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Gas Stations Complaints

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Shell / Service

Gems337 on Jun 25, 2017
Went in for a soda left out being called a N**** by the white woman that said her name was Christine ... I ask mam why is the door locked she immediately started to call me stupid and to stop asking dam questions. So I didn't say anything next she telling customers how dumb I am so I told her...

Shell / PROBLEMS with a Hungarian Shell Station at Béke Street 58 at night

SLh77 on Jun 25, 2017
In Hungary, at Béke Street 58 there is a Shell station, and We, locals have got a LOT OF PROBLEMS WITH IT, AT NIGHT! During the nightshift, sometimes there are criminals or just simple rude people there, who listen to music loud or shouting loud and all of the employees at night DO NOTHING...

7-Eleven / Tobacco sales

Tammy N on Jun 24, 2017
My 18 year old daughter went in to buy tobacco products the clerk's refused to sell them because she had her little sister with her and said they did not know if the tobacco was for her or her little sister even though my daughter had a valid ID her boyfriend who is 23 then went in and...

Camel / Snus, frost, regular

Paul t Lewis on Jun 24, 2017
Camel Sometimes we get an old batch that wasn't returned. The arco/extra mile in west sacramento near 5 and garden highway sold me Snus that was way expired. I knew as soon as I saw the color, and of course it made me sick. I went back to the girl who sold it to me and she said she can't do...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / Exxon gas station 5158 Summer ave and White Station Memphis Tn

Why???? on Jun 24, 2017
Ive been a customer at this location for a long time.The cashier on duty as of 11:15a today rung me up the hand on her hip said "I ain't got no change so you better have some change on you"after I have gave her a $20.00 for cigs and a fountain drink.I said politely I'm really not the one...

PNC Financial Services Group / Charged fee

Becca g on Jun 23, 2017
I called in several times and asked to speak with a supervisor and calls got dropped I would call back it would drop again I called back and the girl tells me to call back between 8 to 5 to speak with some dept I work during those hours and can't call I'm complaining becasue I have NEVER been...

Circle K Stores / My complaint is on management Sean ,

Jeffrey Talbott Riseling on Jun 23, 2017
I came into your Circle K store in Bakersfield California store number 8606 the manager Sean, I was in here earlier today and bought a money order for $250 and we ended up not needing to use it so I came back to get my money back and the employee behind the counter told me that I can't...

Exxon Mobil Corporation / Western union

Bixky2 on Jun 23, 2017
Exxon Mobil CorporationI was in your store on Martlon pike cherry hill nj june 23 at 8 am and the man refused to service me because of the color of my skin. He told me that i had to wait until he finished with all the other customers even tho i was there way before them. He told me if i didnt like it then to go...

Shell / False advertising g

Janelle Sea on Jun 22, 2017
ShellDiscrepancy with sign and actual price . Attendant said it was an extra charge because it's a credit card? Doesn't make sense. I'm extremely concerned about this location and the manner in which it is being run. I wouldn't have stopped here! There are multiple other gas stations in the...

Green Dot / Prepaid debit card

Adkins907 on Jun 22, 2017
Green DotI loaded 375.00$ at 10:23 pm at a holiday superstore gas station in anchorage Alaska on the corner of Boniface and Northern Lights BLVD. The teller a pregnant lady named Felicia did not give me a receipt so I took a picture of "her copy" when she was recounting the money And unaware I wa...

Shell / Gas pumps are not being maintained

David Fisette on Jun 22, 2017
Shell gas pumps at 12602 Southwest Freeway Stafford TX 77477 My complaint is that this location has 8 pumps, 6 of the 8 does not function correctly. This morning trying to fill up my vehicle here is the following problems. 1 pump cannot read the display, the key pad is worn out and will not...

Racetrac / Can't do surveys anymore

Erica Whitney on Jun 22, 2017
So now all a sudden we can't get the bakery and fountain drinks. Or anything. Is pretty messed up. And I'm a regular customer and not happy about this. And I have some receipts left that say free donut or whatever on it and I can't use it. Well thats false advertisement and not right. Thi...

Circle K Stores / Lewd and Indecent Exposure!!

LC77 on Jun 22, 2017
Circle K StoresI was parked at the CK at ABIA, at 2:00pm on 6/20/17, and a man opens the door of an SUV and urinates, while talking to his children!!! I tell the manager, and he says that all he could do is call 311, not the Police!!! I took a photo of this man doing this in Broad Daylight! What kind of business are you running? This is awful! I got sick to my st

Circle K Stores / Store manager needs to be fired asap! Terrible manager!

Tiffany Thomas on Jun 21, 2017
Circle K StoresStore manager Chris Buchanan at the location of 7461 Highway 64, Memphis TN has the worse attitude ive ever seen for a store manager. How does Circle k hire people like this? This man tells me to "Get out of my store!" harassing me and is lucky i didn't seek authority on him. I asked him a...

Caseys / manager was rude and then obversed buying drugs in parking lot

James Gregory6518 on Jun 21, 2017
My wife and I visited store on 6/20/2017 and like alw ays store was nasty looking, the bathrooms are gross' we go to get something to drink from soda machine and whe n we ask the manager if she ciuld put more soda out we are told very rudely" there isnt any and I didnt order any either-...

MAPCO Express / MapcoMart.com / everything

Calvin44 on Jun 20, 2017
Employees are rude nasty stinky. Move very slow. And always do something other than running the register. Like standing outside of the store talking to boyfriends etc. while people are walking out of the store with unpaid merchandise. I asked for service. She told me to go in and get what...

Shell / The Fowler store

Irish73 on Jun 20, 2017
Wow this place is disgusting! The store is a run down sweat box. All the chocolate inside the store is melted, outside bathrooms are hot as hell, lot is complete crap. There is NO EXCUSE for the condition of this so called truck stop. It's an insult to all truck drivers. Shame on you for...

Shell / Over charged for gas

Dcoleman2587 on Jun 21, 2017
I want to bring this into your attention that I have been overcharged for gas that I purchased. The other day I purchased $15 worth of gas at the Temple Hills station, and later on that day I got an alert on my phone saying that I brought $77 worth of gas, and I never bought that amount my...

Shell Gas Sation / Cashier

Monika Reasoner on Jun 20, 2017
This morning (6-20-2017) I visited Station #68507 in Burbank California. I filled my tank with 13 gallons and paid for a car wash (transaction #9022313). At the green light, I entered the car wash which then turned to an orange blinking light. The wash never started and I had to get out of...

Wawa / worst gas attendant i've ever dealt with.

Evelyn J. Lomeli on Jun 20, 2017
Every time I go to the Wawa in Bridgeton NJ on Carl's Corner I see the same gas attendant with the worst attitude. Young man with tattoos, maybe Hispanic. One of my friends just goes to the gas station across the street when she see's him because that's how bad this attitude is. The first...
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