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Josephine J. Saquilon / certification of fully paid

on Oct 12, 2017

Since July pa ung last may tumawag para kunin ung address ko kung saan pwedeng ma-mail ung Certification Of Fully Paid ko pero until now wala pa din. Tumawag na ako sa credit & collection sabi absent daw ung may hawak ng papers ko then nag iwan ako ng message na kung pwede i-email na lang...

Boma / unnecessary deduction

on Oct 12, 2017

I'm Boma from Nigeria. I'm making a complaint for the deduction of money from my Access bank visa card ending 0625. I declare that I did not purchase any products online from you. N3371.25 was deducted on the 10th October, 2017 at 11:51am GMT. I only signed up for the free trial and I do not why I'm being debited. Kindly do a refund of this debit

Oliverio Lozano Sada / fraud detection

on Oct 10, 2017

dear srs. my name is oliverio loxano sada my email is: oliveriolozano [protected] i am a new customer in your company y made my first by quth no problems and the article is supposed to arrive to me in dicember. i kept on buying more articles and sundenly you told me that you wewe...

Myself Roger D. Landry / you new format is a joke; it was a good format once but now it not any good

on Oct 9, 2017

I have been baking for years with you bank here in tx now one of you bright boys changes the format can go any ware. Have to be around when my due date come up the 3rd of the mount; was easy to bank before just pay you bill and now I have to keep and eye on not paying my bills or there be...

Syed Firdous Hussain Hamzavi / shoe

on Oct 8, 2017

nt Rating: 71 % with 14 votes I am trying to purchase items on the site, when I go to check out, it is asking for a copy of my bank statement showing a previous purchase. purchasing anything so I can not supply this. It will not let me check out. I tried to go to the contact us tab and wa...

Barbara A Berryman / I was charged twice!! don't skip!!

on Oct 7, 2017

I was closing my order of a handbag and a wallet clutch (2 separateorders!). I had the paypal order (Which I chose). I was then inforinformed that rejected the order and was asked to give my card information. I found it odd but I trusted wish. I then received an email from...

Deepak Singh / reversal of extra charges

on Oct 4, 2017

Hi team. I have been holding credit card of your bank (5241xxxxxxxx9382) Due to some serious family issues I can’t pay in timely. In this time i will request you to kindly reverse my all charges like finance charges and GST charges. I deposited my all dues(57000 INR) at 19th September 2017. May I...

Jamil Ahmed / unauthorized credit card charges

on Oct 4, 2017

I am writing this email with regards to my Credit cards with FGB I applied for increase of credit limit on my card and its increased up to 15700 but i notices some deduction after approved increased limit of my credit card and i check on statement and i Noticed credit shield charged and...

SeaHorse Guest House Coron Palawan / unauthorized charge on my debit card, please refund!

on Oct 3, 2017

Hi Agoda, i recieve an email that my debit card has been charged (3, 000 philippine pesos) yesterday, i went to my bank to check. And they have told me that it was charged by agoda yesterday in LONDON!!! i never went in london, and no one knows my card number aside from i booked several...

LeccofcRexawatch / a promotion'

on Sep 30, 2017

I filled out a survey about Amazon and was supposed to pick two rewards. I chose a womens watch and tried to choose the men's and was rejected. I only was able to choose one and pay $6.01 for shipping. there was not mention of further charges. I received the women;s watch but a few day...

Priority Payment System LLc / fraud

on Sep 27, 2017

On about January 2017, Mr. Jay Abrams (BUSINESS CARD: RED PAYMENT attached) solicited the place I was helping to manage, called P G, in Florida, offering Merchant services, from Red Payment/ FDGL as an upgrade of FGDL account which that store already have. During three or four visits, Mr...

Hesham Mohamed Abdel Fattah / issuing the millionaire certificate

on Sep 25, 2017

ID-[protected] Dear Sir, I am sorry to inform you that this is not the same bank I dealt with I bought the 33 Millionaire Certificate on 23 May 2017 It has been stipulated that it shall not exceed three months in order to be able to pass the certificate Three Visa cards were made without...

Active Plus / active + youth serum

on Sep 24, 2017

12th September 2017 ordered the above free trail.paid $ 5.67 NZ . 12th September 2017 had a second amount same as above deducted from my bank account.. 22nd September had $146.87 NZ removed from my account the name of Vpeaksinfode next to the amount. 23rd September had $141.87 NZ removed from...

Capers Taylor / account breach

on Sep 19, 2017

I received an email stating that my account had a change of address submitted and that if this was incorrect to call an 800 number. I was not sure if this was a scam email with a fake number, so I called the number on the back of my credit card. In talking with the representative, I wa...

Backgammon Live / exchange rate for cdn$ to us$

on Sep 17, 2017

The exchange rate of $1.60 is too high. This means for every $1.00 US$ you are charging $1.60 Cdn. When the exchange rate is around 1.30, meaning it costs 1, 30 Cdn to buy 1.00us $ The exchange rate has been around 1.35 or so which was acceptable t now I get mt credit card statement You...

David Gale / charges on my credit card

on Sep 15, 2017

I had occasion to contact you via a web-site on 4th September, but in fact never received the answer I was looking for. Nevertheless, I was charged £15.00 for this service. I have MY LATEST CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT NOW, AND NOTICE I WAS CHARGED A FURTHER £24 for a membership for which I was never... / fraudulent

on Sep 13, 2017

I ordered a dress from this online seller for $121.00. The company took $163.00 from my credit card. I argued about the charge, and requested a refund. They reply promptly but come up with excuses as to why they cannot help. Then they sent me a rag instead of the dress. Of course, there i... / company took setup fee and then stopped responding

on Sep 9, 2017 provides merchant services to high risk industries. We got some good references from other companies and paid this Fashionpay 4000 USD as a setup fee, then 1 month later they stopped providing the credit card processing service indefinately. Now they are not responding and...

Amna Alshezawi / cutting extra money from my visa card

on Sep 6, 2017

Amna Alshezawii'm complain about cutting mony from my credit 29/8 I visited to centerpont in ras alkahma and I order jamie 3 in 1 baby seat - grey under code 121948 it worth 339 AD but by the mistake worker give me other code with item deserve 849 AD when I return back to cacher the change item...

Michele Pietersen / active youth cream

on Sep 1, 2017

I ordered Active Youth Cream 0n 08/11/2017. My order number is [protected]. Up to date, I have not received anything, yet I was billed R67.64 on the 11th August and I notice another R1330.45 being deducted. I would love to know what is happening as I have no idea what the R1330.45 i...

Allied & Bond Bank PLC / Paul Benn / visa / atm credit card

on Aug 31, 2017

Allied & Bond Bank PLC / Paul BennThis company expects me to pay $7300 for a $750, 000 Credit Card and has been contacting me for over a year now. Allied & Bond Bank PLC Allied & Bond Bank PLC logo Allied & Bond Bank PLC Summary Information about Allied & Bond Bank PLC was first submitted to Scambook on Aug 31, 2013. Since then...

5280 Marketing Management / problems using walmart gift card for backpage credits

on Aug 27, 2017

I am a long time advertiser with Backpage and have recently been using the Walmart Gift Cards to pay for credits to advertise on their personals section. I purchased a $100 walmart gift card and entered the card number, pin, as well as specified that I was funding the account with $100.00...

K. Venkateshwar. Rao / fraudulent payment from my card

on Aug 27, 2017

To, The Manager Customer Care, STEAM GAMES Dear Sir, I would like to bring to your notice Fraudulent Payment of EUR 33.98 made to you via my SBI Credit card No-[protected], My Card was hacked on Aug 22 and made payment to you. I have registered a complaint with SBI Cards and Police...

Active Plus Youth Serum / credit card scam

on Aug 25, 2017

Good Day Please can you advise how I can lodge a complaint to have my money refunded to me. I was willing to pay for shipping for a free trial of a product and then never received it. Now I have had R3000 taken from my account which was completely unauthorised and I still have no...

Laurie Waddell / Sphere

on Aug 20, 2017

Over a week ago I reached out to Santander with regard to my new Sphere credit card. Two weeks ago my father suddenly passed away and I needed to spontaneously purchase a flight, hotel and rental car package. I wanted to use my 0 interest rate new Sphere card. Unfortunately when I...

Mohd / charged twice

on Aug 19, 2017

I was charged twice for my booking, But unfortunately as per the bank the payment was given to Fly Dubai and As per fly Dubai the payment was never received. How ever in any situation whether the payment was received or not fly Dubai failed to give their customers the value, I would rate... / anytrans software (family pack)

on Aug 17, 2017

On thursday 10h august I bouge a anytrans (Family version for 5 computers) software with my mastercard. Today august 17 master card sends me the confirnation that on august 10.08.2017 I was charged with usd 74.60 by Dri www shareit info, element5 info. Any trans did not confirm thi...

Garcina Total Diet and Total Liver Cleanse / unethical, unauthorised credit charges

on Aug 16, 2017

I was stupid enough to fall for a scam run by Woolworths here in Australia, if I answered questions correctly I had a choice of what I could choose to win, I chose Cleanse Total Body Cleanse System and Garcina Total Diet, I gave my credit card for the cost of $5.00 per item, and I have...

Carlos De Herrera / overcharged

on Aug 16, 2017

On August 13, 2017 my wife and l stayed at La Quinta lnn in Colorado City, Texas for one night. On Monday morning l got back to the Dallas area and checked my bank account and found that l was charged twice by La Quinta, one charge for $98.31 and the other for $103.96 l called right away...

Cheryl hayden / dermc anti ageing cream

on Aug 15, 2017

Please can you cancel any further deliveries and payments for the above cream. I tried the product and actual thought it was good but due to your sales procedures I will not be purchasing anymore creams. I don't like that you hide details of future payments! I thought I was getting a trial...

Hani Tadros / credit card

on Aug 8, 2017

Hi, I appreciate to forward my comment to the bank management. I really dislike your call center agent attitude. And am sure if I did a Facebook page against your call center agents, I will get a lot of complains and stories. My name is hani tadros my mobile is [protected]... I been with the...

Shapoorji Pallonji Mideast / credit bureau statement

on Aug 8, 2017

Dear All, Still the status is same. There is no changes in Credit Bureau Statement. Still in the CB statement it is showing that I am the defaulter of HSBC Bank, while I did all the necessary documentation and payments as per HSBC bank instruction long back. I am really very surprised, after...

Terrence L Cox / id sentinel alert

on Aug 7, 2017

[protected] VA USA July 5, 2017 I Did NOT Subscribe to this!!! My Account is not ONLINE! This is a Government Direct Express MasterCard to receive my BENEFITS monthly. It says "cash purchase" for $1.95. Card # 533248XXXXXX8543 My address is---725 Riverside Dr Apt 209 Beaver, PA 15009 ...

Indigo Card / annual fees

on Aug 4, 2017

I opened an Indigo Credit Card last year, and received a very small credit limit of $300.00. That was fine because I only wanted to use it for purchases at high risk places like gas stations. I don't recall this when I opened the account, but in July my annual fee was added to the monthly...

DGB Asia Berhad / fraud credit card issued

on Aug 3, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, With deep disappointment, i am regret to write you this compliant mail. Sorry for late introduction but my name is Hoo Swee Guan. I received a sms on 31 July 2017 stated that may card has been approved. In believe this is a scam sms as i didn't apply any credit card...

Universal Premium Fleet Card / debiting my account 7 days before the date that was authorized

on Aug 3, 2017

Universal Premium Fleet Card has a terrible online site to access our account, then the customer service is only "sorry" there's still problems with the website! Sorry does nothing to help the fact that they debited my account for the payment 7 (yes, Seven) days earlier than I authorized...

V. Singh / unauthorized credit card deduction by microsoft

on Aug 3, 2017

Dear Sir, every month SR 376 is deducted from my account By Microsoft MSFT*E0400431KR and even i don't have any idea its for what. please help me to stop this transaction. its disputed transaction. Many time i went to my saudi fansi bank, they are saying contact microsoft. but where should...

Marine Noble Mkhitaryan, Identity Theft, Impersonation and Defamation by Libel of more than 20 professionals / marina noble-mkhitaryan - identity theft, mail fraud, impersonation

on Aug 2, 2017

I am Karine Martirosyan, MPH (Westborough, MA0, one of the victims who finally decided to speak out. A perfect example in the posts below, the libel keeps coming. Just a little longer, Marina Noble [censor]. We have warned you in the past. Disengage from crimes and libels! Or face the...

OfficeMax/OfficeDepot / customer service

on Aug 2, 2017

I have been requesting a copy of a receipt for several days now, I have been going in circles, transferred to other departments, told incorrect information and this is absolutely the worst customer service I have received. I am still waiting for a copy of my receipt after providing all...

Net First Platinum / credit card

on Aug 1, 2017

I was in bad shape financially when I received an offer through my gmail with the offer of a loan for up to $1000 with no problems. They even went as far to say that I had already been accepted. So I borrow the $29 from my family member and the next day when I go to look for that...