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Gas Stations Complaints

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Esso / I fueled my car by regular gas,but the machine charge me$1.359/liter

eric00 on Sep 25, 2017
Hi, there. I fueled my car by regular gas. It should be $1.129/liter. But the machine charged me $1.359/liter. I asked the cashier. He said it was me pushed the wrong button. But I only pushed the regular gas button. I don't know what happened. I don't want pay more. And don't want the...

Budweiser / Budweiser aluminum screwtop

Michellemimi on Sep 25, 2017
I bought some beer from a store that was out of date. I bought it on the 23rd of September and didnt realize it was dated September 17th until my husband drank one and said it was nasty. I bought an 8 pk of the aluminum screw top. That was my first time buying from that store. It was the...

Chevron / Employee

Lorshe on Sep 25, 2017
Very horrible customer service. Discomforting feeling and literally being ignored for no reason which led me to feel it was racially targeted. Deliberately nasty attitude. I said try to have a nice day and she just stared at me. Second time with the same employee and while she ignored me...

RaceTrac / fuel pump charge

Thad Perkins on Sep 24, 2017
RaceTracI went to get gas at racetrac this week. I didn’t go inside. I paid for my gas at the pump with my debit card. $12 exactly. I see the $12 on my transaction history but I also see a $99 charge from the very same racetrac. Not sure how they charged me $99 for gas after I already paid $12 but...

Shell / cashier

Cecilia scull on Sep 24, 2017
I received a bad treatment from the cashier, I treated myself rudely and when I asked him not to treat me like that, he told me that Miami was the city of the offended and that to me anything would offend me, something that for me is completely unethical and at the end of the transaction...

7-Eleven / false advertising on blue bell ice cream

Ms.Tina Davis on Sep 24, 2017
This is the 2nd time BRIANA (sic) has removed an advertised sale card on BLUE BELL. It rung up $2.99, was on sale for 2/ $5..She tells me it shouldn't be on sale, I don't have any ice cream on sale. So when I showed her the display, she removes the card AGAIN! And tells me that KIMBERLY...

Circle K Stores / fruit punch and tropical punch

Juug on Sep 24, 2017
Customer service was absolutely horrible. Don't know how these people work here. Their was a sign that was up saying the Tropicana fruit punch was 2 for 4 so I take it to the register to get it rung up and of course it didn't ring up for that price even though their was clearly a sign up...

Speedway / customer service

brownies99 on Sep 23, 2017
I honestly don't even know where to begin about Jeremy, a speedway employee who shows a poor attitude, poor work ethic and doesn't know how to speak to customers. He has no filter and prides himself on being high all the time. He's always complaining about one thing or another and honestly...

CEFCO Convenience Stores / cashier

Rabat on Sep 23, 2017
Me and my husband have been regulars here at the store on 64 West in Tyler Texas for many many years there's a young pregnant lady in there I don't know if it maybe it's her pregnancy that's making her this way but she seems a little short with a few of the customers I've seen her work...

Circle K Stores / itune gift card ($25)

TLCockerham on Sep 22, 2017
Workers were unable to successfully complete the purchase of the $25 iTunes gift card after four attempts. This wasted ten minutes of my time and put over $100 pending on my debit card. I did not receive the iTunes card that I had went into the store to purchase. The workers did not seem...

Circle K Stores / deli

nana4dev on Sep 22, 2017
I have been having breakfast at the Circle K at five points in Pace Fl for years and all of a sudden the menu has changed. I have been there 3 timesin the last week and paid 3 different prices for a bacon, egg, and cheese, 2 drinks, and a sausage biscuit. There isn't even a bacon egg...

Sheetz / ready to go breakfast sandwiches

Tina disappointed on Sep 22, 2017
I went to your store this morning for breakfast. I decided to try the ready to go breakfast sandwiches located at the front of the store in the heated kiosk. I was tired of McDonald’s very expensive sandwiches so I tried yours. I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Very soggy bottom biscuit...

Real Canadian Superstore / superstore gas station

Sumit Pathak on Sep 21, 2017
We went to fill our gas up today at around 12:00 with a White BMW X5 M we needed to fill the fuel quickly and I asked for Premiem Fuel but no she said many times that it was premium, but instead it was on regular and that wasted 20 minuets of my time. I do not like your service at all I...

Circle K Stores / always out of products

Patricia Hernandez863 on Sep 21, 2017
I would like to make a complaint on a cashier at store 7136 her name is Casey Mitchell and she is very rude and very obnoxious to all the customers I went in there this morning they didn't have milk in the machine for the coffee and everybody does it and I'm not the only one so I got a...

Shell / company theft.

Marissa1120 on Sep 21, 2017
At shell gas station off of 20 1675 st. Augustine rd dallas tx there is a man working there. He is arabian. He is pretending he is ringing up product and charging customers. I know this because I am a customer. He is having a friend come in to buy something and he then hands his friend...

Gulf Oil / gas price

Keisha Kee on Sep 20, 2017
I went to Gulf station @ 10615 Reisterstown Rd Owings Mills, MD. On Wednesday gas is .05 off. Tues 9/19/17 reg gas was 2.49 so I decided to fill up Wed. 9/20/17 for 2.44, however the gas at 6:10 am Wed morning had gone up to 2.54 but when I got off at 3:30 the price of reg gas was now...

Esso / gas station pre-authorization charged instead of holding

changnet on Sep 20, 2017
EssoOn Aug 4th, I went into the 7 Eleven store at 702 Connaught Drive, Jasper, AB T0E 1E0 Canada, for my credit card pre-authorization $75.00. Then I filled my gas tank at pump #7 filled $39.03. When I received my bank statement, both $75.00 and $39.03 were charged. I sent an email to Esso on...

7-Eleven / service

Mbunn39 on Sep 20, 2017
On 9/19/17 @ 10:45 pm I park on the side of the 7 eleven on eastern and bonanza to put air in my tired. I noticed an older make come out of the store about to trow away boxes at the dumpster. I send my child to ask if the air pump works, as my child approaches the male clerk, the clerk...

Camel / your mobile coupons

Stefani Massraf on Sep 20, 2017
They never work! It pulls it up but won't let you click to actually use the coupon. And if it does work gas stations can't scan them. I've wasted at least 5 coupons because they can't be scanned. Y'all want our coupons to go mobile but can't make them [censor]ing work. It's highly...

Kroger / riverdale, ga kroger gas station

Bob whiley on Sep 20, 2017
9/20/17 8:00am Went to the gas station booth to make a purchase and a young african american female which I did not get her name was working with such a disgusting attitude I just end up leaving. She had an attitude with everyone coming up to the booth. She had this look in her face and did...
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