie with cream and ice cream, just what we needed after our ordeal. We contacted Airbnb as soon as possible, and for me, that was before I had even returned home. We actually wrote a four-page report, sent photos that I even in my nervous state had the foresight to take. We sent the hotel receipt. Two weeks of the email game reliving that night over and over again to be told NO. The host won't refund, and you didn't follow the procedure. I mean, it's not real, right? You're emailing some minimum wage person whose first language is not English, who is trained to say no. There are no supervisors or managers. My friend emailed the CEO's top dogs, but nothing. I don't believe they exist. For all we know, it could literally be a 15-year-old in their bedroom. This is not a real company at all. It's a sham. Appalling not just for us, but this guy so-called host is allowed to carry on. What about when two females not of our age and maturity book in there? It is not safe. You can't get anywhere with Airbnb directly. It's just not designed that way. They have to be publicly outed and shamed, and I would call for them to be shut down or boycotted so they just dissolve. This was my first and only experience with this cowboy outfit, thank goodness we had only used it for two nights of our six-night break. We stayed with Ibis Hotels for the other nights, and they were fantastic in every way. My friend has already contacted TV in the UK. They have to be brought to justice.

I tried two times to add photos here, but the page locks, and I have to start again. Also, I had problems on; it just didn't work. When emailing Airbnb, I lost my account for two days after trying to open an email from them. It said it couldn't connect to Google, yet my other Google accounts were fine.

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Airbnb Airbnb Nightmare: Booking Cancelled Hours Before Check-In by Christian in Las Vegas

I had a terrible experience with Airbnb and I feel like I need to share my story to prevent others from going through the same thing. I booked a stay at a vacation property managed by Christian in Las Vegas for a small group of family and friends. We were set to check in on April 7th and had booked the reservation nearly a month prior. The day before we were set to check in, I messaged Christian about who in our party would actually check in the following day. He responded quickly and nicely and even said that the company would not charge us to do a name change for the person checking in. His last message the day before we were set to check in was at 6:32PM EST saying 'You're most welcome, Colton!' after I thanked him for changing the name of the person checking in.

On the day of travel to Vegas, everyone in our party was excited and ready to go. We were all flying or driving in from 3 different states and hadn't seen each other for nearly a year. Everyone was happy and ready to go. It was going to be a party. We were excited to be staying right next to the strip in this great Airbnb that had been booked for nearly a month.

As I was preparing to get in the car to go to the airport, I got a phone call from a strange number in Michigan at 12:31 PM EST. I didn't answer the first call because I didn't know the number. The number called right back, so I answered it. The phone line was echoey and quiet, so I couldn't hear well, and a lady immediately starts talking about how they're so sorry that the reservation is cancelled. Cancelled? I try to get her to confirm what she's saying. She tries to get off the phone as quickly as possible, but I ask her to stop. I ask her to please repeat what is going on. She sounded really nervous and insisted that there was nobody else available for me to speak with (I asked several times). She insists that the reservation has to be cancelled. I beg her not to. I remind her that this trip has been scheduled for a month and that our party is literally on the way to the property. We were set to check in at 4:00pm MST THAT DAY. She goes on about an error in the system, all of their properties booked, they're just a management company, etc. I remind her that it has been booked for a month and they're cancelling hours before the reservation. She again says 'sorry' and the call ends.

Ok. Slight panic mode. I call the Wyndham and they confirm that they are 100% booked and that there is no reservation under our name. Ok. Medium panic mode. I call the number for Christian listed in the booking. No answer. I message Christian and tell him I got a weird call. I'm still hopeful at that point that it was a mistake. Nope. Christian finally messages back 24 minutes later with the following message:

"We are sorry to inform you that we are a management company and our owner client has been non-responsive. Owners, pass away or sell their units sometimes without informing us. A refund will be processed for 100% of your cost. Please be aware that your credit card company may take 3-5 business days before the credit hits your account."

Hard panic mode. I message him back and tell him people are literally flying in right now. I had messaged him THE DAY BEFORE and he hadn't said anything about this at all. Now, hours before we check in, they're cancelling on our party of 8 people? This is his response:

"We understand that these are not the words that you want to hear from us today. We have done our best to accommodate your stay, however, there was an issue with the owner's account that stops us from finalizing your reservation. We will do our best to prevent this from happening again. We truly apologize for the bad experience."

They've done their best? In what way? The issue with the "owner's account" seems to be an issue with THEIR account because they approved the booking! This is quickly turning into an issue with MY account and has the potential to ruin our vacation. I message him this:

"Christian. I don't think you've done your best because it's literally canceling the reservation hours before we arrive. There must be a solution here."

Now his response:

"Cancelling a reservation is the last thing we want to do. We checked with other owners if theres (sic) something we can offer even with neighboring resort. However, there is no availability. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you!"

Nightmare. To be clear, I was out of patience and understanding. Trying and FAILING to get another reservation doesn't win back any points here. At the same time I know that Christian is most likely a messenger, so I don't want to attack him personally, but the company that he represents has created a huge, huge problem for us. This is all taking place as I'm waiting for my flight at the airport. Everyone is counting on me, and I feel that I'm letting my party down. Not a good feeling.

Now our party is on the way to Vegas and we don't have a place to stay. It's spring break and hotel prices are outrageous. Other Airbnbs are charging very high fees (which his understandable, it's literally day-of booking, that's why you create a RESERVATION). Ok. I regroup and speak with my party. Another person in our party books another Airbnb nowhere near as convenient/nice as the one we had "booked" with Christian. We pay over DOUBLE the price for the place, but it's really our only option at that point.

I contact Airbnb. They actually were pretty accessible and I spoke with someone on the phone who said they would contact the owner and see what was going on. They get back to me and tell me that the owners are unresponsive. I refuse to believe that a host with 9,000+ "reviews" is not in constant contact with Airbnb.

Their solution? They offer me $163.00 rebooking coupon (10% of what we had paid Christian's company). You've got to be kidding. That's borderline offensive. Our vacation was derailed HOURS before check-in. This was after booking nearly a month before AND having contact with Christian the day before we were set to arrive. The $163 doesn't even cover the added transportation costs associated with booking the new Airbnb, let alone the cost of a last minute Airbnb house for our party during spring break in Las Vegas. Absolutely wild.

I'm still hopeful to get some resolution, but at this point it has been 6 days since my last contact with Christian. He has not responded to my last message where I asked him to please make this right. So far, Airbnb has again said that all they're willing to do is give us a $163 credit. To me that is unacceptable.

Not that it should matter, but to inform readers about my past history with Airbnb, I've spent over $10,000 (ten thousand) dollars on Airbnb stays the past year due to an employment relocation. I've used Airbnb for maybe 9 stays over the past few years and have only been given excellent reviews by hosts. I've never before had an issue. Christian's and Airbnb's actions have been supremely disappointing. If this is the treatment that I'm given, I have to believe that you can only expect the same or worse treatment if you have a similar issue.

Christian cancelled our booking HOURS BEFORE CHECKING IN. We had booked the reservation nearly a month before. We had communicated the day before and were given absolutely no warning. We were blind-sided. Christian has not at all provided solutions despite any supposed 'efforts' on his part. We were left without a place to stay the day that we arrived in Las Vegas. This type of experience can really ruin a vacation that has been in the works for months. I've found both Christian's actions and Airbnb's actions and responses to be inconsiderate, unethical, and unprofessional. PLEASE CONSIDER BOOKING WITH ANOTHER HOST AND/OR BOOKING SERVICE.

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Airbnb Disappointing Experience with Airbnb: Poor Customer Service and Inaccurate Listing

I recently had a less than satisfactory experience with Airbnb. While I always try to resolve issues directly with the company, this time I had to resort to public posts because the company ignored my calls and messages. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only way to get the attention of companies with poor customer service.

Airbnb's AirCover policy sounds reasonable, but unfortunately, there was no follow-through on Airbnb's end. On August 1, 2022, my partner and I arrived at Patrick and Nicole's house after a long day of driving. We settled in and started cooking around 8:30 pm when we noticed smoke billowing out of the oven. We quickly realized there was a fire in the oven drawer and were able to extinguish it with towels. We messaged Patrick and Nicole immediately, but they did not respond. We called Airbnb to report the fire and ask for a new rental, but we were put on hold for over 15 minutes. Finally, we were told to find a hotel and send Airbnb the receipt for reimbursement. We found a new rental on our own and messaged Airbnb, but received no response.

Over the next few days, we called and messaged Airbnb multiple times, but received no response. We were not reimbursed by the hosts and Airbnb did not help us find a new place to stay. We were disappointed by the lack of accountability and poor customer service.

Patrick and Nicole's place was not accurately listed as "newly remodeled and immaculate." The only positive aspect of the house was its location. We were surprised that only a few reviews reflected the true condition of the house. The carpets were dirty, and the room we stayed in had a broken vacuum handle. We were also concerned to find no smoke detectors and no fire extinguisher. When we brought these issues to Nicole's attention, she blamed previous renters and cleaning staff.

Overall, we were disappointed by our experience with Airbnb and Patrick and Nicole's rental. While we understand that accidents happen, we expect the owners to take responsibility and accountability and reimburse us for our full rental amount. We also expect Airbnb to help us mediate with the hosts since they are not reimbursing us. We hope that Airbnb will improve their customer service and hold up to their guarantee of finding an equivalent or better place if the place does not live up to their description.

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Airbnb Beware of this Airbnb host - Terrible experience and unethical practices

I had a really bad experience with Airbnb recently and I think something needs to be done about it. The host I had was terrible and it made Airbnb look really bad. I cancelled my reservation because I was so disgusted and disappointed with the property. I had faith that Airbnb would make it right, but unfortunately, I was wrong.

I want to warn everyone to beware of this host because you will be robbed! My experience was horrible and I want to share it with you. The property was listed as a home, but it was not a private home. There were other guests on the property and I was looking for privacy. I booked the Airbnb only an hour before arrival and we did not stay or use the amenities. The property didn't even resemble the pictures and it was not well-maintained. It was unethical to charge me any amount for this.

I contacted Airbnb and they were very respectful and wanted to help, but they said they needed documentation of the issue. I didn't take any pictures or videos, but I had witnesses and the host had security cameras with footage. Airbnb said they couldn't help me without documentation, which I think is unfair. Not everyone has a smartphone or can take pictures and videos.

The host was not willing to provide a refund and said she didn't have the authority to do so. She lied to my face and it was really disappointing. I don't know if Airbnb should mention this to her, but I am going to leave a very bad review if she does not refund me. If she doesn't refund me, I will be contacting the bank to dispute the transaction. I am not going to let this go because she is basically robbing me of my hard-earned money!

I want to move on from this situation, but the host needs to be fair. A business will never be successful if it is unethical. Human kindness should always be the number one priority when running a business. I just hope the owners read these reviews because this host is bad for business.

Please do not make the same mistake I did and book with this host. Here is the listing:

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Airbnb Airbnb Nightmare: Filthy Listing, Unresponsive Host, and Disappointing Customer Service

I recently tried out Airbnb for the first time, as my travel companion suggested it for our trip to San Jose in October. We were going to a game and thought it would be cheaper than staying at a hotel. However, it turned out to be a big mistake. The listing we saw was a complete lie, and the host, who was listed as a super host, did not do anything when we contacted her about the issues we had during our stay.

When we arrived, the place was filthy and nothing like the photos posted on the website. The beds were not freshly made, the room was dark, and the bathroom was dirty with no curtains or bathmats. After flying for over 6 hours, I wanted to take a hot shower before driving to SFO to pick up my travel companion. However, there was no shower curtain or bathmats, and the host did not seem to care. She even suggested that I shower without them, which was not safe.

The lights did not work, and the TV would not turn on. It took the host 10 minutes to figure out how to work her own TV. When I laid down on the bed, I felt something like sand, and when I looked, it was little black dirt/sand all over the bed. The pillowcases also had the odor of another person. When I asked the host if she changed the sheets, she lied straight to my face and said yes. I asked for new pillows, and she did bring one, but she did not address the dirt on the bed.

The host also parked in our space, even though the listing stated that parking on the property was included. When we bought food for our 3-day stay, the host did not make room for us in the kitchen, even though it was shared and we were supposed to be able to use it. The kitchen was also filthy, with grease and oil everywhere, dirty pots and pans, and a dirty, sticky table.

When we complained to Airbnb, they said they would work on getting us a new place, but they only refunded the cleaning fee and 30% of one day. We wanted a full refund and another place to stay, but they did not respond. The host also confronted us about our complaints, which was uncomfortable.

Overall, our stay was a nightmare, and we could not wait to leave. Airbnb did not care about our complaints and sided with the hosts every time. I paid $242.03 for the stay, but only received a refund of $37.49. I will never use Airbnb again and do not recommend staying at this place. The hosts, Sylvia and Mingjing, are lazy and filthy, and the listing is a complete lie.

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Airbnb Terrible Experience with Airbnb Host 'Good Vibe Getaways': Bugs, Broken Items, and No Refund

My experience with Airbnb was not good at all. My family and I were in between homes and needed a place to stay for a while, so we decided to try out Airbnb. We found a host called "Good Vibe Getaways" hosted by Andie & Jeremy. The booking process was easy and the listing was detailed, so we decided to proceed with the reservation which was scheduled for 9 weeks. However, when we arrived, we noticed a few minor issues with cleanliness and broken items. We messaged the host to inform them about the issues, and they apologized and offered to send the cleaning service back. We declined as we had already cleaned ourselves. The handyman came to fix the sink and master bathroom cabinet door, but it took several hours and multiple trips to the store. Later on, we noticed bugs in the unit, and my daughter had bites on her body. We messaged the host again, and they declined any refund for unused time and did not provide any additional remedies to the issue. We had to find alternative accommodation and Airbnb refused to refund the service fee for the month they had cancelled. The host even changed the access code as retaliation and threatened us to vacate immediately. This experience was traumatizing and costly, and Airbnb displayed poor business practices. I will not recommend their services to anyone.

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Airbnb Nightmare Stay: Unfair Charges and Lack of Communication with Airbnb Host

tated policies. However, I was not informed nor made aware that I would be charged an additional $50 for using towels to clean up the mess caused by the broken A/C unit. This is an unfair and unjust charge, and I am extremely disappointed in the host's lack of communication and transparency.

Overall, my experience with Airbnb was not a positive one. While I appreciate the concept of renting unique and affordable accommodations, my experience with this particular host was a nightmare. From the difficulty in finding the cabin, to the broken A/C unit, dirty hot tub, and unauthorized maintenance worker, my stay was anything but enjoyable. I would caution anyone considering booking with this host or through Airbnb in general to thoroughly research and read reviews before making a reservation. While there are certainly some great hosts and properties available on the platform, my experience highlights the importance of being cautious and informed before making a booking.

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Airbnb Airbnb Customer Service: Inept and Scripted - A Host's Nightmare

Airbnb is a company that has been around for a while now, and while the concept of renting out your home or apartment to travelers is a great one, the customer service is not. The customer service department is outsourced and scripted, which makes it difficult to get any real help when you need it. In fact, it seems that the first person to complain wins, as Airbnb punishes first and asks questions later.

Recently, I had a terrible experience with Airbnb customer service. Guests threw a large party at my home, and I was informed by Airbnb customer service to contact my local police. The police broke up the party and asked the guests to leave the property immediately. However, the guests then filed a complaint with Airbnb customer service about me, and my account was immediately suspended. The customer service agent named "Mary" informed me that there was a complaint filed by a guest of mine, but instead of asking what happened, the customer service agent suspended my account and said they were leaving work at exactly the moment they first contacted me and that they would not be back in to work until several days later (5 days).

I tried to contact another Airbnb customer service agent through the Superhost telephone line, but the agent was incredibly rude to me and said they were not allowed to speak to me as my account was suspended and only a "Safety" team member could assist me. Of course, the agent would not transfer me to the "Safety" team, and there is no email or telephone number for that team, so I am stuck with a suspended account (with my calendar blocked), until the initial agent decides that I have been punished enough, and they finally decide to contact me and reactivate my account.

To add insult to injury, Airbnb kept active all of the bookings that I already have, saying that Airbnb trusts me to host these guests but they do not trust me to host reservations that are not already booked. Airbnb did this, as they do not want to look bad, canceling bookings that are already booked, and do not wish to lose their revenue, but they will regret this as I will not send the check-in instructions to these bookings until my account is reactivated, which will not be until 12 bookings are left without a property.

I am referring all of these guests to my VRBO profile and offering a discount, and or telling the guest to contact Airbnb and having them ask for my account to be reinstated or having Airbnb rebook them (during the peak of the Consumer Electronics Show) where prices are greatly increased (way higher than what I was charging).

Airbnb customer service agents do not know how to use critical thinking, and cultural/language barriers cause many an issue and exacerbate many others. Airbnb is so cheap, they laid off a large majority of their underpaid customer service agents, and their customer service (host service/superhost service) has gone so far downhill that it is unfathomable as to just how bad the customer service agents are now.

I've switched to VRBO for the vast majority of my properties and have not experienced 1/100th of the issues in which I have experienced with Airbnb. Giving Airbnb as a company a single star is being generous, as I would give zero stars or even negative stars if I could.

Airbnb is not a real company. The concept was game-changing, but the leadership is so inept that Airbnb is not and will not be considered a real company until the leadership is changed. Airbnb is excellent at throwing money to hosts and guests to fix issues from prior stays, but is totally inept and unwilling/unable to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

If you host using Airbnb, plan on your property being destroyed and plan on spending thousands of hours dealing with Airbnb's "customer service" to get reimbursed for damages. Airbnb will not prevent issues/damages even though stricter regulations/harsher punishments would easily do so, and Airbnb will not reimburse hosts for lost time in repairing damages, but they will throw a check at you (as a host) to replace damaged items, so do not feel bad for getting each and every damaged item reimbursed, as the only way to effect change is by hurting Airbnb in their wallet.

I get a $100 Airbnb credit to use for an annual stay each year from being a Superhost, but I refuse to use the credit, as I will not personally ever stay at an Airbnb because I know that if I ever have a problem, Airbnb as a company will not be there to assist me, and I do not trust Airbnb customer service to do the right thing after the fact (other than to reimburse the cost of the issue).

In summary, I hate hosting on Airbnb (I like hosting on VRBO), and this is primarily due to Airbnb's inept outsourced customer service department.

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LA Whitehead
, US
Jul 30, 2023 11:50 am EDT
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Airbnb's customer service people attempt to be nice but they are really inept. They have no power. You go through explaining your situation, only for them to "escalate" your issue to an Ambassador who also has no power. From the standpoint of a guest, they are more concerned with getting money from the hosts than they are with the guests' complaints. I had a host keep items that I had left behind and refuse to return them. I had to involve the police and they STILL kept an item. Airbnb has since deactivated my account and has not issued me a refund for the stolen item. I will never use them again. I will stick to hotels.

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Airbnb Airbnb Nightmare: Reservation Cancelled Last Minute, Forced to Find Alternative Lodging 12 Miles Away

My experience with Airbnb was a complete nightmare. My wife and I were planning to run in the 2017 New York Marathon, and we invited several members of our family to join us for a family trip over the long marathon weekend. With a total of seven people in our group, we needed lodging that had five bedrooms, at least two (if not three) bathrooms, was conveniently located, and affordable by everyone in our party. We searched for more than two months prior to the marathon weekend, and finally booked a place through Airbnb. However, subsequent communications with the host were somewhat strange, as we heard from several different people on several different occasions, and in the days just before our scheduled arrival, we were given two different house numbers as the exact location, which we also found to be rather odd.

The host did send an email to confirm the reservation on the day before our scheduled arrival. But while riding on a bus that was just a few miles away from entering Manhattan to begin our big family weekend, my wife received a phone call from someone (yet another different person) who claimed to represent the host of this lodging location. Shockingly, she was told that we could NOT check into the apartment as scheduled because there are guests in there now who refuse to leave. The man on the phone began to offer us some alternative locations that he claimed he had available, none of which were of a size, type, and location that was remotely similar to what we had reserved with them more than two months prior.

Since my bus was about to go into a tunnel to enter the city, I told the caller that I did not want to discuss this on the telephone, and asked that we meet in person. He said he'd call me back. Less than fifteen minutes later, the other members of my wife's family had arrived at the bus station shortly before we did, and we all met inside the terminal and broke the bad news to them. While doing so, my wife received a text message less than a half-hour before we were supposed to check into our reserved apartment informing her that our host had cancelled our reservation. Imagine: seven people standing in a bus station, all of whom had made plans months in advance and traveled from Washington D. C., Philadelphia, and Atlantic City, had arrived in New York City, only to learn that what they thought was a secured lodging arrangement no longer existed and we had no place to go.

This, on a weekend when many hundreds of thousands of people were arriving for a major sporting event, making available lodging a precious commodity. Naturally, having yet to receive a return phone call from the man who telephoned less than a half-hour before, we then called Airbnb. The agent was very nice, telling us that the host had to cancel our reservation because of a gas leak, an explanation quite different than the story we heard shortly before!

Sparing you the details of the multiple, long-duration phone calls with Airbnb, the agent was eventually able to acquire for us last-minute accommodations at a house that, while lovely, was in Brooklyn, fully twelve miles from our originally-reserved mid-town Manhattan location! Airbnb graciously offered to pay for our transportation to the Brooklyn house as a bit of compensation for what we were enduring.

Picture seven people, among whom was my 82-year-old father-in-law with bad legs and other medical issues, and his wife who is battling the effects of ovarian cancer treatment, now forced to take lengthy subway rides and long walks to do what they THOUGHT would have been done by easy strolls from a conveniently-located midtown Manhattan location! In addition, the added expenses in both transit times and money were significant.

Customer reviews of Airbnb lodging experiences are, for the most part, SUBJECTIVE evaluations provided by the guest traveler. However, in this particular case, my review is NOT subjective! It is OBJECTIVE and FACTUAL. Everything I have shared here is documented and can be verified by Airbnb and copies of emails, text messages, etc. Overall, the weekend began terribly and was followed by many difficult challenges that were not anticipated by everyone involved.

We suspect that the host had found guests who were willing to pay more for the lodging than we had committed, and simply cancelled our reservation in order to make more money from a different party. We can't be certain that was the case, but no other explanation seems plausible. I share this experience to warn potential Airbnb customers that this sort of situation can not be prevented, and if it does occur, you have absolutely no recourse. Airbnb may help you find other lodging, but they will not and can not compensate you for the loss of money and significant inconvenience.

Airbnb has certainly provided very good lodging experiences for millions of people, but be forewarned: there is nothing in place that can prevent an incident such as I've just shared from happening again to other people. Unfortunately, in instances such as this, no compensation can be had, and no review of the host can be posted because the reservation was cancelled by the host and the stay never occurred. The host reneged on their commitment, and there is no way of posting feedback so that other potential guests can be forewarned.

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Airbnb Customer Reviews Overview

Airbnb is a popular online marketplace that connects travelers with local hosts who offer unique accommodations around the world. With over 7 million listings in more than 220 countries and regions, Airbnb has become a go-to platform for travelers seeking affordable and authentic lodging options.

One of the most significant advantages of Airbnb is the variety of accommodations available. From cozy apartments to luxurious villas, treehouses, and even castles, Airbnb has something for everyone. The platform also allows travelers to filter their search results based on their preferences, such as location, price, and amenities.

Another positive aspect of Airbnb is the opportunity to connect with locals. Hosts often provide insider tips on the best places to eat, shop, and explore in their city, making the travel experience more authentic and memorable.

Airbnb also offers a secure and reliable booking process, with a robust review system that allows guests to share their experiences and rate their hosts. This system helps ensure that both hosts and guests are accountable and respectful, creating a safe and welcoming community.

Overall, Airbnb has revolutionized the travel industry by providing affordable and unique accommodations while fostering connections between travelers and locals. With its vast selection of listings, secure booking process, and community-driven approach, Airbnb is a top choice for travelers worldwide.

Airbnb In-depth Review

User Experience:

Website Design and Navigation: Airbnb's website design is clean and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and find what you're looking for. The layout is visually appealing and the search bar is prominently displayed for quick access to listings.

Ease of Booking Process: The booking process on Airbnb is straightforward and user-friendly. With just a few clicks, you can easily select your desired dates, review the listing details, and proceed with the booking.

Search Functionality and Filters: Airbnb's search functionality is robust, allowing users to filter their search results based on various criteria such as location, price range, amenities, and more. This makes it easy to find the perfect accommodation that meets your specific needs.

Mobile App Experience: Airbnb's mobile app provides a seamless experience for users on the go. It offers all the features and functionality of the website, allowing you to search for listings, communicate with hosts, and manage your bookings conveniently from your smartphone.

Accommodation Options:

Variety of Listings: Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodation options, from cozy apartments to luxurious villas and unique stays like treehouses and yurts. There is something to suit every traveler's preferences and budget.

Quality and Accuracy of Descriptions: The descriptions of listings on Airbnb are generally accurate and detailed, providing you with all the necessary information about the property. Hosts are encouraged to be transparent, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Amenities and Facilities Provided: Airbnb listings often come with a variety of amenities and facilities, such as fully equipped kitchens, Wi-Fi, parking, and more. The amenities are clearly listed, allowing you to choose a property that meets your specific needs.

Availability and Booking Flexibility: Airbnb offers flexible booking options, allowing you to choose from various availability dates and lengths of stay. This flexibility makes it convenient for both short-term and long-term travelers.

Hosts and Guests:

Host Communication and Responsiveness: Airbnb encourages hosts to maintain good communication with guests. Hosts are responsive and readily available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have before, during, and after your stay.

Guest Reviews and Ratings: Guest reviews and ratings on Airbnb provide valuable insights into the quality of accommodations and the experiences of previous guests. These reviews help you make informed decisions when choosing a listing.

Safety and Security Measures: Airbnb takes safety and security seriously. Hosts are required to verify their identities, and the platform offers safety features such as secure payment processing and a messaging system that allows you to communicate with hosts without sharing personal contact information.

Cancellation Policies: Each listing on Airbnb has its own cancellation policy, which is clearly stated on the listing page. It's important to review the cancellation policy before booking to understand the terms and conditions in case you need to cancel or modify your reservation.

Pricing and Value for Money:

Competitive Pricing: Airbnb offers competitive pricing compared to traditional hotels, often providing more affordable options for travelers. The prices vary depending on the location, type of accommodation, and season.

Additional Fees and Charges: When booking on Airbnb, it's important to be aware of any additional fees and charges that may apply, such as cleaning fees or service fees. These fees are clearly displayed during the booking process.

Discounts and Special Offers: Airbnb occasionally offers discounts and special offers, especially for longer stays or during off-peak seasons. Keep an eye out for these promotions to get the best value for your money.

Value for Money Compared to Hotels: Airbnb often provides better value for money compared to hotels, especially for larger groups or longer stays. With the option to book entire homes or apartments, you can enjoy more space and amenities at a lower cost.

Customer Support:

Availability and Responsiveness: Airbnb's customer support is available 24/7, ensuring that you can reach out for assistance whenever you need it. The support team is responsive and strives to resolve any issues or concerns promptly.

Help Center and FAQ: Airbnb's help center and FAQ section are comprehensive and provide answers to most common questions and concerns. It's a valuable resource for finding information and troubleshooting common issues.

Resolution of Issues and Complaints: In the rare event that you encounter an issue or have a complaint, Airbnb is committed to resolving it fairly and efficiently. They have a dedicated team to handle disputes and ensure that both hosts and guests are satisfied with the outcome.

Support for Hosts and Guests: Airbnb offers support for both hosts and guests throughout the entire booking process. Whether you need assistance with listing your property or have questions about your reservation, Airbnb is there to help.

Trust and Safety:

Verification Process for Hosts and Guests: Airbnb has a verification process in place for both hosts and guests, which helps ensure the safety and security of the community. Hosts are required to provide identification, and guests can also verify their identities for added peace of mind.

Trustworthiness of Reviews and Ratings: Airbnb takes measures to ensure the trustworthiness of reviews and ratings by verifying that they come from genuine guests. This helps you make informed decisions based on reliable feedback from previous guests.

Insurance Coverage and Protection: Airbnb provides Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance, offering coverage for certain damages and liabilities. This provides an added layer of protection for both hosts and guests.

Handling of Disputes and Refunds: In the event of a dispute or the need for a refund, Airbnb has a resolution center to help facilitate communication and find a fair resolution. They aim to handle disputes and refunds promptly and fairly.

Community and Social Impact:

Local Community Engagement: Airbnb encourages hosts to engage with the local community and provide recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and experiences. This helps guests have a more authentic and immersive travel experience.

Sustainability Initiatives: Airbnb is committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. This includes promoting eco-friendly practices and encouraging hosts to adopt sustainable practices.

Support for Non-Profit Organizations: Airbnb has partnered with various non-profit organizations to support social causes and make a positive impact in communities around the world. Through initiatives like Open Homes, hosts can offer free or discounted stays to those in need.

Cultural Exchange Opportunities: Airbnb provides opportunities for cultural exchange by connecting travelers with local hosts who can share their knowledge, traditions, and customs. This fosters cross-cultural understanding and enriches the travel experience.

Overall Satisfaction:

Overall Rating and Feedback: Overall, Airbnb receives high ratings and positive feedback from users. The platform has revolutionized the way people travel and has become a trusted and popular choice for accommodation worldwide.

Likelihood to Recommend: Based on the positive experiences of many users, Airbnb is highly recommended for those seeking unique and affordable accommodation options. It offers a personalized and memorable travel experience.

Comparison to Competitors: Airbnb stands out among its competitors for its extensive range of listings, user-friendly platform, and commitment to trust, safety, and community engagement. It has set the standard for the sharing economy in the travel industry.

Personal Experience and Recommendations: Personally, I have had great experiences using Airbnb for my travels. I appreciate the variety of accommodation options, the ease of booking, and the opportunity to connect with local hosts. I highly recommend giving Airbnb a try for your next trip.

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