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!! Irctc!!

1.) the worst and non reliable services of india. They made their irctc app which has no details regarding ticket cancellation charges in past years if we cancel are tickets a pop-up shows that how much refund you get in that tickets same I gone to ticket cancellation but app didn't give pop-up that how much I get after cancellation and I losted my 295 rupees I make the booking of rupees 315 and after cancellation I get only 20 rupees in refund.

2.) when I called irctc the call is busy till 9 attempt there are two number only one is in working and it also takes much time to connect as the same speed which the government takes in it's all facility slower than tortoise.

3.) then I said to customer care that while checking the charges of cancellation I unfortunately cancelled my tickets 4 minutes before they said we can't do anything you get your 20 rupees between 12-24hours. I said I done it mistakenly in order to check cancellation charges. I don't want to cancel it I have ho at 8th december. 2018 please do something she has said that our company i. E; (irctc) didn't make any rule regarding this you have to make new ticket

So, I request to complaint board please work on this blunderest problem

And I have to say one think to irctc that how much you give your interviews to tv's or in national geographic channel to show what is your services is but the reality is you didn't change the service for customer willness you are business base company you take the action to you favour & your profits without seeing whether it good for customer or not and after crossing you limits then customer blame your services and it will be a big issue come in every news channels then you take the aciton regarding that problem because this is your nature.

I have to ask a questions from the comm ceo that everybody that working in your company is like you i. E;!! Educated illitrate person or you are making psychological pressure in them that you don't have to take descions whatever company is saying do that.

Anirudh sharma.

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    Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation [IRCTC] — refund of cancellation amount rs 600

    Sir, I booked a ticket on 26/July /2017 for AGARTALA - SEALDAH Kanchanjungha Express, Train No :- 15660, PNR...

    New Delhi

    IRCTCAmount not refunded

    I booked a train ticket from kota jn to kacheguda hyd on 22/01/2017 twice but both the times the transaction has failed, but an amount of rs.1595 got deducted twice from my bank account ietotal rs.3190 in total of this i have recieved back rs.1595 in my bank account but one more amr pf rs.1595 with transaction id no .[protected] which was refunded by irctc on 23/01/2017 tobhdfc bank is notvreflecting in my bànk acconts.Here by i am attaching photo of irctc refunded date details and my bank account statement from 22/01/2017 to 30/01/2017. as proof of amt not recieved.The tranaction id i have mentioned was done using hdfc debit card no ending 0585.but till now after 7 days also i have notvrec the amt of rs.1595.kindly do the needful.

    Amount not refunded
    Amount not refunded

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      • Ku
        kumar ratan Jun 19, 2017
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Daer Suresh Prabhu JI, I am sushant kumar ratan from delhi, Sir today i have booked the train seat on dt 17.10.2017 but IRCTC side is totly seat booked in 3 minutes, sir i requested to you pls stop the ticket brocker, my mobile no [protected]

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      IRCTCAmount not refunded

      i booked a ticket on my debit card ending with no 0585 on 22/01/2017 but the transaction got failef but an amt of Rs.1595 got deducted from my hdfc bank ac.Transaction id no is [protected].Irctc has iniated return to my hdfc bank ac count on 23/01/2017.but still the amt has not been recieved in my bank ac kindly check it out.I am attaching copies of my bank statement and irctc refuded amt print out copies.

      Amount not refunded
      Amount not refunded

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        • Hd
          HDFC Bank_Cares Feb 01, 2017

          Dear Customer,

          We are not able to trace your account basis the details shared by you. Please write to us at [email protected] and restate your concerns and also mention your account number / customer id and registered contact number.

          HDFC Bank Customer Assistance

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        IRCTCmisconduct of attendant

        my complain is that, i travalled on monday dated 9.9.13 with my wife boarded from mumbai to bbsr in konark express train no(11019), with 3rd ac, i was in b2 compartment,

        my complain is, attendant guy in that compartment is so ill mannered, so misbehaved me and my wife.he kicked my wife leg knowingly, and argue with me, when i said why your done this.he also argue with other people in that compartment also regarding pillow and blanket.and i havnt slept two night for that guy.i feel so insecure.people also complain to tt, but tt doesnt take any strong action against that attendant.

        full journey he was is very ridiculous, 3rd ac has became more insecure than general compartment, i dont know his name, but he is attendant of coach b2 of 3rd Ac, he is slim, black complex, tall with an cap on his head.

        kindly take some strong action agaisnt that passenger could travell safely in train.i never saw this type nuisance attendant in train, now i feel its very unsafe to go in konark express, train no.11019.we pay more to go in AC so that our family could travell safely.but we couldnt get such security in ac coach also.

        plz plz take some quick and strong step for that guy, otherwise it would very difficult to travell in train.

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          IRCTCTrain Late

          I Had booked the train ticket for my parents thru online IRCTC from arakkonam to salem.
          Train No:06005, Train Name: Kollam Express, Travel Date: 11/05/2012 as per the arrival timing in train ticket is 4:15 pm at arakkonam, but the train not yet reach the station till 8:00 pm and the arakkonam railway board is not announcing the correct time of reaching the kollam train. I don't know whether you atleast read this are not. But as a indian I say our country never declared as growth country by these worst services by the Indian Railway Board. The Worst railway service in the world is our indian railway. Be ashame and take necessary steps.

          Train Late

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporationfailure in boarding the train due to late WL confirmation

            The chart preparation of Train no.12493 on 27.04.2012 was prepared just 1 hour before departure of the train. This resulted in missing the train. Normally the charts are prepared more than 2 hours before departure of the trains. In my opinion the chart should be prepared about 3/4 hrs before departure of train.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              IRCTCTatkal Ticeket Booking online

              The above website is waste for those who want to purchase railway ticket online in Tatkal Scheme. This website is only for Agents not for Common people who want to purchase ticket at home online. INDIAN RAILWAY ORGANISATION IS CORRUPT. Sometime ago IRCTC said that between 8AM to 9AM, there will be no agent booking but nothing has changed. Online selling of ticket should be cancelled and everyone should buy tickets in line only at TICKET COUNTER.

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                • Sa
                  Santosh Kumar Kar Jun 03, 2016
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  It's since 11:55 AM today. I am trying to book a ticket through IRCTC. After passing so many hurdles atleast I can go to the page where I enter my credit card details to book the ticket. My Got here everytime it goes. The response time is so bad it always fails. Just want to know who are the IRCTC guys? These people are so cheap that they own such a important website but they don't know how to maintain it. The customers like me are facing so many troubles to book a ticket and finally gets pissed off. But these ### never care of it. F**k these IRCTC people. Do they survive because it is India? ### IRCTC

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                IRCTCTDR Refund

                I had booked ticket thrugh IRCTC website portal on 14 March ;11, but some how due to the gurjar rites train has been cancelled by the railway. I try to cancel my ticket thrugh website but i am unable to do the same. Immediately i mark mail to irctc customer complaint desk. They file TDR on 28th Mar '11, Ref No. ekt2011032802354023, still i waiting for my refund between those period i mark atleast 4-5 emails to irctc customer care desk but no revert. PNR No. [protected], Transaction ID: [protected], From Station: DELHI CANTT(DEC), To Station: JAIPUR(JP), Guest Name - Nitin Bahl, Journey Date - 20 Mar '11. Normally process to clear any TDR refund in 3 months but now it completed more than 7 months. Amount is Rs. 337.

                Enclosed -Snapshot of IRCTC Website TDR Page for your reference.

                Thanks & Regards
                Nitin Chawla

                TDR Refund

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                  • Bh
                    bhanu Prakash reddy Dec 15, 2010
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I have filed TDR on January 14 2010 still now i didn't get my refund as policy they have to refund in 90 day. when i have contacted them they told they have forwarded to railways they have to refund to it is almost 11 months(334 days) after filing date

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                  Dear Sir,

                  I have already filed TDR against PNR No. [protected] through my agent (Code No.done6628) (BP00015518), details of the same are given as under -

                  Date of Filing of TDR : 05.01.2010 (Rail Ticket online)
                  PNR No. : [protected]
                  TDR Reason : Train was running by 16 hrs. late
                  Passenger name : S. K. Srivastava
                  Passenger email ID : [protected]
                  Passenger Mob. No. : [protected]

                  Passenger address details -

                  S. K. Srivastava
                  Sr. Vigilance Officer
                  NTPC Ltd., RhSTPP
                  PO-Rihand Nagar (Bijpur)
                  Distt.-Sonebhadra (U.P.) 231223

                  Agent Code : done6628 (BP00015518)

                  Morethan 1 & half years has already elapsed and refund has not been materialised till date. Kindly expedite the matter.

                  Thanks & Regards.

                  (SK SRIVASTAVA)
                  SR.VIGILANCE OFFICER

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    IRCTCunauthorised charges by caterers

                    During my journey in mahananda express(down) I was charged rs. 3/- More for the packaged bottle water. The brand of bottled water also differed from the one prescribed in irctc site. Other passengers were also charged exorbitantly high for the meals. On opposing this the vendor became aggressive but agreed to provide me the receipt. The details of caterer is-
                    name of caterer- sunshine caterers
                    name of vendor- mohd. Kalam
                    name of manager- jafar khan

                    I have lodged a complaint in irctc but till now no response from them have been noticed.

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                      Indian Railway Catering Services In TrainsRefusal for complaint book & over charging

                      I was travelling in Goa Exp from Delhi to Pune with PNR No. [protected] on 03 Jul 2011. I ordered for a dinner which was served with out water with cost Rs 65/-. On asking water he replied that our company has stopped supplying water with food for last three months & it is no more part of our meal menu. I asked for his complaint book but manager totally refused to provide complaint book & behaved very rudely. I reported the matter to train TT & Conductor, they approched the manager with me, he refused to them also in the same manner. In between train reached at Jhansi, we along with conductor reported the matter to the Guard of the train, he suggested us to report the matter to Dy SS Jhansi. I reported to him but he suggested me to report the matter at my destination i.e. Pune & refused to provide his complaint book. Meanwhile the started running & I board the train. The conductor of the train provided me his complaint book & I registered my complaint against Central Railway complaint No. 031257 dated 04 Jul 2011. Catering services in Goa express are very poor, they were misbehaving & overcharging for every food products. Rs 15 for 1 ltr packaged water, Rs 5 for massala tea (Not Dip Tea), Rs 30 for 1/2 ltr soft drink, Rs 20 for 200ml frooty, Rs 25 for Bread cutlet & so on. Nothing was available on print rate.

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                        IRCTCTDR Refund & Deactivation of ID

                        Deactivation of ID : TDR rejection
                        I have booked e-ticket (PNR Number: [protected]), from Gwalior to H Nizamuddin(NZM), Journey date 26.07.2010and departure time is 01.20AM. This train arrival time at H Nizamuddin(NZM) is 06.00AM on 26.07.2010. but I did not travel on the ticket. So I filed TDR for"Passenger Not Traveled".
                        This claim is rejected by railway by saying passenger traveled and and they deactivated my id (mmbatra1).
                        I can challenge IRCTC that i have not traveled on said ticket. Because I have booked another ticket vide (Pnr Number: [protected] )from Ruthiyai to H Nizamuddin(NZM), Journey date 25.07.2010, departure time is 20.45 hrs. This train arrival time at H Nizamuddin(NZM) is 11.10AM on 26.07.2010. and the train No. 7305 depature time is about 01.20AM, dated 26.07.10.
                        So, How is it possible that we are actually travelled in both the trains at the same time.
                        I attatched both tickets as proofs for your reference.
                        Please check & enquired and do the justice.
                        I want my ID to activate immediately and refund my claim amount.

                        Proof No1 in which I actually traveled

                        Booked Tickets History
                        Pnr Number: [protected] Transaction ID: [protected] Train No: 4317
                        Train Name: IND DDN EXPRESS From Station: RUTHIYAI(RTA) To Station: H NIZAMUDDIN(NZM)
                        Date: 25/7/2010 Class: SL Boarding: RUTHIYAI(RTA)
                        Resv Upto: H NIZAMUDDIN(NZM) Quota: General Booked By:

                        Ticket Details

                        S# Name Age Sex Berth Preference Senior Citizen
                        1 M M BATRA 49 Male Lower
                        2 RENU BATRA 46 Female Lower

                        Payment Details
                        Payment Option: SBI Ticket Charge: Rs 472.00 Internet Service Charge: Rs 10.00
                        Total: Rs 482.00
                        Proof no. 2 in which I filed TDR.
                        rom M.M.BATRA [protected]
                        to [protected]
                        date Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 10:01 AM
                        subject Refund of ticket

                        hide details 9/29/10

                        Dear Sir,
                        I have filed TDR for the journey not performed by us. But till date i could not receive the refund. pl. chcck the details below and refund me the amount as earliest.

                        Transaction Details
                        PNR Number: [protected] Ticket Type: eticket Transaction ID: [protected]
                        Booked On: [protected] Class: SL Internet Service Charge: Rs 10.00
                        Date Of Journey: 26/7/2010 Railway Zone: NR Bank: SBI
                        Total: Rs 360.00 Train No: 7305 Ticket Charge: Rs 350.00
                        From Station: GWALIOR(GWL) Quota: General To Station: H NIZAMUDDIN(NZM)
                        IRCTC Zone: CCM/Refund, Northern Railway New Delhi

                        Ticket Details
                        S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
                        1 M M BATRA 49 Male 0000/ Booked

                        2 RENU BATRA 46 Female 0000/ Booked

                        TDR Details
                        Reason For TDR: Passenger Not Travelled. TDR Status: Forwarded To Railway Reference No:ekt2010073101476298
                        TDR Zone: NR TDR Filing Date: 31-Jul-2010
                        Refund Status: Refund under Process Refund Date: Not Available Refund Amount: Rs.0.00

                        With regards,

                        Madhumeet Batra
                        c-94, NFL Township,
                        VIJAIPUR, GUNA (M.P)
                        Pincode 473111
                        mob: [protected]


                        Below is mail from Irctc:

                        rom [protected]
                        to [protected]
                        date Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 11:31 AM
                        subject False TDR Claim

                        Dear Customer,

                        You had requested for refund of e-ticket with PNR No.[protected], which was booked using user-id "mmbatra1 ". It is informed that the refund claim has been repudiated by Railways stating that the passenger has already travelled and has still claimed refund.

                        In view of the wrong claim of refund, the above user ID has been temporarily deactivated.

                        For further assistance, you may contact [protected]


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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          IRCTCNot generating Tatkal tickets after making payment

                          I am working in the Railways for the past 12 years and a frequent traveler to my native place Alleppey, Kerala state with my family consisting my wife and two daughter as and when necessity arises. Since I am a Railway servant, I have been provided with 3 sets of privilege passes and 4 sets of Privilege Ticket Order for my whole family which is found insufficient for my travel for my needs since I have been posted at Trichy area which is about 480 Km's away from my native place.Apart from my travel schedule, I often tickets for my guests and relatives who visited residence. To fulfill the above needs I registered my name as a customer in IRTC's portal and book tickets as and when required and making payment either by debit card or internet banking.
                          As such on 20/04/2011, I logged in the IRCTC's portal at about 08.02 hrs for booking of 2 tickets in T.No. 16865 Ex. Trichy to Ernakulam Jn. in SL class under Tatkal scheme. I processed all the data and made payment through the payment gateway of my SBI, Khajamalai Savings bank A/c No. [protected] for an amount of Rs. 554/- vide transaction ID No. ID-[protected] dated 20/04/2011 and the reference code of the bank for payment is TO TRANSFER INB IRCTC Railway tkt booking, 0333167812IG48210418 TRANSFER TO [protected] SBI I.R.C.T.C. COLLECT, 554. But my surprise, I found that my ticket has not been booked and shown remark as "Payment Not Received From Bank". Then again I tried to book the tickets through internet and found that all the tickets booked within a fraction of seconds i.e. at about 08.30 hrs the whole seats have been sold out showing the status as W/L 20.
                          When I felt that I have been left out, I send an e-mail to: [protected]
                          date Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 8:31 AM stating all the difficulties I have been faced and requesting to generate the ticket or to refund the amount immediately.
                          In return a message has been received from [protected] and appending the details as follows:
                          date Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 9:08 AM
                          subject Re: [Fwd: Non receipt of e-ticket (tatkal)]
                          Important mainly because of the words in the message
                          Dear Customer,
                          We deeply regret for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard. As your payment status for transaction id [protected] was not communicated by the Payment gateway in time, the ticket booking did not materialize. After reconciliation if the amount is found debited, the same will be processed at Payment Gateway for refund. We would ensure that the refund is made at the earliest.
                          In future you are requested to use the Refund status Tracking service Provided by the IRCTC. Select the <Refund Status> link in the left panel under <My transaction>. on the plan my travel page after you log in to giving your userid and password.
                          In conjunction with above statement we would like to pass one information that if you face any problem in E-tickets like cancellation & Online **TDR** Filing then you have to send mail to [protected] from registered e-mail id and apart from these query **for booking related general queries like refund, ERS, online booking etc. **please send mail to [protected]
                          We hope from the next time you will follow the same. *
                          Thanks & Regards,
                          Shehnaz Bano
                          In nut shell I have been left out from the online reservation for tatkal quota to favour the bulk booking agents or some other reasons, from where the concerned peoples in this system were benefited. Again in the evening of 20/04/2011, I booked two tickets in the same train as W/L 176 & 177 for a daily train runs an average distance of 480 Km, s from Trichy to Ernakulam.
                          In normal course no Railway servant will purchase a journey ticket for travelling in Railways, I used to purchase tickets for my journey when my privileges are exhausted or not able to fulfill the required procedures in emergency. When I am facing such problems, even though had a little knowledge about the black marketing of reserved Rail tickets, then what will be the position of an "aam admi". Hence I requested to those who are authorized to curb such mal practices or the agencies responsible to curb the same should be activated to ascertain the real truth behind the created failure in the system.

                          Thanking you,

                          G.Vijaya Kumar,

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                            • Su
                              sushanta kumar mishra Jan 19, 2012

                              Dear Sir,
                              I have filed tdr for PNR no.[protected] on dtd.19/05/2011, but I saw it has been regreted & there after I have posted my complain in IRCTC Complaint, Revews on dtd. 13/11/2011 & [email protected] 16/01/2012 but there is no response.
                              I am elaborating the mater for tdr refund, that I had booked 10 sleeper class ticket by 2 PNR no. & 10 3A class ticket by 2 PNR no. on the same train and same date. RAC Sleeper class tickets are vide PNR no. [protected] and [protected] booking date was 29.04.2011 and date of journey was 17.05.2011 from Surat to Puri train no. 12744, it can be verified.
                              That I had booked on 19.04.2011 another wait list 10 3AC tickets vide PNR no. [protected] and [protected] in the same train no. 12744 from Surat to Puri and date of journey was 17.05.2011, where 2 nos of ticket converted to RAC of PNR no. [protected] and wait list ticket vide PNR no. [protected] refunded to me by irctc it can be verified.
                              That I had filled tdr for 2nos of sleeper class ticket of PNR no.[protected] on dtd 16.05.2011 night because 2 tickets converted RAC of PNR No.[protected] on same train and same date.
                              That other 4 persons were running with sleeper class ticket, So I had filled tdr for 4 person on dtd 19.05.2011 for PNR no. [protected] after arrival.
                              That same person can not perform his journey an the same date in the same train in different berths.

                              Therefore I request you to go through the matter and kindly refund the outstanding amount what so ever at the earliest.
                              Thanking you

                              Sushanta Kumar Mishra
                              PNR No. [protected]
                              TDR Ref. No. ekt2011051902584101
                              email- [email protected]
                              Mob: [protected]

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                            IRCTCNon Refund of Ticket After Cancelled Train By Railway

                            I have booked the 2 ticket of different day from indian railway from Delhi to Ramnagar but on dated the train was cancelled. But still i did't got any refund value.

                            So still I did't get the money for the same.

                            Axis Bank Transaction:

                            ICONN/[protected]/090311/INDIAN RAILWAY CORPORAT
                            98.03 16, 318.68

                            ICONN/[protected]/070311/INDIAN RAILWAY CORPORAT
                            98.03 21, 016.71

                            PNR and Transaction id:

                            Pnr No.- [protected], transaction id- [protected], dated- 8/3/2011
                            Pnr no. [protected], Transaction id- [protected], Dated- 11/3/2011

                            Thanks with Regards

                            Mahabeer Singh Rawat
                            Mob- 91-[protected]

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                              IRCTCcockroach mixed with dal

                              please find attached the photocopies of Dehradun shtbdi-12018 C-1-34 and 10

                              This was indeed very painful during our travel from hardwar to new delhi, yesterday
                              24-02-2011(shatabdi express)
                              more than six passenger had not had their food after seeing cockroach
                              mixed with dal.-other who had their meals were not feeling well too.
                              it than told to coach food manager Mr. Negi.and ticket attendent,
                              and on request they did not provided complaint book,
                              ( to make a complaint in writing ).

                              Such a service by IRCTC was not expected,

                              this shows the way they provide food to their passenger who pays more
                              than double of the fare to get the best service / food during travelling.
                              (tatkat quota ticket)

                              cockroach mixed with dal

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                IRCTCTDR payment not recieved

                                This is to inform you all that I had filled TDR on 24th July 2010 and I didn't receive the payment for the same till now.
                                I had booked 2 tickets from IRCTC on 13th July 2010 for travel from PUNE to Hazrat Nizammuddin on 15th July 2010.
                                At the time of booking, ticket were in waiting status after preparation of chart one ticket had been confirmed and other one cancelled.
                                So I filled TDR on 24th July 2010 and waited for 3 months but after that I didn't received my refundable amount till now.
                                Then I enquired to IRCTC customer care but every time they use to tell the TDR status still in process.
                                I did regular follow up with the customer care executives but no satisfactory reply from them.

                                I really fed up by doing regular calls because they are just time and money consuming.

                                Please let me know why and how many days to be require for TDR payment?
                                I am sending my below Ticket details and waiting for corrective and quick action from Railway Dept in ASAP.

                                Kindly find the below details of my ticket -->

                                Ticket booked in name of Vibhu Tandon & Harish Chandra
                                PNR No: - [protected]
                                Case No: - 15031/10-11/A3

                                I hope above details are quiet sufficient to track the current status of TDR and resolving this issue.

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                                  IRCTCWRONG TRAIN INFORMATION

                                  I booked two tickets by rajdhani express 12431 from vadodara to h. Nizamuddin. The details are:
                                  Transaction id: [protected], pnr no. [protected], travel dt. -3
                                  Departure time (as given on ticket was 00.26).
                                  I got time of train checked at phone no. 139, dt 24-dec-2010 around 22.30. It was told that train 12431 will arrive at vadodara around 03.30. I also got conformation thru internet and that too show the train timings as 03.30.
                                  When we went to vadodara rly station around 03.00 on 25-dec-2010, the coolie told me that the said train 12431 raj dhani exp. Had left at right time from vadodara station.
                                  Then I enquired to enquiry, but to my surprise the person told that train had gone at right time.
                                  We were hapless, what to do?. Then we returned back to our residence at 03.30.
                                  The next morning, I again booked two tickets by train 12937, with following details:
                                  Pnr no. [protected], ticket no. [protected] journey dt.26-12-2010, from — vadodara to allahabad having waiting no.16 and — 3
                                  Our one ticket got confirmed while other was waiting.
                                  I had to travel my self by sitting near toilet, which was against any decoroum, but I was no option.
                                  I also had to cancel my ticket from new delhi to allahabad, which was booked to travel on 25-dec-2010.
                                  I reached one day late at my office, and was reprimanded for the delay.
                                  Thus, I have been mentally tortured by the irctc mis information about train arrival.

                                  Hence, I appele to the complaint hearing authority to look my case from all aspect and do justice to me by suitably compensating, at least to save some of my lost image.


                                  Sharad chandra asthana
                                  Lig — 297

                                  Govindpur colony

                                  Allahabad — 211004

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                                    IRCTCUnable to book tatkal ticket online

                                    The issue of slowness in irctc web site during 8:00 am is very well known and lots of people have already raised this issue through different media but there is no action taken from govt. side. I just wanted to ask a few things to govt. officials whoever is taking care of this web site,
                                    1. What is the need of agents and a separate web site for them?
                                    2. Why can't we stop cancelling the general tickets or to take 80% of the ticket price in case of ticket cancellation? This will stop the agents to not to hold too many tickets and then cancel just before the chart preparation.
                                    3. Why irctc does not upgrade the infrastructure? Why don't they forsee the possible traffic in peak hours and then take the necessary measures? why don't they think that this site is one of the most visiting site and max. 100 crore may login on to it simultaniouly.
                                    4. I heared that IBM is ready to upgrade the infrastructure and even ready to setup TWO WAY booking facility but govt does not want to take out TATA, who is mainting this site currently.

                                    Please do the needful in TOP priority as there will be more and more passengers will be travelling in train in future and hence the upgrade on railway online booking facilities in timely fashion is very much important.

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                                      IRCTCRailway reservation - 'no coach/seat' provided in train against my confirmed reservation ticket

                                      I, mr. Dipak sen booked an confirmed e-tkt on 131-up / sdah mfp fast passenger from sealdah to durgapur as on journey date 06-09-2010 against pnr no. [protected] and trasaction id : [protected] from my a/c of irctc on line tkt reservation system. Further my booking status : confirm; coach : sl1; seat no.: 11/ws. But to my surprise, at the time of boarding in the train, I found that 'there is no reservation coach/ portion of a coach whre I can get my reserved seat to do the journey. I also informed the matter to the on-duty guard of the train, but found a more helpless condition of the person who informed me that 'the said train is running with only gs coaches and no reserved coach or porion of a coach to find my seat against which I booked the confirmed tkt from irctc. The guard, certified the fact on my electronic reservation slip with his signature & date with the endorsement "as per vg, all gs coach".

                                      Now, as a result of the above situation, I had to take a lot of tension, time loss and pain to reach to my destination, i.e., durgapur by alternate means making huge unexpected expenditure and moreover I had to suffer a lot in respect of my service by not being able to report on duty prior an all india strike day having my responsibilities of being an executive in an india govt. Enterprise.

                                      Therefore, I do hereby request you to do the following at the earliest, please.
                                      1) refund my reservation amount for which I was not provided any reserved seat against my booking.

                                      2) intimate me the reason behind such an unexpected, unwarranted harrassment with an bonafide passenger on 'indian railways'.

                                      3) how the irctc authority is going to compensate towards my 'losses' in respect of money, time and above all damage to my service due to the above stated situation.

                                      I expect that, the concerned authority would respond to my genuine complaint within a reasonable and justified time and take the proper measures to compensate the victim of 'non-compliance of promised services after taking payment for the same'

                                      Thanking you and waiting for your reply,

                                      Dipak sen
                                      Mail : rupak. [protected]

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