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Gas Stations Complaints

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Marlboro / Marlboro menthol 100's

Karlylovepink95 on Apr 25, 2017
MarlboroI had a pack of cigarettes and one of them was broken at the filter. I got another pack of the same cigarettes, and just packed them, and two of them broke at the filters while smoking. I always smoke Marlboro's, and have never had a problem until now. I don't want to switch to another...

Shell / customer service

Michael Silien on Apr 25, 2017
I have been a loyal customer of Shell for 4 years. On my way home I decided to fill up with my 30 cents off per gallon from T-Mobile. I went inside and handed the Indian attendant $45 and I swiped be fuel rewards card for pump #5. I went out to pump my gas but it wasn't working for me so I...

Chevron / chevron service station pump fraud

Tambee Billings on Apr 25, 2017
On 4-24-17 I purchased gas from Chevron station number 00203561 at 8402 Evergreen Way in Everett Washington. Invoice number 6176822 and authorization 039627. Total price $47. The pump was acting strangely, running very slow. It did not stop on its own and I finally stopped it at 18.22...

Confed indane gas agency / Ssubsidy

Nehabatra on Apr 26, 2017
I am not receiving my subsidy from last 1 year.I am confed indane gas agency user. Living in raipurrani. Sometimes the message will automatically come of cylinder booking. This is not only my problem, most of the people of this area are not getting their subsidy. And cash memo no . Of slip...

Baghajatin Gas Service Agency / gas cylinder delivery

Asim Patra on Apr 25, 2017
I have transfer my connection 3-4 months ago to Baghajatin Gas Service Agency.From begning every time i have faced same problem during delivery of gas cylender.They have updated status "door closed".Every time i have to visit there office to why did not deliver my cylender.Every time once...

Esso / esso extra card / extra privileges card website

Johnny Town on Apr 25, 2017
On April 17th I filled up $41 worth of gas at the Esso Gas Station located at 4530 Erin Mills Parkway in Mississauga, Ont., and was given an Esso Extra Card / Extra Privileges Card to use for future transactions. As a new car owner, I decided to go with Esso as my gas station of choice for...

Sunoco / customer service

C Merc on Apr 24, 2017
On Sunday, April 23rd, around 11:30am I pulled into the Joyce Kilmer station on the Jersey turnpike to get gas. The individual in front of me veered towards the left side of the bay, so I veered right, since it was a shorter line. The individual then comes behind me and stars honking the...

Esso / car wash code used by somebody else

ivan sabec on Apr 24, 2017
On Jan. 27/2017 I purchased one luxury car wash at Esso station located at 8 Kingston Rd in Ajax, Ontario. The car wash code 44789 was valid until April 27/2017. I did not need to wash the car immediately, so I put the receipt in the small storage compartment on the drivers side of the...

King Soopers / gas

orms80 on Apr 24, 2017
I went to the gas station to fill my car with gas, I had 19.22 on my visa gift card. I was unable to pay the pump with that card. I went to the cashier he did not know how to make the transaction. As a result he kept swiping my card and he charged it over and over again and then it got...

Shell / over charges, gas

Shauny_96 on Apr 24, 2017
EVERYTIME I use my card at any Shell station you guys take off extra money. I went in this morning paid for 12 of gas you guys took 52$ off not including what I really pumped. Where is my money Shell? The last time it took all of my money off my card now it's taken 52$ more than what it...

Esso / Customer service complaint

Zurc Engle on Apr 23, 2017
Esso station on Danforth Avenue and greenwood Ave, the cashier is rude to the customer, I just her to throw the receipt because I don't need it she reply to me " you pick it up and throw it outside trash can which is simple task .Then I just walk away and tonight I came back and lady who...

Mapco Bynum, AL / Customer service

HMT on Apr 23, 2017
The Bynum, AL Mapco is conveniently close to my home which is the one and only reason I go. I honestly would rather go out of my way to the Chevron just to avoid the nasty attitudes and mean faces of the employees every time I go to Mapco. Never a smile. Never a "thank you" or "have a nice...

Sheetz / Customer service

Shay Quarles on Apr 22, 2017
Rocky mount VA location (happened 4/22 at 1145 pm) - I purchased alcohol, turned around and handed it off to my boyfriend to place in my car while I waited for food, and an employee followed my boyfriend to my car claiming he stole it, when they came inside I told her I purchased the...

Circle K Stores / Horrible customer service /employee name Sierra

Laura Tomblin on Apr 22, 2017
On Saturday 4/22/17 around 5 pm I walked into circle k in Gretna at 929 Lafayette st. Female employee was mopping the floors. I walked to the cooler and then to the counter and waited for the employee to ring me up. She proceeded to slowly continue to mop her floor as I waiting for her. I...

Sheetz / graham, jc

Tthrift on Apr 22, 2017
I went to the sheets on 87 in graham, nc at 6 pm there are only 3 people work the bathrooms are nasty an while waiting on my food I notice the coffee area is so nasty I can't even set my drink down there is trash all over the floor I guess nobody at this location cares and then we have two...

Mapco / Gas

GracieV on Apr 21, 2017
I was at one of your Mapco's (in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Rice Mine Road) and I was standing there pumping my gas and all of a sudden your machine over flowed on my car. All down the sides of my car, all on the concrete and all everywhere. All over my car. So I proceeded to go inside to tell...

Shell / Took 75$ of my debit card a week ago and didn't give it back

Heather Boulanger on Apr 21, 2017
Last week at 10:10pm in Mexico Maine I put my debt card in the pay at the pump. Before I started pumping my Nephew said he would just go in and pay so I took my card out. The pump took 75.00$ from my debt card and has yet to return my money a week later. I'm a struggling single mom who...

Wawa / jayson (says he is gm)

Julie bursic on Apr 21, 2017
Was just at your 8800 park street, seminole fl location. Asked jayson who is at register for a carton of cigarettes (Marlboro 100's hard pack). He says he does not have. I ask for 10 packs and to charge me for carton. Common sense. He charges per pack ($4 more per carton). I ask again and...

Kwik Trip / Kwik Star / unethical behavior

Skyla Killilea on Apr 21, 2017
Yesterday evening, around 7 o'clock, my boyfriend and I went to our local kwick trip, two blocks away, like we do every single night almost. We are always getting candy, baked goods, coffee, and chips there. We even get coffee there quite often. I was going to stay in the car, but wanted...

Circle K Stores / Car wash and circle k staff

Joe Dawson II on Apr 20, 2017
I purchased a car wash at Circle K 2705183 located at 7901 Garners Ferry Rd. Columbia SC 29209 Telephone 803 783 7219 wash code 1714, with my fuel. My vehicle was not cleaned throughly with the $14.00 wash. The brushes didn't operate with the last two cycles either. I went in to speak with...
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