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Complaints & Reviews

Hotel resevations

I reserved a hotel room at Super 8 hotel in Midwest City OK for March 6th
when I arrived with my confirmation in hand there was no rooms available so I was forced to find a different room but I was still charged the full price of the room and they are refusing to refund me the charge even though I didn't stay there at no fault of mine. After many (6) calls to and 4 more to the hotel itself they have refused to resolve the issue and charging me for a room that was not available nor did I stay in. This is theft at best

Rejection of Refund

Itinerary Number [protected]

Complaint Purpose: Credit or Reimburse

Reason: We didn't cancel the trip, Flights and country borders were closed.
Hotel was separately informed(because continuous lack of response) and agreed with the cancelation or postpone dates. took very long to respond and only agreed to escalate complaint after 2hours conversation!!! Ms. Ali C said she is the escalation manager and agreed to raise a complaint;
Still not response from their side.

Our stay was from 14-20th March and shows as of today 5th April that non-refundable reservations from 20th march will be allowed to be reimbursed. NOT FAIR.

Csaba Henter

Booking. Hilton Garden Inn/Salt Lake City/Layton — Refund

I was driving to our destination and my daughter made the reservation for the wrong place. Cancelled incorrect reservations within an hour. Per email, refunds would be given. Followed protocol in waiting 7 business days for refund to be allowed. Upon calling the 2nd time I was advised that the Manager of the Hilton Garden Inn refused to give us a refund. Despite the error being fixed ASAP. Hotels.Com sent me an email stating they would reinburse for this but, was advised that this information was untrue. Never stayed at this place, have been a frequent member. NEVER had this issue before.

Customer Service — Cannot reach

I have been trying for three days to get in touch with customer service. I finally found a phone number, was kept waiting for an agent for 1/2 hour and then when connected, she disconnected me.

Confirmation #[protected] - we were supposed to be in Buenos Aires for two nights, but because of the COVID-19, the airport was closing and so we had to return home on the 15th. This reservation was paid in advance with a no cancellation policy. We could not get in touch with so instead called the hotel to explain why we would not be using the reservation. They said that they would contact I am trying to confirm that we will be receiving a refund.

Nobody responds to input error

I booked and prepaid a room at a hotel accidentally on the the wrong night (the site auto-prompted me for tomorrow when I needed tonight). I immediately realized my mistake and tried to change the reservation but it was uneditable. The hotel said only Hotels.Com could make changes, but their phone line is literally broken and just hangs up on me, and their chatbot just went in circles dozens of times saying try again later. There's no other way to contact them, so I'm screwed. I booked the room again for the correct night, effectively paying for it twice. Again, my initial error, but no way to fix it. Terrible customer service.

No rooms available when arrived

$278.43 charge for 3 rooms. Days inn 2/27/2020

Room at Rodeway Inn AZ State


I just got back home from my trip and wanted to tell you that you should have nothing to do with this Hotel...I spent $165.00 for a room that I wouldn't of spent $5.00 is the first room she gave me at the the door and all you could smell is urine...after going back down to the front desk and telling her we could not stay in that room she gave us another room...this room wasn't much better...if you ever been in a smoking room at a casino or a bingo hall...well the smell of smoke is pretty strong...this room was 5 times worse than a casino smoking room...also my pillow cover had blood on it...the lights didn't work in both rooms

I slept on top of the covers with all my clothes on and a jacket to keep me warm...if it wasn't so late at night when we got there I would of look somewhere else...but it was 1 in the morning and just wanted to sleep


Room at Rodeway Inn AZ State commercial

I saw a commercial that was geared at trying to humiliate women/moms. The commercial goes something like this: Two women are standing there w/ children playing & they look at their phone & see another women on vacation having a good time so the 2 women ask how is she there & we are here? Cap Obvious answers the two women by saying Condoms.

That is extremely offensive to not only women but to all moms. The message that I got from this commercial was that if you are a mom you aren't worthy of a vacation & you made stupid choices when you decided to have children. It also tries to shame us for our choices to become mothers so no vacation for us. It's very degrading to all women.

I am a mom & I go on luxe 5 star all adult all inclusive 2 week long vacations at least twice a year (last year we went three times).

I am asking Expedia to rethink it & remove this commercial bc you not only offended me but you offended every mom in the world.

If you do not remove the commercial I will NEVER use Expedia/ to book my future vacations bc of your advertisement choices. I am not the only woman in my family, my circle of friends & my community that was offended by this commercial so Expedia will lose out on more then just my money. Trust me.

pathetic customer service

Gaurav Dhingra
2:20 PM (6 minutes ago)
to Gaurav


I need some help here. I wasted 45 mins with the below two reps after being a gold member with

I book almost 5-6 night every month with you guys and have been doing this for years. You can verify the details on the account

Alvin - Manager of customer care in Philippines
John - Agent of customer care in Phillippines

I had called gold team on Jan 12th 2019 at around 1:30pm asking them to price match me on one of the properties I was trying to book (Marina Bay Sands Singapore for 2 adults on Feb 12-13). The price your website was showing was $788 USD and the properties website was showing $488 USD. Before I made the booking I thought of calling to see if something can be done on the price and I can utilize my $359.58 USD reward night (which I collected after booking several nights with you, so I am entitled to use it where I want).

Not only the above two reps not be able pull up my account for almost 15 mins. But also they were rude and couldn't find the hotel availability on your website (whereas I could see the availability on your website). They could also not see the same price I could see ($488 USD) on the property website. When I asked them that I could send them a screenshot of that price. They said they cannot help. When I asked them what could I do here. They said just make the booking on property we cannot help you. When I asked them what's the use of my $358.59 reward night if I cannot use it. They said we cannot do anything cancel your account if you want to

After being with for so many years. Is this what we deserve. I am really disappointed and I want someone to call me personally and solve this matter. Otherwise I will unfortunately need to cancel my account(which might not matter to you). But it matters to me as I am a man or principles and if someone is not doing the right thing. I will make changes

My phone number is [protected]


hotel reservation

I've been trying to cancel my reservation for three rooms on booking confirmation [protected] which clearly states that the Cancellation Policy is free cancellation through 14:00 GST on 1/09/2020. For your reference, a copy of my email confirmation is attached, I'm also forwarding it to you separately as an email. Now, however, is insisting that these rooms are non-refundable. I have read them the policy displayed on my confirmation email, yet they insist this is not the policy for my reservation and advised that I contact Consumer Relations. I very much need your help in this matter, as it is completely unfair to charge me as an innocent consumer who ha complied with the policy I read before booking and the same policy which is clearly stated on my confirmation. This will result in almost $3000 out of my pocket for a service I can not use. Also, I feel that I'm being punished for using versus calling the hotel directly to book my reservation, since if in fact these rooms were nonrefundable at the time of my booking, the hotel would have verbally informed me of that, and therefore I wouldn't have booked. On the other hand,'s information apparently misrepresented the actual policy, so now, I'm getting what I paid for - which is a reservation which allows cancellations up through 1/9. Everyone at keeps telling me my room is not refundable, yet no one can point me to a booking confirmation which states this. Also, no one has been willing to let me email a copy of my booking confirmation for them to read. I am beyond disappointed in this treatment by Expedia/, especially since I've used your services many times in the past. I very much need and appreciate your help in this matter. Otherwise, in the future, though, I will be booking my reservations elsewhere since I'm not sure I can trust the service information communicated by I am also reporting this to my credit card company as a disputed charge as well as the Better Business Bureau.

Thank you very much,
Crissy Thomas

hotel reservation
hotel reservation

my account was hacked. my personal information was changed.

I received an email at 2:03 AM on Dec. 29, 2019 stating my email address was changed. When I called to rectify the problem I was not helped. I was told the department was closed and would not open again until this morning. When I called to speak with a reservations agent she was not able to assist me. I asked to speak with her supervisor and spoke with a gentleman by the name Rick D. No one is willing to assist me and I can not wait 72 hours for a return call or email. I've earned these points and I am being inconvenienced due to someone hacking into my account and changing my personal information to benefit them. I'd like to use my points tomorrow and I'm unable to do so. I've attached photos of two emails I've received. One proving the account belongs to me and other email I received yesterday stating my personal information was changed.

my account was hacked. my personal information was changed.

property details city centre suites renfrew street 257 renfrew street, glasgow, g3 6tt, gb phone: +[protected] reservation [protected]

Hi. I stayed in the city centre suites, Glasgow last night and I have to say it was pretty awful. Firstly I tried phoning the day before as I hadn't received the code to get the key however I couldn't get hold of anyone. This was after leaving voice message and email. (No reply).

I then arrived and had to call to get the code. I called but then had to wait for a call back from the manager who I must say was very helpful.

I also called your customer service centre to be told there was no problem and that the reception would be there to assist. (There is no reception)

I did however eventually get into the room. I knew it was going to be basic but this was less than basic and it looked like it was in need of some TLC.

My confirmation also stated that it was a private bathroom. ( no it wasn't) this was a shared bathroom. If I had known this I would not have booked it.

I am a frequent business traveller and usually use but thought I would try your company. At this present moment in time I don't think I shall use you again. This Is a shame as I was thinking of changing. I spend around 3-5k a year on hotels.

Before I write any kind of review I shall wait for your reply.

I look forward to receiving your reply


Nick Thompson.



property details city centre suites renfrew street 257 renfrew street, glasgow, g3 6tt, gb phone: +[protected] reservation [protected]

reservation/ customer service

I have recently purchased a gift card and made a reservation over the phone with a representative after I get to the location to check in I am informed that they do not have any rooms available in that they are booked they called it location that was nearby and they were also booked that was all that they could do in order to assist so I was told to contact which I did and explain the situation to come up with a resolution all they had to do what does fix the issue that they had created and find another hotel close by that they could transfer my reservation to or we find the money back to my gift card so that I could do it myself I was transferred several times and no one seemed to be able to accomplish this task so I was informed to wait 60 minutes and someone would email or contact me to resolve the issue no one ever responded nor emailed so I called back went through the same process and still no results I got the same answer and I was told that they would send a email to the proper department that was the only way of contacting them to fix the problem even after speaking with a representative supervisor with customer service nothing was done so I called it third time same results so I never did get checked into a room that I have paid for and me and my guests there was supposed to check in with me you stayed outside all night until we found someone to come and pick us up the following day this was still an issue and it has still not been resolved and this is day 3 of trying to get it fixed are you get some type of results

wrongful booking

Hi, I've tried to resolve this issue with both & best western hotel! (nobody wants to...

hotel price

On November 6th I booked a hotel room through @ the Quinalt Lodge. We stayed on November 14th. The...

website small print had critical info, but located at bottom or long page

I, an almost 80 year old, overlooked the fact that payment is in CASH ONLY. I had filled out credit card info...

hotel is dirty, loud and unsafe

Good Afternoon, I am an assistant to an Executive who is staying at the hotel mentioned above. I booked two...

booking etc

I have emailed three time's now and called twice and no reply/response whatsoever and am very disappointed and frustrated. I recently spent some time booking several stays with and stupidly did not change the date on one of them. I noticed the error immediately and tried to change the date but was unable to hence my emails and telephone calls. In the end I contacted the hotel Jet park Auckland to say I was not going to be taking up the booking and they advised me - again - to contact direct as although they had taken my money the hotel had not received anything and they were unable to cancel my booking or show as non attending. I have lost a lot of money for me and am totally frustrated by the whole thing. I just wish someone would respond to me.

triple charged on my booking

Good day

I was charged three times for one booking.
Booking [protected].
When I made the booking in September I paid R4800 for 2 nights at Hilton Syon Twickenham London. When I arrived at the premises on 04/10. I was charged R4300 by the Hilton hotel. When I departed on 06/10. I was charge 112 pounds x2.
I was refunded R4800 by Hotels. Com. But I have not been refunded the 112 pounds x2.

Please can I have this sorted


website pricing...

I found a hotel in Las Vegas NV that the listing says...


Price $110.00 per night $55.00...

Total for 2nights $110.00 @ $55.00 per night...

So if the price is $55.00 per night but the 2cd night is free how can 2 night be $104.00 and change?

How can the 2nd night be free?

So, if I was only wanting to stay one night the cost would be $$55.00...

The actually does not make any sense!

I am angry to say the least...

A hard time understanding your customer service representative...

I asked to speak to a supervisor and she wasn't going to let that happen...

The way this is posted on your website is very misleading...

website pricing...

customer care services

on 17 October I made a reservation, for which I received no confirmation. The website gave a warning that an error had ocurred and that in this case, I should caontact customer services.
Having called the services, I was given an email address to which I should file a complaint. Not the most efficient solution but the worst was that I was given a radically wrong email address. It simply had nothing to do with the one their staff was suppose to provide me with: "'[protected]" versus "[protected]"!
A reply that should come within 72 hours at the most, never came until I contacted services via phone, once more, and was then given the right email address... and start again.
The reply was very prompt (same day) but limited to saying that in fact there was no record of my reservation and therefore I had to contact some payments department. The staff replying couldn't even bother to provide the contact for that so called department!
One ouwld think that one should appologise to for bothering them so much to solve a problem they created...


Reference number with is [protected] I have been trying to get a refund from this company for the...

hotel booking penalty

I booked and paid in full for 3 nights in April for a November reservation. Now, in October, more than 2 weeks prior I had to change my reservation. First I was told it was impossible to change from 3 nights to 1, per hotel policy. A clear lie. After quite run around I finally was able speak with a rep who said he could cancel the 2 nights and check availability on the 3rd even though I already had a room booked. Surprise, surprise, the only room available was for much more than the original room price. I could see on the hotel website that a cheaper room was available. My option was to allow myself to be up-charged or cancel and accept the penalty - of almost $250. This is dishonest business practice. I do not see on your site anywhere you say that you can offer only some of the rooms at a particular hotel. You also have the most inane cancellation policy. "If one cancels within 3 days one pays one day's booking -if one cancels before 3 days one pays one day's
booking. In other words you should say "If you book with us and change anything you pay the penalty" Be careful who you trust. Certainly not

holiday accommodation in florence

Beware of
I used to book hotel accommodation in Florence in September 2019 and paid in full 2 months ahead. On arrival at the "hotel" it turned out to be a brown door with a number 1 with no identification. Needless to say there was no reception desk. There was no information to explain this stated on my bookings reference. This would not have been a problem if the host showed up to check us in, which never happened.
I phoned on day of check in to ask what to do and they tried to contact host unsuccessfully. We were 4 woman sitting in a foreign city on the sidewalk waiting for the host to show with no accommodation. suggested I cancel the accommodation to facilitate the refund. This never happened. A month later and I am still writing emails and fighting to get my money back. blames the host for not wanting to refund the money and takes no ownership for mismanaging the situation. Frankly I feel that should not release the money to the host until guest have checked in. Needless to say I seem to be fighting a loosing battle as they seem to get away with this kind of unfair treatment.
I have been told to lodge a credit card dispute through my credit card provider. Hope to have some success.
Do not use ever.

zero customer service from over their errors

Whilst email stated that I had paid for bed and breakfast, the hotels copy did not have breakfast stated. So, whilst this is clearly a mistake, the hotel chose to honor only their copy and would not let us access Breakfast, unless we paid again.

Best hotel customer service? -NOT!

The hotel management asked me to contact The only way their website allows you to do so is via their cumbersome webpage where one tediously fills out the details. After this how long do you think is reasonable to wait? Well its 2.5 weeks later and they have not bothered even sending an acknowledgement letter!

If their customer service matched the speed with which they took money, they could be good. As it is this is an absolutely crap service. You have been warned!

redeeming free nights/cheaters

I book a four night stay in ho chi minh city. The total was around $160 with taxes and fees. I have some free credit nights. The total was $174.02 of my four free nights. They only redeem it only $139 from $174.02 I only pay the taxes and fees about $21.65. Where does the rest of credits goes? They owe me $35. It went missing. I contact with them and they say they have nothing to do about it. It is a simple math. You should give me the rest of my credit to my account so I can use it in the future. Beware of They are bunch of cheaters. Book for agoda. Much better then this website. The 435 goes towards the company and hotels is own by

refund or change dates on reservation

On 10/9/19 I called to explain my request for a refund or change dates of reservation #[protected] with Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington DC for 10/31/19-11/4/19.
10/9: I spoke with Carl. He assured me he sent a request for a refund to the hotel and gave me a case # of [protected]. I explained my reason for cancelling as 35 counties in California were being warned by PG&E that power would be shut off due to fire dangers. I explained that I wasn't comfortable moving forward with the reservation due to the fire dangers facing California at that point and was trying to cancel the 4 dates and get a refund of over $800. I told him that if a refund wasn't possible, could I change my dates. I'm not sure what was included in his email to the hotel. He told me I should have an answer in 24-48 hours. I heard nothing. So, on 10/12/19 I called and spoke to Liam. He had zero record of my conversation with Carl, no case #. He was very difficult to understand due to his accent, but told me I should hear back in 24 hrs. I heard nothing. On 10/14/19 I called for the third time. I spoke with Josephine. She said she would make the request urgent and would only ask for a cancellation refund. On 10/16/19 I received an email from
Hi Carol,

Greetings from!

This is an update regarding your cancelation request for your reservation at The Dupont Circle Hotel under itinerary number [protected]. We received an email from the hotel stating that they did not allow to cancel your booking without penalty. With that, we are unable to process your request without penalty as it is the hotel's discretion as to when we can process it. Rest assured that we exhausted our efforts to get their approval.

We appreciate your utmost understanding regarding this matter.


Mike U.
Customer Support Specialist

The email doesn't make sense because I spoke to the hotel who contacted the "back office"(Eugene) that said they would charge me for one night and should I want to cancel the other 3 nights I would get a refund from

So, I called and spoke to a supervisor. She was very rude. I couldn't understand her name (something that started with a J). When I asked her questions she kept repeating that the decision was already made and she couldn't do anything. She told me that my reason wasn't good enough. She couldn't tell me if I was getting 3/4 of my money refunded or not. She ended up ending the call and hanging up on me. I called the hotel back and was again told that I was being charged a penalty of one night if I cancelled all 4 nights. The manager REFUSED to send another email for confirmation. She wouldn't even confirm that I still have the hotel or not.

I'm not sure who else to contact. I have been a faithful customer, but after this I seriously doubt that I'll EVER use again. I've lost my faith and trust in the company. tours

DON'T BOOK A TOUR THROUGH HOTELS.COM! I've used to much success in booking hotels, but when it comes to booking tours, they are a BIG FAIL! We had our itinerary all set and showed up for a walking gourmet tour in San Sebastian, Spain. No one showed. The email contact info was no longer valid and the phone just rang. We got no prior notice to their being an issue and had already paid for the tour. We were unable to secure a replacement activity that day and every one was very disappointed. We contacted, but were told we needed to contact another department. We had wasted enough time waiting for the tour guide to show and in trying to find another option, so I waited to deal with it until I got home. I was on the phone with and their initial questioning sounded like we did something wrong -- e.g. didn't use the tickets, didn't arrive in time, etc. Given they really put a snag in our day, this is maddening. Furthermore, they need to do further investigation to offer us a refund. I'm not impressed with them at all and encourage anyone interested in booking tours to use Viator. They always show up. has absolved themselves from helping me. They say, "it's my problem." Not what I call great customer service. I booked 8 rooms through them and that's the thanks I get. I won't use them next trip. Their agent told me my room would be cancelled at no charge. The hotel charged me. forgets I'm their customer. Not the hotel's. they need to give me my money back.

cancellation and no refund

I have dealt with for several years and this is the first time that I have not been satisfied. I cancelled a room at Comfort Suites in Gulfport, MS and I was still charged for my room. I followed all policies and the hotel not will refund me my money. The free cancellation date was October 10th. I cancelled October 7th. After I cancelled it, I was told that I would be charged because the cancellation date was October 5th. I also booked another room and cancelled that one as well. At the time of booking I was also told that the cancellation date was October 10th. After talking to a representative from, I was told that I booked the room on September 11th and the cancellation date was September 12th. I was told that I would be charged, yet the hotel and resolved that issue. I don't understand and this is not acceptable. Bad business. Someone needs to give me my money.

bad customer service & no refund

I made a reservation through hotel and it got accidentally canceled. I chatted with several agents over this issue and said no problem checking in and told me I can get a refund for it if I make another exact same reservation on And I got a confirmation email from the hotel and then when I rechatted regarding this, agent said I need to wait for few hours to make another reservation for the same dates and this another reservation did not work even though I kept watching and trying to make reservation on the site.
And they said the only date I could make reservation is on the day I cannot make it.
Because of this, I had to get on 15 hour ride on the bus to get there without hotel to stay. I could look up another cheap hotel to stay but stilll i was embarassed about this. my mom got sick due to a long bus trip. I am very upset about this not able to get a refund and make another reservation.

bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund
bad customer service & no refund

business as a whole

I spent an hour on the phone being transferred all over trying to ise my card i asked supervisors and all n got no where no room after an hour by this time this company shoulda made right by a discount or free nights stay but nope not i never have ised this company ever after an hour n half i gave up and im call better buisiness beareau as does notcare about the customer or how they treat u wont help u and when asked for corporate all u get is some random gift card num er this was a gift to me its the worst gift i ever received ill never ever book with this company unpolite unhelpful and plain refuse to answer corporate phones. Or help when they themselves have put u throughplain hell all for a one night stay...

rewards points being denied

I have been trying to gain my rewards for a PAID booking in Spain and no-one in will award my points.

I PAID for two rooms for 3 nights = 6 nights rewards.

I am told as I did not sleep in the room, they will not award me my points.

Legally this is incorrect and their policy they keep spitting back at me does not cover PAID bookings. IT is only for non-paid no-shows!

I work in the accommodation industry and there is a difference. If our clients paid for their rooms - they get their reward points!

rewards points being denied

paid room not available upon arrival

I reserved 3 hotel rooms at the Quality Inn in Morganton, NC for October 4, 2019. Upon arrival, I was told that they only had 2 rooms for me and I had a work crew of 6 so we needed the 3 rooms that we had pre-paid for. They only had two rooms. The work crew was all in one vehicle and had to go to another hotel and find rooms where they could all 6 stay at the same location. Quality Inn said that they would not issue a refund because they had the two rooms available and we should have taken the two rooms. That was not possible! They had to all stay at the same location so they had to go to another hotel. I called to complain and ask for my money back. They said the hotel is refusing since they had the two rooms available. I did not reserve 2 rooms! I reserved 3 rooms! I deserve ALL of my money back as we could not stay at Quality Inn Morganton and had to spend more money to stay somewhere else. We have been with for many years and use your company for all of our bookings. WE ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THIS RESULT! We should not have to pay one cent to Quality Inn as we did not stay there because they did not have the 3 rooms that we booked and paid for. Please help me get my $268.99 back along with my reward money that I also used to pay for this stay. The confirmation number of the booking was [protected].
Thank you for your response and help. We would like to continue to use but the result of this will determine that. We own a business and use you all a lot but never again if this is not resolved.
Karen Lamm

  • Updated by Karen Lmam · Oct 04, 2019

    Also, the lady at the desk at Quality Inn Morganton NC kept saying "This is a 3rd party booking, and we don't have it." So they were putting us down for booking through

hotel (thriftlodge moose jaw, canada) confirmation # [protected]

When we went to check in on September 28, 2019 we realized the hotel was not in Moose Jaw. During the two weeks that I was on vacation, I stayed in other hotels that I booked with All were ok but this one. My confirmation # was [protected] and the address showed Highway 1 East, Box 936, Moose jaw. The box maybe in Moose Jaw but the hotel is not. I asked the clerk to cancel my reservation, but she said she could not. I looked for some kind of contact on my reservation and could not find one. This hotel is not only outside of Moose Jaw, but it is also run down. I would like my money refunded for this hotel because it was not as advertized. I have contacted my visa and will be making a complaint. However, I hope you will refund my money before visa takes action.

hotel accommodation

My name is Mark Kaufman and my son and I stayed there 9/27-9/29. My son was playing in the Las Vegas Electric parade. He is a DJ. We registered Friday night and his show was Staturday at 2:00. On Saturaday we noticed that there were no knobs in the shower. (can't figure out how a room can be given out like this) We called down to the reservation desk and told them of the situation. They told us that they would give us another room. So we had to pack up, wait about an hour and move to another room. Meanwhile it is already 12:30 and my son was in danger of being late. When we got into the room there was only a King bed. We called down to the reservation desk and let them know and again they said that we would be switched to another room. We couldn't wait at that time to be switched because my son was already going to be late. When we got back we packed up again and switched rooms. This was a tremendous inconvenience for us and I asked that our stay be refunded. They told me that because it was booked through a third party that they couldn't do that (which is very convienent). Instead they refunded the resort fee and gave us a food credit. Not what I was looking for as I mentioned that this was a terrible inconvenience for us and my son was late to his performance. As I appreciate the concessions that the Golden Nugget made, I feel that it doesn't even come close to what should have been made. Telling me that there was nothing you could do because it was billed through a third party is unacceptable. Casinos make concessions all the time and take full responsibility for there errors and guests issues. I really do not expect a response back because on your scale this probably is low on the totem pole but I felt that I needed to write this emial. If you need to look up the reservation, we booked it under my sons name... Jason Kaufman through

terrible customer service and outright lies

I am a regular user and I will NEVER use them again… BEWARE

We used to plan stays for our trip to Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia. When I found out that one of the hotels booked was far below the standards of a hotel you would want to stay in, I went online to cancel (we were within the cancellation period). Unfortunately, "Your Bookings" area of the website was down. I proceeded to use chat to try and cancel. The representative on the chat told me that section was down for them as well and that I would need to call later to cancel, but that our request was logged in the chat. I went back into and booked the correct hotel and moved on.

When I called back to cancel I was told that it was outside the cancelation policy and that would call the hotel and see if it would be ok, to which the hotel rightfully said no. told me there was no record of their site ever being down, or of me having a chat, but that when I was back in the US I could call up and have them look into it.

Back in the US, I called to request the refund. I was again told that their site was never down, and that the hotel said no, so I was out of luck. After some arguing about this, the representative said "let me get my manager". After a brief hold, the manager got on the phone - with the exact same voice as the rep - and stated that he would take the confirmation number from the reservation and have their investigations team search the chat logs from that day and find my conversation, and that they would get back to me in 24-48 hours.

4 weeks later and still nothing. I called again and was told all the same stuff - that their site wasn't down and the hotel said no to the refund. I asked them to escalate the call more than 10 times during the 45-minute call, which never happened, though I was placed on mute for 10 minutes without notice before being told that their site was never down and I was wrong. Finally, after more arguing, the rep said they would get their manager - again, they had the exact same voice as the rep, so I'm thinking there is no such thing as a manager, but rather a really shady policy for customer service. The manager proceeded to ask me full details about what happened, then hung up on me.

no confirmation sent but paid for room

sent you all the details . very annoyed and disappointed abut this. have to pay hotel direct.

57 euro paid long beach hotel in newquay cornwall. how can this happen. 3o of September 2019. annoying and frustrating for me. sent them all details. my email is [protected] eileen corkery name . at long beach today and have to pay direct. puts me off using a website again.


no confirmation sent but paid for room
no confirmation sent but paid for room

  • Updated by eileen Corkery · Sep 30, 2019

    just annoyed and frustrated how can this happen

redeeming night

When I was booking for hotel Tito last night, the app showed an option to apply the redeeming of one free night and I clicked to redeem.

However at the payment page, it keeps saying there is an error without stating what is the error. It keeps repeating and I need repeated fill in the payment info.

After wasting so much time in repeated attempts, I tried not to opt for the redeeming of night. Finally my booking went through.

I would like to complain the misleading choice of redemption and the useless error message which didn't point or explain the problem.

I ended up not able to redeem the free night which I originally intended to. Wasted time and creates frustration and ended up wasting the free night.

Kindly upgrade the deficiency in the interface and I would like a compensation.

overcharge on reservation of hotel website quoted different price on website for our one night stay in Singapore tonight but I wa...