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Gas Stations Complaints

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Petro Canada / Car wash

susieQWTF on Feb 21, 2017
On February 20, 2017 I went to the Petro Canada on Torbram and Williams Parkway in Brampton, Ontario for a car wash. It was approximately 7:40 p.m. I entered the gas station booth to purchase my car wash ticket. I then proceeded to drive to the entrance of the car wash where I scanned my...

Shell Gas Station Hickory Hills Illinois / Unethical behaviour

Tina Stanford on Feb 21, 2017
Date of incident: Saturday February 18th Time aprox. 8:58 am to 9:20 am Client Number: 630-728-3904 I went to the Shell Station in Hickory Hills Illinois, 8801 87th St. to purchase $20 worth of gasoline. I mistakenly gave the cashier a $100 thinking that it was a $20. I realized when I got...

Shell / Hello my love ones

Christopher F Williams on Feb 21, 2017
On the night of 2/18/2017 I Christopher F. Williams was physically assaulted by one of the employees at the 1311 w lucus st shells in Florence SC 29501 I as well as my soon be wife and her 14 year old sister. We paid the cashier for gas I brought a cigar and the rest was told to be place...

Shell / Gas attendant

Mikey2017 on Feb 21, 2017
I was at the gas station and saw the gas attendant take out the hose from the car in front of me and spilled a lot of gas on car so I decided to record him do my car . I recorded him and he did the Same thing my car smelled like gas inside it's upsetting That he is doing it to everyone with...

Shell Gas Station / Customer service

valued customer99 on Feb 21, 2017
A shell on 69th way and miramar pkwy 33023 theres an overnight cashier shes about 5'5 with short hair and glasses she gives me a problem everytime shes there if she not asking me for id every step of the way than shes refusing my purchase claiming my money is fake and she has no manners so...

Circle K / Cash back

Sarah Mills Strickland on Feb 20, 2017
402 kings hwy Mattieles claville cashier 2/18/17 5:00 pm I purchased two drinks and a juice and requested cash back. The juice was suppose to be on sale per price tag and she wouldn't match. Also I requested $70 cash and after it was successfully processed, she informed me she could only...

Kroger / Gas

Ariel Bealer on Feb 20, 2017
Friday February 7th 2017 sometime in the evening my husband went to pay a bill at Kroger and then use a roll of dimes to get a little gas. Usually we don't use change but this week is a tight one with unexpected expenses. The girl the booth was extremely rude and told him to take the roll...

Shell / High fuel gas price

Muhammet Ayano─člu on Feb 19, 2017
Yesterday, I stopped at the in nyc to buy fuel for my car (having 13 2 gal fuel tank volume). There was a shell employee in waiting in front of the gas and asked me which octane I want. I said 87 (which is the cheapest one that I used to buy). Today, I was shocked when I saw 99$ transaction from...

Adnoc Petrol Station / The pos/credit card/debit card machine is outdated

LaraLL on Feb 19, 2017
Passed by this evening (19-02-17) at adnoc khalidiya to fill my petrol. As usual, I just bring my credit card without bringing any cash or debit card as I always do. When the service staff had tried my card, he was asking for pin # which I don't have for that credit card. I instructed him...

Circle K / Albris drinker

Temperqwer on Feb 19, 2017
Is it normal for all your employee's to go to work high on weed? I'm just wondering. Also drive while High on weed? I mean, come on. I love Circle K but this is going a bit to far. This guy is at work high all the time. Multiple people have walked in and seen it. Don't you guys random drug...

Shell / Propane exchange

caseybireley on Feb 18, 2017
Hello, I was just at the Shell Station at 2434 N Keystone Ave Indianapolis, IN 46218. I initially arrived at 6:24 pm. I purchased a propane tank from the assistant named Misty. I gave her my old tank as she opened the propane tank container. She handed me a tank that felt empty even though...

Shell / Bathroom and customer service

ElijahJoyce on Feb 18, 2017
We were traveling from London to Pikeville, KY, and we stopped at a shell gas station that had an apple market and lee's chicken attached, and I experienced the worst bathroom and display in a gas station ever. The bathroom walls were covered in feces and it was out of toilet paper, paper...

Esso / Customer service

Lucy Coverdale on Feb 18, 2017
The server Paul did not provide very good customer service.. when I placed my 2 pound coins on the counter he sighed and rolled his eyes as he wanted me to put the coins directly into his hands.. when giving me my change he then plonked the change into the counter in my eyes to make a...

Wawa / Accused of stealing

Dionne Dorn Wilson on Feb 17, 2017
I went to the Wawa I Avondale on Newport pike on 2/17 and used my free latte coupon. My husband had one also so we both used ours from our app. There was an issue ringing them up together so the manger came and did it separately. The guy who prepared them was nice and polite and thanked...

Circle K / Coupon received in mail

tom chidester on Feb 17, 2017
I received a coupon from circle k 1 dollar off any size coffee. I bought the large coffee for 1.79. when I payed for it, I stated to the clerk, that the 1 dollar coupon wasn't taken off. They said he was not for the regular coffee, which I replied it doesn't say that on the coupon. I...

Shell / Adulterated fuel @shell station-18618 champion forest drive, spring, texas 77379

The Hetherington Law Firm on Feb 16, 2017
My client sustained damage to 2014 Mercedes vehicle as a result of adulterated fuel (water in gasoline) dispensed by Shell Station located at 18618 Champion Forest Drive, Spring, Texas 77379 purchased on or about 2-09-2017 and discovered by Mercedes repair facility on 2-15-2017. Repair...

ExxonMobil / Gas attendant

Gotrump on Feb 16, 2017
I go to this Exxon station all the time. My gas came to $25. I gave him $40. I had no other bills. He yelled at me to look for smaller bills and I should have gone to the bank to get them. I was livid. Of course he spoke little English. He was rude and abrasive. I will NEVER go back to...

Chevron / Being charged different price for the product that I buy.

Eddie Justice on Feb 16, 2017
I am being charge different prices for the same stuff that I buy every day just about. One day I will pay one price, and the next day I will pay a different price for the same thing. I will buy my tobacco and be charge 5.65 plus tax, the next day I will be charge 6.00 plus tax. I will be...

Circle K / Mold on food

Camille High on Feb 16, 2017
Circle KGood Morning My name is Camille High and yesterday morning I went to the Circle K on Norman Dr. in College Park, GA to get something to eat. I bought a breakfast burrito and warmed it up at work. I took like 3-4 bites out of it while it was still wrapped up. When I opened it all the way I...

Shell / Poor customer service

drfowl on Feb 16, 2017
My name is Autrey Fowler... On 2/15/17 I entered the Shell Gas Station at 11108 Foothill Blvd. Rancho Cucamonga. I purchased gas and two sodas. I asked the attendant could I mix and match the sodas on sale...He promptly told me no...I purchased the sodas anyway. As I walked out of the...
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